Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Tab Clearing

I can't dedicate the time to do a post on each of these, yet they deserve your attention.

The Damage of Single Parent Homes

Stefan Molyneux posted a video review of Maleficent.  It is at the 25-min mark when he connects the feminist agenda of the movie to real life:
This level of contempt for masculinity must be noticed before it can be stopped.  It is not healthy to tell women that men are bad.  It is not healthy to tell daughters that fathers are bad.  It is not healthy to tell wives that husbands are bad.  Because the absence of fathers is killing the world.  It may sound like I speak in hyperbole, but I'm deadly serious.  Just look up these statistics on the children of single mothers, and I will let the fatal math make my case.

The Coming Shift

Gary North introduces a refreshing prediction about the next political shift: Why There Will Be No Revolution.  He makes a great case for the opposite of revolution: decentralization.  "This is the Balkins."

I'd like to see Gary, or others, expand on this idea.  

Police Militarization

Quote of the day from an article about police militarization at National Review: Barney Fife Meets Delta Force, by Charles C. W. Cooke:
Historians looking back at this period in America’s development will consider it to be profoundly odd that at the exact moment when violent crime hit a 50-year low, the nation’s police departments began to gear up as if the country were expecting invasion — and, on occasion, to behave as if one were underway.


A very graphic video of what ISIS is, and what they are doing in Iraq.  Obama sure looked smart when he announced the US exit in that war.  In hindsight, it looks as if he's acting the role of President rather than performing the role.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that if he were to make other mistakes, he might come across as either incompetent or criminal.

Related: ZH posts the ISIS war plan, with maps.

A Libertarian is Fired

Danny Carroll was removed from the Iowa GOP central committee on a 14-2 vote.  This Politico article doesn't explain why.  Let me take a stab at it.

Danny is a Libertarian.  His self-perceived role was not to do what was best for the GOP, but to set the stage for Rand Paul in 2016.  Iowa, undeservedly, is state #1 in the primaries and the winner there naturally gets a boost in the following primaries.  Libertarians fail to attract more than 1-2% to their cause, so they embrace other tactics such as swarming Internet forums and surveys, shouting down critics, and putting Libertarians in key positions within the GOP community to assist their candidates.  They are not GOP despite Rand and Ron having an "(R)" after their names (in my opinion).  Libertarians should have membership on panels in the numbers that reflect their base, and they should be allowed to persuade committee members on topics when the conversation is appropriate.  But they should adopt, and always defer to, the panel's stated purpose.

It is not their right to go rogue and behave like anarchists, as I'll bet a Commie Obama hat is exactly what Danny did in Iowa.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Cigar

Rocky Patel Edge.

I'm still reading-up on the Gold Standard.  I finished Steve Forbes' latest book today: Money.  I would not recommend it. 

Far too optimistic, and quite a bit unrealistic.  Also, horribly organized.  You won't get to his definition of a Gold Standard until page 148.  And you will see exactly two lines of criticism of Obama.

I'll be starting another book today or tomorrow that should give me the information I'm still missing: how to start a gold standard.  Hopefully it'll also address: how to keep a gold standard. 

I'll share my report with you once I am better informed.

Intellectual Froglegs

Joe Dan Media of Intellectual Froglegs fame hits another out of the park with today's episode.

This is one you should put on full screen and kick back to watch.

The work that must go into something like this is staggering.  In addition, he always introduces new perspectives and hard-hitting one-liners to the stories of the day.  I'm always impressed with his work. Click Here to visit his donation page.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Truth About Che

Stefan Molyneux shares his research in this thorough one-hour video.

Che's Communist past starts at the 37-min mark.

'He appeared to revel in the bloodletting for its own sake.  You could see it in his face as he watched the men dragged out of their cells.'

Child rapist.  Sexual sadist.  Adult mass murderer.  Raised by a feminist.
 Che, after his execution:

Che, remembered at a US campaign office:

Photo of the Day

Medal of Honor recipient Marine Corporal Kyle Carpenter, and his proud mother.

Washington Post:
“As the president put the medal around my neck, I felt the history and the weight of a nation,” he said, recalling Marines who fought everywhere from the trenches of World War I, to the icy battlefields of Korea, to cities in Iraq like Baghdad, Ramadi and Fallujah.

“I think about the Marines who were with me in Marjah,” he continued. “If I close my eyes today, I can still hear their desperate medevacs being called out over the radio as they bled out in the fields of Afghanistan. Today, I accept the medal for them. I will wear it for every person who makes up our great nation.”
U/T: FB Victory Girls

+1 in Bureaucracy Death Toll

Sam Morrish, 3 years old

Sam was vomiting blood.  The lazy workers in the UK's government-run health care system didn't think it was serious.  Sam is dead now.

UK Telegraph:
Sam Morrish was vomiting what appeared to be blood when staff at NHS Direct gave the case low priority and wrongly recorded crucial information provided by his parents.

When they failed to help, his desperate mother contacted the local GP out-of-hours service, where an unqualified call handler wrongly informed her that a nearby “treatment centre” would be able to help, when in fact he should have been sent immediately to Accident and Emergency.
Not to worry.  An investigation will be conducted.  Employees will go through remedial training.  Processes will be reviewed and updated.  Staffing levels will be evaluated.  And the check box "Are you vomiting blood?" will be added to the patient's form. 

The Missing News

Here is a screenshot from Drudge.  All the latest news on the illegal immigration that our dear leader is forcing onto us.

The missing news: resignations. 

The resignation is used by a principled person with integrity when they've exhausted all other options to stop an illegal or immoral act.  The higher the rank, the more attention it will bring to issue. 

Not a single resignation has been reported from Homeland Security or any other federal bureaucracy that has been illegally co-opted in this influx of future Democrat voters. 

Not one.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Summer of Recovery, Part IV

This wasn't supposed to happen until after the November elections.  Obama is going to be pissed when he tunes into MSNBC later this week.

But not to worry.  MarketWatch tells us it is all roses from here on out:
Investors, for their part, shrugged off the backward-looking report. The economy appears to have rebounded in the second quarter and economists polled by MarketWatch predict growth will turn positive again, with a 3.8% increase. 
Read the data, and it is bad news.

Read the media, and it is good news.

Who are you going to believe?

Graph from ZH.

Tuesday Afternoon Cigar

I traveled down to Louisville yesterday to meet with Comrade Don for lunch.  We had a spirited and respectful discussion about the Libertarian movement.  He's been a proud, loyal and dues-paying Libertarian for decades.  I'll bet a Commie Obama hat that he is in the top 1% of citizens in his knowledge of the Constitution.

No.  He didn't convert me.  My criticisms of the Libertarian movement remain intact.

I then headed over to a cigar lounge to continue my research into the Gold Standard.  I'll be posting more on this topic in the near future.

I smoked a La Aurora Emerald, probably the most expensive cigar I've ever had.  It was good and the lounge was great, but I'll stick with my usual brands.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lost Children

Today's news about this FBI sting is horrendous.

Nearly 170 victims of child sex trafficking, many of whom had never been reported missing, were rescued in the last week as part of an annual nationwide crackdown, the FBI said Monday.

Besides the 168 children rescued from the sex trade, 281 pimps were arrested during the same period on state and federal charges.

"These are not faraway kids in faraway lands," FBI Director James Comey said in announcing the annual enforcement push known as Operation Cross Country. Instead, he added, "These are America's children."
Call me old fashioned, but this is America and every child should grow up in a loving, safe and inspiring environment.  The missing outrage from these stories is deafening.

And question of the day:  

What kind of parent doesn't report their child missing?

In two years a Republican nominee will give speeches about a 'return to a better time.'  He or she will speak of values - American values - that if tapped will lead us to a brighter future.  A great message.   A correct message.  A message that must be repeated and echoed by all in order to drive change.

But how we do this if parents today aren't being parents?  How far have we fallen?  Or, more specifically, how far have the Liberals Progressives Communists taken us?

My suggestion shouldn't come as a surprise.  The old Ushanka rule: The application of heaping globs of mockery and shame on the left is the only way to turn the corner.  Here is how I would suggest the Republican nominee in 2016 start every campaign speech:


UPDATED 5 minutes later...

How fitting.  Check out this video Wild Bill just posted.

Product Endorsement

The original ISIS t-shirts didn't do it for us.

But we are smitten with World News Bureau's version:

Other designs offered depict Muslim jihadists buggering their nephews, camels, and each other in the back of dilapidated Toyota pickups. "We want to depict Muslim warriors as fierce, yet passionate," said Zirah Moslem president Haid D'Salaami.
 A comrade shared the following observation: 
The liberals in the media must be upset that they have to report on the genocide perpetrated by the ISLAMIC State In Iraq (ISIS).

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Quote of the Day

Larry Kipp, former Marine and resident of South Dakota:
If anyone in this room cannot see the horrendous, traitorous scandals run by the Obama administration, I will pray for you.
Argus Leader:

The South Dakota Republican Party state convention passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama Saturday:
...the South Dakota Republican Party calls on our U.S. Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the United States
The other 49 states?  MIA.


Seen recently in Medina Ohio, a town near Cleveland:

Just Dad out for a walk with his girls.

Some select comments at Imgur:
I live in Medina and this is from an open carry event/rally held today. My only guess is that he could not find a babysitter

I'm more worried about the driver currently using their phone to take a picture than the guy with the gun.

the two safest kids in Medina

Putin lives in Ohio?


It is not nice to bait child molesters

Welcome to Ohio, folks. It's a bitch being a liberal here. Nonstop derision.

The only people it scares, are the people trained to be afraid of guns. Rifles like this are used in fewer crimes than hammers. It's tiny.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Coming Soon: The Interview

James Franco and Seth Rogan will attempt to assassinate Kim Jong-Un this Fall - in a theater near you.

We wish them luck.

Found at TMZ.

UPDATED 6.25.14:

Kim Jung-Un saw the trailer above on his daily visit to Ushanka.  He does not approve.

And Tam gives Un some free advice about the Internet.

UPDATED 6.27.14:

Shared by a FB Comrade:

The World Cup

Apparently there is a soccer tournament going on.  I heard about it from Bill Burr's podcast this week, where he gave two reasons why he'd like to see the United States win:
1) Because the rest of the world hates us, and
2) Because no more than 40 will show up to the victory parade.
Mr. Burr makes the first convincing argument to root for the US soccer team I've heard.

Comrade and hat owner, Tam, also posted on the subject:
It involves a lot of running around, produces little (in the way of score), there's pleading with capricious officials, and it's desperate to be accepted by America.  Soccer, it's like a metaphor for the rest of the world!

UPDATED 6.24.14 7am:

Did Al Gore realize this is the stuff I'd find on his Internet?

I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Why I Sometimes Feel Pessimitic

The damage is done from the IRS scandal.  Careers are protected.  People have transferred.  Heck, some of these criminals have already retired.  This clown is at least the 2nd IRS Commissioner to testify. 

If it takes 4 years before a sitting congressman has the opportunity to weigh-in as Paul Ryan did today, then that is 4 years of victim suffering and damage to the Republic that can not be undone.

I understand there is a process.  I'm saying the process is deficient against willful and organized criminal behavior.

And, as a formerly certified Microsoft Systems Engineer with the Microsoft Exchange (email) certification, I do not believe for a second those email messages were "lost."

U/T: NiceDeb and Paul Ryan

UPDATED 6.21.14 7:30pm:

NiceDeb posted this Krauthammer response to the Ryan slap-down above:

More videos and NiceDeb comments at the link!

UPDATED 6.22.14 11am:

A FB Comrade shared this link to Twitchy.  Comedian/actor Michael McDonald has posted some tweets on the IRS.  I liked these two in reference to IRS Commissar Koskinen:

Where did they find that haughty reptile representing the IRS?  He should play the villain in every movie until the end of time.
Waiting for the IRS commissioner to split his skin and turn into an even more vile form of bureaucrat with the power to ruin citizen's lives.
Social Media: Invented by liberals.  Used by conservatives to mock and expose liberals, and to educate the masses of the liberal agenda.

UPDATED 6.22.14 3pm:

Check out this one from Comrade Diann!

Usually the mockery of each scandal isn't complete until a Hitler bunker video.  Diann may have created the rare exception here.

UPDATED 6.24.14 7am:

From a FB Comrade:


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Hammer and Sickle

Found at Sipsey Street in response to her comment about gun owners and their resistance to gun control:

At least in the area of gun control, Hillary 2016 will be Obama 2.0.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Harassment Isn't Free Speech

So says the liberals progressives communists who tried to have a public meeting on at a public university, then cancelled their meeting because they couldn't exclude one of us.

In the near term, these are your healthcare workers.
A bit later, assuming history repeats itself, your jailers.

Ushanka Tips to:
YouTuber DayLightDisinfectant for identifying some of the main players,
To the very cool university cop, and
To FB Comrade David for sharing.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Criticism is in Synch

I too am outraged our dear leader was on the golf course yesterday when it was announced that some of the Embassy staff in Iraq were being evacuated due to Al Qaeda's murderous march on the capitol.

Shared by a FB comrade - origin unknown:

Found at IOTW:

Great minds think alike.

It has been 75 years since we saw masses of people marched to a ditch and executed.  And that was in black and white.

I think these photos should be linked to the Democrat Party in perpetuity.

I think these photos have legs.  (no pun intended) 

UPDATED 6.19.14 3pm:

Another pic, from a FB Comrade:

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the Ushanka visitors.

I found this photo on Imgur and had to share.  I know nothing about this boy and his life in 1948, but I can make an assumption based on some reliable odds.  He had a father who was a hard worker, dedicated husband and all-around good man.


The Baghdad Mile

Not to be confused with the Mogadishu Mile, although both events are related despite being over 20 years apart.

Image by comrade Diann, who is getting lazy.  The only photoshop edit I see is the banner at the top right.  Usually she makes other changes, but for the life of me I can't see any.

The 25% increase in the cost of petrol will amount to roughly $75-100 more a month for my family at the gas pump alone.  But I'm sure it won't translate into higher costs elsewhere, right?

To the soldiers who fought in Iraq, all I can say is "I'm sorry.  You went with a noble and just purpose, set a high standard for yourselves and America, and you succeeded in every mission.  This week's developments, and the coming weeks', are not a reflection on you, your service, or your sacrifice. They are the result of the wholly-owned principles of liberalism and the Democrat Party."

Friday, June 13, 2014

Quote of the Day

TechCrunch is my favorite business blog.  But sometimes their columnists venture into politics and expose themselves as idiot bay-area leftists.  Today's article:  Happiness is a Cyber Gun, by Sarah Buhr.

Sarah is a leftist who hates guns.  But she wants to write an article that shames the 100 million gun owners in America for not adopting the new technology that only allows the gun owner to fire the weapon.

When you're an outsider to a market, you make assumptions about that market.  This article is full of assumptions.  Prominent, that as a gun owner, I would want to trust my life, and my family's life, to a new technology.  Defending my life in a violent struggle isn't the same as downloading an app, Sarah.

Anyhoo...  I left a comment, then saw that Michael Arrington had left one too.  Michael is the founder of TechCrunch who sold it to AOL a few years ago.  It was after this sale to AOL that these random liberal hit-pieces started poluting the site. 

Michael is big in the Silicon Valley investment community and I would have assumed his political leanings to be in the 'ranting commie' sector of the political spectrum.  I may be wrong.  Here is Michael's comment, and today's quote of the day:

And my comment, for the record:

No doubt Sarah is sitting in a bay-area coffee house sipping a venti cinnamon frappylactachino right now rolling her eyes and saying to herself, "these close-minded right wingers just don't get it."

I'm going to stick with the John Moses Browning technology.  Until I'm dead, or I find something better.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shoot'in Par

Our Dear Leader, two days ago:
The issue is that these guys can stack up a bunch of ammunition in their houses and that's par for the course.
Ya, Mr. Dumas.   Spoken like someone who has never gone to the range.  It takes me 30-60 minutes to pack for the range, another 30 to drive there, and another 30 to setup.  Now you want me to go buy that ammo the same day, too?  And do explain - how having 100 rounds in my basement now is different than buying a 100 rounds at Walmart now.

Every mass shooter has one thing in common: he breaks existing gun laws.  Let's fix that.  Because if you don't, then it looks like your real agenda is to disarm the citizenry.  Only tyrants do that.

Hear all his gun-grabbing comments at The DC (includes video).

I've been waiting years to post this photo....


Bottom Line: While the threat of gun-confiscation is forever real, our gun rights have been enhanced and expanded beyond all expectations during Obama's administration.  Back in 2008, I would have bet the house on just the opposite.

U/T: Sipsey Street Irregulars

Here There Story UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 66.14 1pm]

This is the time for high school graduations.  This is what you get from the public government schools (that require 2x-3x the costs their neighboring private school charge) in Chicago.

America's future.

U/T: Second City Cop

UPDATED 6.7.14 10am:

A Cincinnati school district went on strike hours before the end of the last day of school.  Or, from the teacher's perspective, they started their 3-month summer vacation a few hours early.

Note the union leader who can't spit out fast enough: 'The children come first.'  Obviously they are aware that most people see unions, and especially teacher unions, as criminal organizations with two priorities: 1) Grab as much money for the union, then, if any crumbs remain, 2) give the crumbs to the teachers while telling the teachers how hard they worked on their behalf.  Notice, there is no mention of children in these priorities.

These people disgust me.  At every chance I have, I will support and vote for voucher solutions to put the children back at the top of the priority list.

Until then, I'm going to take a power nap.

UPDATED 6.11.14 11am:

Doug Ross points to this Ace report of a lower-level judge in California blocking tenure as a reason to retain bad teachers.  With my edits for readabilityness (I went to public school too!):

This decision puts three critical blocs of the Leftist Coalition in direct and unavoidable conflict:

A) Wealthy and Middle Class Suburban and Urban Liberals (who want to keep their own schools good),
B) Poor Minorities, and
C) the Teachers Unions.

Only two of these three can "win" here.

For years the two winners have been the Wealthier White Liberals and the Teachers Unions. Wealthier White Liberals supported the Teachers Unions incompetents, and pretended not to notice that all those incompetents were being assigned to minority schools.

Now a judge says that Poor Minorities cannot be the loser -- which means one of the other two must be the loser. Either:

A) Wealthy White Liberals take their fair share of these incompetent teachers, or
B) the Teachers Unions will have to lose them as teachers.

Back to our power nap.

UPDATED and BUMPED 6.12.14 7pm:

An excellent article at ZH by Tim Knight on the California court order against tenure: Tenacious D.  I agree with everything he says, including:

Back to the topic of school, however, I spent all twelve years of my pre-college education in public schools. For elementary schools, exactly three of the teachers were excellent, and three sucked beyond belief. To this day, I question how much better a thinker I would be if all six of those years were good ones. Subsequent years were also hit-and-miss (and let me be clear, all twelve of these years were in good, solid, middle-class schools; not the utterly crappy schools that so many millions have to attend).
My view differs somewhat from that of the AFL and NEA. I think that at any point, for any reason, a teacher (or any employee, for that matter) should be able to be dismissed without cause. Period. There's a relationship between employer and employee. The employee is there at the will of the employer. If the employer doesn't like the employees work............or voice.........or hair color........or anything else about them - bang - there's the door.
You guessed it.  Back to our power nap.

Oh ya...

Some of the comments are focusing on race. Specifically the IQ of blacks vs whites.

First, I'm white, so my opinion holds no water on this subject.  Ask anyone - I'm not qualified to discuss race.  Second, I spend ZERO time on race - thinking about it, writing about it, caring about it.

Having said that, I reject minority IQ as having anything to do with the state of public education.  Yes, supposedly there is a difference, but if this is true, the gap is small.  And remember, public education is designed with the lowest common denominator in mind.  Just look at the teachers (not incl. those rare exceptional ones).

I'd argue that environment plays the key role.  Children with absent fathers is problem #1.  Parent(s) who take ZERO interest in their children's education and never help their children set goals and work through problems is a close second.  Just the idea of a basic, loving and safe home is missing in these communities.  These are problems in the black community that are outside the role of public education, yet problems that severely impact the schools in those communities.

How to fix this?  I don't know.

What won't fix this?  Adjustments to the existing system.

How can we begin to fix this?  Vouchers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not Liking the Green

Doug posts this fascinating map of the second largest religion in the US, by state.

I'm a believer that Islam is not a religion, but a Marxist-totalitarian political movement.  I could be wrong, but that is what I believe.  It is what I feel.

UPDATED 6.11.14, five minutes later....

Mr. Condell just posted this 1-min video.  Related.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon Cigar

Rocky Patel Sun Grown.

Listening to Aaron Clarey's June 3 podcast as I wait for the thunderstorms to arrive.

He makes the case to skip pursuing a Masters in Business Administration.  He says there is nothing to gain from an MBA.  His message is correct, but there are benefits that may justify the effort and cost:

1) In some careers, you'll need an MBA to get through the first HR review of candidates,
2) It is a comprehensive review of all aspects of business.  You'll learn where you are strong, and where you aren't.  If you use that information to bulk up on the weak areas, you will be more well-rounded than most.
3) You will make contacts in all areas.  Lean on your HR classmates to polish your resume and interview skills.  Lean on your Finance classmates to bone-up on key Finance terms in preparation of an interview where Finance will be a core skill.
4) Got a job offer?  Bounce the offer off of classmates and be sure you're not leaving $$ on the table.
5) Get your employer to pay for the degree.  This makes them aware of when you're near graduation - and possibly leaving.
6) Hopefully, some classmates will enjoy massive career growth and will want to hire known quantity candidates to help them in their new responsibilities.  Be aware that your classmates may be your future boss.
7) You will develop a better business vocabulary, including rules, known methods and acronyms that benefit communications in high-level and technical conversations.

My experience:
-  I took a part-time program that met on weekends for 2.5 years.  It was a focused program that fit with my career goals.
- My employer paid for it.  Not a company policy, but my VP and I shared military experience that justified him requesting and getting an exception from the CEO, also a former commissioned officer.
- The HR class included all the typical HR personality tests. Despite low expectations, I learned a lot about my natural strengths and I have used that information to better select career opportunities.
- My classmates, in certain industries, were promoted 2-3 times during the program.  The company did not want to lose them.
- I negotiated a 20% increase in an offer because my HR classmates had access to salary information for my job category.  I doubled my pre-MBA salary.
- Every MBA is the same.  The challenge is getting into the highest rated program to surround yourself with the best, then develop relationships with everyone.
- Elective education like an MBA is the pursuit of dreamers.  I prefer to be around dreamers.

Breaking Up

From our College Republican comrades in South Dakota:

From LI, who asks:

Will millennials find a home in the growing tent of the Republican Party?

We hope so. We also hope that GOP candidates have the sense to appeal to these young people with more than glitter and confetti. They must offer real solutions in a world where government is not constantly tapping us on the shoulder.

White Kremlin?

Were you dreaming of a white kremlin?  

Just like the Tsars used to know?  

Where the onion dome tops glisten

And the KGB listen

To hear tortured yells in the know.

English Russia has photos of when the Kremlin was painted white. 

I found another site with some more photos: Art Lebedev Studio.

White Kremlin?  I did not know that.

Apparently, Stalin ordered it painted red in 1947.  I was not able to confirm this.

Since we're going the same way, maybe a prediction is in order....

Perhaps She Misspoke. Again.

Poet Emma Lazarus was not predicting Hillary Clinton when she gave us The New Colossus:
Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!
Well, "wretched refuse" was remarkably prescient, no?

NY Daily News:
Hillary Clinton says she and her husband Bill went from the White House to the poor house.

In an ABC News interview broadcast Monday, Hillary Clinton defended the speaking fees she and Bill reel in, saying, “We came out of the White House not only dead broke but in debt.

“We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy,” she added.
It is times like these that we must be thankful for our First Amendment and our fellow bloggers in the Right Wing Conspiracy.  Nay comrades.  We must celebrate them!

From Earl of Taint:


From our comrades at the People's Cube:

From All the Right Snark:

You can learn more about Hillary's money problems in her new book, now 40% off according to Drudge.

Maybe Terry McAuliffe can buy up a few truck loads of books to help out.  Heck, he bought the Clinton's house in NY state.  Thought we'd forget about that, didn't ya?
You may find the copies offered at World News Bureau and...

...All the Right Snark more... truthful.

Hillary, become the nominee in 2016, and there will be a hat in your name.  Become the nominee, and I, a simple hat maker, will not have to share your burdens of poverty and despair.

UPDATED 6.11.14 11am:

Another from MoonBattery:

UPDATED 6.11.14 4:30pm:

Two more from FB Comrades:

UPDATED 6.13.14 9am:

Shared by FB Comrade Torey: