Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ideology Trumps Profits... Until It Doesn't

WZ reports that ABC has hired conservative talk-radio host Laura Ingram.  And the liberals progressives communists at the lib-outlet, Salon, are none too happy about it!

I scored an interview with myself:
Karl:  Karl, what is your reaction to today's news that ABC has hired a conservative?

Karl:  ABC is still on the air?  I thought they went the way of Air America and Polio, two scurges that set the human race back a bit.  Who did they hire?

Karl:  ABC hired Laura Ingram.  Heard of her?

Karl:  Sure, who hasn't?  Good for them.  That should put their viewership into a range that will attract advertisers, and maybe even save the network.

Things are changing in America's media, Karl:  Laura's new gig follows the dismissals of Martin Bashir, Piers Morgan, and Ezra Klein, the on-air resignation of Liz Wahl, and the hiring of The Volokh Conspiracy bloggers.  Apparently liberal viewers don't spend money so the media outlets need conservative viewers in order to attract paying advertisers.

By the way, one of the first political books I ever read was Laura's 2003 book, Shut Up and Sing.  She's a smart one.  And pretty.  She won't come across all shrill, smug and unappealing like that guy on MSNBC, um...

Karl:  Rachel Maddow?

Karl:  Ya.

Karl:  Does Laura own one of your Commie Obama hats?

Karl:  Not yet.

Karl:  Do you talk to yourself often?

Karl:  Sure. don't you?  Of the voices in my head however, yours is less, um...

Karl:  Crazy?

Karl:  Demanding.

I think the Bundy thing is over

I think our betters, the ones who are more equal than us and who have far better tactical gear than us, will not be returning in force to the Bundy Ranch.  I base this prediction on two statements:

1) Alex Jones says "They're coming back!" and
2) Harry Reid says "It's not over."

I've learned to believe the opposite of what those two guys say.  

There are many other factors that I am purposely not considering.  And I could be wrong, although I was the first to call Obama a commie and name a hat after him...

I think these BLM/Park Police guys are those types who like to pull wings off of flies.  They're going to pick citizen targets where they can dominate.

I found this pic while clicking around today.  Another beauty!

Related, Western Rifle linked to his FANTASTIC blog post, The Pig Trap, by a taxi driver.  You've probably heard the pig trap analogy where you build a fence one side at a time and slowly trap the pigs, but this blog post goes FAR beyond that.  It is as brilliant as it is well written. 
These people are beneath contempt. Their greed, hypocrisy, and sense of entitlement are beyond appalling. We don’t have elected representatives anymore, we have elected rulers… cake, anyone…?

Maybe I’m crazy… maybe I’m paranoid… what the fuck do I know? Maybe I’m just a dumbass taxi driver that spends way too much time reading crazy websites on the Internet. My intellectual betters are already telling me that everything is fine, these problems will work themselves out after another election or two, and that a Clinton or a Bush are inevitable again, and these people know what they are doing.

Sorry… I just don’t buy it. What can not go on, will not go on. A realignment is coming to America, maybe in a year, maybe in ten years, but it is coming.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We're Back

I spent the weekend in a First Second Amendment Zone working on my perishable skills. And no, I wasn't in Chicago.

It appears there were two big stories while I was out.  The KKK shooting in Kansas was a surprise.  Being an organization formed by and benefiting the Democrat Party, the KKK should be extinct in Kansas.  To anyone who pays attention to state-level politics, Kansas is, and always shall be, Republican.  It's the law there.  The last Democrat in Kansas, a former KKK member, is now in jail for killing three blacks Jews Christians.  Just another liberal on a killing spree...

The other story is, of course, the near miss we had in Nevada.  Like I said before, I don't compare the Bundy Ranch standoff to Ruby Ridge or Waco.  I think the better comparison is the North Bridge.  And that anniversary is coming this Saturday.  It is the second most important day in American history, second only to July 4.  I will be waving my Bedford flag.  Will you?

Here are some images, just in case you might have missed one or two of these.  I'll get back to posting substance hopefully tomorrow.

Wave to the departing feds...

There is that symbol again...

As do I!

How does a bridge support such large balls?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tragedy Postponed

I pulled off the road to this remote Internet Free Speech Zone to share this photo from III Percent Patriots

Just too powerful to wait until I get back.

Congrats and THANK YOU to the many who put themselves in harm's way. 

It is your day today.  

The world is in awe. 

I dedicate this Tribute post to you.

Back to blogging soon.  Until then, talk amongst yourselves.

We'll Be Back in 5...

Please visit the blogs in our Blogroll to the left.  Them are some smart people there!

We are headed to a First Amendment Area somewhere on this map. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Best Advice Re: Bundy Ranch

Advice from Western Rifle:
In Nevada, on the other hand, I sure wish some of the social-media/propaganda talent on display recently in the Ukrainian uprising was on the job. The most important oversight I can see is the absence of a clearly-designated point-of-contact for media and other inquiries.
The message?
Precisely!  How come we saw courage and teamwork against overwhelming odds in Ukraine, but we only see snippets of resistance out of Venezuela?  Answer: Social Media. 

The Zuckerbergs and Sergey Brins may be the Democrat Party's biggest donors, but they've created the platforms for freedom fighters worldwide to share their stories.  Use these tools!

I liked this image at Western Rifle:

UPDATED 5mins later...

More great advice.  This from III Percenters:
If you are considering the trip to Nevada, be certain to weigh everything.  Once you get there, you will probably not be in control of events and you may not be able to extricate yourself if stupid people take stupid (or self-serving) decisions.

If you are going to Nevada, I would urge you to use the experience to test your comms capabilities, from getting pictures, audio and video out to FreeFor, to using your HAM.  Even if you do not have your HAM licenses, this is a time and place that will allow you to set up your antenna in real-world tactical conditions.  Test your gear.
The days when these comments elicited ridicule, or were called "paranoid" by the 'elites,' are over. 

You can thank BLM's aggressive deployment of agents from Nevada and surrounding states for that.

You can further thank their chain of command who have made zero effort to reduce the tension and who have authorized the ever-increasing manpower.

If someone gets shot, will our dear leader come out with a sad look on his face and say, "He acted stupidly."?  Will he say, "There was only a smidgen of gunfire."?  Or, "If you like your First Amendment Area, you can keep it."?

Clive Bundy

Speaking on April 4th.


My original post on the Nevada Rancher/BLM standoff.

U/T: Donald Joy

Hat Owner Victory

I met Professor Mike Adams at CPAC 2008.  I had been following his Townhall column for at least two years prior.  He is a cigar smoker, gun owner, a Christian, an advocate for life, and an excellent writer of conservative issues.  After CPAC he was a hat-owner too.

The first day of CPAC that year Romney pulled out of the primary, giving the nomination to McCain.  McCain was not an exciting nominee until his VP pick later in the year.  In his CPAC speech that year Prof. Adams suggested voting for McCain for one simple reason: A vote for McCain is a vote against Socialism. 

The hat-owner was proven right.

He recently finished a 7-year court battle over his job at the University of North Carolina where he was discriminated for his Christian beliefs.  Remember, communists control academia.  And communists must dilute religious and traditional family values in order to accomplish their vision takeover.  They have been successful nearly everywhere in ridding colleges of Christians.  That their hatred of religion doesn't transfer to Islam where women and young boys are subject to rape, and over 80% of young girls face genital mutilation, is beyond me.  Maybe it is a white thing.

Anyhoo...  Prof Adams won his court case and will receive a court-ordered promotion.  It is nice to see the left lose in their home court.  We may look back and say "this is where we turned the corner."

U/T: Prof. Adams and WND

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Benchmark: 3 Years Ahead

One of the questions that has caused the most noise at the blogs I follow is "when?"  When will the dollar collapse?  When will inflation become unbearable?  When will we see 'the reset?'  When will the dead rise from the graves?

The bloggers I follow have avoided these questions for this simple reason: anybody willing to answer these questions isn't worth listening too. 

I suspect there are educated answers out there, but they reside quietly with professionals, not the YouTube yahoos that offer daily investment advice, which by the way, always seems to be "THE END IS NEAR - BUY GOLD!"  Gold at $1200oz?  Buy!  Gold at $1950oz?  Buy!  Gold back at $1200oz?  Buy!

The question of "what?" is much easier.  Obama has introduced massive peacetime deficit spending to cover his domestic agenda, spending more than all previous presidents combined.   What cannot be sustained, won't be.  This suggests bad times are a com'in and drives investment into safer things like gold.

Some foresee a major collapse event. 

I subscribe to the other camp who foresee a general prolonged decline in living standards and purchasing power.

Based on this "what?" question, I bought my first gold coin in early 2011 (see video links at bottom).  It was an educated transaction based on actual events (spending and lawlessness), not fear.  (I only discovered the YouTube wanna-be's much later.)  Roughly 6 months later MF Global blew up, confirming for me that the rule of law was anything but.

As for the "when?", only hindsight will be accurate. 

Yahoo's Finance page today:

(IAU is a gold ETF, and SLV is a silver ETF.)

It is still early in the current market sell-off, so this may not be "it."  But if it is "it," then on this one aspect of the Obama "transformation," I was 3 years ahead of the curve (about two years behind Glenn Beck). 

Related, at ZH: Investor Marc Faber predicted today a 2014 crash that will be larger than the 1987 crash.

If the topic of precious metals interests you, take a look at my precious metals videos.  I do not offer advice so much as I share my lessons learned and suggest some considerations to make if you choose these investments.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

No, YouTube, I Did Not