Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quote of the Day

From Mr. B:


If it is time to bury 'em,,.....

it's time to dig 'em up and use 'em.

Did You Know?

The proposed firearms law will apply the 1934 National Firearms Act (NFA) law to all firearms rather than machine guns and other 'exotic' firearms and accessories.  This includes:

1) Direct registration with ATF including $200 licensing fee and, currently, an 8-month wait,
2) No inheritance.  All registered firearms must be turned in upon the owner's death. (Not an NFA rule).
3) 10-year minimum Federal sentence for each violation.

Among many things, this proposed law will reduce the value of private property to zero, and disarm the American population within two generations.

Did You Know?

The proposed legislation would not have deterred the recent Connecticut school shooter or reduced his body count.  

Don't Forget:

And don't forget the bloodshed at the hands of the federal government.  Ruby Ridge (2 dead) and Waco (76 dead) were both triggered by the suspicion that NFA firearms existed but the owners had not paid their $200 licensing tax. 

This proposed legislation shouldn't be an issue.  There is always a Democrat who has a list of guns he thinks are scary needs to confiscate before he can gain full control of his political opponents.  Unfortunately, our Republican majority in the House is full of flaccid ineffective opportunists.  Hence the current hand-wringing of people who have a long history of not breaking laws (gun owners).

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Top two photos from Oleg.

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