Sunday, August 02, 2015

FB Grabs

Three items I found on FB that needed sharing.

Someone put this Cecil photo together with comrades Aaron Clarey (Captain Capitalism) and Davis Aurini (Stares at the World).  Like Davis, I always wear my Commie Obama Hat when hunting lions!

Greg Gutfeld assesses Hillary's campaign:

And Dana Loesch eviscerates Planned Parenthood with a single tweet.

Enjoy these while you can.  The Left cannot continue while the us peasants can post to social media. 

Sunday Afternoon Cigar

Full disclosure: I've had two cigars this weekend while reading this new book.  I just finished a Romeo, and the photo below is from yesterday.  A Rocky Patel Edge.

FB Comrade Mitch mentioned The Camp of the Saints in a post a couple days ago.  I bought it on Kindle and have only put it down to catch some zzz's.  

Riveting.  Disturbing.  Enlightening.  Relevant.  

It is a story of immigration on a short timeline.  It is a story of crisis-as-a-means.  

I'll post a review shortly.

Guest Post from Cakes

Comrade Cakes, a hat owner, gave me permission to repost her FB message from two days ago. 

It was inspired by this left-right tweet exchange.

Dear Jewish friends (and those who care about Jews),

This is long, but very important to read. I know I posted this last night, but I only realized this am the true significance of this tweet and response, and I feel compelled to share my observations. It represents the state of American Jewry today. One one hand, here is a tweet from Silverman, who likes to declare her "Judaism" when it is politically or comically expedient for her to do so. She throws her Jewish identity out to audiences in order 'normalize' her truly unJewish beliefs like justifying the murder of babies for body parts research (is this in the Torah or the Talmud? Does Judaism love life or justify murder?) or her leftist ideology that favors oppression of any group - religious, race, ideological - by big government of ANY kind PROVEN throughout history, that the more government control, the more tragedy for those governed and for Jews especially. Then there is the response to her tweet made by a young Jewish man who gets it. He lives his Judaism as opposed to just using it as a qualifier to make his point seem valid because a Jew made it. 

Unfortunately today, there are more of the American Jewry like Silverman rather than Ben and it is KILLING the Jewish community. It is NOT the lack of tushies in the seats of synagogues on Friday nights or Saturday mornings, it is the pervasive leftism that is KILLING us. It is the declaration of being Jewish ( also referred to as having kishkes) as opposed to living under Jewish commandments (you know the ten) that is causing the slow suicide of Jews. It is this statist ideology disguised as charity and doing good (a Jewish teaching) that has infected our community like a fatal disease. BUT, government 'charity' is fake. It does not truly help the people it purports to help. It enslaves them. It creates the ability for decent people to excuse the death of innocents. It redefines morals. It creates oppression of one group in order to do good for another. It relieves the individual of doing charitable things simply because they support govt charity to do it for them. It is not a debatable point, it is fact, proven over and over again since the beginning of time. 

The question is, will those like Ben, the resistance if you will, grow in number and voice, or will those like Silverman, the disease, take over the American Jewish body and kill it once and for all?

Saturday, August 01, 2015

GOP Rankings - August 1 Report

Our first ranking of the GOP candidates:

Here is the primary data.  Remember, the domestic policy score is calculated from eleven sub-categories.

It appears Trump and Fiorina placed higher for two reasons: 1) executive experience, and 2) they appear to be directing their attacks mostly at Democrats rather than their fellow GOP candidates.

Nearly all candidates are MIA in the domestic policy area.  Two reasons: 1) my domestic policy criteria is far tougher than any other ranking system, and 2) it is still early and most have not weighed-in on the topics.  Two notable exceptions are Rand Paul and Marco Rubio who have already posted some specific policy goals on their websites.

Here are the updated rules that I'm following (PDF).  Be sure to review before offering suggestions or criticism. 

This report was as objective as I could make it, based on my personal criteria.  My preferred candidate has a poor showing, which should be proof enough I'm not pushing any agenda other than mathematically ranking candidates on their conservatism.

Here is my review of the candidate's websites from yesterday.

The next Report will be posted August 15th.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Chicago's "Infinity Death Spiral"

Stephen Molyneux is the latest to warn about Chicago's debt bomb:

2:26 - Chicago's debt and unfunded liabilities are more than three times higher than Detroit's were when the city declared bankruptcy in 2013.
34:05 - More borrowing to keep the lights on.  More debt.  Greater borrowing costs.  Eventually, one of Chicago's municipalities will miss a bond payment and the whole house of cards is gonna tumble to the ground.  The longer you push off reality the harder reality hits you.
34:29 - A huge ripple effect is going to run through the American economy when one of America's cities defaults on its debt.  And its going to have a huge impact on the municipal bond market.
You know what happens when a city declares bankruptcy, right?  The bond-holders get to come in and carve up the remains as if they've been working a double-shift at Planned Parenthood.

Quote of the Day

Scott McKay at Hayride has a great post on his transition from "choice" to "life".  I'd call it very mild, and very respectful - far more so than anything I'd write on the Planned Parenthood's current scandal.  It is also very thoughtful and thorough.  Having said that... I really liked these two passages:
That’s what that industry is about. They kill kids, and they lie their asses off about it. At some point you’ve got to stop and recognize this industry for what it is.
And now we have these videos, which don’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know about Planned Parenthood. That’s an organization begun by a genocidal racist which has deliberately preyed on minority communities, and it tells the kinds of lies your standard lefty only fantasizes about evil Wall Street corporations telling. Now we know, with pretty difficult evidence to contradict, that what Planned Parenthood really amounts to is a criminal billionaire outfit which takes hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to dupe women into killing their kids for spare parts they’re selling. And when someone comes along to show this to the American people, the Democrat politicians that criminal billionaire outfit has bought turn around and begin a criminal investigation into the whistleblowers.
It is nice to see Scott coming around. Better late than never.  But I doubt many are joining him.  The "choice" people long ago rationalized the act of abortion - the act of killing a baby.  In Hillary-speak, I have to assume they would ask: What difference does it make what they do with the baby's body afterwards? 

Embarrassed?  Yes.  Permanently shifting to pro-life?  Wishful thinking.

Scott links to another great write up from Matt Walsh on FB.

Greg, a self-identifying Libertarian, makes a good point I haven't heard elsewhere:

Another point I haven't seen anyone take up yet: How does, or will, the Planned Parenthood scandal impact the campaigns of pro-choice GOP'ers? 

There are Republican voters who vote on other issues who are getting fired-up about the baby-part black market, and candidate's positions on abortion may become more important than originally expected.

Fiorina has been the most vocal on this scandal, but I think she is pro-choice.  So is her outrage genuine, or is she taking the offense with the hope she'll avoid having to take the defense?

Pop quiz: Who was the last pro-choice Republican president?

GOP Websites

I'm getting ready for tomorrow's unveiling of our first GOP Rankings Report.  I've visited every candidate's website today to find promises and specific plans.  I know it is early, but frankly, I'm disappointed.

Here is my review of those sites.  Which ones have a tab called "Issues?"  And, of those, which candidates have specific promises and plans?

Did any of these candidates know they were going to run for president?  If so, you'd think they'd review the main campaign issues and make a principled stand on each.  Each website looks like each candidate got the idea to run a week ago.

I'm just a political novice here, so my opinion doesn't mean sh*t.  But one may conclude that the candidates who don't say where they stand on issues like taxes, abortion, open borders, etc., may not have a stand.

Most of these sites are lowest common denominator.  I was pleasantly surprised by two: Rubio's and Paul's.

Swing by again tomorrow to see the GOP Rankings report.  I suspect I will be as enlightened by the results as you.

13 Hours

Comrade Diann points us to this trailer for 13 Hours.  A movie about the Hillary and Obama leadership failures that got four Americans killed in Benghazi.  It opens on January 15th, assuming the Democrats are unable to get a judge to issue a restraining order.

13 Hours Website.

Uh. Ya.

Another opportunity for us to say "We told you so!"

Some take a while to come around.  MSNBC took its time to address the very old question: What is the difference between the democrat policies and socialism?

At least they asked the right person, Democrat Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.

It may be hot outside now, but winter is coming.  Be ready - get your Commie Obama Hat today!


UPDATED 8.3.15:

Redistributing from The People's Cube:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ushanka Exclusive: 2016 GOP Candidate Rankings

This Saturday, August 1st, I will be posting the first Ushanka 2016 GOP Candidate ranking report.  I will post updated reports each month on the 1st and 15th until we have a nominee.

I could measure each candidates' electability, but that would be stupid.  Just watch the old media if that is your thing.

Instead, I will be ranking these candidates on strict conservative criteria.  Libs, RINO's, Libertarians, smelly hippies - do your own rankings. 

I'm keeping the subjective to a minimum, and otherwise scoring each candidate on measurable and verifiable positions or accomplishments.  Not perfect, but objective.  I hope you find it useful.

Here are the rules I will be following (pdf version):