Friday, June 27, 2014

The Missing News

Here is a screenshot from Drudge.  All the latest news on the illegal immigration that our dear leader is forcing onto us.

The missing news: resignations. 

The resignation is used by a principled person with integrity when they've exhausted all other options to stop an illegal or immoral act.  The higher the rank, the more attention it will bring to issue. 

Not a single resignation has been reported from Homeland Security or any other federal bureaucracy that has been illegally co-opted in this influx of future Democrat voters. 

Not one.


Robert What? said...

Most of the bureaucrats are all but unemployable in the private sector. Resignation for them means having to deal with the world they made for others. For most it means a job asking "do you want fries with that?", which is all they are qualified for.

Karl said...

Exactly Comrade RobertW. Yet they're quick to tell us that out of sacrifice they chose public service, and that they could be making more in the private sector - if only they were more selfish.

Agents are getting scabies and other diseases from the illegal immigrants, and still no resignations!

Their self-awareness at being unemployable elsewhere - and being tied to a pension like it is an indentured servant agreement - is a self-awareness I've never had and hope never will have.