Friday, October 09, 2015

Hillary's Best Endorsement Yet

WZ: If our dear leader doesn't like her....

Liberals Progressives Communists should give Hillary another look after her latest re-inventing of herself. 

The racists and misogynists in the DNC Politburo seem hell bent to run a white male in 2016. 

She's the outsider. 

Like Trotsky.

The End of the GOP. Again.

It is all coming to an end according to the Washington Post

Liberals always talk about "Democracy" as a good thing.  Remember the "German Democratic Republic," or the current "Democratic People's Republic of Korea?"

McCarthy dropping out was democracy.  He knew he didn't have the votes and stepped out of the race for Speaker.  What no one admits: the Tea Party is stronger now than ever.

You'll see in the Campaign's section to the left my MSM videos from the recent election cycles.  In those I post the headlines from the old-media that start roughly a month before the elections.  In each case I've shown proof that the MSM deliberately tries to support the DNC with two themes: pro-Democrat candidate 'headlines, and these 'GOP is in decline' headlines.  I guess they are starting early this time.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Book Review: We The Living

Book Review:  We the Living, by Ayn Rand, 470 pages, 1936.

In her foreword, Rand states: "We the Living is not a novel about "Soviet Russia."  It is a novel about Man against the State."
The story, a semi-autobiography, takes place in Soviet Russia shortly after the Revolution of 1917.  Kira is the main character.  Rand explains that Kira is exposed to the same environment and challenges that she was, but otherwise the story is fiction. 

We the Living is a sad story.  Completely.  You'll meet characters who have life's fire burning inside who must continuously adjust their hopes and efforts down to the low bar of socialism.  They face the other characters who, like crabs in a bucket, pull the creative, happy and productive down into their sewer.

I enjoyed the language of socialism's excuses, as you'll see in my selected quotes.  It is a completely different language - the language of the dull, of the excuse.  Conversations are Rand's strength in all her books.  You'll see winners talking with winners, winners talking with losers, and losers conspiring with other losers.  Rand captures these conversations perfectly.

There are good books (3 stars).  There are great books (4 stars).  And then there are Ayn Rand's books (5 stars).  We the Living is her first book, and it is different than my absolute favorite books by her, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.  But you can see the connection between the strong woman, Kira, in this book and the ladies of her later books.

I recommend this book with no hesitation.  I think it should be required reading at the high school level, but I suspect the public school administrators would not like the comparisons with the darker characters. 

My Book Notes, with selected quotes.

I've added this book to the fiction section of the Ushanka Library at the left.

I read the Kindle version of the book - Amazon Link.

Is This The Year?

The Cubs won the Wild Car Game in Pittsburgh last night.  IF they make it past the Cardinals in the next week, I'll likely be making my pilgrimage to the Windy City.  IF they win the World Series, I'll be getting my first tattoo.


Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tab Clearing

TheRightSchoop:  Ohio Governor and GOP hopeful offers to buy bibles for those of us who call him out as a big-government RINO for supporting the redistribution scheme of ObamaCare.  He supported the biggest liberal agenda item since The Communist Manifesto KNOWING that it will lower standards, eliminate accountability, reduce healthcare to a minimum, stifle innovation and increase suffering.  Keep the bible.  I have one.

Here is what government healthcare does.  TelegraphUK Headline: Boy, 6, died 'after negligent doctor mistook him for child under DNR order'.   And here is your furture team of healthcare 'professionals:'

FB Comrade Ben shared this cartoon.  Yep.  Planned Parenthood, like ObamaCare, is less about 'healthcare' and more about redistribution of wealth.  The blood, suffering and organ harvesting are just perks for the liberals who run it.

Last, the people of Roseburg Oregon, home of the recent school shooting that left nine people dead and many more injured, don't want Obama to come dance in the blood at this Friday's memorial service.  They have adopted a Communist tactic, the petition, to make their disgust in our dear leader clear, with over 1400 signatures so far.  (GP)

Book Review: I Led 3 Lives

Book Review: I Led 3 Lives, by Herbert A. Philbrick.  301 pages.

Imagine being a newlywed and new father who is active in your community in the late 30’s.  You join a group that wants ‘peace on Earth’ as you see some schmuck in Germany acting up.  There is talk of America getting involved over there, and like most young men - conscript age men - you don’t like it one bit.

So you join this group and you are recognized for being a leader.  They elect you president of the group and you meet others who share your interests in world peace.  You pass resolutions, gain strength in numbers, and coalesce around principles.  All is good until you vote “no” on a resolution and are told by the other leaders that it will pass with or without your vote.  It is ‘decreed.’

You know nothing about politics, but you recall a term called, “Democratic Centralism.”  And you recall it is a term used for a top-down mandate meant to show democratic consensus.  And you recall that this is something unique to Communism.  While you consider quitting, you swing by the local FBI office to share your story.  Some bored agent takes some notes, says no laws are broken, and says “Thanks.”  

This is how Herbert “Herb” Philbrick, author of I Led 3 Lives, became a star witness against eleven Communist Party USA leaders a decade later.  He stayed at the request of the FBI, and his value to the country increased with every promotion outside, then within, the Communist Party ranks in New England.

For years Herb was an advertising executive, an active Communist, and an FBI counterspy.  You will experience, and appreciate, this tense juggling act as he moves through the Communist organizations.  Some were Communist fronts with no visible ties to the Party, and others were active Communist Party organs bent on the violent overthrow of the United States.

You will learn the Party’s priorities in regards to recruiting, internal security, and agitation.  You will see how they embed themselves into campaigns including a unsuspecting presidential candidate’s organization.  They even wrote his speeches.  

My biggest take-away from I Led 3 Lives was the different priorities and behaviors at each level.  Philbrick explains how some allow zero flexibility, but at higher levels some flexibility to Party goals were allowed.  Amazingly, the higher he went the less connection he was allowed with the Party.  They even confiscate Party membership cards when you move into the Professional Cell level as he did.

The most entertaining part of Philbrick’s experience was the week after Barbarosa - the German offensive against the Soviet Union.  He lists the changes among his fellow Communists, and within the Communist publications.  Hitler’s betrayal turned the Communist agenda on its head, leading the Communists in America to adopt a pro-US, pro-war agenda.  Absolutely hilarious.

Oddly, he makes no mention of the atomic bombs that ended World War II and clearly demonstrated US military superiority over the Soviets.  I would assume it had a demoralizing effect on the movement.  Since Philbrick was detailed about all other events, this apparently was not an issue for the Communists on American soil and their mission to infiltrate unions, groups and the government in preparation for their revolution.  Philbrick died in 1993.  If here were still alive, I’d seek him out with this query.

I Led 3 Lives is a well-written story that I recommend for all anti-Communists who want to learn internal Party tactics that continue today, or who just want to read a good nail-biter.  I would suggest Operation Solo as a compliment to this book, as it is a story that covers the same era but from the FBI’s perspective.

Philbrick’s Wikipedia page.

My Book Notes with selected quotes. 

I've added this book to the Ushanka Library book list at the left.


A comrade has warned against the Kindle version of this book. "Horrible editing." 

I read the out-of-print hardback edition.

Headline of the Day


‘No Borders’ Activist Gang Raped By Migrants, 
Pressured Into Silence To Not ‘Damage Cause’
A young, female ‘No Borders’ activist working in a migrant camp on the France-Italy border remained silent about her gang rape by Sudanese migrants for over a month because “the others asked me to keep quiet.”

Colleagues are alleged to have said that reporting the crime would set back their struggle for a borderless world.
The ‘No Borders’ activist had dedicated a month of her life to helping migrants. Her group was stationed between Italy and France in Ponte San Ludovico in Ventimiglia when the atrocity occurred, according to reports from local papers La Stampa and Il Secolo XIX, and now reported in the major Italian national Corriere Della Serra.

One Saturday night, as loud music played at a nearby party, the woman was reportedly trapped in a shower block set up near the camp in a pine forest know as Red Leap.

A gang of African migrants allegedly raped her there, and her cries for help are said to have gone unheard because of the music.
Great coworkers she has there.

Other suggested headlines:
Rapee is Raped as She Invites Rapists Into Her Country

Another Liberal Converted.  Too Late?

A Snowflake Ignores Warnings from Close-Minded Right-Wing Extremists

Taking Tolerance Too Far?

We Are the World.  We Are the Children.
Could Ann Coulter and Donald Trump be Right about Immigration?
This story rates right up there with the Boston Bomber who car-jacked a car with a COEXIST bumper sticker

The whiplash that these liberals must suffer when they go from zero-to-reality must be INTENSE!

Brought to you by Obama.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Odd Sense of Humor Required

As I was reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's three-volume masterpiece, The Gulag Archipelago, I often found myself snickering as I read the depressing stories.  Why?

Solzhenitsyn has a light-hearted way of describing his experiences in the Gulag.  Dark humor, perhaps.? Or, more matter-of-fact humor from a dark period?  Either way, his style eased my suffering and pushed me through the three volumes with ease. 

If you see the humor in this image, then you understand.

And if you see the humor in Glorious Hat, you understand.

Glorious Hat has not always led to smiles.  Some don't understand it.  Others, like G. Gordon Liddy who turned down a free hat in 2008, understand it, but don't want to deal with others who don't.  I continue to try to define the humor behind the hat, and here is another attempt.
Picture #2 above and the hat each have a funny side and a serious message.

The funny side of Picture #2 is that the quotes are reversed, but that the terrorist on the left is otherwise equal to the murderer on the right.  They both represent the dead end of the slippery slope that is liberalism.

The funny side of the hat is that it mocks the Democrat Party as being full of Communists.  Mockery, of course, only works if it addresses something that is true.  And, well, it is true.  See the other 3343 Ushanka posts if you are in doubt.

The serious side of Picture #2 is that both men have evil inspirations and both men act on those inspirations.

The serious side of the hat is that the Democrat Party is determined to destroy America using the always-failing always-destructive scourge of Socialism.
But don't worry if you don't get it.
If you don't get the joke behind Picture #2, you will the day you are herded like a sheep by an active shooter.

And if you don't get the joke behind the hat, you will on your first day of Re-Education.


Top photo: Comrades Aaron Clarey (Captain Capitalism) and Davis Aurini (Stares at the World).

Friday, October 02, 2015

Oregon Sheepdog Tribute Post

If you have not heard of the Sheepdog analogy, read this first

There were two sheepdogs at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon yesterday.   One was unarmed and shot 7 times, the other was armed and blocked from interupting the mass murder. Both are worthy of a rare Ushanka Tribute Post.  Our equivalent of a Medal of Honor.

Chris Mintz - US Army Veteran - was shot and suffered two broken legs as he charged - unarmed - the active shooter.  He is expected to survive.

John Parker - US Air Force Veteran - was armed and therefore likely in the best place to save lives, but was not allowed to approach the active scene.

U/T: GP.