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Book Review: The Sledgehammer Concerto

Book Review: The Sledgehammer Concerto, by Francis W. Porretto.  Oct. 2010, 250 pages.

The author is one of us.  He blogs at Liberty's Torch.  He recently asked for reviews for his books. 

His books cover several genres and I chose The Sledgehammer Concerto based on the Amazon summary.

The Sledgehammer Concerto is not a story, but a series of stories with some shared characters.  Siblings, two brothers and a sister, share a close relationship based on a very troubled past that they've put mostly behind them.  They are successful in their fields, and you'll get an Atlas Shrugged feel from their successes and the government's attempts to shut them down.

A taste, on page 71:
Devin could easily understand the government's antipathy toward his books.  His fantasies had all been about the destructiveness of power over others, and the character of the men who pursued it.  His concept of the morals and drives of the power seeker was not a kind one.  Every story he'd ever written sketched them as monsters, whether blatant or well disguised.  None could be trusted to keep his word. None could be bound by the most solemn of oaths.  From cover to cover, they strove to cast off all restraint and reign unchecked with any consideration but their own visions and desires.  His works were filled with such men.
The book opens and closes with supernatural/religious themes:  good vs. evil at the beginning, and mostly good and hope at the end.  Two characters find love where and when they expected it least.  And you'll read about some fantastic futuristic technology innovations.

The Sledgehammer Concerto is a fast read.  It reads easy, but I'd warn the reader to pay attention.  I felt lost at times as the timeline and scenes change with little warning.  The author does not stay within standard boundaries with his story - a plus for the reader looking for something unique and different.

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