Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Naming Names UPDATED and BUMPED

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Here is a story out of Michigan that conveys the quality of teachers our public school system attracts.  Please consider sharing.

But first, the names, so they will always be a Google search away:

Mike Eagan
Sally Campbell
Amy Eagan
Harriett Coe
Toni Erickson
Carol Rau
Marilyn Glover
Sandi Lee
Kathryn Weber
Kathleen Sheel
Kathleen Palmer

A young boy changes from happy, to moody and uncontrollable.  Tears family apart.

Father suffers MS and the Mother is told she has cancer.  Four days later (last October) the parents are told a trusted teacher has been molesting their son for three years.

They trusted the legal system and the molester was sentenced to 15-30 years.  But during the sentencing several character witnesses (named above) came out in support of the molester.  One is a school board member and seven are teachers at that school.

The family is worn out, as you can imagine.  But the community has rallied around them and their goal to recall the school board member and terminate the seven teachers who came out in support of the molester.

They are meeting resistance, but this story is going viral and should bring enough attention to a VERY screwed-up school system.

Good.  Sounds like they are getting some resolution. 

My son and I have opened up a new chapter of a new book. I’ve talked to him more in the last two months than I have in the past nine years. I lost over eight years, the best years of his life I lost, because of … that sick monster.

Parents: get your kids out of these liberal progressive communist public schools.  Public schools do not exist for the benefit of the student.  They exist soley for the unions and their deviant membership.

The Karl family has done both public and private school and we know first-hand that private schools are superior in education, teacher selection and putting the child's safety above all else.

School:  Ogemaw Heights High School in West Branch, Michigan.  Principle: Jonathan Good.
Story Link:  Here
Family's Support FB Page
U/T: author Matt Bracken


Hat owner Glenn Beck opened up with both barrels on this story yesterday - radio and TV.  He interviews the mother, Lori Janczewski and her daughter. 

Will President Obama share his opinion on this story, or does he require a racial angle like Henry Louis Gates or Trayvon Martin?

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