Friday, June 24, 2022


Pro-Choice has been restored. 

 And at least half of the states now define "pro-choice" as either:

1) raise the child, or 

2) offer the child up for adoption. 

This was the case when ol Karl was born in the 60's and adopted by a couple who had been on a 2-year waiting list. My birth Mom was pro-choice, and I lived. How many can say that?

And how many cannot? Look at what we as a nation have to live with (source):

Having just celebrated Juneteenth, I can add: that is 16 babies that were killed for every one slave that was given his freedom by a Republican president.

I've updated my Abortion Comparison Table for this momentous day. As you can see, only Communism has a higher kill rate.


I suspect many will try to claim credit for today's Supreme Court decision. (Not to diminish the efforts of the Pro-Life activists!) But we all know, there is only one person who made this happen. He promised this in at least one of the 2016 presidential debates, despite the NeverTrump losers saying he'd fail.

Congratulations, and THANK YOU, President Trump! You should be proud of what you have accomplished. So proud, in fact, we should have a Pride Month in your honor!

UPDATED 6.25.22:

UPDATED 6.26.22: And the hits keep on coming...

UPDATED 8.1.22: Found at Filthie's

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