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Ebola Patient #2 UPDATED and BUMPED

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There is a disconnect between the "expert" statements on Ebola, and events.

Trust is a fragile thing.  The government and other affirmative action employers like the Dallas hospital are pissing away what little trust is left with those who are paying attention.  Luckily for them, there are still many who are not paying attention.

Raconteur Report: Full Retard
...this thing has now gone full retard.

Ebola coming here is "highly unlikely"? Fail.
Screening measures will keep infected persons out? Fail.
American medical care is well-prepared to handle it? Fail.
Ebola is "hard to catch"? Fail.
CDC-guideline full PPE will protect healthcare workers? Fail.
"Any hospital with infectious patients can treat Ebola patients"? Fail.
Dallas officials and the CDC are working tirelessly to stop any further spread? Fail.
And we STILL aren't going to shut down flights, and impose a 21-day quarantine on all persons coming here from affected countries?? FAIL.
Did you notice that nearly all the Ebola news dropped off around Thursday?  I did.  I have no metrics for this, but I did notice the news surrounding suspected cases and locations all but stopped.  And today's 'Patient #2' news was the first new Ebola news in days.

Allow me to go all conspiracy on you here for a minute...

The smartest people in the world looked around the conference rooms at all the other smartest people in the world in the past week, and they didn't like what they saw.  They realized they are flawed people who gained their positions by posturing or outright lying.  They stepped on others less inclined to play office politics or lied to voters.  A consensus was formed:
"Stop talking."
"We look stupid."
"If we keep talking, people will realize we are all about intentions, not results."
The elites in the main stream media agreed.  "Yes, you are looking stupid."  Further, the MSM too were becoming aware of their shortcomings (although I doubt they'd attributed it to their liberal bias... yet).  The sources I've used to track the Ebola story are new media only.  Drudge for one.  Some of the blogs listed to the left too.  The information is cleaner.  Less contradictions.  Less stupid.

I have no doubt these alternative information sources, including Ushanka, are on shakier ground now than ever before.  While I continue to be confident in our ability to defeat Ebola early - despite Democrats and Affirmative Action - this disease is like no other crisis.  It cannot be controlled by the elites as others have been (Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Siberia Airlines Flight 1812, etc.).  This story has a momentum all its own and threatens viewer loyalties to the MSM.  Two options exist to control this story:
a) aggressive and unfiltered reporting in real time combined with crisis management provided by private-sector and local government, or 
b) shutting down all alternative information sources.
Obama and his fellow Democrats were quick to create an Internet Kill Switch when they took over in 2009, yet they can't seem to create a Stop Flights from Ebola Countries Switch.  They best shut Ushanka and our fellow bloggers down before they explain this is all Bush's fault.

Added 10.13.14 6:30pm:

Ha!  That didn't take long at all!  From WZ:

Today's news says a nurse failed to follow necessary protocols, and was therefore infected.  Let's explore this.  She came in contact with the patient after he was diagnosed with Ebola.  She was in full protective gear.  She, like all medical professionals who have trained and worked in pre-obamacare healthcare follow specific and proven rules around infectious patients.  Yet she became infected, while those who spent hours around patient #1 in the ER and at home, have yet to show signs of infection.

Remember, in Africa, of the first 1000 Ebola patients (not deaths), 10% were medical workers.  In the US, that percentage today is 50%.  Try telling me the "experts" have a full understanding of this disease.  Uh huh.  Ya.  Sure.

 If you have 25 minutes to spare, 
check out Stefan Molyneux's video:  

I've already made some predictions - and offered some advice.  Here are two more predictions:  Obama will be front and center when this outbreak dies off, taking credit.  Further, his presidential library will have a separate section dedicated to his victory over this threat, similar to W's section dedicated to 9-11 or Reagan's display of a piece of Berlin wall.

First posted on September 16:

UPDATED 10.13.14 1pm:

I'm not alone with these thoughts.

Thomas Lifson: Ebola-infected Dallas hospital worker followed all CDC procedures
...we were told not to worry.

Yeah, right. Are they trying to convince people that we are being lied to? When they as good as admit they don’t know how to prevent infections, then telling us to be confident in their medical response accomplishes just the opposite: it spreads panic.
and  Ed Driscoll: ‘An Uprising of Facts Is Making the Management of the News Cycle Impossible’

UPDATED and BUMPED 10.13.14 3:30pm:

From Eatgrueldog, (not Photoshopped):

And Raconteur has the Lesson For The Day in his Rape Rape post:
Now For Some Actual Facts:

CDC Court Jester Frieden has absolutely no idea on the planet how the nurse got infected. HE EVEN SAID "WE DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED".
For everyone (including about 99.9% of the media) who flunked Critical Thinking every day since kindergarten, "We don't know what happened" invalidates everything else you say after that point on the subject of WHAT HAPPENED.

Lesson For the Day:

When you issue authoritative-sounding official statements upon subjects of which you admit no knowledge, you are properly understood by intelligent persons to be Speaking Out Of Your Ass.

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