Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trick of the Month

No, this isn't a post about Sandra Fluke.

Apparently there is a satire site called The Daily Currant.  They posted a news report saying Obama has forgiven all of the student loans.  All $1T of them.

They even quoted our dear leader:
Just because someone borrowed a bunch of money doesn’t mean they have to pay it back. This isn’t 19th century England. This is America. And in America we’ve always believed in second chances.
Ah, the marvels of social media.  Word traveled fast.  Twitter was abuzz.

Why couldn't we come up with this idea?  We're smart.  Our public school teachers told us we are smart.  They gave us a high school diploma to prove it.

The day will come when we too have an idea that will tweak the Liberals Progressives Communists. Until then, we'll just keep wearing our Commie Obama hat and keep plugging away.

U/T: Legal Insurrection

Friday, August 30, 2013


Our first post on the Syria story.  First, some opinions and observations.  No predictions yet.  Also, some links to smart people who are paying more attention to the story than we are.

Opinion #1:  The US should bomb the s**t out of anyone who uses a weapon of mass destruction, like chemical weapons.  The weapons are abhorrent and destabilizing, and an example should be made of anyone who turns to these weapons.  And, as the only superpower on the globe, it is our duty to respond.

Opinion #2:  Obama is doing it wrong.  No US Navy ship or troop carrier should change course.  We have weapon systems that can do what is necessary.  Massing military assets might be intended to intimidate Russian or Iranian foes, but it can also facilitate the escalation of a wider war.

Opinion #3:  Some are warning a US attack on Syria will lead to a world war.  It will likely lead to more conflict over a wider theater, but we reject the talk of world war.  Every player has already done a cost-benefit analysis and we have no doubt all have concluded that containment of the Syrian action is in their best interests.  Yes, there are others who would like a wider war, but they are not in a position to get their way.  We think the best indicators are the stock market and the price of gold, and neither are showing any sign of panic.  We think the worst source for useful information is the US media.

Opinion #4:  Any discussion of a mess from US action is ignorance.  The US military is the only organization in the Federal system that is staffed with the best and best equipped.  Assuming the mission is clear, they will execute at near perfection.  For Obama, who has created a quagmire of everything domestic, he no doubt is excited about having a success to point to.

Opinion #5:  People are trying to cloud the issue of blame for the chemical weapons attack. Further, it is known that both parties, Assad Regime and the Rebels are bad.  Assad used chemical weapons against rebels that are supported by Al-Qaeda?  Sounds like there are multiple reasons to unleash Hell and less chance for collateral damage.  Call us callous, but there are ALWAYS reasons to not drop bombs.

Observation #1:  W was right about WMD - their existence in the Middle East, and their potential to destabilize.

Observation #2:  It took the administration and State Department to determine the use of chemical weapons about two weeks after everyone else on the planet knew. 

Observation #3:  The Democrats took power by claiming anti-war credentials and trashing an aggressive US policy towards WMD and terrorism.  They now embrace war.

Observation #4:  The Democrats wailed, bleated and demanded that W get congressional and UN approval for his use of force after 3,000 Americans were murdered by Muslims.  He did.  Obama is threatening use of force against Syria and has not asked for support from Congress or the UN.  And he has lost support from Britain and other allies.

YouTuber Rawdog says the US will back down.  We have found his predictions to be almost always right.  However, he's changed YouTube accounts three times in the past year and has deleted past videos.  So, weigh our respect for him with that in mind.

YouTuber, blogger, author and hat owner Davis Aurini introduces a broader perspective of the Syria story.  We always learn something from his video presentations and we highly recommend that you subscribe to his channel.

NiceDeb has three posts on the subject.  As always, she posts plenty of links and relevant videos.

Obama About to Plunge Us into Another War w/o Congressional Approval, UN Approval, or Consent of the American People

Whoa: US Intelligence Officials Not So Sure Assad Regime Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

Nobel Peace Prize Winning Citizen of the World President Willing to Go It Alone On Bombing Syria

 Last, ZeroHedge has posted a list of reasons why Syria is a good distraction, by Simon Black. 

What have we missed?

UPDATED 8.30 3pm:

Added image above.

 UPDATED 8.30 4pm:

Found at Imgur:

 UDPATED 8.31 5:30pm:

More images pulled from FB and MoonBattery:

This picture above is a reference to Orwell's book, Nineteen Eighty-Four.  One of our FB Comrades, a fellow 95B no less, posted a comment that also references the book:
Iran is building nukes, and threatening to wipe Israel off the map. Barry refuses to act. Syrian thugs kill other Syrian thugs, and we must act "urgently", sometime in September when the budget battle begins. No distract here!!!

Perhaps even more importantly, We do not seek regime change. We do not seek to "win", only to send a"signal". Why the hell would America start a conflict, and say out loud, our objective is NOT to win? Is the enemy this week Eurasia? It's hard to remember.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FEMA Death Camps

Explained by the Doctor of Common Sense:

This guy is a crack-up.  Be sure to subscribe to his channel.  He comments on everything.

And check out his blogtalk radio show - every Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back To School

A primer from hat evangelist Aaron Clarey (aka Captain Capitalism):

Kids are sure lucky to have Aaron.  When we were in high school (early 80's) the Liberal Progressive Communist indoctrination efforts were still amateurish.   And more teachers took pride in their role.  Maybe 15% to Aaron's 5%. 

This is what we remember from high school:

Better times.

UPDATED 8.28 7pm: 

Speaking of better times...

"It starts with ashtrays..."

Monday, August 26, 2013

We're Seeing Double

Try as they might, Liberals Progressives Communists cannot hide their goals for this country.

We've been AWOL from our blogging activities for a while, yet in two clicks we find the Hammer and Sickle on display.

This was found at All The Right Snark:

This was found at Breitbart:

It is as if the conservatives in American have all gone sarcastic and started calling our President Dear Leader a "Commie." 

What next?  A Commie Obama hat, perhaps?

Monday Morning Cigar

At the range with a Romeo Y Julieta Reserve and our latest book, Prisoner of Conscience written by congressman Frank Wolf.

Even when we are shooting, we are 'to the right of center'.  As it should be.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

They Chose Poorly

When you dilute our super heroes, you dilute the values that make America great.

Does the Affleck choice signal an end to the wonderful, yet dark, good-vs-evil movies that followed 9-11? 

It started with Batman Begins in 2005.  Bond followed.  The Avenger series has been great. 

Are we now entering a decade of feminized heroes?  Because there are not enough smoke and mirrors in Hollywood to bring Affleck up to par with Christian Bale.

Following Obama's example, Hollywood has set the bar lower.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie: JOBS

The movie about Steve Jobs opened a week ago to mediocre reviews and earnings.  Maybe the story is only interesting to entrepreneurs and older folks who watched the Apple empire in its early days.

Count us as one of those people.  We loved it.  We cannot suggest improvements.

And full disclosure here:  Steve Jobs is the only person who has had two Tribute posts here at Ushanka - Here and here.

Congrats to the movie's team in capturing Steve Jobs' tenacity, competitiveness, vision, strengths and flaws. 

Congrats to the movie's team in accurately presenting Apple CEO's John Scully and Gil Amelio.

Scenes and themes that might have been overlooked:

1) Jobs trying to explain a personal computer to investors.

2) The man behind the iPhone using a rotary phone.

3) The competitiveness with Microsoft.

4) The unique chemistry necessary for others to successfully work with Jobs.

Since the movie we've subscribed to the YouTube channel EveryAppleAds.  They have a bunch of old Apple ads.  Here is a brilliant one from 1992:

Now... That's Rich

A warning from the unions over ObamaCare.

Less hours = Less pay = Less medical benefits.  That you voted for.

And now the people who told you to vote for Obama, and who depend on you to work so they can keep their jobs, need your help. 

We'd laugh ourselves silly if we weren't in the hole with you union people. 

Instead, we'll just take another power nap.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If we had another son....

No doubt our dear leader will declare his outrage at the recent shooting in Oklahoma.  Just as soon as he gets off the golf course.

But he might hesitate.  This is that "black on white" offense that doesn't get a lot of attention from our media.  If the media isn't picking it up, then why would our dear leader take notice?

It seems in our new, transformed America, the media rule is "If it bleeds, it leads."  And the transformed part of that is that "it" must be black.

So three "teens" are bored in Oklahoma City.  We've know this level of boredom and can confirm it is dangerous.  We lived this level of boredom every day in government school.

The "bored teens" see a guy jog by and decide to shoot him.  They pursue, then shoot him.  Christopher Lane, an Australian here on a baseball scholarship, is dead.

Another victim of fatherless children.  Mr. Lane no doubt had an involved father.  We guess that from his success.  And no doubt, again a guess, the three human-trash thugs that shot him did not have involved fathers.

That's it.  That is the source of our violence problems.  Why elaborate and make the NSA read a whole long rant?

Either the father is involved and raises a productive and successful young man, or the involved father comes in the form of a government check.  Yes, the Liberals Progressives Communists will scream that there are exceptions, but alas, they are exceptions in the black community where 74% of children are raised by mothers alone.

Hat Evangelist Captain Capitalism elaborates:

Is this the proper forum to share our hope that bored fatherless teens don't murder us?

Top photo from hat owner Diann at All The Right Snark.

Second photo from story at The Guardian.

Completely unrelated:

Drudge links to this study that says welfare payments exceed minimum wage in 35 states.  And in 13 states welfare exceeds the pay from a $15/hour job.

UPDATED 8.22 Noon:

MoonBattery posted this cartoon today:

Sean has posted a complimentary rant.

UDPATED 8.22 2:30pm:

A FB Comrade posted this one:

Naming Names UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 8.14 5pm]

Here is a story out of Michigan that conveys the quality of teachers our public school system attracts.  Please consider sharing.

But first, the names, so they will always be a Google search away:

Mike Eagan
Sally Campbell
Amy Eagan
Harriett Coe
Toni Erickson
Carol Rau
Marilyn Glover
Sandi Lee
Kathryn Weber
Kathleen Sheel
Kathleen Palmer

A young boy changes from happy, to moody and uncontrollable.  Tears family apart.

Father suffers MS and the Mother is told she has cancer.  Four days later (last October) the parents are told a trusted teacher has been molesting their son for three years.

They trusted the legal system and the molester was sentenced to 15-30 years.  But during the sentencing several character witnesses (named above) came out in support of the molester.  One is a school board member and seven are teachers at that school.

The family is worn out, as you can imagine.  But the community has rallied around them and their goal to recall the school board member and terminate the seven teachers who came out in support of the molester.

They are meeting resistance, but this story is going viral and should bring enough attention to a VERY screwed-up school system.

Good.  Sounds like they are getting some resolution. 

My son and I have opened up a new chapter of a new book. I’ve talked to him more in the last two months than I have in the past nine years. I lost over eight years, the best years of his life I lost, because of … that sick monster.

Parents: get your kids out of these liberal progressive communist public schools.  Public schools do not exist for the benefit of the student.  They exist soley for the unions and their deviant membership.

The Karl family has done both public and private school and we know first-hand that private schools are superior in education, teacher selection and putting the child's safety above all else.

School:  Ogemaw Heights High School in West Branch, Michigan.  Principle: Jonathan Good.
Story Link:  Here
Family's Support FB Page
U/T: author Matt Bracken


Hat owner Glenn Beck opened up with both barrels on this story yesterday - radio and TV.  He interviews the mother, Lori Janczewski and her daughter. 

Will President Obama share his opinion on this story, or does he require a racial angle like Henry Louis Gates or Trayvon Martin?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Now That is Funny

Hat owner Diann is cranking movie posters out almost daily over at All The Right Snark

We felt compelled to redistribute today's poster.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Hat in History

English Russia has posted many Soviet Army photos from the 70's, including several of that stylish hat!

Waiting for motor pool to come fix the jeep:

Relaxing to the soothing sounds of Radio Free Europe:

Monday Afternoon Cigar

We smoked a Nub Connecticut to celebrate our 5th Summer of Recovery.

Utopia is right around the corner, Comrades!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Libertarian Anarchy

We agree with Ayn Rand - Libertarians are anarchists.

Their policies would result in anarchy.  Their mob-like Internet swarms in reaction to criticism of their contradicting policy ideas, or the latest poll that includes Ron Paul as an option, will not be limited to online if they ever got their way.

The good news is they will never get their way.  The last election was their best opportunity to gain traction by throwing an election, and they couldn't get more than 2% of the vote.  Ralph Nader has more followers than Libertarianism.

Want to spot a Libertarian?  Listen for "military industrial complex" or "end the fed."  Listen for all the reasons we should legalize a gateway drug and reject traditional religious and/or family values. 

Check out ZoNation's latest video.  He responds to some "H8" from Libertarians who have recently swarmed his YouTube account.  An excellent discussion of what comes first: Life or Liberty?

That is the best commentary about Libertarianism since Comrade Davis Aurini's video - WATCH HERE.

We mock the Liberals Progressives Communists here at Ushanka because they are destroying our great country. 

We mock the Libertarians just for the cheap laugh. 

Don't like it?  Go roll a joint and watch some ReasonTV videos.  Or, perhaps, respond to one of Zo's arguments above...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Expecting a Call?

Second City Cop is a blog run by a Chicago police officer.  We check in every once in a while to hear an officer's perspective of that city's politics and attempts to control crime.  If this topic interests you, we highly recommend checking him out.

He links to a Chicago Tribune story about crime.  It includes photos and videos.  This photo of a Gangster Disciple carrying his perforated comrade out of a church caught our eye.

We know it's been a while since a suit and tie were worn to a funeral in that neighborhood.  But when did taking a call become ok?

The Tribune mentions a father once, in their use of a shot and killed 6-month old.  But the Tribune avoids the common issue of the missing father in the victims' lives.  (Because that would start the conversation that leads to better lives...) They mention "single family homes" at the 6:20 mark of the first video, but it is in a LIST OF REASONS for killing that include "warmer weather".  Lost in the list...

Middle East Update

Nothing new to report.

In our 40+ years of fourth trimester existence the Middle East has been a series of film footage and images on the TV news.  Masses of people, all angry at the US for one thing or another.  Some angry enough to hurt others, who then have another reason to be angry. 

It is the "cycle of violence" that the Liberals Progressives Communists always tell us to stop, yet they support a religion that perpetuates the cycle. 

500+ dead in Egypt?  That is a shame.  But less so than 5 dead in a 95-car pileup here at home.  Why?  The drivers of the 95 cars were not 1) massing in anger, 2) using mob-violence to address their complaints, and 3) foreigners (although statistically we should assume several were here without proper documentation).

So, unless something more comes out from the Cairo events, we'll be sitting this one out - just like our comrade at Big Hairy News who sent us this photo.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blogging Break

Back online in a couple days.  Until then, please go visit those cool bloggers in our Blogroll at the left.

Some more NSA pics for ya:

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hat Contest!

All The Right Snark is holding a contest until (thru?) Thursday.  Winner gets a hat!

It is a caption contest.  This is the photo above.  The person on the left is the infamous Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator who filibustered the first attempt to limit abortion in the state.  You may recall the measure passed the following week.  To learn more about here, go to this Townhall article by Guy Benson.

Click Here to enter the contest post.

Related... We found this killer-coupon at Knuckledraggin.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Elysium - Next Hollywood Flop?

If our friends on FB have any say in it!  Here is what we've seen so far this opening day:

Matt Damon's desperate attempt to drive up ticket sales: He criticizes Obama!  "Obama broke up with me." (Politico)

We doubt he'll come close to nailing this Elysium role like he did his role in Team America.  He might be a bed-wetting Hollywood liberal, but he rocked in that movie!

A hearty Ushanka Tip to everyone who sees this movie as the Commie Propaganda that it is.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Quote of the Day

Robb at Sharp As A Marble:
Think about this – there is nothing that the anti gunners can sell. Nothing. There is no anti-gun range where you can take your anti-gun targets and not shoot them. You can’t buy accessories for your anti-gun. There is no market for setting out a day with the family to go to a plot of land and ban guns.

The only item in their shopping cart is misery and their currency is lies.
Maybe anti-gunners prefer an economic system where there are no transactions...

Monday, August 05, 2013

Marxism and Islam

Diana West - 62 minutes of discussing the threats to our liberty.

14:15 mark:
As I read, and read, I began to discover, much to my amazement, that during WWII the US embarked on a campaign to whitewash communism that is uncannily similar to what we have seen in the wake of 9-11 in terms of whitewashing Islam.

U/T: Hat Owner Doc and The Heritage Foundation

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Quote of the Day

Nice to see there are still some optimists.


This guy? This guy we have now? He's nothing. He's vaporware. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, I could carve a better man out of a banana.

The Left is old and tired. Like me. They can be rolled back. Put your kid in trade school. Refuse federal school loans. Create plumbers and engineers and HVAC masters. Starve this beast.

Law school is a sure path to unemployment and $250,000 in debt. Don't play that game. The lesson we must teach these Marxists disguised as liberal Democrats is: We will roll you back

Via WesternRifleShooters

Friday, August 02, 2013

Lone Survivor - The Movie

Limited opening, December 27. 

We'll be there.

You have time to read the book.  It is one of the greatest stories of our current war.

U/T: to our nation's fighters, including author and Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell

Quote of the Day

Adam Corrola in his recent podcast:

I did HuffPo yesterday… They wanted to get into why I called them ‘assholes’, basically, for taking my Gavin Newsome thing. They did what a lot of folks on the left do, which is they take a problem… Then they take the person who would like to find the root of the problem, label him a racist, offer no solutions for the problem, other than me and my racism and then move on. As conquering heroes, by the way. They make proclamations of a problem, and if you offer a serious solution to the problem…that becomes hate speak. I don’t know if you know this, but suggesting that families stay together and focus on education has become hate speak. Does that seem like hate speak to you? … So I get into it with [Lieutenant Governor of California] Gavin Newsom, the headline on the Huffington Post is, ‘Carolla wants to know what’s wrong with blacks and Hispanics.’ Is that what happened?… It’s not.


“Me asking somebody…to engage in a behavior that I know would lead to a path to success is not racist… Look, listen, there’s a club in this town… The cool guy comedy club is super left-wing, throws around a lot of terms like ‘the pipeline from schools to prisons’ and ‘voter suppression’ and things like that,” Carolla continued. “The little things that you and I wouldn’t think of as a big issue, such as getting valid ID in the state that you live in, or focusing on schoolwork and education and homework and things like that. These are the things that they don’t think that certain cultures are up to. And so they use that and they sit up on top of Mount Pious, and they look down, and they throw around these terms, and then they all go to their parties that don’t involve any of these nationalities, and they smoke weed and they talk about what a racist I am.


“You have to understand, every time somebody says, ‘you’re racist’, ‘you’re sexist’, ‘you’re homophobic’, really what they’re saying is, ‘I’m not’, ‘I’m better.’ It’s not really about me, it’s about them,” Carolla said. “It’s much more to do with them than does with me… It’s mainly a narcism. ‘You are fat. Thus, I am skinny.’ ‘You are racist. Thus, I’m evolved.’ ‘You’re homophobic. Thus, I am not.’ You see what I’m saying? All the finger pointing is really about self-congratulation.


Friday Afternoon Cigar

We're about half way through Ion Mihai Pacepa's new book, Disinformation.  He shares the honor with Ayn Rand as the only other author to have two books in our Library book list at the left.  Pacepa ran Communist Romania's Intelligence organization before defecting to the US in 1978.  You can't get better insight into the priorities and attitudes of the former Soviet leaders than what you get from Pacepa.

Disinformation centers on the KGB smear campaign against pope Pious XXII.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Soviets wanted to discredit the Vatican (and all religion) by connecting them to Hitler and the Nazis.  Pacepa explains how this was done using media, the arts, etc.  While explaining this, he exposes other Soviet practices, priorities and attitudes.  Here is a timeless lesson on P98:

Totalitarianism always requires a tangible enemy.  The Jews, who for centuries had not been protected by the power of a state, proved a convenient enemy for both Nazism and Communism.  Nowadays the general perception is that Nazi Germany was the cradle of anti-Semitism - and it is not easy to change that perception.  Nevertheless, before the words Nazi Holocaust were on everyone's tongue, we had the Russian word pogrom, meaning massacre.  

We smoked a Rocky Patel Edge on a beautiful Ohio Friday.

Is That Pin Photoshopped?

A hat-wearing comrade shared this image with us. And then we had to prove that a picture really is worth a thousand words!

Nice group, comrade!

The KGB spent billions during the Cold War to make the US look impotent.  They failed.  Maybe a subject for a future Ushanka post:  Was their failure a result of their tactics, or our leaders?

But what goes around comes around.  Agent Putin's patience has been rewarded with the Snowden NSA whistle blower asylum deal. 

We are disheartened that Snowden wasn't invited back to face his criminal charges and a promised reduced sentence.  He is not a hero, nor a traitor (like Manning).  He is a whistle blower.

The crime wasn't Snowden's.  The real crime was the absolute lack of outrage among our elected elites.  It turns out every member of congress was both aware of the NSA total-surveillance program and supportive of it. How's that for representation?

Just Wednesday a family in New York was visited by the Obama version of the NKVD after their family had made Google searches of "pressure cooker" and "backpack."  (The media did not mention if their searches also included words like fertilizer, crop-duster, RPG, bomb, Larry Sinclair, or jihad.)  This story reminds us of another picture:

So if they can respond to a combination of Internet searches, why aren't we seeing the mass arrest of criminals?  Cell technology tells us who was in an area at the time of a crime.  Face recognition can take a partial image from a surveillance tape and return an identity.  The same technology that 'nabbed' that family in New York can be used to find people planning a crime over email or social media.  And with email and Facebook archives at the NSA, we can find criminals who have bragged of their crimes.

Yet we haven't.

Which begs the question: "Does this total surveillance exist to reduce crime and protect the citizens?"

If not, why does it exist?

Our theory: government employees are tired of looking impotent, incompetent and pathetic after the foreign-directed terrorist actions: the shoe-bomber, underware-bomber, and Boston Marathon, etc.  Attention is now focused on their massive vacation-day and sick-day benefits, their higher-than private sector pay, their protection from dismissal over incompetence, misbehavior or Obama economy, the layers of bureaucracy that protect their layers of fat, or the glaring indictment of the failures of Affirmative Action that their existence amplifies each day.

Criminals don't cooperate.  They are dirty, troublesome, crafty, and elusive.  Why not define, then pursue, a new class of criminal?

Why not kick in the doors of people who don't plan on defending themselves against force?  People who would never think of arguing with a person with a badge.  People who would not let the lack of a warrant stop strangers from entering their home.  People who would celebrate the arrival of these government employees in their armored personnel carriers and with their automatic weapons because a wounded unarmed college dropout might be in the neighborhood.

All of a sudden the government employee transitions from the slug who can't do 10 minutes of work a week to the slug who can't do 10 minutes of work a week but is surpassing their arrest and investigation quotas.  The lucky ones might even get to shoot a dog or two in self defense.