Thursday, March 05, 2015

MSM: It is about clicks

Check out these three news items from today's Google News.  Each is designed to get a click, albeit not from a media critic like your comrade Karl.  Do you see the same things that I do?

Christian Science Monitor introduces a new term: "Pro-North Radicalism."  The new term for pro-communist.  Catch that?  Am I splitting hairs here?

CNN is unaware that accountability was applied in Ferguson when Michael Brown was shot dead and left in the street with his ass in the air after he robbed a local store and then attacked a police officer.  Their search for another culprit, and their accusation of racism, fall flat UNLESS there was a white robber at large in Ferguson at the exact same time Michael Brown was walking down the middle of the street.  Or, does CNN have an agenda here?

 USA Today suggests, in the snippet below, that being called a coward is liberating.

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Anonymous said...

Manipulation of language is one of the favorite tools of those who attempt to control the masses. People who are opposed to abortion are dubbed "anti choice" (hey, what's wrong with you denying a womans' "right to choose"?!?) regardless of the merits of their arguments. The homosexual so-called marriage arguments are framed as "marriage equality" (hey what's wrong with you, are you against equality?!?) And as I'm sure you are familiar with, deliberate mass starvations in the USSR were linguistically re-framed or countered with the tu quoque fallacy. Anything to misdirect, re-frame the issue and get people to react emotionally rather than rationally. Bin Laden used the tu quoque approach when he was interviewed in 1997

it seems to be one of the favorites of commies. Cite Stalin's attrocities and they reply with FDR's screw-ups instead of addressing the issue.

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