Thursday, January 21, 2021

Sabbatical Continued

 Greetings comrades! It has been four years!

I have, I am, and I will remain on sabbatical. But lets call it what it is: retirement. I have plenty to say, but we know those days are over. You have plenty to say too, but comments are off for the same reason. We've all had way too much to think, and this is the new United States. Or as the other Karl would call it: The Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

Were those four years of Trump amazing or what!? The man set a new standard for honor, integrity, fighting for and getting results. I was, as you were, hoping for just four more years of peace and prosperity before the nation was crushed under the weight of envy, resentment and the pursuit of free stuff, but alas, it wasn't to be.

Don't fall for the noise that says Trump failed, or Pence for that matter. Don't let them cloud the issues,  minimize our great men or values. They want us fighting each other for breadcrumbs. The law failed us - at the state level with the election, and our supreme court when it ignored the evidence brought to it by 14 states. That third branch of government is no more. It is dead to me, and to you. The commies can stack the court or disband it - makes no difference. And having lost that third branch, our Constitutional Republic is now... something else.

Trump promised to drain the swamp, but the swamp could not be drained. If a powerfully moral and driven man like Trump couldn't do it, nobody will. Which means, if the swamp ever does get drained, it will be after a bottom-up process rather than from the top-down. My sincere thanks to President Trump for trying the less-messy of the two options. Only a principled and bold man would have even tried.

President Trump flew too close to the swamp and it grabbed him and pulled him in. But, along the way, from day #1, he grabbed its pussy. The swamp used to live in the shadows. Now 75 million Americans are aware of it. And, they are really pissed off about their votes being stolen. How will that anger express itself in the coming months and years? It should be interesting.


Trump accomplishments that Biden* will fail to continue:

  1. Peace. Trump's economic warfare was a paradigm shift that delivered results but not bombs. China was on its knees, Iran and North Korea were all but silent, and a few countries now recognize Israel. Biden*, et al, are incapable of imitating that brilliant statesmanship and will start dropping bombs in 3, 2, 1...
  2. Prosperity. Where Trump gave us record growth, Biden* will give us focus-group-tested excuses and tell us a return to prosperity is 'just around the corner.'  How do I know this? Because this is what every commie dictator does. If you're not prepared for bad times, you're behind the curve.

Trump failures that Biden* will continue:

  1. Fiscal policy. Trump continued Obama's government spending habits, and Biden* will continue expanding the debt ad infinitum. What will it look like when they've gone too far? Are you ready? Biden's spending priorities will be to bail out California, Illinois and other failed states, and to prop up union pension funds. You're golden if you fall into one or both of those categories. If not, you're on your own kulak.
  2. AGs. As much as Trump was for the rule of law, he was incapable of hiring competent attorney generals. America will continue to suffer from failed AGs, albeit on purpose under Biden*. 

Other predictions:

  1. Coup #2. Biden* lasts <1 year. He is pushed out when they can't contain the bad news from their early policies. "A fresh start" is what they will tell us.
  2. Foreign troops on US soil. Many of our troops will fail their political loyalty tests, and the US will have to - temporarily - invite Chinese peacekeepers to help contain the domestic terrorists. (I'm not joking. This is my serious face.) Call it a "partnership" between the world's two superpowers. A partnership that includes "sharing technologies, intelligence and goodwill."
  3. Lies. So many, don't even try to keep track. Here is one I hope you don't see, but it is best to put this on the record: Karl Ushanka committed suicide. That one will be total bullshit.
  4. Sabotage. Poor economic results will be blamed on anti-admin unknowns within the work force. Stalin called them wreckers and internal enemies. Some of this will be true. Most will be the result of D economic policies and will be no fault of the workers. All, however, will be suspect and help accountable in appropriate show trials.
  5. Cancelled. Expect this blog and my book to be disappeared, sooner rather than later.
  6. Negative Interest Rates. This will be presented as "a temporary measure" and "for the greater good."



I've had a chance to reflect on my activism over these past years. Here are some top picks:

  1. NeverTrump. I'm glad I saw the NeverTrump movement for what it was, as early as I did. These are the traitors of the Right, and they did more damage to the country than the Democrats could ever claim.
  2. Q. I thank God I never followed Q. It looked stupid, smelled awful, and sounded dumb. Biden* is proof that it was all of the above. There was, and there will be, enough stories of freedom being destroyed that we won't have to go looking for more.
  3. The hat. I recognized the Democrats' communist inspirations back in 2006 when I started blogging, and in 2008 when I started selling the Commie Obama hat (later called Glorious Hat). Fuck'in legend.
  4. The book. Trade the Ratio is on its second edition. I have followed my own advice in that book, with pleasant success so far...  And yes, I am mulling a third edition with the unofficial title: I Told You So. Here is a prescient quote from page 69:

"We all know precious metal values are linked to the US Dollar and international stability. But these predictions above show that the true link is to the US political environment, as those in power can control, or at least influence, those two factors. Another lesson-learned (and the most valuable advice in this book): the next time you see the nation shift left prior to a presidential election, adjust your portfolio to accommodate more precious metals. Individual results will not vary."
Last, we have lost two patriots since I stopped blogging. Join me in promising to never forget.

  1. Ol Remus (cancer)
  2. Ashlii Babbitt (government)


Comrades, I wish you well in the coming days.

If you want to chat, swing by Buckman's Tavern. Approach the thirsty guy in the furry hat with the correct challenge/response:

You: In Concord, April's a spring month.
Me: Whereas in Lexington we're freezing our butts off.


UPDATED 2.4.21: Added prediction #6, negative interest rates.