Monday, March 09, 2015

Talking Race: So Which Is It?

Do we not talk about racial issues because we are "cowards?"

Or do we talk too much about racial issues because we harbor a "dark vein of intolerance?"

Will our liberal betters publish a government bulletin that will give us approved language?  Or will they keep us in the dark as to what we can say and not say in order to retain their "betters" status?

In February 2009 Eric Holder said the following:
Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.
Was that meant to silence us?  Or, by calling us "cowards," was it meant to spark more conversation that would eventually lead to more tolerance?

This weekend Colin Powell expressed the same small-mindedness on ABC:
...former George W. Bush administration Secretary of State Colin Powell said the Republican Party still struggles with a “dark vein of intolerance,” when dealing with race issues.
Holder made his comment one month after America's first black president took office.  This "nation of cowards" had Democrat super-majorities in both houses of congress.  The stars were aligned to finally solve our nation's racial divide.  Right?

Powell made his comment six years into Obama's presidency - and two years into Obama's second term as president.  Apparently the Democrats pissed away their opportunity to solve our racial issues.  Or, an alternative view: they need racial animosity and chose to perpetuate the problem.

One might conclude that Holder and Powell are racists who use this language to silence their political opposition and to establish a crisis-as-a-means environment where racial violence and the threat of racial violence is not just excused, but encouraged.

Today's news: an Oklahoma fraternity was closed because of a racist chant by a couple of its members.  This is all I know as all I've read is the headline.  And that is all I will read.  The story does beg the questions:
Were the fraternity members cowards before they expressed their dark vein of intolerance?  

If what they said was wrong, shouldn't we direct our disgust at the Democrat Party for not providing guidance on what language is approved and what language is forbidden?
I'm white, and by the left's definition, unable to participate in the dialogue of race.   I'm also a conservative who agrees with the idea that people should be judged by the "content of their character," which may be another reason why I haven't been invited to participate in these discussions.

My intolerance will remain with the Democrat Party who bought, sold, owned, oppressed and terrorized (KKK) blacks.  They filibustered their civil rights legislation, then polluted the idea with Affirmative Action which created a cloud of doubt over the head of every self-made person of color.  Then they destroyed the black family by replacing black fathers and husbands with a government check, and destroyed opportunities with government-run schools.  The only tolerance towards the black community that I've seen on the left is their tolerance for high drop-out rates, abortion rates triple the average, drug use, sexual promiscuity, bastardization of religion, inner-city violence and entitlement expectations.

UPDATED 3.10.15:

Another angle by ZoNation, who connects the dots between reverse-racism and communism:

2:30 mark, speaking to liberals progressives communists:
We don't bring up the past.  You do.  We just correct you on it when you do.  And the thing that I don't get, is that people are going to get so hung up about America's bigoted past, why don't you hold Democrats responsible in that grudge?  The Democrat Party is the party that is responsible for the institutionalized bigotry that has so deeply scarred this country.  Yet you suckers are totally on their farm.
And on the topic of Communism, 3:10 mark:
People are suckered, if not coerced, into thinking Communism equals equality. It doesn't.

Supposedly, it does away with classes.  And everyone lives in an Utopia. You can not achieve this without heavy handed government that will murder people by the millions to achieve this system.
U/T: ZoNation

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