Monday, August 18, 2014

Michael Brown Recap Recap

I waited a week to post my thoughts on Michael Brown.  Now, just 24 hours later, it is a whole new story.  "Big Mike" Brown and the criminals roaming the streets in Ferguson aren't worth my time with these posts.  They just aren't.  I've scraped stuff off the bottom of my shoe with more redeeming characteristics.

The autopsy report is in.  Big Mike was a pot head, and he took 6 shots to the front.  Some of the shots to his arm went into his chest.  This suggests the eye witnesses who said he was shot from behind, and who said his hands were up are... wait for it.... also pot heads.  A FB comrade suggested the only other alternative: Big Mike was shot with those "boomerang bullets..."

More autopsies.  Because one is not enough.  I suspect autopsies will continue until the desired results are found.

The National Guard is coming in.  I have to disagree with this move, however I admit I know very little about the scope and scale of criminal activity.  In my opinion, the police are far better trained for this type of situation.  I trust them more with level-of-force and shoot/don't shoot discipline.  On the plus side, it won't be the weekend warriors that responded to the LA Riots.  These are all veterans of the War on Terror.  Better trained.  Better organized.  Better equipped.  Better led.  I hope the Governor does the right thing and issues ammo, despite Mr. B's concerns.  Bottom line: if the Governor wants the unrest and looting to stop, all he has to do is authorize lethal force. 

Eric Holder is getting involved.  No doubt this is a great distraction from that whole 'Contempt of Congress' thing back in DC.  What I suspect this move does is exacerbate the situation on the ground, and extend the civil unrest for another week.  The thugs on the ground, specifically those Black Panther losers, know they will have a sympathetic man overseeing the situation.  Who would gain if the Ferguson unrest would spiral out of control?

Ron Johnson (above).  The Highway Patrol captain who was selected to oversee the crowd control this weekend, and who did a good job, appears to be a recipient of Affirmative Action.  I say this because it was in poor taste to apologize to Ferguson citizens EBT parasites for the actions of the Ferguson police officer who was attacked by Big Mike.  A professional wouldn't do that.  And flashing gang signs on the street isn't the community outreach the few remaining Missouri tax-payers expect from a civil servant.  (Moonbattery)  Again, a professional wouldn't do that.  The more people of authority who demonstrate bad judgement, sympathy and empathy with the criminal class, the longer this unrest will continue.  The only problems in Ferguson are those where someone is making the conscious decision to break the law. 

More thoughts:

Fred sparks some interesting conversations in his post: Burn, Ferguson, Burn.

Ol' Remus shares some thoughts in his post: The Ferguson Missouri Spectacle.

The final tally for this past weekend in another Democrat city: 7 Dead, 29 Wounded.

Stats Update:

We know 70% of black children grow up in a single-parent household.
I've heard Big Mike was raised by his grandmother, so zero parents in his case.  Watch for more info on his parents to come out.  It won't help their case.
We know 80% of low-income children in 4th grade do not read at a 4th grade level.  (aecf)

And now we know 80% of black people say the Ferguson shooting was racial. (Newsmax)

Yep.  I think these three stats are interwovenlyconnected.

UPDATED 8.19.14:

Comrade Tam takes us back in time, when civil unrest was handled by men:  The Good Ol' Days.

Democrats: It Is Time For An Intervention

Found at one of our favorite blogs listed on the blogroll at the left.

I'll add the link to the source if I can find it again.


A hero, currently unnamed, exists in our midst.  This post is dedicated to him.

US Army Major General Greene was killed in an assassination in Afghanistan on August 6th.  Fourteen others were injured in the attack.

We learn today at Free North Carolina that there is another story from that day.  A story of heroism.

UK Telegraph:
A British Army colonel's life was saved by a US soldier who jumped in front of an assassin's hail of bullets, it has been reported.

The US Army reservist, who normally works for Apple, the Silicon Valley-based electronics company, was shot six times as an Afghan assailant opened fire on a group of high-ranking officers at a military training academy earlier this month, The Sunday Times said.

The reservist, who has not been named, used his body as a shield to literally "take a bullet" for the senior British officer, and was hit twice in the leg and once in the shoulder, with a further three rounds stopped by his bulletproof vest.

Details of the act of heroism were revealed in an American casualty report, the newspaper said.

It describes how the reservist returned fire with both his rifle and sidearm.
MG Greene was laid to rest at Arlington on August 14th.  Our dear leader couldn't make it to the funeral of the most senior military officer lost in the War on Terror.  Probably better.  The general's family was there.

Check back soon.  I look forward to posting the soldier's name, photo and status as soon as they are known.

Cold As It Gets, by Patty Griffin

Found at Sipsey Street Irregulars, with full lyrics.

To the end of the Earth, I'll search for your face

For the one who laid all of our beauty to waste

Threw our hope into Hell and our children into the fire

I am the one who crawled through the wire

I am the one who crawled through the wire 

This song was on her 2004 album, Impossible Dream.  I'm shocked to hear it for the first time today.

iTunes link

Smart Girls Say "NO" to Communism

Recently found at one of the blogs in our blogroll:

I'll post a link if I can re-find it.

Budget Cuts at Huffington Post

Budget cuts are the only explanation for this tweet from "journalist" Ryan J. Reilly who, by the way, has "has covered federal law enforcement and legal news since 2009" according to his HuffPo profile.

Comrade Diann responds at All The Right Snark with these two:

U/T: IOTW and ATRS, our comrades in the business of mocking the left.

UPDATED 10 mins later...

Comrade Doug has some good ones too, including:


A FB Comrade shares:

UPDATED 8.19.14 2:30pm:

My caption for the photo above:
If I had a daughter, she'd look like that girl.

This one a combo effort by hat owners Chuck and Diann:

And this one shared by FB Comrade, and hat owner, Jeremy:


And something I threw together:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Michael Brown, Feguson Missouri

It was a week ago when Michael Brown was shot dead in Ferguson Missouri.  Here is the recap, with a bunch o' links and pics.


Here is who shows up when a white police officer shoots a black man:
Looters.  The media calls them protesters, but the only things they are protesting are the locks on Ferguson businesses.  Oleg at The People's Cube calls it Spontaneous Marxism.

Race hustlers.  The tired ol Jesse Jackson and FBI snitch Al Sharpton.

New Black Panthers.  Because. Hate.

Anarchists.  Straight from Mommy's basement with any reason to wear a bandana over their faces.

Communists.  Because it ain't civil unrest without them.

Libertarians.  Rand Paul speaks out about the militarization of police.
Anybody and everybody who has something to gain by civil unrest is in St. Louis.


The looters in Ferguson have violated our agreement.  See my February post: EBT: Is it Enough?

I've been waiting to hear from black conservatives for their take.  Check out these videos by David Carroll and Mr. Williams (Dr of Common Sense).

I waited because I no longer jump the gun to defend the police.  I've been numbed by the dog shootings, armored personnel carriers, and this week the standing around while property damage is occurring.  (This is difficult for me, a former MP.)  But in the end it was, indeed, the police officer's right to shoot an attacking robbery suspect and drug user and gang member who was going for the officer's gun.

I waited to learn more about Michael Brown.  Was he a misunderstood young man who was in the midst of turning his life around?  Maybe he had dreams of becoming a doctor. 

From Comrade Diann:


Michael Brown died a thug's death, with his pants around his hips and his ass in the air.

While it might not have been known at the time, Mr. Brown was a suspect in a robbery just ten minutes prior to his death.  Here is the video of the robbery that the Obama administration told the Ferguson Police not to releaseThis was reported on Friday...

...Which means, EVERY "protester" on the streets of Ferguson after Friday afternoon was there for reasons other than the police targeting and shooting an innocent black youth.  Three possibilities come to mind: 1) to hurt or kill cops, 2) anarchy, or 3) free stuff.

Speaking of the looters.... The first batch of 32 that were arrested were all from areas outside of Ferguson.

Michael Brown stole cigars.  The looters stole hair extensions and burned down a Quicktrip gas station.

On Saturday night, the first night with an imposed curfew at midnight, the Black Panther group held a march and chanted "Death to Officer Warren."  They warned they could not guarantee anyone's safety on Saturday night.   The drizzle started around 11pm, and all but 100 or so "protesters" quit and went home wet.

Michael Brown sucked at rap.

As of tonight (Sunday) at 9pm, 32 people have been shot in Chicago over the weekend, with three dead.  Do you know their names?

Jesse Jackson was booed in Feguson.

Al Sharpton was heckled for being an FBI informant.

Another from Diann:


It appears you will get the same thing whether you:
A) protest when a white cop shoots a black thug, or
B) vote for "hope and change."
You Get Nothing.
You Served Your Purpose.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Progressive Struggle

Bill Whittle nails it in his latest Firewall video about the state of our education:

The destruction of the education system will be the undoing of the American experiment.

Some related items I've collected on my journey:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Michael Brown, Feguson MO

 A public service announcement from the Ushanka management.

This photo is floating around certain websites.  People are assuming the gentleman with the gun and wad of cash is the recently deceased Michael Brown from Feguson MO. 

It is not him.

For the record:  That is Joda Cain, age 17.  Joda is alive and well.

Joda murdered Jacquelin Bell last year in Portland OR.  (Source)

The gentleman below flashing the gang sign for "Vipers" and wearing their gang color, red, is the Michael Brown who died last week after trying to take a police officer's firearm in Ferguson MO.

Confusing the two is an honest mistake.  They look alike, and no doubt share the same political ideology.

Please pass the word so no feelings get hurt.

Thursday Afternoon Cigar

Rocky Patel Sun Grown

That is the Ohio River from the Kentucky side looking NorthEast.

We finished Currency Wars by James Rickards today.  An outstanding book in our ongoing study of the gold standard. 

Onto the next book....