Friday, October 29, 2010

Project Vote Smart

Ten points on use of current Internet technologies, maybe a "4" on information. It appears only national-level candidates are listed, and its inferred non-partisanness is in question. Who would post a site of candidates in an objective apples-to-apples comparison? Is there one person left who doesn't have a political preference?

Project Vote Smart

Our zip code showed Democrat candidates with stated positions, where the Republican candidates had inferred positions. So all candidates' offices were asked to state their positions and only the Dems replied? Again, all inferred.

And we are always suspicious of products or services that tell you that you are "smart" if you use them.

The site did nothing for this tea partying hat-maker as we know how we'll vote in the national races. Where we could use some help is in the State and Local races. That is where we turn to our local tea party site:

Cincinnati Tea Party

Again - cool on the use of AJAX technologies.

Found at IOTW.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Redistribution of History

D - for Desperate.

Remember when we were "shooting up cops" after Obama was elected?

Those were some crazy days for us right-wingers!

Luckily, the Tea Party movement gave us a more respectable outlet for our emotions and we stopped 'humping our right wing extremist legs'!

This dweeb started what is now one of the top 2-3 liberal progressive communist blogs. He speaks with the voice of thousands of Americans who, for example, oppose Bush wiretaps of International calls and equally support Obama's wiretaps of Domestic calls.

As the Waco Kid would say: "You know. Morons."

They are the envy party as we are the tea party. They are the takers, and we the makers. They re-write history, and we'll be making it on November 2nd.

U/T: Naked Emperor News

PS: I want to be reincarnated as a bully. The tolerance/PC crap that has infiltrated our schools has led to a serious lack of ass-whoopings, which in turn has led to a serious surplus of.... you know... Morons.

Nov 2 Trailer

Remember November: The Final Act from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

U/T: Republican Governors Association, via IOTW

Election Primer UPDATED

Will this be the scene on Air Force One as it flees to India 2 days after this election?

Bob reminds us of our mission on Tuesday, and beyond:


Oh man did we call it! Found at IOTW:

Neighborhood Watch

Our Neighborhood just got a bit bigger.

The new reality - you now have two duties on election day: 1) Vote, and 2) Report Fraud.

How do you report fraud? Try the new mobile app from Freedom Speaks. Here is the link at the Apple website, but you can get this for other mobile devices too.

Video found at IOTW.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Biden Is Right!

Joe Bite Me said this today:

Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive.

Too bad nobody listens to this guy anymore.

Here was our idea back in 2008 - inspired by Joe and his ilk. It was their vision that led to our vision. It was their policies that incentivized our hat.

Hat Store

The Dear Leader Speaks

Our Dear Leader, Barack Obama, sent us an email today!

Imagine our surprise - we didn't know he was back from vacation!

Karl --

We all have a choice to make in the next seven days.

It's not just a choice to vote, or a choice to knock on one more door, make one more call, talk to one more voter.

Together, the choice we must make is to continue what we started.

The outcome of this election will determine not just who holds power in the halls of Congress. The decision we make in this election is going to set the direction of this country for years to come.

I need you fired up in

Karl, I need you to give it everything you got. And I need your help to power our work until we reach that finish line.

Organizing for America is running the most ambitious get-out-the-vote program ever attempted in an election like this. Every dollar you can give today will be put right to work to get our message out, to provide the tools our volunteers need.

And every donation will be doubled because it will be matched by another supporter who is giving what he or she can afford.

He continues, but we're too busy looking for a job to read it.

Or knock on one more door.

Or make one more call.

Or talk to one more voter.

And just like Bite Me, he over-prices his Hope & Change with the request for $3.

Sir, you are asking too much!

Pics found at Doug Ross.

Tuesday Afternoon Cigar

We anticipated next week's Revolution with a CAO Brazilia and volume 2 of The Gulag Archipelago.

Page 155:

There was a famous incantation repeated over and over again: "In the new social structure there can be no place for the discipline of the stick on which serfdom was based, nor the discipline of starvation on which capitalism is based."

And there you are - the Archipelago managed miraculously to combine the one and the other.

Solzhenitsyn lists the similarities and differences between Serfdom vs. Gulag life:


"they were forms of social organization for the forced and pitiless exploitation of the unpaid labor of millions of slaves."

"just as a serf had not chosen his slave's fate, since he was not to blame for his birth, neither did the prisoner choose his; he also go into the Archipelago by pure fate."


"The serfs did not work longer than from sunrise to sunset. The zeks [prisoners] started work in darkness and ended in darkness."

"For the serfs Sundays were sacred; and the twelve sacred Orthodox holidays as well."

"The serfs lived in permanent huts."

"The serf on "barshchina," or forced labor, had his own horse, his own wooden plow..."

"The serfs were slaves, but they had full bellies."

"The serfs lived in families."

"In the life of one serf there was hardly ever more than one move..."

"...the entire situation of the serfs was alleviated by the fact that the estate owner had necessarily to be merciful to them: they were work money; their work brought him wealth."

Only one benefit the prisoner had over the serf:

"the prisoner might land in the Archipelago even as a juvenile of twelve to fifteen but not from the very day of birth!"

Sanatorium UPDATED X2 & BUMPED

[original posted 10.23 at 9:05am]

History repeats itself. And so do I.

English Russia has posted current photos of the old NKVD Sanatorium built in Kislovodsk in 1933. If you'll recall, 1933 was several years into the Stalin Administration. Mass housing was necessary then because the country was suffering from an unexpected spike in internal conspiracies from a grossly underestimated number of internal enemies.

Maybe you remember headlines like: "Prison populations higher than expected"?

Further, many suffered from impure thoughts of selfish individuality, personal responsibility and faith. It was necessary for a compassionate government to house these unfortunates in places such as the Kislovodsk Sanatorium where they could get the help they desperately needed. Luckily, Soviet citizens had such a compassionate government.

Soon, this same level of compassion will help those of us who have suffered for so long. Who have been unable to afford the therapy we need because the greedy insurance companies priced such help out of our reach.

If we cannot make the transition to Hope and Change that is so necessary to overcome these difficult times of inequity and uncertainty, we will soon have a peaceful place to go for help.

Waivers for early admission will be available for:

Tea Party attendees
Loving Parents
Chrysler Bond Holders and Dealers
Right Wing Extremists
and Glenn Beck.

Soon, Comrades, we will have our own Kislovodsk Sanatorium. See you there!

UPDATED 10.25:

How does this start?

Here is some fine print we found on the bottom of page A6 in today's WSJ. Story by The Canadian Press: Pediatricians urged to screen new moms for depression, which can slow babies developmentally.

Some questions off the top of our Ushanka - Rather than the event of becoming a mother as the reason for being depressed:

What if that new mom is depressed because her new baby is born with 10's of thousands of dollars of shared national debt?

What if that new mom is depressed because her child will not have the same life and career options she had?

What if that new mom is depressed because the nation's current leadership turns a blind eye to criminal behavior?

Will that new mom qualify for a concealed weapons license to protect her new baby if she is deemed 'depressed'?

Will she be smeared with 'a history of depression' when she chooses to act on behalf of her fellow moms and runs for office?

Will the American Academy of Pediatrics publish a report soon on the effects of depression in women who abort their children? They are moms too, right?

What are the real motivations behind this report?


Kyle-Anne Shiver writes at Pajamas Media: Dems Playing Soviet-Style Insanity Card. (Found through James Taranto's Best of the Web at WSJ: The Politics of Sanity.)

The theme keeps re-appearing, or maybe our mind just tells us that it is...

Regarding Jon Stewart's naming choice for his coming march in DC, "Restoring Sanity", a march in response to Glenn Beck's recent gathering "Restoring Honor":

It might behoove a sentient American to ponder whether Jon Stewart considers qualities like cheerfulness, religiosity, a penchant for cleanliness, and a love of American liberty — which were on ample display during Beck’s rally — to be signs of mental illness.

It would seem so and that puts Jon Stewart right in the same league with the old Soviet regime and the way they treated their own dissidents. The Soviets were infamous for declaring any vocal dissident “insane,” putting them in psychiatric “hospitals,” turning the shock therapy machines to full voltage, and throwing away the keys.

James Taranto suggests this concern is "overwrought" which begs the question: What does James think about and our lovely Commie Obama hat? James suggests ignoring entertainment media and looking instead to academia:

One frequently encounters examples of researchers using their intellectual authority to brand disfavored (read conservative) political views as pathological or primitive. A prime example appeared on the New York Times's op-ed page yesterday.

Authors Peter Liberman and David Pizarro, professors of political science and psychology, respectively, attribute conservative political views to "the emotion of disgust"

The Emotion of Disgust. Yep, we feel that every now and then. Mostly now.

Both agree on the very recent and relevant NPR firing of Juan Williams after he expressed a very common feeling when seeing Muslims on his flights. The NPR CEO suggested Juan Williams should keep his feelings about Muslims 'between him and his psychiatrist.' She may have apologized for those remarks, but like all liberals who claim to mis-speak or be taken out of context, their most candid statements seem to express the same elitist traits that we've seen in some of the most lethal dictators.

These accusations of insanity on the political right seem to be gaining in momentum as a rout of the Democrats is expected in next week's election. For over a month now they've heard how they are going to lose big (but not why).

Any psychiatrist will tell you the emotional strain of discovering you were so wrong in your assessment of Obama and his ability to govern and provide you with free stuff can lead to angry and hateful outbursts. Add to this strain the flailing sensation of trying to smear and discourage your political opponents with little or no success, and you have a large segment of the population in need of a quiet, padded room and a jacket with a little extra in the sleeve.

We'd suggest there is nothing to worry about if these comments end next week. If they continue, however...

U/T: Shiver. We added her blog, Common Sense Regained, to our blogroll.


Ah, that dreaded question, "Why?". It requires critical thought, and critical thought is absent on the left.

We are posting headlines daily to that demonstrate the media's bias-induced ignorance as to how - 4+ weeks before the election - they know the Democrats will lose big. Yet not one story addresses the "Why?".

Instead we get:
The Party In Power Always Loses the Midterm
Voters Have Lost Interest
It Is An Anti-Incumbancy Mood
Race Expected To Play Part in Democrat Defeat
Blah Blah Blah

So another dilemma has developed: dropping circulation rates of America's newspapers. We ask: Why?

Sure, the Internet is taking its toll, giving ad buyers more options. But has that ever been a reason a subscriber calls to cancel? Ever?

And if not, Why?

In truth, the MSM has encouraged liberalism at every turn. And when liberalism finally occurred, subscribers were out of work and were cutting their subscriptions and other frivolous expenses to make rent.

MSM - you brought this on yourselves because you cannot ask "Why?". It is that simple.

Image above taken from Media Life Magazine story.

Monday, October 25, 2010


We watch this and imagine the big smile it puts on the liberals progressives communist's faces out there.

Adding $2 Trillion to the deficit wasn't an accident.

It is the means to an end.

Scaring businesses into survival mode wasn't an accident.

It is the means to an end.

Increasing the costs of labor in the US to crazy levels wasn't an accident.

It is the means to an end.

Supposedly 44% of our fellow Americans still think this economy is ok, as they voted for 'Free Stuff' in 2008, and probably in prior elections too. While down from 53%, it hasn't fallen to the 1-2%, the card-carrying Communists, where it belongs.

Want an easy explanation? Here is the culprit:

And here are his partners in this takeover. The people who took the lead in 2008 on his behalf. The people now feeling so guilty they are finally telling the truth:

And here is their idol:

Disagree? Don't waste your time in the comments section. This is no longer a debate.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

Your 6.5 minutes of straight talk for the day.

Found at IOTW

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Democrats Hate

PJ O'Rourke offers his advice for your election choices this year at the Weekly Standard: They Hate Our Guts.

They don’t just hate our Republican, conservative, libertarian, strict constructionist, family values guts. They hate everybody’s guts. And they hate everybody who has any. Democrats hate men, women, blacks, whites, Hispanics, gays, straights, the rich, the poor, and the middle class.

Democrats hate Democrats most of all. Witness the policies that Democrats have inflicted on their core constituencies, resulting in vile schools, lawless slums, economic stagnation, and social immobility. Democrats will do anything to make sure that Democratic voters stay helpless and hopeless enough to vote for Democrats.
Democrats aren’t just dateless dweebs clambering upon the Statue of Liberty carrying a wilted bouquet and trying to cop a feel. Theirs is a different kind of love story. Power, not politics, is what the Democrats love. Politics is merely a way to power’s heart.
This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order. Power has been trapped, abused and exploited by Democrats. Go to the ballot box and put an end to this abusive relationship. And let’s not hear any nonsense about letting the Democrats off if they promise to get counseling.

All bold on purpose! Go read it all, then send to any fence-sitters you may know!

U/T: Glenn

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Other Side

Keith Hennessey was one of W's economic advisors. He is on the other side of Obama's white board and shares his comments on the Party-Appoved propaganda that is the Obama economic message.

Excellent execution of a great concept here. We hope we'll see more of this.

U/T: NiceDeb

Revolution in 10 Days

Will your ears be warm?

Comrades! The Revolution is only ten days away!

English Russia posts this picture of the Red Square Mall before the Revolution.

And here is our Mall, just 10 days before our Revolution.

Timeless Lesson: Every Revolution has a Mall, and every revolution has a hat!

Hat Store

Friday, October 22, 2010

Title vs. Character

This is exactly the decline in the political discourse that our side should have been sending during the past 'lost' decade.

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.

U/T: Glenn

Random Stuff...

...from our daily blog scan.

James Taranto suggests "responsible governance" may be the one thing that could turn around the Democrats' chances in two weeks. This suggestion is lost in the vacuousness of the Internet as the pounding MSM focus (actually advanced excuse-making) is on PR, or racism, or 'not explaining the policies better', or bitter clingers, or, or, or. James suggests an imaginary conversation that sums up the national electoral mood quite well. WSJ: Public Radio vs. The Public.

Americans: "So, the economy is pretty bad and there's high employment. You think you can do something about that?"
Democrats and Obama: "We can spend a trillion dollars we don't have on pork and stuff."
Americans: "No . . . that's not what we want. We'd really like you not to do that."
Democrats: "You're stupid. We're doing it anyway."
Americans: "That's not going to help us get jobs!"
Democrats: "Sure it will; millions of them … though they may be invisible. You'll have to trust us they exist. And guess what else we'll do: We'll create a giant new government program to take over health care."
Americans: "That has nothing to do with jobs!"
Democrats: "We don't care about that anymore. We really want a giant new health care program. We're sure you'll love it."
Americans: "Don't pass that bill. You hear me? Absolutely do not pass that bill."
Democrats: "Believe me; you'll love it. It has … well, I don't know what exactly is in the bill, but we're sure it's great."
Americans: "Listen to me: DO. NOT. PASS. THAT. BILL."
Democrats: "You're not the boss of me! We're doing it anyway!"

Juan Williams, who we met at the GOP Convention in 2008, was fired at NPR two days ago for 1st degree truth. (No, he doesn't have a hat.) Fox gave him a contract extension and raise. Ha! Here is a clip with Krauthammer's comments - found at NiceDeb:

BenHowe puts together a great video review of recent Democrat leadership incompetence:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Commie Spy

Like you, I was disgusted by commie spy Anna Chapman's new Maxim spread. English Russia has more pics.

First, they pose her with an outdated Italian firearm. That model has since been updated with a rail system. Like all things Russian, they are one or more generations behind on equipment and technology. That stainless steel pistol is probably the only weapon in the Russian inventory that doesn't have any rust.

Second. You call those bedroom eyes? We've seen more seductive eyes on carp.

No Comrade Chapman, you're here in because 1) you're supposedly still news, and 2) you graced our Babe page in the past - here.

Bite Me

So Joe Bite Me sends us an email today:

Karl --

Remember when the GOP was in control?

Yes Bite Me. We think about it every day.

They drove up record deficits to pass tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

And now they want to do it again. If they take over Congress, Republicans have promised to go back to the "exact same agenda" that drove our economy into a ditch.

You can't make this stuff up. The exact same agenda.

Yes Bite Me. We remember unemployment at 4.5% at one point and roughly 4.7% thereafter.

So I'm going to do everything I can to make sure they don't get the chance. We have a plan in place and 13 days to get it done -- but each and every one of us needs to do what we can today.

Please donate $3 today to help us keep them out of power.

So $3 to keep Democrats in power, or $0 to get Republicans? Since we don't donate now, that is essentially what you are suggesting, right Bite Me?

For months, our opponents sat on the sidelines while you helped the President and our allies in Congress move America forward.

Republicans are still clutching that same political playbook.

And folks like Sharron Angle in Nevada, Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, and Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania want to go beyond the failed policies of the past. Backed by millions in special interest money, some Republicans want to cut the minimum wage, gut Social Security, and end Medicare as we know it.

But Barack and I don't believe economic growth in America has to come at the expense of the middle class.

Uh, Bite Me, We're on the wrong email list. Don't get us wrong, we were middle class. But we've been unemployed for three years now and we sell hats on the side. Nice hats, but tough to sell when others don't have money either.

In fact, we believe we're only making progress when hard-working families are doing better -- and, with your help, we're getting there.

Thanks to health insurance reform, no one will have to choose between keeping their home and getting the care they need.

Thanks to student loan reform, more parents can send their kids to college -- even if it looked out of reach in years past.

Thanks to our investments in clean energy, entrepreneurs are creating jobs and writing a new energy future for this country.

That's change we can all believe in. That's change that doesn't discriminate between Democrats, Republicans, or independents. That's the kind of America I believed in growing up in Scranton and raising my boys in Delaware.

Bite Me, we think you are mistaken in these points.

Health Insurance Reform does discriminate between those who pay for insurance today and those who do not. We are in the former group and our premiums are climbing due to the reform while the latter group pays nothing more than they did before.

Student Loans are no longer competitive since your reform nationalized the industry. So when our son heads to college next year, he'll suffer from higher prices and no choices.

And whatever investments in clean energy you are making, those investments are not impacting our region. Have you done a job search on "clean energy" at Monster lately?

Barack and I are going to keep fighting for that America -- and right now, you get to decide how this fight plays out.

Donate $3 or more today and help us finish strong: [YES WE CAN!]

Thanks for all that you do,

Joe Biden

Bite Me - You and Barack can go f**k yourselves.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Communism: Capital Punishment for the Innocent

WSJ's former deputy editor Melanie Kirkpatrick reports in today's Opinion section that North Korea's seal on information is leaking. A Free Press Stirs in North Korea.

It appears North Korea has more of a responsible media than we do, albeit not their choice.

North Koreans reporting from inside North Korea. Incredible as it may seem in a country where journalism as it is practiced in the West is punishable by a trip to the gulag or public execution, such reporters are a new and growing phenomenon. Armed with easy-to-hide pinhole cameras and flash drives, they are getting videos, photographs and written information out of North Korea.

Sounds like something a right-winger would do at the local ACORN office!

Kirkpatrick reports that Jiro Ishimaru, a Japanese journalist, sends his ten reporters into North Korea from China with cameras and money. They bribe their way around the country and return with pictures and information.

It is next to impossible for ordinary North Koreans to get close to military installations, the gulag or Kim Jong Eun. So the reporters have decided to focus on day-to-day life in North Korea, especially starvation, the growing market economy and corruption. They have produced more than 100 hours of video on these subjects. Among the tapes I viewed were ones that showed bags of rice labeled "WFP"—for the United Nations World Food Program—being sold in a marketplace, and soldiers using a military truck as a bus service for paying customers.

The information doesn't flow just one way. Mr. Ishimaru's reporters also try to get information about the outside world into North Korea, usually in the form of CDs containing videos of South Korean soap operas, news shows or documentaries. Before DVD players came into use in China, VCD players—video CD players—had a short run of popularity. Chinese merchants now sell these discarded devices, along with CDs, across the border in North Korea. It's against the law to possess a VCD player or to watch South Korean videos, but the law-enforcement system has broken down enough that more and more North Koreans are taking the risk, assuming that if they get caught they can bribe local officials to look the other way.

The cracks are forming. Soon - but not soon enough - the blinding glare of freedom will shine in the North and the world will once again see the evils of socialism.

Two Weeks

Comrades! The Revolution begins in exactly two weeks!

The revolutionaries wore the hat in 1917.

Will you wear yours in 2010?

Hat Store

Monday, October 18, 2010

Agenda: The DVD

Tonight we are watching Agenda: Grinding America Down. Recommended by NewZeal blogger Trevor Loudon, who is one of the 16 interviewed in the program.

Trevor will be speaking this Thursday at the National Press Club in DC. Cliff Kincaid and his America's Survival, Inc. will be hosting a full day conference, Marxism in America.

Did you ever think you'd hear a conference called by such a name?

We won't be attending as we have family obligations. But our hat will be there, and some of the brightest minds will be there. And we'll be stronger on Friday than we are today.

As for the Agenda DVD, we can't say enough about it. We'll be loaning it to our fellow rabid anti-communists in the coming days. Then we'll watch it again.

We highly recommend it.

Clinging in California

Even though we were politically naive in 1992, ignorant of terms "conservative" or "liberal", we still had a sense of common decency.

That is why we remember what Barbara Boxer said at UCLA that election year.

She stood on the stage with Dianne Feinstein and said the following: "Do you know why you should vote for us in November? Because we have boobs!"

We weren't there. We read that in the Los Angeles Times, the paper that endorsed both Democrat Senate candidates and the future impeached Bill Clinton. We cancelled our subscription shortly thereafter.

So what is more inappropriate? Boxer's statement, Feinstein allowing herself to be associated with Boxer's statement, the LA Times embrace of Boxer's statement, or the cartoon above?

People will have you believe in today's Dem-losing environment that things were 'better' back 'then'. Not in California.

So we're scanning the 100's of headlines as we do each day for this site's home page, and we find this Reuters headline: Democrats Cling to Narrow Lead in California.

It was the word "cling" in the headline that caught our eye, but it was the photo that gave us a reason to skip lunch. How did that picture get past the biased screeners. Are they putting Boxer out to pasture?

You'd think Pelosi would share her Botox contacts with her fellow California Democrat.

Here are some of our endorsements, two of which are proud owners of our Commie Obama Rally Cap!

There. Now we can think about food again.


English Russia has some pics of inflatable Soviet military props. Despite their embarrassing bankruptcy in 1991, their ideology lives on right here in the US. But like all communists, they intimidate with lies and props.

Next time you hear the MSM tell you that the Dems are rising in the polls, or that their redistribution polices are gaining popularity, just think of this picture.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Afternoon Cigar

We smoked a Rocky Patel Sun Grown as we watched the leaves fall.

This past week Jerry Brown called his opponent for CA Governor, Meg Whitman, a "whore". Moonbeam's wife is trying to take the blame, but we here at don't take the bait. We know Jerry said it, and we know what word his wife would have used.

That term is inappropriate for Meg Whitman. She took a Pez Dispenser auction website to a global service that has helped nearly everybody sell and find items they could not have sold/found otherwise. (She also helped the early risk-takers, aka shareholders.) Take our Commie Obama Hat and Leninade for instance. There is only one place you can buy those superb products - on ebay!

So while Meg isn't a whore, we are. We have whored ourselves out to several of our favorite blogs: Knowledge is Power, MoonBattery, and others are coming online soon, which we'll post here.

While we didn't offer our body, we did offer $10 donations to the blogs for every Ushanka/Leninade order they produce.

Sleazy bourgeoise whoreness, eh!?

So follow the links above to go spread the wealth to these fine blogging patriots. You may not realize, but blogging costs money, in server hosting, photoshop licenses, etc. You know you'll want to wear this hat on November 3rd!

Remember to leave the $$ on the dresser.

Back From The Brink?

So say's Our Dear Leader.

Bankrupting America suggests we are still at the Brink, and won't be moving anytime soon.

Our current poll:

U/T: Glenn

Hugo and the Hat

"Hugo and the Hat". Sounds like a children's book!

Remember when our country frowned on news like this?


MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia agreed on Friday to build Venezuela's first nuclear power station after talks between Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Hugo Chavez in the Kremlin.

Russian nuclear agency chief Sergei Kiriyenko and Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro signed a deal on "the construction and use of an atomic power station on the territory of Venezuela," after the talks.

Pics from AP. Found through Drudge.

Kudos to Bill

Defeating liberalism progressivism communism is easy. Get informed. Make your case. Stand your ground.

Example - Bill O'Reilly:

A little passion, and some humor at their expense is helpful too.

Example - Bob:

Some related images we've picked up during our daily strolls through our favorite blogs:


The Depression images keep coming. This time in a video we found at MoonBattery:

One almost forgets how bad things were the previous 8 years of Republican rule.... "The Lost Decade" they call it.

And not linked in any way whatsoever, New Zeal points us to the $18 DVD, AGENDA: Grinding America Down. If Trevor "can't recommend it enough", then neither can we. We just ordered ours!

And there is that hammer and sickle image again!

Here we are two weeks before the election, and the Dems are already explaining their defeat: They didn't do well at PR.

If we were a Dem, we'd jump off a cliff take a shower kick our fellow libs in the ass and say "WE HAVE TWO F***ING WEEKS TO DO PR! GET OFF YOUR ASSES!"

1) Why is it too late to address the rise in Hammer and Sickle sightings?

2) Why wave the white flag?

Answers in the comments...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Socialism - Open Debate

When it happens, it is a pleasure to watch.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Honorable Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher:


Monday, October 11, 2010

Can I Play Through? UPDATED

It took a week, but we finally stopped laughing long enough to get this post out. Started by MoonBattery (top pic), then carried on by Doug Ross and IOTW (bottom pic).

MoonBattery: Obama Vacation Photos
IOTW: Tin Ear Alley
IOTW: Gotta Break 100
IOTW: He Puts the Bi in Bicycle
IOTW: Joining the Fun
Doug Ross: I Seriously Cannot Stop
Doug Ross: 10 New Obama Depression Photos
Doug Ross: O-Pression
MoonBattery: More Obama Vacation Photos

Can you imagine a world where we had two equally authentic ideologies?

An IOTW, Doug Ross or MoonBattery on the other side producing this quality material? Instead, we have a lazy bunch of people who want everything for free whose contribution to the graphic debate is drawing a Hitler mustache on Bush.

We have it easy, yet 44% somehow still think this guy is doing a good job.

UPDATED 10.14 10pm:
Doug has more: More O-Pression

Happy to be in North Korea

At least, that is the intended imagery here.

This reminds us of the story of the USSR showing negative images of the US in Soviet theaters during the Cold War.

In 1968, the selected video clip was of the Chicago DNC Convention riots. Somebody was given a free ride to Siberia that day, as the message intended was not the message received.

The movie-goers, as they watched Chicago police beat a black rioter, were in awe. "Look at that negro's nice shoes!" they said as they pointed to the black man's shoes.

Lesson: be careful what you permit into your closed commie society. And, be careful what you release out. We watch the video above and see slaves.

Not true? Ok, let us interview one of those dancing masses.

Go'in to Arizona

A new and very smart music video.

As bad as the Dems are for the country, we do appreciate it when they stand up and make a decision every now and then. They chose to oppose the war in Iraq. They chose to shove ObamaCare down our throats. And they chose to oppose the Arizona immigration law.

Our suggestion for a new DNC slogan: Always against the country's best interests. Always against the voters. Always our thumb in your eye!

U/T: Moonbattery

MSM Coverage. Slanted?

DiversityLane sets a new standard for cartoonists with this one:


We found another hammer and sickle today. This one is from IOTW:

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Point Made!

Game. Set. Match.

What is more shocking: That we have this many clips of the Dems screwing up, or that 44% still approve of Obama?

Found at New Zeal.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Socialist

Found at NiceDeb's site. Authored by Ben Howe.

UPDATE 4:30pm Another good one, found at IOTW:

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon Cigar

One of life's few pleasures: a Rocky Patel Sun Grown, a bottle of sugary Leninade happiness, and volume two of Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago.

Two slogans of prisoners in the early concentration camps (late 1920's) - P. 68:

Let us pay our debt to the working class!
From us - everything, to us - nothing!