Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Out Of Basement - Part II

I'm offline for a few days.

A good friend heard about my recent chest pain and suggested I meet him in sin city for some blood thinning beverages.

So I say goodbye to the wife.

 I must go!

I make my way through "security..."

My flight was uneventful, despite my fears...

Part III tomorrow....

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Out Of Basement - Part I

I'm offline for a few days.

A good friend heard about my recent chest pain and suggested I meet him in sin city for some blood thinning beverages.

Great idea!

So I ask my wife if I can go.

She approves.


I tell my buddy.

Part II tomorrow....

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Tab Clearing

Captain Capitalism published an excellent article over at Return of Kings:  What Every Man Needs To Know About Capitalism And Economics
First, understand that capitalism is NOT an option. It’s not an “opinion.” It’s not a “belief.” It’s not a “theory.”

It’s a law.

You have no choice but to abide by it just as you have no choice to abide by gravity.


It’s merely the economic manifestation of human nature.

Fred hammers the old media in his latest article: Balkanizing the News
[The] media are quasi-governmental organs, predictably predictable and predictably dishonest. The truth is not in them.


They are dull because they have to be, bland because they must avoid offending anyone, controlled because they can be. They write to the least common denominator of their clientele because they have to be comprehensible to non-specialist readers and, in the United States, are quasi-governmental.

Lee Stranahan has one of the best Ferguson-related posts at Rebel Pundit:  The Ferguson Disaster: The Wreckage of Obama & Marx

Ferguson shows the destructive consequences of Marxist ideological theory and its application in practice.

I believe that the oppressor-oppressed mindset creates the “perpetual victimhood” mentality that many conservatives notice in liberals.

So while most of the protestors may not be thinking about the Michael Brown shooting in Marxist terms, the people pushing things behind the scenes certainly do.

When conservatives accuse President Obama of being a Marxist, it’s often dismissed by the media and casual observers as a crazy conspiracy theory. The idea that the President of the United States would be a Marxist sounds like something out of a bad movie.

Unfortunately, when it comes to his adoption of the oppressor-oppressed view of the world, it’s true. 

An older article by Fred touches on the race issues of Ferguson.  I think Fred is the best new media personality at discussing racial issues.  He is direct, respectful and thoughtful.  And realistic.  His Nov. 27 article, with some glass-is-half-empty predictions:  Fergusons in Perpetuity.
Among people who study intelligence, the racial disparity is not debated. It is evident, accepted. I suspect that it is evident also to many thoughtful liberals who fear the question: If we admit the obvious, what now?


. . . we will see a continuation of hostility by blacks toward whites. This often amounts to outright hatred, as seen in the intermittent riots that never cease, and in the frequent, though carefully under-reported, racial attacks on whites. If blacks cannot rise, and it seems they cannot, they will remain angry in perpetuity. Then what?


. . . the danger will grow of serious conflict between whites and blacks. I suspect that even now only heavy federal pressure and dissimulation by the media keep the cork in the bottle. Among whites a large proportion loathe affirmative action, degraded educational standards, toleration of crime, and compulsory integration.

 As the economy declines and jobs become scarcer, the likelihood grows that jobless whites will rebel against racial preferences. The hidden rock in the current is that if affirmative action were eliminated, blacks would almost disappear except in sports and entertainment. There will be hell to pay, though in what currency is not clear.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Che Tours

A FB Comrade just informed me of a new tour in Cuba.  Motorcycle tours led by Che Guevara's youngest son, Ernesto.  Just $3000 to ride around the workers' paradise island.

For those who do not know, Che's story of his motorcycle ride through South America was the focus of the movie, Motorcycle Diaries.  It is one of the most boring movies ever made.  How anyone can watch it and feel inspired is beyond me.  I'd rather sit through a Communist Party meeting.

Some Che images from the Ushanka archives:

Ernesto should consider taking his tours through Bolivia. 

Healing the Racial Divide

Healing the racial divide should not require a hospital burn unit.

Doug Giles has a Townhall article today:  BREAKING: Massive Spike In Whites Setting Blacks On Fire
For those of you who’re not in the know about this recent increase in this ghastly phenom carried out against us “white devils”, one of my guest contributors at, Angela Turner, did yeoman’s work last Friday and cobbled together this large list of insanely ill-reported burnings of white people that almost makes one think that lighting white people on fire might be the new “knock out game” perpetrated by black hoodrats on us pigmentally challenged white clods.
And I found these related images on FB today:

Our dear leader led us to believe he'd heal the racial divide.  The divide remains after six years.  Was he sincere, or did he have an different plan altogether - born from envy, resentment, and crisis as a means?

Friday, December 12, 2014

When Marxist Tyrants Feel the Squeeze: Oil

If so many people didn't suffer in the process, it'd be an absolute joy to watch the communist-inspired squirm as their policies implode.


The ingenuity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of America's "frackers" has redefined the energy sector.  There is no more oil that can't be reached.  The capitalists in America's energy private-sector have succeeded against incredible odds - both natural in the form of finding the right mix of horizontal drilling and high-pressure fracking, and artificial with Obama's Keystone Pipeline delays and his NKVD (EPA) thugs. 

In fact, Obama has exacerbated the current energy crisis with a 6-year global recession started here at home.

Demand is down.  Supply is up.  A barrel of oil today is selling for $58, down almost 50% since July.  (Graph and more at GP)

There are two ways this will play out - both with higher prices.
Commodities, like oil, are simple.  Every oil well has a magic number, and when the price of oil drops under that number, the well is no longer profitable and the driller stops the well.  This leads to less supply which leads to more stable (higher) prices. 

The other scenario is war.  Note the nations listed below that suffer the most in a drop in oil, then ask yourself if any of them a) are led by tyrants, b) are unstable enough to be pushed into war, and c) would benefit from a spike in oil prices brought on by war. 
Last, I speak for all consumers when I say "I am enjoying the $2.50/gal gas."  But this happiness is at the expense of others.  Who?

Putin and his Russia.  

The Ruble is down 50% to the dollar.  You don't have to be an economist to know that a 50% move in a currency is a bad sign.  Bloomberg 1-yr chart:

Putin has driven foreign investment away.  He invited Western energy companies into the country back in the 90's and early 2000's, then confiscated their investments and threw several Russian oilmen in jail.  It wasn't enough, so he extended the jail sentences to make his point.  The only difference from Stalin was these oil executives weren't asked to dig a canal or work a mine.

His policy has been constant: rely on Russia's massive natural resources.  Those resources are now going for half of what they were just a few months ago.  Russia has no diversity in their economy, so they have no power to project when oil trades at $58 a barrel.  Even Putin's attempts to stir-up the middle east in order to spike the price of oil has failed. 

Russia’s currency is on course for its worst year since the nation’s 1998 default after getting battered as sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine blocked companies from western debt markets and oil dropped into a bear market. Five interest-rate increases by the central bank failed to alter the ruble’s course, while choking economic growth as inflation accelerates to a three-year high.

Nicolas Maduro and his Venezuela.

The drop in oil is killing Venezuela too, as they also put all their barrels into one basket and doomed their dictatorship to failure.

Increasing numbers of low-income Venezuelans are souring on Maduro as they suffer a declining economy, the highest inflation [60%] in the Americas, chronic shortages of basic goods and one of the world's highest murder rates.

Swelling frustration in the tough slums dotting Caracas's rolling hills means Maduro is much more vulnerable, especially as oil prices fall to around five-year lows. 
. . . the implied probability of default to 93 percent, the highest in the world.

This year’s 38 percent plunge in oil prices has exacerbated concern that Venezuela is running out of dollars needed to pay debt, pushing bond prices to levels investors haven’t seen since the 1998 Russian financial crisis spurred a selloff in emerging markets. Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez, also the country’s OPEC representative, said yesterday that the government is working constantly with other members of the energy cartel to raise oil prices to $100 a barrel. 
Good luck finding someone to pay $100, Comrade Maduro.

Mexico and Nigeria.

ZH posts graphs showing their currencies collapsing too.


Iran, also suffering high inflation, is mentioned in another ZH post.

Saudi Arabia.

The background for this massive drop in oil prices comes from the Saudis.  They are purposely flooding the market with supply in a war against America's "frackers."  The hope is the wells here in the States will become unprofitable.  Perhaps, assuming their move doesn't trigger a coup or a shooting war.

Stability will return to the oil market, or everything will blow up.

I'll be doing more travel to visit friends while fuel is cheap.

I will smoke a cigar for each country listed above after its default or collapse.  Plus one cigar for every Marxist who hangs.

UPDATED 12.13.14 Noon:

Thanks to Comrade Robert and Comrade Anon in the comments for adding substance to this post.  Anon linked to this ZH post, which has an interesting graphic.  I've updated the WSJ graphic with yesterday's closing price of $57.49:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Ushanka Label: Parenting

I'm stingy with the blog labels, but I've touched on the subject of parenting a lot lately.  I think it deserves its own label.

Click the label to read more about . . .

Bad Parenting:

Good Parenting:

And about Absent Parents:

I've gone back through two years of Ushanka posts and added the new label to relevant posts. 

Time to Water the Hippies

The Ferguson Bolsheviks want to shut down tonight's rush hour traffic.  Everywhere. Just like they did in Oakland a couple days ago:

They think a rush hour shutdown will communicate their hatred for authority, the rule of law, people with jobs, and capitalism.   WZ:

The opportunity for an epic photo of timeless proportions is now. 

A lucky comrade could make the Ushanka front page if they combine place + time + large pepper spray can + camera.  Wearing a Commie Obama Hat as you water the commie pinko hippies is overkill, however greatly encouraged.

Imagine a working mother trying to get to her kids' school and being blocked by the dregs of liberalism.  They abort their kids, evade responsibility, and never have to be anywhere on time. 

Now imagine her with a gallon of capsaicinoids under high pressure. 

$19.95, every driver should have one:

This can holds almost a pound of the blistering creation and can envelope a gang of attackers, whether human or not. It can create a cloud to 20 feet easily and allow you to stop the danger from getting anywhere near you. (You can't miss) Stop multiple attackers, gang bangers etc. 

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Liberals and Conservatives Agree

For the next two years all Americans will agree.  Albeit for different reasons.

The 2016 Democrat Ticket

Early campaign concept images found at The People's Cube. 



The Hat Factory, America's last capitalist enterprise standing, is not yet prepared for the 2016 hat orders.  But we will be.