Friday, September 19, 2014

Religion of Peace Update

Capt. Capitalism shared this picture (via FB) of a damaged undamaged MRAP, post suicide bomber.

Somebody with incessant ringing in his ears is partying with 72 virgins right now.

And MainePrepper posted a short war story:

And here are a few images floating over the TCP/IP:

The Democrat Party Core

The Liberals Progressives Communists in the Democrat Party are all about the children control.

Control is necessary for those who govern with a zero-sum belief: that one must lose for the other to gain.

Daily Caller:

New York City councilman and State Assembly shoo-in Charles Barron has reiterated his admiration of dictators

Barron has expressed support for dictators around the world, including Libyan dictator Muammar el-Quaddafi and Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro.

He told the Observer, “All my heroes were America’s enemies.”

Barron is expected to beat his Republican opponent for a New York Assembly seat handily. The Observer reports that he is running to replace his wife in the Assembly, who in turn is replacing him as city councilman.

Charles Barron is only saying what more cautious and intelligent Democrats keep to themselves.

Will Barron help one constituent without using his zero-sum math?  Will he ever support a solution that does not include redistribution?

One theory I've shared over the years in the Obama-is-a-Commie debate is that Obama is the first of two.  That he is the setup guy.  The slippery slope guy.  Soft.  Non-threatening.  Platitudes.  Someone who lays the groundwork for a Communist state and a future tyrant with things like ObamaCare, crushing debt and diluted values.  It is just a theory - until proven true.  If it does indeed continue to play out that way, look to dictator-loving Democrats like Charles Barron as the next final wave of leaders.  And remember...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Condoleezza Rice:

U/T: FB Comrades for both news and Condi quote.

YouTube is Forever

YouTube is the finest Republican asset.

U/T: Donald Joy via FB

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lust in the Time of Heartache

A short (10-min) movie written and produced by Comrade Davis Aurini of Stares at the World.

Why have Morgan Freeman narrate when you have Davis "Something Worth Dying For" Aurini?!

He's been working on this project for at least a couple months now.  This takes a ton of work, even though any fan of Aurini's YouTube channel will know immediately that the narration wasn't the hard part.  It is classic Aurini.  He is a keen observer of people and culture and I think he nails it in this movie.

Be sure to check out his book too: As I Walk These Broken RoadsMy review.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Going Home

Fred on Everything is headed back to the states for his 50th high school reunion.  His first reunion since graduating, no less.

Here is a sample of his thoughts on this big trip: King George Days
The names in the yearbook are just names: Sonny, Rosie, Butch, Kenny, Joyce, Cecil, Ricky, Kit. Just names. But. But, but, but. With any of these people you could leave your keys in the car—we did—or the front door unlocked—we did. We had one cop in the country, Jay Powell, a state trooper, and he had little to do. The high school did not have metal detectors or police patrolling the halls. We had none of the behavior that now makes these things necessary. It wasn’t in the culture. We could have raped, killed, robbed, fathered countless illegitimate children like barnyard animals. We didn’t.

It wasn’t in the culture.

We were not obsessively law-abiding. It may be that a certain amount of beer, even a substantial amount, was consumed in contravention of the law. I may know somewhat of this, though I can’t swear to it.

Well, OK, I can swear to it. The statute of limitations has run. I remember my first encounter—don’t we all?—with the demonic grape. One summer night...
Fred was out of school two years before "the culture" suggested clock tower avoidance.  It was all down hill from there.

He really did grow up in a great time.

Safe time-travel to you Fred!

Blogroll Housekeeping

Our annual'ish blogroll review and changes:


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Blogroll philosophy:

I only add sites that I've been visiting for a while.

I will not add any new sites that have pop-ups.  One or two are grandfathered.

"Comrades" are bloggers who've I've met, or who have simply written me back.  These are great people and I am honored to know them.  I encourage you to find bloggers that you identify with, and to support them with comments.  Hopefully you'll make some new friends as I have.

I added the "Commercial" category.  These are sites with edited content.  The writers are great, but the sites' desire to make money with ads suggest their message is polished.  I prefer my content raw.

It is correct to assume that I agree with most of what is posted at these sites.

Quote of the Day

From a hat owner and FB comrade:
The youth today:

They've been robbed of family by feminism,
robbed of their cultural heritage by multiculturalism,
robbed of an education by public schools and universities,
robbed of pride by the welfare state,
robbed of opportunity by crony capitalism,
robbed of spirituality by death worshiping progressives.

America, by association, has been robbed too.

The Secret Pact of Evil II

No, not the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that included the secret annexation of Poland and other European countries.  That is so 1900's.  History is over.  Didn't you get the memo?

Today, forces of evil are more tolerant.  More enlightened.  More nuanced.  They wouldn't band together on shared principles such as envy, resentment, redistribution, or mass death.  Never.

That's why I'm shocked at the suggestion of a Democrat-Islam Pact.

Heard of it?  Me neither.

Suspected it?

Comrade Dave at MoonBattery posted this image today along with yet another indictment of the Democrat Party.

Go read it all to understand each claim in this image is either proven, or has merit beyond a reasonable doubt.

Comrade Diann over at ATRS.

Sure.  History is over.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Messengers of Hope

Pelosi said the "Democrats are the messengers of hope."  Earl agrees:

How many years before we hear the word "hope" again from a Democrat nominee for president?

Education Update

The Democrats' monopoly on public education has led to two converging events:

1) A substitute teacher brought a strap-on to 6th grade sex-ed class in Jacksonville Florida.  Being a liberal progressive communist and no doubt a product of public school herself, she clearly did not hesitate to consider the parents' reactions.  Or the civilized worlds' for that matter.

2) Ol' Remus offers a suggestion on how to fund public schools in today's post: The Proposal.  Here is just a taste:

...eligibility to vote for school budgets shall be limited to those who pay the school property taxes from which the budget is funded. Members of the school board must also be property tax payers lest they proselytize among the citizenry and studentry to the disadvantage of the taxpayer. Further, eligibility to vote for prospective school board members shall be limited to those who pay school taxes. 

"Hear me my friends," Remus exclaimed, one hand over his heart, the other stabbing the sky. "Shall we continue to let those who do not pay decide what funding shall be provided by those who are compelled to pay?

I live in a town that consistently passes school bond measures.  Each vote costs me an additional $300-$600/year in taxes.

No bond issue has any requirement for improved test scores or higher SAT scores.

The "YES" voters: renters, Section 8'ers, school employees and other power-napping union members.

I second Ol' Remus' motion! 

Click here to read it all.  Hilarious.