Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt - Post #1

We're still getting our hands around what is going on in Egypt.

We are always pro-democracy, always pro-freedom - and at all costs. But is that what this is about? We hear a lot of "Allah Akbar" in the videos of the protesters. Maybe there are freedom-loving people who yell "Allah Akbar" as they destroy private property, attack police and soldiers, and mass in public areas. That just hasn't been the norm of late.

Condi set the standard for Secretary of State, and just about every role she's held in and out of government. She speaks the truth in the video below regarding freedom, democracy, about hard choices. If there were to be an issue where we would disagree with her, we'd hesitate and gather more information before making our case. That is what we are going to do on this Egypt situation.

While we hold our thoughts on the events in Egypt, let us address one area where we have the facts. Obama's Axelrod has come out with his commie revisionism to say that Obama has seen this coming and has been actively seeking solutions for Egypt. We ask Axelrod: Has Obama had a "laser focus" on the Egypt issue as he has on jobs?

Ah, that Timeless Lesson: It is easier to fail and rewrite history than to lead and solve problems.

UT: Claudia at IOTW. Video from Verum Serum.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 Eras, 1 Healthcare System

You can't miss the message in these two photos. One taken in 1992 when Clinton proposed universal health care, and the other in 2008 when our current Dear Leader made the proposal.

Both are satellite photos of North Korea.

You may click on the image to see a larger size at North Korean Economy Watch, but the only difference will be South of the DMZ where healthcare is not mandated.

Unless you count the random Gulag search lights in the North Korean countryside...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Solzhenitsyn's Sputnik Moment

Gulag Archipelago, Volume 2, Page 591. Aleksander Solzhenitsyn writing about his imprisonment in Soviet Gulags:

On that day when the USSR, with trumpets blaring, loosed into the heavens the first artificial earth satellite - opposite my window in Ryazan two pairs of free women, dressed in dirty zek pea jackets and padded britches, were carrying cement up to the the fourth floor in hand barrows.

‘True, true, that’s so,’ they will object. ‘But what can you say? Nonetheless it orbits!’

Pic shamelessly pulled from IOTW

UPDATE 3:15pm:

Speaking of Sputnik, Communist Romania's defecting Intelligence Chief and one of our favorite authors, Ion Mihai Pacepa, writes in today's American Thinker: Who Needs a Sputnik Moment.

Never in my worst nightmares did I expect to hear the president of the United States give voice to a dream of building "our generation's Sputnik moment." For the privilege of becoming an American citizen some 32 years ago, I paid with two death sentences, both levied on me by one of those Soviet bloc countries that spawned the Sputnik era and later collapsed under its own weight. From my vantage point, ObamaCare now looms over us with disturbing reminders of the Soviet bloc's Sputnik-era health care system.
But this greatest nation on earth, where "We, the People" have always been masters of our own lives, has never experienced a Sputnik-style society, and therefore most Americans have trouble predicting the long-term consequences of a health care system run by a Sputnik-era bureaucracy. I've been there, and I know what would happen -- the future would be scientific stagnation and human degradation.

Was there no one on Obama's staff that predicted the criticisms of the SOTU Sputnik reference?

Has GroupThink won the day in the White House?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Liberal Journalists

Liberal Journalists - the reason we exist here. We picked the easiest thing to make fun of, hence!

Him: What is the answer?
Her: More Government. What was the question again?

U/T: Moonbattery

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mommy! Mommy!

Son: Mommy! Mommy! Daddy has a bruise on his leg.

Mother: Shut up and eat around it!

Ahh, we miss the Mommy! Mommy! jokes!

But, the next best thing was just posted at New Zeal.

From The Fischers:

Maybe tomorrow we'll show some civility. Until then we'll keep wearing our Commie Obama hat!

State Of The Union Primer UPDATED

Commies are all about presentation.

Lenin called for a New Economic Policy in 1921 after his policies destroyed the economy. Obama will too.

If Obama calls for gun-control, he won't be the first.

If he aludes to internal enemies as the reason his policies have failed, recall what followed the Kirov murder.

If he calls for defense cuts, he's asking you to ignore history.

And when he calls for an increase to the debt ceiling... Tell the Commie "NO".

English Russia published pictures today from Finland after the Soviet assault in WWII:

Found at NiceDeb:

Global Museum On Communism

UPDATED 1.25 10:30AM:

As you have no doubt seen, the MSM is trying to talk-up Obama by saying he is on track for staging a Clinton come-back ala-1996. If only.

Baseball Crank has a great list of factors as to why 2010 is not 1996. We like #4, which pertains to unemployment:

4) The Economy: The unemployment rate is the most obvious of numerous economic indicators showing the U.S. economy in bad shape in 2011: unemployment, as low as 4.3% when voters elected the Democrats to control Congress in November 2006, was 6.5% when Obama was elected and 8.5% when he was inaugurated, and he expended much political capital arguing that his "stimulus" package would fix this with federal spending on "shovel-ready" projects; instead it peaked at 10.6% in January 2010, and remains above 9% a year later. These are very high numbers historically; since 1960, the unemployment rate has been above 6% on election day five times, and the only time the party in power wasn't booted was 1984, when the 7.2% rate was the lowest it had been since before President Reagan took office and had plunged more than three points in two years. By contrast, the unemployment rate in 1996 was 5.4%, down from 7.4% when Bill Clinton was elected. If Obama can't make the argument that Presidents Reagan and Clinton made - that they were not only making major headway on unemployment but in better shape than they were when elected (in Reagan's case, the slight drop in unemployment was accompanied by an enormous drop in interest rates and inflation and a stock market boom) - he'll face an electorate that is much more suspicious of entrusting him with the economy for four more years.

Speaking of unemployment, here is a screenshot of our latest survey results from our home page. Maybe Obama can weigh-in on this question during his speech tonight...

Hi-Cap Mania

Loser Peggy Noonan at the WSJ offered three state of the union suggestions to her dream-boy Obama this past weekend. Her article title: How to Continue the Obama Upswing.

At first we thought it was about Obama's un-employment rate "upswing". We stand corrected.

Suggestion #1: Ban Hi-Cap Magazines:

What civilian needs a pistol with a magazine that loads 33 bullets and allows you to kill that many people without even stopping to reload?

Correct logic, incorrect premise. So there are magazines sold specifically for shooting people?

Let us try drawing conclusions based on twisted logic: Peggy Noonan wants more innocent people shot. We come to this conclusion because she doesn't want to outlaw guns, nor does she call for legislation to force liberal sheriffs to do their job when faced with a loon in their jurisdiction.

Rep. Giffords would still be wounded and Judge Roll would still be dead in Peggy's world. The Glock 19 with a standard 15-round magazine, or a Clinton-era 10-round magazine, would be the same to Giffords, Roll, and the others shot with the first 15 (or 10) rounds. Peggy doesn't acknowledge this for a valid reason: she'd be admitting she is a lib-lovin loser who abandons logic and embraces emotion.

We doubt Peggy has spent an afternoon shooting with friends in the countryside or desert. We doubt she's enjoyed a helmet-less motorcycle ride on a summer day too. Assuming she lives in New York city, she'll have to imagine salt on her future meals. If she is a grandmother or aunt, she'll have to explain why the local McDonalds meals don't come with toys. Liberals. They suck.

Her next sentence touches on the real cause, but it stands alone within her lib-blather:

No one but people with bad intent.

This ban might be a winning idea. The definition of "winning" being it'll pass because Democrats hate all things guns and Republicans would likely cower from the MSM spin on such a vote. Since this was recently the law, and since it didn't impact crime in the least, it is a loser idea. It's proven. In essence, Peggy's lust for the Dear Leader has forced her to find something that he can propose that will pass. Another lib-solution for another non-problem.

Suggestion #2: Work with Republicans to fix Healthcare. Ya, the same Republicans that made history with a massive, bi-partisan full repeal vote. We're sure Obama said, "Peggy, you're an idiot. What is your third suggestion?"

Suggestion #3:

...argue for extension of the debt limit by offering a grand bargain: In return, he will work hand in hand with Republicans to cut or limit spending that can reasonably and quickly be cut or limited. This too would win support, and respect, from centrists and others.

We feel like we are back in public school now.

Didn't we see a grand bargain with Rep. Sestak during the Universal Health Care debate? He got a letter promising tax dollars wouldn't be used for abortions. A "grand bargain" that gave Obama what he wanted and screwed the other side. Sestak was stupid to accept such a deal, and we'd be surprised if the Republicans would accept this.

So, in short, one suggestion that could lead to legislation but have zero benefit for Americans, and two suggestions that will be DOA the moment Obama suggests them.

The Wall Street Journal pays Peggy for this trash. As if the rest of the MSM was falling behind...


Joe at The View From North Central Idaho opines:

If Representative Gifford and 19 others had been run over by a drunk driver there wouldn’t be talk of banning alcohol or automobiles. This country once banned most alcoholic beverages. We suffered the consequences, learned from our mistake, and repealed the laws.

If six people outside a gay bar had been killed and 14 others wounded by a group of 30 homophobes there wouldn’t be talk of banning groups of people greater than 10. That would be a clear violation of the right to association guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Even if a dozen religious fanatics murdered thousands of people in coordinated attacks on our country no serious consideration would be given to banning their religion.

Tens of millions of innocent people have been murdered by students of Karl Marx but no one is advocating a ban on the possession of his books to prevent murderous tyrants.

And Jeff at Alphecca:

Rather than try to keep firearms out of the hands of the rare, violent psychotics, they’ll just limit their firepower . . . The mutant Laughner gave off all sorts of warning signs which were shushed-away by the school he attended, the sheriff’s office, classmates, friends, etc. But let’s blame Glock and the magazine for all this.


Gibbs hinted that President Obama will talk about gun rights in his State of the Union address.

From Oleg- a picture of a hi-cap magazine for reference:

IOTW has posted a Bingo chart for the State of the Union speech.

For the record, we don't own the 33-round magazines. Too heavy and not all that fun. Orange/Yellow gun pic above from Peggy's article at WSJ.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


We are honored to have Conservative Cowgirl as one of our loyal fans, hat owner, and Comrade. She traveled to Soviet Leningrad in June 1987. She will share her experiences from that trip over the coming weeks. Today's post is the first.

I had some photos from my trip to Leningrad put on a CD and have attached one for your enjoyment. While walking around Gloriously-named Leningrad, I noticed little kiosks dotted around the city. Once in a while, they would open up and people would flock to them and stand in long lines for whatever they were selling. They would sell out and close up fast and I couldn't find out what it was in time. Finally, I spotted one getting ready to open and wanted to see what fabulous product was selling out so fast: cabbage heads. One per customer.

Cabbage Heads. Not Arugula...

13 Minutes of Bliss

Ted Nugents shares some thoughts with Rosanne Barr on CNN:

Discussing Obama's record in Chicago. We will only quote Nugent here:

[7min] You need to try to help people by scolding them to help themselves. You keep rewarding them for sleeping in, they'll never get out of slavery. Why would you support slavery?
[11:50] You look at the Tea Party people. You know the Tea Party people are solidly in the asset column of America. They are the producers.


Saturday, January 08, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords

Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot this morning in her Tucson district.

We are coming late to this news and it is still unfolding. She was reported killed, but that was retracted and we understand she's out of surgery and expected to survive. Current news says 5 were killed including a Federal Judge.

Of several dozen sites we scanned, Doug Ross' site is the best at the moment for updates and research. Here is a picture of the Congresswoman with her Astronaut husband that Doug posted:

As any regular Ushanka reader knows, when innocent people are killed, we immediately suspect someone with Communist Inspirations. Remember, it was a KGB-trained ex-Marine who murdered JFK.

It is FAR too early to get a read on this, but guess what we've found in such a short span:

The shooter is Jarod Laughner. He is alive. Doug says he was born September 1988, so 22 years old.

Doug posted, and we found through another source, Jared's YouTube account where he has five videos posted. At least three are videos of white text on a black background. His "Introduction" video has this quote:

In conclusion, reading the second United States Constitution, I can't trust the current government because of the ratifications: The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar.

No! I won't pay debt with a currency that's not backed by gold and silver!

No! I won't trust in God!

Forgive us for attending public school, but we only remember learning about one Constitution. Did we sleep in the class where they discussed the 2nd?

The text also mentions a military recruitment center and the date December 2010. Did Jared join our armed forces? It sounded like it.

So, who is this Jared? We scrolled down to the YouTube profile section:

His favorite books include Animal Farm! That is one of ours too, as you see in the left section of this page. Hmmm, what else? Communist Manifesto? We too have read this! A picture is emerging, and it is starting to look a lot like this humble hat maker!

If only we could know if he too found Animal Farm a warning to free people and the Manifesto as sloppy envy-filled drivel written by a bum living rent-free off his friend in Germany like some 19th Century blogger living in his Mom's basement. Is this Jared's take on these two tomes? Maybe the color of his YouTube profile page could guide us...

Let's dig a little deeper. Ah, here is a picture posted by Doug of our young assassin:

Let's keep digging...

Ah! A post by BoyBlue was removed from DailyKos shortly after the shooting today. Hmmm... Isn't that the blog where our political opponents - the Communist Inspired we call them - thrive? What did BoyBlue want to write about? Lucky for us, YouTuber Vedicastol captured the post in a video:

So, BoyBlue says Congresswoman Giffords is "dead to me" because she voted against Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader this past week. And BoyBlue is gay. Which means nothing. Yet maybe it does. But if it did we couldn't talk about it. Or wouldn't talk about it.

But Jared is gay.

But we don't know if they are the same. Yet.

The poor DailyKos servers! They are working overtime today with posts reminding people that Arizona is a concealed carry state where low-brow teabaggers can carry weapons where ever they want. (A quick scan did not find any mention that Arizona is one of 40+ states with such laws. That wouldn't fit the template...) So, it appears some are now looking to political point-scoring over a shooting that just happened. And it would appear that this maneuvering has started on the left and only met its match in our post now.

As for political points - Michelle Malkin finds some on the left who were stirred to action by this shooting. Political action that is.

As the dust settles, we expect the gun-controllers, the Democrats, and the [empty] talking heads to make some serious noise in coming days. We'll stand watch to report violations or incorrect interpretations of the first Constitution.

UPDATE: We have a correction. Michelle Malkin reports that DailyKos BoyBlue is not Jared. BoyBlue, another gay person, which has no relevance to this story, only contributed to the hate speech on the left that no doubt inspired and emboldened Jared.


Still a lot of confusing information out there: Was Jared working alone, or was there another? Also, the MSM calls Giffords a Blue Dog Democrat, yet they are also reporting she voted for Obama's Universal Health Care. We'll keep an eye on these inconsistencies.

Some crystal-clear info since our last post:

Paul Krugman and DailyKos founder both project the liberal line. Doug Ross.

IOTW has more on Krugman's blame of the Tea Party.

Traitor Jane Fonda blames Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Weaselzippers.

A classmate of Jared's speaks out: "left wing", "reclusive", "quite liberal", "obsessed", "pot head", and "dropped out". IOTW.

Jared likes to burn the US flag. Video at Moonbattery.

Maps with targets have a history beyond Sarah Palin. VerumSerum.

We scanned about a dozen gun blogs for reaction from the gun community. Only one had a post on the event. "there is one person, and one person alone, who is directly and solely responsible for this attack and these murders (so far as we know at the moment) – the individual who pulled the trigger and killed and wounded all those people. Any attempts to use this incident to castigate any group or organization is a failure before it even starts, and disgusting to boot." WallsOfTheCity.

UPDATE 1.9 11am

It has started.

First, NPR's headline: Giffords: A Centrist, A Fighter, A Public Servant.

These MSM'ers never liked a Centrist with a "D" next to their name before. Why now?

What has been buried in nearly every article on this topic in the past day has now made it to the Headline. Giffords is "A Centrist". A Moderate. A former Republican. Pro-Gun.

This lady just got shot. She is fighting for her life. And the soulless ghouls in the MSM are pushing this theme. Why?

First - they can't help themselves. They are journalists second, and partisan operatives of the left first. It comes natural for the MSM to view all events through a political prism. For many, we suspect, their confused hearts are in the right place. But is there more behind this trend? Is there a new JournoList chartroom somewhere where this language is being promoted? That is how they operated before they were caught...

The goals we suspect that are behind this theme to push Giffords as a Moderate:
1) Bring everyone on board with the disgust of the tragedy,
2) Distract from the fact that a like-minded liberal progressive communist is the one who did the shooting, and
3) To enter the coming gun-control legislation, named after Giffords in a favorable and sympathetic public environment.

To that gun-control end, here is a comment from Huffington Post article, With all those guns out there ...the Tucson tragedy won't be the last...

We have lived here in southern Arizona since 1996, with a three-year break when we returned to North Carolina. And as we went to bed last night, I said to Carole, " think about all the times during our over 40 years of marriage that we have turned on the television because someone in the United States has shot a politician."

And with all of those guns out there, floating around everywhere, it probably won't be the last time.

Just think, Carole!

'Here we go. I'm going to turn on the TV. Let's see which politician was shot today!'

The author did not suggest expelling all communist-leaning libs or Islamic jihadists from the US. No critical thought as to the patterns in US assassination history or an actual solution.

And guns just "floating around"? Wasn't it these same people telling us that these guns were 'floating down to Mexico' just a few weeks ago?

UPDATE 1.9 9pm The Communist Party USA has weighed in:

In the hours after the shooting, some right wing elements seem to have created fake social networking pages in order to associate Loughner with the Left. The full story about the mental state and political motivations for the shooter will hopefully come to light soon. The attempt to paint this suspect as a leftist continues the far-right's use of anti-communism and anti-democratic rhetoric to cover-up their own role in continuing the hate until its logical violent conclusion.

It was Giffords father, 75-year-old Spencer Giffords, who wept when asked if his 40-year-old daughter had any enemies, and answered, "Yeah," to The New York Post, "The whole tea party."

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Washtington Post, December 22, 2010: Obama signs DADT repeal before big, emotional crowd.

Emotional? Duh. They're gay.

Our apologies for the delay in posting on this event. Thanks to Conservative Cowgirl for lighting a fire under our rear.

Having diluted Clinton's two accomplishments in 8 years - NAFTA and Welfare Reform - Obama has now reversed a Clinton-era law (not an accomplishment), the Don't Ask Don't Tell law. This law was a generalized piece of political correctness that acknowledged the damage openly gay people can have in the US military. It was an over-reaction to a couple witch-hunts that damaged the careers of several gay service members.

There is a lot of commentary on this elsewhere. We will deviate a bit to highlight two key points:

First, the Democrats in Congress voted to repeal a law that all but one active general officer said was useful in keeping a disciplined force prepared for war. And Obama signed. Remember this, and the many other events, next time a liberal progressive communist tells you the Democrats can be trusted with National Security matters.

Second, moral nihilism - the rejection of religious and traditional family values - by the left is necessary for the full communist takeover of the United States. It takes generations to achieve moral nihilism, and total control is impossible without it. The US military is ground zero in this assault, as it shows everything that is good with Americans who respect faith, self-discipline, personal responsibility, risk and hard work.

Now our $0.02:

We served with gay soldiers in the 80's and 90's. In every case, these were dedicated patriots who put service over their orientation. They were treated as equals, as the heterosexual soldiers too put service over orientation.

Yes, the military is full of young, healthy, drug-free people with hormones-a-flow'in, but the nature of the work and the structure of the environment leaves little opportunity to give a damn about the next guy's sexual interests if one even wanted to.

But there are two groups that deserve a comment: the many who choose a military career and then choose to 'out' themselves (w/ statements or behavior) for publicity, to renege on their commitment, or both. And the few people in positions of power who make an effort to 'out' gays. We'll call them the witch-hunted and the witch-hunters.

First - the many. The witch-hunted:

Each and every person you see in these pictures of poor victims of witch-hunts by bible-thumping colonels with a whole lot of extra time on their hands fits in this self-imposed victim group.

If they stand for photos in the national media, they were never in the category of 'service over orientation'. Ever. This is the many.

As for the few - the witch-hunters:

Yes, we saw the rare officer who was on some self-appointed mission to purify the masses. Someone who thought his rank was an endorsement of some unofficial task. (Ross Perot was one of these - did you know?) These guys didn't last very long. Again - it is the structure and nature of work that leaves little opportunity for harassment.

Let's think of an example. Imagine a president who, instead of focusing on jobs or national security were to take his election as a mandate to nationalize industries or go on 6 vacations in a summer. You see? Whether it's an Army Lieutenant or the President - the job is a full time job IF you just stick to the assignment. You will only fail if you take your eye off the ball. Unfortunately, the President doesn't answer to a full-time boss. He only answers to the people every four years.

So, people, how will you respond to the President ignoring his generals and the nation's security to score empty political points with a group that would have voted for his re-election anyway?

Ushanka Sightings

Let's start 2011 with pictures of the 'hat for ears'!

The hat in Afghanistan!

The hat during the bourgeois imperialist holidays!

Our hat (and gloves) at a TSA Checkpoint somewhere on the Left Coast!
UT: Conservative Cowgirl!!

At the first day of Russian basic training!

In modern-day Russia!