Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Inflation Article

We just published an article at American Thinker:


1) Warn of the dangers of inflation,
2) Present as already fact and inevitable,
3) Convey the message that currency is not the focus, but the purchasing power is,
4) Continue the Ushanka theme that Obama and the Democrats have Communist Inspirations.


PBS Essay

American Thinker: Obama Following Lenin's Inflation Strategy?

ZeroHedge Guest Post: Very Few People Understand this Trend

ZeroHedge: Montana State Rep - Pay Me In Gold Before Dollars Have No Value

Lenin Quote

Keynes Quote

Museum of Communism: War Communism

Wikipedia: Inflation

Wikipedia: Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe

Germany's 1920-1923 Inflation

Economics book: Chapter on Inflation

ZeroHedge: Food Inflation to Surge, Goldman Warns

Activist Post: Food Inflation, Food Shortages, and Food Riots are Coming

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Consumer Price Index

Wall St Cheat Sheet: Will the Inflation Grinch Steal Christmas?

The People History: Price Basket

ZeroHedge: Food Inflation to Surge, Goldman Warns

Wikipedia: Purchasing Power Calculation

Breitbart: Middle Class Net Worth Collapses to 1969 Levels

Wikipedia: Hyperinflation in Early Soviet Russia

ZeroHedge: Sobering Stuff

Our Calculations (Google Spreadsheet)


Thanks to these four Commie Obama hat owners for putting their 'thinking ushankas' on for this project:

Thanks to Becca at Lowering the Boom for editing help!  This would not have gotten out of the gate without your generous help!

Thanks to Ushanka's Zhukov for helping us with the math behind all the calculations.

Thanks to Comrade Captain Capitalism for a quick confirmation our economics logic is sound.  Watch for his new book, Enjoy the Decline, in the coming weeks!

Thanks to Erin from antiantiunderground for the Redistribution Cake artwork below.


We'll add items as they appear that support the assumptions and predictions in our article.

Bill Whittle with PJTV (U/T Trevor):

We started reading The Aftershock Investor yesterday.  It is a good compliment to the inflation resources above, and has a good section explaining deflation.


We are getting some criticisms in the comments and at FB.  Roughly all the same: Some rich do ok and some poor get punished.

Fully agree.  The article was written for 'the masses' in a sense, the middle class conservatives who frequent American Thinker.  It did not speak to all levels in society or address the exceptions.

The rich have ways to protect their wealth.  They are targeted as everyone else, but have the resources and guidance to move their wealth overseas or into protected assets.  George Soros will be ok.  (He did recently increase his gold holdings by 49%...)

Some people leaving comments are saying the poor do not get hurt.  We disagree.  Our argument is the poor are hurt not because of the inflation so much as that they are forgotten in the redistribution scheme (Step Two in the article).

One commentor argues that the poor are hurt the same.  Maybe.  But this is what we expect in a high-inflation environment:  The poor are unable to feed their families with their EBT allotment (imaging $20 loaf of bread, etc.).  The government opens soup kitchens and bread lines for the poor only.  The non-poor continue to pay high prices for their bread, and pay high taxes which pays for the soup kitchens and bread lines.  That is redistribution.

Thanks to everyone for comments and criticisms.  This is an important discussion, and I hope everyone is beginning to protect themselves from the coming inflation.

UPDATED 12.18 2PM:

Thanks for links to article and added commentary:

Captain Capitalism

Doug Ross

Dave at Right Wing News and MoonBattery


UPDATED 12.19 Noon:

Peter D. Schiff discusses runaway inflation in his latest Schiff Report:

At the 16:14 mark:

Either we're going to see a complete economic meltdown, or we're going to get something worse.  We're going to get hyperinflation because the Fed is afraid to melt the economy down and so it melts the dollar down instead.

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