Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Afternoon Cigar

Happy New Year to the Ushanka-wearing masses! May you re-unite in 2011 with the same revolutionary vigor that you brought to the 2010 mid-term elections!

Global warming is hit and miss. Just ask Al Gore. We've been below freezing for weeks here in Southern Ohio, yet today we melted off the last of our snow in 63-degree bliss. We couldn't just celebrate with one cigar!

The Rocky Patel Sun Grown was the obvious choice for the first cigar in over a month.

The mild Santa Damiana was a reliable 2nd.

We puffed as we continued reading President Bush's Decision Points. A look into this man's decision-making approach makes us proud that we never fell for that pseudo-intellectual liberal bulls**t of finding it fashionable to criticize this man as other so-called conservatives have done the past few years. We see the same commie influences happening with Gov. Palin and we weep for this country if it takes hold. These are principled, experienced, and yes - flawed - leaders with a conservative streak. But to spend effort to find fault with a spending program or a quick-witted swipe at Michelle Obama's obesity debacle is to take time away from educating people on the outright fraud of "shovel-ready" trillion-dollar programs, nationalization of auto companies, student loan programs and healthcare. This is criminal. The liberals progressives communists in the DNC are destroying as much of America as they can as fast as they can. Yet some of us can't resist the impulse to bash the former president? Don't get me started.

What is interesting in this book so far (we are half way through) is what decisions he chooses to write about. There isn't a chapter on tax-cuts. Was that a tough decision, or was it a no-brainer? There is no chapter about if America should go to war after 9-11. Instead, he explains the long and tough decisions around selecting a VP in 2000, and choosing a path with Stem Cells that preserves life yet brings the maximum benefit to science. His dedication to problem-solving and his long-term outlook is clear, and time will show that we will miss his leadership more and more each year.

Another thing is clear - we won't see a book from the current White House resident like this. What would it be called: The audacity of passing the buck? Dreams of 12% unemployment? Responding to crisis with another vacation?

We'll get back into our studies of Communism after this, so stay tuned for more comparisons of commie history with Commie Obama.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It is all part of a plan UPDATED 14x & BUMPED 4x

[original post 11.17 8:30pm]

...a commie plan, that is.

The airlines are too big to fail. Once the aggressive tactics of the TSA deter the masses from flying, we'll be forced to bail out the airlines. To "rescue" nationalize them. The political winds have shifted and our Dear Leader can no longer just grab a company. First bring it to its knees, then take it.

On the fun side of this tragic story: It has been fun watching Obama, Napalitano, etal try to convey competence as they shove these new rules down our throats. Nobody - absolutely nobody - believes they are acting in America's best interests. And they know it. Hilarious!

The Drudge headline was right on one week ago - The Terrorists Have Won. Yep.

Pic found at Oleg's Blog.

UPDATE Found at KisP:


That out-of-touch liberal progressive communist bunch in the White House have created a PR disaster of biblical proportions! Here are the latest videos on the subject of TSA-run-amok:

Found at MoonBattery:

At NiceDeb:

Another Reason video:


Nice Deb has a collection of links: How The Obama Administration’s National Security Failures Led To “Grope and Change”

Ginger at IOTW has a new pic:

UPDATED 11.21 - Again! From our Gun-Blog scan:

A poem

Sure differences abound
We are not yet USSR
But we better watch out now
Foes of freedom advanced too far

A new entry at the Urban Dictionary "Gate Rape"

Soldiers carrying weapons through TSA - Nail Clippers Confiscated!

New TSA logo


A prediction - TSA gets credit for stopping an attack

Found at Townhall:

Remember when liberals progressives communists were all upset about the statistically-rare priest molestation? Today, however, the bed-wetters seem to be fine with government-mandated molestation.

Disagree? Then point to one bureaucrat in Obama's regime that has come out against the latest TSA procedures. (Except Hillary, that is). Or maybe a MSM outlet? Hmmm??? Just click on the Comments link below. Tell us where we are wrong.

Drudge's current headline:

How about this flag image below? More appropriate, don't you agree? Or does this just lower the political discourse and distract from solving problems that effect every American every day?

Bottom line is this - this PR disaster has gone on for far too long. The Obama administration is either out of touch, or is executing a plan that they cannot discuss in public.

You know our opinion.

Remember when the internal enemies in the USSR justified the checkpoints throughout the country? Remember how those mistaken rebellious sailors at Kronstadt in 1921 offered their surrender if Lenin would remove the road blocks and let citizens travel to family (and food)? We remember.

NiceDeb posts this Jack Webb video:

UPDATED 11.22 Instapundit posts this Saturday Night LIve skit:

NSFW Found this at IOTW:

And the hits keep on coming!


While we know the new TSA tactics are to bring the Airlines to their knees and eventually under government control, others are suggesting other reasons. Chidike Okeem writes today at The American Thinker: Airport Scanners and Marxist Criminology. Cool title. Essentially he argues that these tactics are the Democrat's way of showing their diligence in national security and their mistaken tolerance-impulses to avoid that oh-so obvious alternative - profiling. We won't argue his points only because his points complement rather than contradict our assessment of more sinister intentions.

Found another video! This time at MoonBattery:

Click here to see more bumper sticker ideas for TSA vehicles:

This one was our idea! You know what that means?! We've hit our quota for 2010! Thanks Big Fur Hat! Birds gotta fly:

Found at NewZeal:

UPDATED 11.24 Found at IOTW:

UPDATED 11.26 Found through Instapundit:

Reason has a list of quotes from MSM editorial boards. It appears our watchdogs in the press are ok with TSA's new tactics. The most moronic, from the Roanoke Times, plays right into the Obama Regime's secret plan:

If protesters really want to make their point, they should hit where it hurts -- the pocket book. Don't fly at all. Drop a note to airlines letting them know they have lost business and it won't return until things improve.

Adding this video, also at the Reason post:

NiceDeb has a post on MSM complicity. One quote from Daily Caller:

Here are the three main defenses of the TSA from those who aren’t actually the TSA.

“Republicans did it first”
“Don’t listen to conservatives. They’re crazy, Tea Partiers or both”
“Nothing to see here but naked people and the Internet’s ginned-up anger”

Blogger Oleg shares his opinion:

Some TSA agents are terrorists. Whether they enjoy their jobs or not, they do things every day that traumatize people and they do so with almost complete impunity from either legal prosecution or immediate defensive actions by their victims. Their leadership enables routine transgressions against innocent people in the name of security. The lies aren't convincing anyone. I will be watching the fate of this particular bunch of government-sponsored terrorists with interest.

And he shares this image:


Cartoon found at Townhall:

New metalic-lettering shirt and boxers found at SlashGear:

UPDATED 12.2 Found the new "Miss TSA" calendar through IOTW at MediaIte:


So it seems this is dying down. The public sheep have fallen into line as expected, and will be scanned, probed and fondled by the US government.

We remember a while back (February 28, 1993) when some folks expressed their desire to remain free to some other government agents. That was in Waco Texas, and the agents were primarily ATF. The government agents, like their brothers in the TSA, had a major PR firestorm on their hands. To spin the Waco fiasco in their favor, the government decided to suggest the Branch Davidians were child molesters. This took the edge off the criticism, and any arguments to the contrary were lost in the flames.

Had Janet Reno been cornered on this claim, she may have gone into detail as to what type of abuse was perpetrated on the children in Waco. Were naked pictures taken of the children? (This was before we had x-ray scanners to do that). Were the children touched in inappropriate places? (We have to assume the children knew the people who were allegedly touching them, whereas the TSA agents, who actually are touching them, are strangers.) In the end, the claims against the religious people were never verified. As for the claims against the TSA, you only have to walk into your nearest airport at any hour of the day.

So, imagine if Janet Reno was a right-winger willing to lie to get one over on the libs. Would we see something like this?

Trivia: What was the original charge that led to US military personnel and equipment being used against US citizens which led to 76 being burned to death? Was that original charge ever validated?

Well, this story may be dying down. But we're not through yet. Hence the 3rd bump and this, the 11th update.

A couple of these cartoons were found at Townhall. Others found in random corners of the Internet or in our email inbox.

Another thought: Have you seen an airline executive come out against the TSA? We know their employees are upset, and we can safely assume the volume of travelers has dropped. So bad for their staff, and bad for business. Yet not a peep.

Is an airline bailout in the works?

U/T: Michail for the Barney pick.

6pm IOTW keeps it going:

UPDATED 12.8 Found at IOTW:

UPDATED 12.14 Oleg at the People's Cube has an article: Those Who Forget History Will Get Their Junk Squeezed.

That's what happens when you subscribe to the principle to each according to his need without reading the fine print: the government gets to define your needs for you. As a result, even those who didn't vote for this administration are getting their junk squeezed. It's called redistributive justice.
I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but if the overall goal of this administration were to crush the nation's self-respect and turn individual citizens into a spineless biomass cowering in awe of government powers, electronic strip searches, and groping pat-downs would be an excellent way to do it.

Some pictures found at the same link:

UPDATED 12.29 I hear these voices in my head that say "Just let it go, Karl". And we say back "STFU! Maybe you've rolled over and surrendered yet another freedom to the tyrants, but not us."

Reason offers a Venn Diagram showing the common traits among the three junk-touchers in America.

What they leave out (are you listening inner voices??) is that two of the three are invited to touch the junk, one is not.

And Oleg shares his experience passing through security as he left the Motherland:

I took my first flight on the way out of Russia. The airport "security" in Pulkovo, Leningrad in 1989 was less intrusive than in 2010 Nashville International. The checkpoint personnel were equally surly though.

By comparison, I don't even remember the security in 1989 Italy and the 1993 German airports were cheery and friendly by comparison. When your country's air travel compares unfavorably to the USSR, it just may be a cause for concern.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Today's Drudge

Sometimes a long blog post isn't needed.

Link to story UT: Drudge

Monday, December 27, 2010

We Salute Back!

The last post of WhoopiRangel created an imbalance in the Ushanka servers, which if not resolved would lead to the FCC shutting our site down and kicking in our door.

So, to return harmony to the Internet, we present the key to Ukrainian national security and Peace on Earth - the Ukrainian soldier:


IOTW's Big Fur Hat is on a roll with 3 days of merged images where he combines two personalities.

We challenged him with a possible merge, and just moments later he delivered!

Presenting the WhoopiRangel:


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pirate Management

Russian style. Watch at the 1:00 mark:

We wonder if Russia's methods are more effective than ours.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Our best wishes to all our Ushanka-wearing fans...

...except those that beat Santa...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Children's Book

Doug Ross has a A through Z post of Omar, our guide through government regulations.

Hi, I'm Omar, the Obama administration's official kid's ambassador. Today I'll be guiding you through some of the many necessary regulations that government imposes on us for our protection -- and we'll learn the alphabet at the same time!

Here are two. Click over to see the full set!

R is for the rich. At some point, they've made enough money. Those who have grown too wealthy on the backs of the workers should have their excess riches confiscated for redistribution.

X is for X-ray machine. X-rays are discouraged in medical settings (for cost reasons) but used extensively in airline security.

Since we're learning the alphabet too, we're assuming this book is geared for 4th graders.

CPUSA Made Simple

Nicely done.

Our last look, maybe a year ago, had the DNC (read Obama) in synch with 22 of the 24 CSUSA goals. Pulling out of Afghanistan was one of the two items the CPUSA disagreed with US policy. We don't recall the other, but does it matter at this point?

But don't call those Democrats Socialists!

U/T: New Zeal

Where's the TelePrompter?

Found at MoonBattery:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hat News


A Commie Obama hat was seen going through a TSA checkpoint. A picture may exist, and may leak shortly at either Wikileaks or Stay tuned!

Radio personality Mitch Berg is the latest celebrity hat owner. He wore his new hat and new TSA gloves as he interviewed Ushanka-owner and comedian Tammy Nerby today on his show at Northern Alliance Radio Network. Mitch's partner on the set, HotAir blogger Ed Morrissey (below), has been a hat owner since February 2008!

Today's Video Archive Go to 1:28 mark.

Just over 4 hours are left in the contest of 2010.

I Own The World has partnered with the Commie Obama hat team over the past few weeks to get hats on as many patriots, and under as many Christmas trees, as possible. Over 540 entries already in the contest to give an Indian name to a political personality.

Some gems include: Bill Clinton – Dances with Interns, Bill Clinton – Great Stainmaker, Helen Thomas – Face That Stops Clocks, Rachel Maddow – Boy of no sack, and Mooshelle-Heap Bigum Ass. Go now to win a hat. Good Luck!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Dear Leader Hears Us Now

Congratulations to the current Republicans and those entering the House next month. Your message was received.

Today Obama signed tax cuts, tax breaks an extension of the BUSH tax rates. Ha!

Spin it all you want. Smile for the camera, oh Dear Leader. Revel in the goodness that is you helping me.

We know what happened. The Republicans pinned you down big time.

You were given a choice:
1) Take a modest bill, as is. Force your fellow lefties in Congress to do the same.
2) Or, play your silly games and we'll meet back in January for a real cool bill.

Very nicely done.

Obama and his commissars are thinking they dodged a bullet today. They think you think they made this happen and that they delivered the bi-partisan victory that went missing during the Stimulus, Auto-Takeover, Student Loan Takeover, and the Universal Health Care redistribution/reparation grabs of the past 2 years. Too many voters know better.

Conservatism won today. It can win every day of the next Congress and should. We'll be watching.


To those pissed about this - thanks to you too. You're complaining gave the Republicans the credibility behind the threat. Had Rush, Sarah and others not complained, the commies might have tried to negotiate or sabotaged the bill - only hurting Americans in the process.

We hope you've come to peace about the BUSH tax rate extensions. They were extended when the Republicans were a significant minority in Congress.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


We can't go a day without visiting the picture website EnglishRussia. We are attracted to the old pictures from the Soviet era as well as those from current events.

Here are three pictures that caught our eye in today's posts:

The construction of Lenin's tomb:

An old mural "We Are Building Communism". Go to the DNC website to see a current versions of this slogan!

And some ushanka-sporting Russian sailors about to ship out on nuclear submarine K-84. Didn't the Cold War end?