Sunday, November 04, 2012

Cincinnati Hat Give Away!

Our dear leader came to Cincinnati today.  We were there to welcome him.

U/T: Catherine the Great

A house across the street from the Obama event:

UPDATED 11.5 8:30am:

A pro-abortion heckler succeeded in disrupting the event.  Listen to our dear leader lose control of the crowd.

We learned that only 1300 would be allowed into the event as that was the capacity of the arena.  There were at least 5000 standing in line for hours outside.  Very puzzling as Romney has had some big crowds lately.  The O team missed a great opportunity yesterday.

We assumed a small venue would make it look crowded, yet in the video above over half the seats in the upper section are empty! 

Our lesson for today:  small venues are ripe for insurgency.  Give that man a hat!


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