Friday, November 30, 2012

Movie Recommendation

Comrade and hat owner Becca from Lower The Boom recommended the documentary Occupy Unmasked to us over a frosty frappuccino yesterday.

An excellent collection of Occupy civil unrest video combined with real investigative reporting by the late Andrew Breitbart and others. They confirm the significant behind-the-scenes planning and organization that made this movement possible.  They show the hard-core communists (aka community organizers) who lead and organize from the shadows, and the various groups of agitators and useful idiots who give the movement its numbers.

Some of the video is of the anarchists in their black outfits and covered faces.  It shows them doing violent things to windows of banks and other evil businesses.  This is some good, menacing video, but we'd make the following suggestions from our experience with these sub-creatures. 

The anarchists are society's losers who come out of their moms' basements when summoned by their communist chiefs.  What is sometimes visible in the video is how much protection these worthless individuals had during their Occupy temper-tantrum.  Police and bank security were told to let these losers do their damage, and in effect escorted and protected the organized vandalism.  Had the Oakland Occupy march ventured onto a Korean grocer's property, assuming there are any Koreans who would still do business in that filthy city, the anarchists would have a different reputation today.

They only protest where they will be protected.

Communists are masters of propaganda because they never have much of a following.  Only 1200 dedicated Bolsheviks were necessary to seize control of Russia in 1917.  It isn't about numbers, it is about chaos as a means.

U/T: LowerTheBoom

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Sickle Story

A Sickle Story, P173-174
Bloodlands, by Timothy Snyder, 2010, 417 pages.


If the Germans were unable to take a Soviet city in their WWII offensive against the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa, they laid siege to the cities instead.

The Germans were never able to execute their "Hunger Plan" whereby they'd starve the conquered Soviet citizens by the millions.

Yet starvation was a major reason for death among the innocents caught in their Eastern front.

Many innocents caught in-between the Germans and Soviets starved to death in these sieges, and the author explains that cannibalism was common.

He [Hitler] wanted to remove it [Leningrad] from the face of the earth.

Hitler wanted the population of Leningrad exterminated, the city razed to the ground, and then its territory handed over to the Finns.


Within the great city [Leningrad] Russians (and others) faced the same dilemmas that Ukrainians and Kazakhs (and others) had faced ten years before, during the collectivization famines.

Wanda Zvierieva, a girl in Leningrad during the siege, later remembered her mother with great love and admiration.

She "was a beautiful woman.  I would compare her face to the Mona Lisa."

Her father was a physicist with artistic inclinations who would carve wooden sculptures of Greek goddesses with his pocketknife.

Late in 1941, as the family was starving, her father went to his office, in the hope of finding a ration card that would allow the family to procure food.  He stayed away for several days.

One night Wanda awakened to see her mother standing over her with a sickle.  She struggled with and overcame her mother, or "the shadow that was left of her."  

She gave her mother's actions the charitable interpretation: that her mother wished to spare her the suffering of starvation by killing her quickly.

Her father returned with food the following day, but is was too late for her mother, who died a few hours later.

The family sewed her in blankets and left her in the kitchen until the ground was soft enough to bury her.  It was so cold in the apartment that her body did not decompose.

That spring Wanda's father died of pneumonia.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Cigar

We smoked a Rocky Patel Sun Grown as we finished chapter 6 in Bloodlands.  Only half way through this amazing book.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Media's Treatment of Israel

Just one of many images that mock our media:

Kudos to Israel for taking on the terrorists who attack the innocents and ignoring the media elite who support them.

U/T: The Looking Spoon

Food Protectionism

The battle around food does not just cover Obama's desire to control distribution as his forefathers Lenin, Stalin and Mao did. 

The Institute for Justice has produced this excellent video explaining the protectionist efforts of food vendors to eliminate the innovators in their area.

In Obama's America, it is who you know.  Not the value you add, nor the services you can deliver faster or better.


A similar battle is being fought against Uber, the mobile app company who have made it easy to get a town car or limo in large cities.  Just enter your location and where you want to go, and the limo companies can give you an offer on the spot.  Innovative, or an assault on those poor cab companies?

U/T: SondraK

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ushanka Quiz

Name the political party that likes to get into the ring, tell everyone they are in the ring, draw attention to themselves while in the ring, claims credit for participating in the fight, but has yet to get into the fight.

See label below for answer.

Before the Communist Takeover


 Before the Communist Takeover in Russia, via EnglishRussia: Moscow Before the Revolution:

Before the Communist Takeover in the United States, via Ushanka:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Twinkie Defeat UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 11.16 8am]

Unions destroy everything they touch.  But usually not so spectacularly.

Hostess Brands, makers of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and other key nutritional foods are liquidating after The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) insisted on an 8% raise for their workers after Hostess's 2nd bankrupcy filing in 8 years.

Hostess was not too big to fail.

What BCTGM has produced is a lesson that there are two sides to a union negotiation.  And both sides can can go on strike.

18,000 Hostess workers joined BCTGM.  18,000 workers supported BCTGM.  18,000 workers are now out of a job.

Worse for them: They are in Kansas.  A state that has pounded state-level Democrat politicians into dust.

Video from three days ago.  One striker: "As long as it takes!"  Apparently it took 3 more days.

The workers of the world united at Hostess.  Oh well.  Just another 18,000 out of work in Obama's America.  Lucky for them we are "back from the brink."

As ZeroHedge notes (with our corrections):

Twinkies may well survive the nuclear apocalypse, but there was one weakest link: the company making them was unable to survive empowered labor unions who thought they had all the negotiating leverage...  until they led their bankrupt employer right off the liquidation cliff.

Second image comes from BCTGM's site.

UPDATED 11:30am:

We are back from our trip to Walmart with good news Comrades! 

Walmart sells their own Twinkie brand!

So the result of the union's decision to strike themselves out of a job means we will now be forced to pay over a dollar less for the Walmart Twinkies made by non-union labor and sold at a non-union store where most of these 18,000 out-of-work union members likely shop.

Full Disclosure:  We bought that box of Hostess Twinkies.  You have permission to yell "Hypocrite."

UPDATED and BUMPED 11.17.12:

Wonka's Chocolate Factory was a non-union shop.  When did you ever see an ompaloopa go on break?

And the news has spread to April 1944 Germany:

UPDATED 11.20:

and more...

The Party of Gold

Which political party best influences the price of gold?

Zerohedge explains:

The answer is self-evident: of the $4000 inflation-adjusted increase in gold price since gold was floated by Nixon, a solid $3000, or 75% of this rise, has taken place under Democratic administrations. So dear gold bugs: stock pile that physical and cheer on Obama and hopefully his democratic successors. At this rate, gold (and ostensibly all other precious metals) will outperform every single asset class known to man (sorry Buffett).

UPDATED 11.20:

Bloomberg reports George Soros has up'd his gold holdings by 49% this year in order to profit from the re-election of his political puppet. (Sorry - one video size fits all at Bloomberg.)

Is it too late to invest??  Glenn Beck was saying "Buy Gold" back at $1200 an ounce....

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Missed MSM Opportunity

What the hell is wrong with Israel's bombs? 

Tax Truths

He doesn't address the Occupier's feelings once in this video.


Thursday, November 15, 2012


This symbol keeps showing up.

U/T: FB Comrade

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am the state

From Captain Capitalism.  "The truth hurts."


So hey, if you want to repeat 1917 Soviet Russia all over again, go right ahead.  I'm sorry your teachers didn't educate you in anything real.  I know you all know to hate global warming and evil corporations and "lets go green" and you haven't learned a drop of history and economics.  That's all right because you're going to pay for it.

You have no f**king idea what's coming.

The best retort yet to last Tuesday's election loss.

Questions for Petraeus

Questions from this former Army Reserve officer:

1) General, how many officers careers did you end over extra-marital affairs during your career?

2) General, how quickly did you move as an Army Officer when a possible security breach was discovered?

3) Director, was there any moment in the seven hours while watching the attack on our ambassador that you felt the impulse to use your authority to send help?

Cause values matter.  Cause our nation's secrets deserve the greatest diligence.  Cause leadership matters.

That flushing sound you hear is the career of Gen Petraeus.  He's not even worthy enough to leave a comment on this blog.

And more!  Krauthammer makes the case that Petraeus was planning on the administration to sweep this gross failure in judgement under the rug.

U/T: Knowledge is Power

You Voted For Change

Today's Changes to Ushanka's Left Navigation Bar:

1) Labels

We added "Libertarians".  WARNING: Don't click this if you just smoked dope and voted for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

2) Campaigns

We updated with our 2012 campaign activities and our Current efforts.  We'll be adding a MSM video link shortly.

3) Library

We added the book, Bloodlands.  We are only half way through this book, but it is obviously a winner and deserves to be listed in our Library.  Don't read if you are Polish, have a friend who is a Pole, or if you dislike mass slaughter of innocents in the millions.  But it is OK to read if you appreciate the lessons one can get from knowing history.

4) Blogroll updates

We dumped Gary Johnson voters Weer'd World and Walls of the City

We added Captain Capitalism.

We added Lower the Boom.  We met the brains behind this Ohio blog earlier today.  Here is her post.  Here is our comrade with her new Commie Obama ushanka hat:

Sore Losers

This secession "movement" is nothing more than a bunch of sore losers.  Libertarians perhaps?

We lost the election.  Our dear leader had a better ground game.  They exploited what our side ignored: the benefits and opportunities of early voting of the lazy.

It was a blow out, so any claims of massive voter fraud is just noise to us.  Further, we are offended that some suggest we need to lower our standards and values in order to encourage 'moderate' voters to come to our side.  We've come to know moderates as liberals with some enlightened intellectual self-praising faux-open-mindedness. They should be defeated, not recruited.

Libs often whine about the electoral college because it forces them to visit the little people in flyover states.  To which we reply: Play within the rules, pussies.

And that is exactly what the libs did in the 2012 election.

They got out the vote and used the extra time of early voting wherever possible.   They won.  It sucks.  We are angry.  But we would wager that our fellow Republican, Lincoln, who held this country together in much tougher times, would tell the Romney team: "You should have played by the rules, pussies."  We would agree with the great man.

Top image pulled from today's drudge.  The second image was our favorite after the 2000 election, and part of the inspiration that led to 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Default, Secede or War

Ann Barnhardt explains the current economic crisis and the coming collapse in an 8-part YouTube series.  The only question unanswered is: When?

Posting part 5 below as it is the part that links our current problems, and possible outcomes, to history.  Specifically Lenin and Mao.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five:

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

She says in a post yesterday that nobody has yet to dis-prove or dilute anything she has said.  If what she says is true, what are you doing to prepare?

Another Ushanka Tip to Ann, who by the way is a proud owner of our Commie Obama Hat!

People of the World 
- who appreciate the lessons of history -

UPDATED 11.14.12:

Her slide in video #8:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Quote of the Day

From home page of SGA Ammo:

We have shipped orders placed before midnight November 6th. All orders placed November on 7th and 8th before 8:45 PM Central time have been processed and submitted to the warehouse for packaging. Order volume has been overwhelming during this time but we expect to have all these shipped out by end of day Monday the 12th, but possibly Tuesday.


We are currently working on purchasing and receiving new stock, but expect many products to be unavailable of the coming weeks due to shortages and price increases we deem unacceptable in the wholesale market.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Quote of the Day

From yours truely on Wednesday morning:

I went to sleep in America.  I woke up in Europe.

Light blogging for next few days.  Traveling through some red states through the weekend.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Four More Years

Hard to believe the ticket with Joe Biden won re-election, but this is a public school country.

Remember Comrades:


Our Commie Obama Hat makes it to the polls this morning!

Photo taken by a very embarrassed daughter.

U/T: Snake

Time to Choose

Election Day 2012.  Time to choose.

From Looking Spoon:

Monday, November 05, 2012

Gratuitous Election Countdown Image - Less Than 1 Day

Fine Print: Our Gratuitous Election Countdown Images are pre-2008 election images from our image stash. Some are timeless, some not.  Some were used, some not.  All are random and were all scheduled in June.  Image source has been long lost but we're happy to add.  Just let us know in the comments.   We'll post one a day until the Nov. 6 election.  Enjoy!

Quote of the Day

From a Kulak in Illinois who recently bought a Commie Obama hat:

I'm indeed interested in history.  I'm hoping that after Tuesday we can go back to enjoying reading about it, instead of having to live through it.

Sunday, November 04, 2012



Run their candidate within the Republican Party.  Say he's the best ever.  He presents the Libertarian message, and is soundly defeated.

The Libertarians decide to run their own candidate.  Say he's the best ever.  His best showing is about 3% in some states, but falling. 

See one Libertarian's reason to vote for Mitt.


2008 - Do not run their own candidate.  Endorse Barack Obama.  Say he's the best ever.

2012 - Do not run their own candidate.  Endorse Barack Obama.  Say he's the best ever.

Some political parties join with others to combine forces for the best possible outcome.  Others are bitter pot-smoking hippies who have been rejected in all markets and have decided to run their own candidate as a spoiler.

Photo from FB friend.

Cincinnati Hat Give Away!

Our dear leader came to Cincinnati today.  We were there to welcome him.

U/T: Catherine the Great

A house across the street from the Obama event:

UPDATED 11.5 8:30am:

A pro-abortion heckler succeeded in disrupting the event.  Listen to our dear leader lose control of the crowd.

We learned that only 1300 would be allowed into the event as that was the capacity of the arena.  There were at least 5000 standing in line for hours outside.  Very puzzling as Romney has had some big crowds lately.  The O team missed a great opportunity yesterday.

We assumed a small venue would make it look crowded, yet in the video above over half the seats in the upper section are empty! 

Our lesson for today:  small venues are ripe for insurgency.  Give that man a hat!


Gratuitous Election Countdown Image - 1 Day

Fine Print: Our Gratuitous Election Countdown Images are pre-2008 election images from our image stash. Some are timeless, some not.  Some were used, some not.  All are random and were all scheduled in June.  Image source has been long lost but we're happy to add.  Just let us know in the comments.   We'll post one a day until the Nov. 6 election.  Enjoy!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Two Pre-Election Lists


Someone created a Twitter account (#SaySomethingNiceAboutObama) asking others to say something positive about our dear leader.  The right-wingers took over from there:

Obama has done more to grow and energize the conservative republican party. Thanks for energizing us!!

He turned me into a republican

He brings out the crazy in Chris Matthews

He has forced CONSERVATIVES to bind together and unite, and agree on what makes America great: God, family, USA

He never ate a cat.

Under President Obama it takes me far less time to put $20 of gas in my car.

I can now trade my foodstamps for crack over my Obamaphone.

See them all - here.  U/T: Glenn.


We have some fun Facebook friends.  Here are some of their suggested movie titles for a Benghazi documentary:

The Good, the Bad, the Inept

They Were Expendable

Saying Biden's Privates

What did you do in the war, Barry?

The Yellow Stripe of Cowards

Snores of Tripoli

One Flew Over the Cowards Nest

Four Hours Over Benghazi

Lack of Valor

3 Commies and a Little Socialist

Sleeping in Washington

Guns were never on

12 OCLOCK We're High

Too Few Good Men

The Thin Red Lie



Sleeping With The Enemy Attacking

The Devil Reads Pravda

A Fistful Of Stimulus Dollars

Queer And Present Danger

Dial BO For Murder

When Fools (Let Muzzies) Rush In

Campaign Death Of A Green Energy Salesman

Stand Down!

Barack Obama: Ambassador Slayer

The Dirty Dozing

Fool Mental Jackass

The Thin Red Swine

New Obama Slogan

For those who do not understand FORWARD:

It is not too late to buy the Commie Obama Hat to carry "FORWARD" forward to the masses.

U/T: FB Friend HG.


Just posted by Socialism Sucks:

Ohio Represents

Ushanka agent, Zhukov, was one of 30,000 last night in West Chester, Ohio.   The largest rally of the campaign season, for both parties, in the city (Cincinnati) that led with the first Tea Party on March 15, 2009.

Yes we can!

Three hours before the event:

Romneys and Ryans on stage.

Gratuitous Election Countdown Image - 2 Days

Fine Print: Our Gratuitous Election Countdown Images are pre-2008 election images from our image stash. Some are timeless, some not.  Some were used, some not.  All are random and were all scheduled in June.  Image source has been long lost but we're happy to add.  Just let us know in the comments.   We'll post one a day until the Nov. 6 election.  Enjoy!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Gratuitous Election Countdown Image - 3 Days

Fine Print: Our Gratuitous Election Countdown Images are pre-2008 election images from our image stash. Some are timeless, some not.  Some were used, some not.  All are random and were all scheduled in June.  Image source has been long lost but we're happy to add.  Just let us know in the comments.   We'll post one a day until the Nov. 6 election.  Enjoy!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Gratuitous Election Countdown Image - 4 Days

Fine Print: Our Gratuitous Election Countdown Images are pre-2008 election images from our image stash. Some are timeless, some not.  Some were used, some not.  All are random and were all scheduled in June.  Image source has been long lost but we're happy to add.  Just let us know in the comments.   We'll post one a day until the Nov. 6 election.  Enjoy!