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Precious Metals Investing: Strategy #1 - Play the Ratio

My 2nd video on precious metals:

My research into my ratio strategy for precious metals investment.

Remember, this is just a report on my research, not advice!

Today's Silver to Gold Ratio:  64:1

Today's Market Watch screenshot.  Good to see the tapering is actually happening.  "Just" $65b this month.

Your Mental Health Primer Du Jour

The Captain of Capitalism speaks to mental health in today's episode: The 2 Mandatory Part Time Jobs Every Man Must Have.  More great advice!

And yes, that is an authentic Commie Obama hat on his head.  Of all his sponsored products, the Commie Obama hat is the least painful to demo in a video!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Video of a building takeover in Ukraine.

Those officers are earning their pay.  No doubt many of them agree with the protest movement.

Hopefully the protesters will stay focused on the objectives: undo the agreement with Russia and steer the country towards a more Western integration.

More video.

UPDATED 1.28 10am:

Great news from ZH:  Russia Threatens with Pulling Bailout as Ukrainian Government Resigns.
Mykola Azurov, the prime minister of Ukraine, (and his cabinet) has resigned. The move comes as the government faced losing a no confidence vote and being stripped off their power. It seems the opposition (pro-Europe) are gaining momentum once again as the Ukraine also repealed the controversial anti-protest laws that created more tension last week. The Russians are not amused and have warned that they may reconsider the $15 billion bailout offer if the current government is removed.
Wow.  Congrats to the freedom fighters, but don't rest until you see it through!

Quote of the Day

 From Comrade Bob Owens regarding the MD Mall Shooter, Darion Aguilar, from last week:
For whatever reason, this “gentle,” quiet, vegan, animal-loving skateboarder decided to murder people.
 Just another gun-free zone shooting by a liberal.  Democrats: The Party of Blood.

We have no plans to say anything more.

SOTU 2014

Our dear leader has to take the podium this week and, in doublespeak, tell us how great the state of the union is in 2014.  These are moments when we cherish the fact that we cancelled cable.

We suspect his speech will be as coherent as that 5-page book report I wrote in high school the day before it was due about a book that I didn't read.

I'm toying with the idea of live-blogging the speech if I can find a streaming link, but this decision will be heavily weighed against options such as: 1) clipping my toenails, 2) going to bed early, 3) going out in the sub-zero weather for a 10-mile run.

So in case we miss the speech, here are some images floating around the interwebs that you might get a kick out of:

From Moonbattery:

From ATRS:




Fawstin: "This is how an American sits through an Obama statist of the union speech"


From FB Comrade J:  (Warning: this might be an old image that was used for previous state of the union speeches...)

Ushanka Interview: Mr. B.

[Our first attempt at a Google Doc interview.  I posted a document to Comrade Mr. B., from In the Middle of the Right blog fame, with all of my questions and asked him to fill in his answers.]

Karl:  Comrade Mr. B!  Thank you for joining us at the virtual Ushanka Studios today for this short interview.  

Mr. B:  My pleasure

Karl:  So I sent you the link to the TechCrunch article about the Google Glasses event in a Columbus Ohio movie theater.  Apparently the theater manager saw a customer with Google Glasses go into the new Jack Ryan movie.  He called the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  DHS shows up with several local police officers and mall security and detain the guy for over an hour until he proved he was not recording the movie.  Can you share with me you initial reaction when you read this story?

Mr. B:  Well, first of all, I would wonder why they thought that he was recording the movie….they’d have to prove to me a reasonable suspicion, or get a warrant to find out. IIRC, I have the “presumption of innocence” on my side. I’d be polite, but firm in my refusal….

Then there is the question of detaining me. For what? At best the theater management could have asked me to leave. Any question of copyright issues should have been brought up by the copyright owner….Which I would NOT think is the theater manager.

I think that I’d have retained an attorney and sued for unlawful detention/arrest. IF they prevented me from leaving (and I’d have asked for a refund) then they would have had to arrest me. Being arrested isn’t fun (Been there, done that) but it isn’t the end of the world. Make them escalate the issue. The farther they push things, the more foolish they look later. Cooperate and be polite if you go this far. Don’t raise your voice, and never get snotty. Be firm and polite.

Karl:  How would you respond to someone sitting next to him in a theater and grabbing his glasses off of his face?  Do you have suggestions for others on the level of cooperation when pulled into the lobby by DHS?

Mr. B:  See above….the person who pulled the glasses off would have been charged with assault...either in criminal or civil court…. the above charges for unlawful detention would be brought against the officers involved.

Karl:  Mr. B, I wanted your opinions on this because of your keen eye on police abuse.  Some of the blogs yell “Police State!”  It is hard to argue against that claim when you’re pulled out of a theater and required to prove your innocence to “5-10” police officers.  

Mr. B:  More probably just bored cops. “Police State” is an entirely different kettle of fish. These were (likely) out of control officers...bored and wanting something to do.

Karl:  One question that comes to mind from this story is: “Are there DHS agents standing by to race to the local movie theater?”  I remember my few times of calling 911 to ask for police help with noisy neighbors or suspicious activity, and having to sell the operator on the need to send an officer.  A theater manager calls, and “5-10” officers respond?

Mr. B:  Again, you have to understand….Police like to have their friends and other officers around...if nothing else is happening, you’ll end up with a bunch of them for a really minor issue. (Makes you wonder why we need all those officers of we can spare them from the streets….who is patrolling/responding if they are all at the theater??). and this usually leads to an overreaction from the cops…..they have to find SOMETHING to justify all those man hours wasted.
Really, the overreaction is a management issue. The supervisor/shift sergeant should have made the other unneeded officers go back to patrol duties as soon as the situation stabilized. But that is what cop behavior is like. That is something that needs to change, but it comes from the top.

Remember that police officers are human...they act like the rest of us do….Sadly, they aren’t all (or even most) the smartest members of our society...In many ways they act like any other large group of people when together….and they are (often) somewhat immature and don’t realize it. Think of a group of young toughs in high’ll find very similar behaviors. When you add in the power (real and perceived) of their position and badge…..

Karl:  Another unanswered question is: Did DHS contact the theater manager in some community outreach effort to enlist his help?  Something like Napalitano’s “If you see something, say something.”  If so, this is like a federal neighborhood watch program.  Is there a number I can call if my wife and I have our friends over to watch Agenda, for example, and one of our friends is wearing Google Glasses?

Mr. B:  I dunno. One would wonder why DHS officers would be involved. The only thing I can suggest is that is was a slow night at the cop shop….

Karl:  Mr. B, do you have any peaceful protest ideas?  I have one idea.  Why not get our fellow bloggers to link to the Yelp URL for the offending theater?  Why not give one-star ratings to any business that drops a dime on their customers to the DHS.

Mr. B:  Not a bad idea… and email the theater management and refuse to patronize the theater chains that do this.

Karl:  Thanks for your time, Mr. B, and stay warm in this crazy weather.  On the plus side, nobody is getting shot up in Chicago!

Mr. B:  Just at a slower rate…..

BPE Supplement: A Military Career

Allow me to add to Aaron Clarey's advice on a career in the military.  He makes a great case for joining the military at the age of 18 in Chapter 5 of his latest book, Bachelor Pad Economics.

He explains the young member of the military will have food, shelter, clothing and healthcare covered - in addition to a paycheck.  He explains that the same young man who doesn't join will have to compete in a civilian job market where he is not taken seriously.  He emphasizes the education opportunities available in the military - at no cost.  Thus, the debt-free life.  I could tell you more, but if any of this is relevant to your life you need to step up and buy the book to hear more.

I'd like to offer some additional advice.  I enjoy reading Clarey's books and blog posts because he and I have several things in common.  These include growing up in the mid-west, having frustrating careers in the mortgage industry, suffering a string of stupid bosses, and a sincere sadness at the state of the union in the areas of quality parents, opportunities for growth, and advice for the next generation.

Why young men should consider a career in the military - a supplement to the advice in Bachelor Pad Economics:

My Background: 

I served 14 years in the Army Reserves in both enlisted (E-1 to E-5) and commissioned (O-1 to O-3) ranks.  I only have fond memories of my time in uniform, which is why my comments below are overwhelmingly positive, and probably a bit naive. 

Pay and Advancement

All pay, from the private to the general, is published for all to see.  There are no secrets about compensation like there are in the corporate world.

The same goes for promotions.  Promotional requirements come down to a point system.  Performance, PT, education, time in service and other factors all add up to a score, and promotions in the non-commissioned officer ranks only occur when a score exceeds the minimum threshold.  Two additional perks: performance must be quantitative, not subjective to the whims of a biased rater.  And, college education carries a TON of weight in the scoring process - a HUGE incentive for the enlisted service member to take advantage of the education benefits.

Are there unfair practices in the promotion process?  Maybe.  If so, it is well hidden.  If so, there is very little room for subjective influence.  But it is a guarantee that it is a minimum compared to the civilian sector.


Where else can you get a group of co-workers who are 1) drug free, 2) super healthy, 3) have, like you, taken the largest risk of their lives by joining the service, and 4) are self-driven?

Diversity.  (I think this is the first time I've used the word "diversity" at Ushanka without being sarcastic.)  The military is the ONLY place where diversity works.  It works so well that liberals feel compelled to infiltrate this success to call it their own.  Recruiters don't have any quotas.  They sign-up whoever wants to join and meets the minimum standards.  Then they send them into the basic training units without any regard to skin color.  What you have is a REAL melting pot - a stressful situation for everyone that forms a bond you'll never get in the civilian world.  Not even a fire or police department can duplicate this bond.  Yes, there is racism and sexism in the service.  But, believe it or not, I never saw it.


There is NO WHERE in the world where a young man can be assigned more responsibility than in the military.  And, trust me, being assigned responsibility is a huge factor in job satisfaction.  You'll be assigned the responsibility, shown the standard, and expected to meet it.  The mission, and often lives, are at stake.

Real Leaders

Clarey is right that many bosses in the military are duds.  (I have a perfect story, several actually, to prove this point.  For another time...)  But it is equally true that there is NO WHERE you'll find a higher percentage of real leaders either.  Again, trust me here.  The military is an environment where the duds can't help but expose themselves.  It is not a perfect system that expels all the dead weight, but it is a superior system to anything you can find in the civilian sector. 

It took me years to figure out this is the single biggest benefit of the military.  My resume might be two pages, but only a single line is devoted to my military service.  When asked in an interview, it becomes a speech and the main reason for being hired.  I list off the different type of leaders I worked for.  What management and leadership styles they used and their level of success.  What they did that I have adopted myself, what they did that I discarded.  There are no other experiences on the planet that expose a young man to more leadership styles, traits and practices than the military.  And that is raw currency in the job market.


The active duty member will have a chain of command who, essentially, own you.  They get involved if you do something stupid like take on more debt than you can handle.  This may sound harsh, but in the civilian world, as Clarey points out time and again, nobody is looking out for you. 


The average young man has lived in one or two places his whole life.  If he joins the military he is sent somewhere completely new for his training, then sent somewhere else for duty.  That "somewhere else" has often been Iraq and Afghanistan - places that will give any objective liberal (if there are any) an appreciation for the American system.  The military has a way of sending you to the most God-forsaken places in the world to give you the perspective necessary to best fight for your country.  (And this translates into a wonderful tingle-down-the-spine during the National Anthem.)

I grew up near Chicago and was sent to basic training in Alabama at the age of 18.  It was there, not high school, where I learned about the Civil War (which, I learned, isn't completely over!).  It was the South where I learned where the core of our fighting men come from and where the core of America exists.  It was there I took my first sip of sweet tea (not trivial).

As to Social Engineering

Yes, Obama is President.  Yes, the higher ranks of the military have become politicized and polluted with "YES" men when it comes to integrating gays, diversity training, moral relativism, diluting excellence, etc.  And, for good and bad I suppose, those same men are "NO" men when it comes to taking risk and taking the fight to the enemy.

But, because the military is the one part of our government that actually has to perform, these social engineering efforts are controlled so as to not cripple the mission.  And for that reason, no matter how bad it is in the military, the social engineering in the civilian sector is worse and always will be.

Advice - Be the Tip of the Spear

My biggest regret is that I dipped my toe rather than pushed all my chips in.  I knew nothing about the military when I joined.  I just had an unconscious drive to be challenged.  It wasn't a choice - my feet took me to the recruiter and my hand signed the form.  But I joined the Reserves as a hedge.  Shame on me.  It turned out that I loved the military.

To those considering the military, please read and re-read this advice:  Get as close to the tip of the spear as you can.  Why?

1) During wartime it is likely the safest.  Not logical - I know.  The tip-of-the-spear guys get to choose where and when to fight.  They initiate contact and they fight to win.  The further away from the tip is to accept risks such as IEDs, "trusted" locals shooting you, and accidents like a pallet of equipment falling on your head.  You also avoid traitors like the cross-dressing homosexual who gave thousands of documents to wikileaks.

2) The best peers.  Only the best get to work at the tip of the spear.  The competition is high, and only those who earn the trust of their peers and superiors get to participate.

3) You only live once.  Why not be the best?

4) I'm biased, but this spear means ground combat - Army or Marines.  If you are not out in the rain and in the mud 24/7, you're not anywhere near the spear, let alone the tip.  Don't let the Air Force or Navy tell you they've got the spear opportunities.  They do (ie. SEALS), but their primary missions involve data centers, ships, cubicles, etc. 

Advice - Self Confidence

Clarey leads his military career advice with his regret of not joining when he was young.  I have heard more candid regrets from close friends who SUFFER with the thought that they made a key life mistake by not joining.

There are times when I'm faced with a douche of a boss, or someone else in a position to judge me, who only assess my value based on his life, his career or his priorities.  It is these few moments in life where I can look across the table and express zero reaction to their judgement.  Because I know.  And he knows.  And he realizes I know that he knows - WHO at that table has really known hard work, long hours, a competitive environment, personal risk, selfless duty, teamwork, and great responsibility.

Still need more advice?  Really??

Aaron Clarey just posted this video where he responds to active service members' desire to leave the service.

Comrades!  Buy the book!

Thanks for sharing:  Matt Bracken on FB, IOTW, Captain Capitalism.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

He's Got Your Back!

Good news for George Zimmerman, PA voters, and victims of the Knockout Game!

Our Dear Leader commanded today:
To anyone out there who has ever been assaulted: You are not alone. We have your back. I’ve got your back.
The context is supposedly directed to college women who are raped nearly every day due to a lack of free ______ that the Republicans refuse to pay for.  

And while those victims celebrate the coming executive orders, they should remember well that it took him over 5 years to get around to doing something about their safety.

Ukraine Proves Us Wrong

I've mentioned several times here that if you see a violent protest, communists and communist inspirations are behind the scenes.  This is true with our Occupy protests, AIG protests, IMF protests,  G-8 protests, etc.  The single motive - despite what they say - is to hurt capitalism.

So a correction is in order after the three months of protests in Ukraine.  I mis-spoke.  Our rule does not fully apply to all protests.  The Ukrainian protests are about freedom and their future.

And proud we are of those in the Kiev streets reacting to the first steps down the wrong path.  Even if you want to ignore the DARK history between the two countries, Russia poses a threat to the Ukraine of the future.  Not tyranny so much as an anchor against future growth and liberty.  Russia has serious human rights issues that will only go away when Putin and his clan are removed from all government offices.  And Russia has a history of using oil contracts and pipelines to persuade neighboring dependent countries to share the Russian position du jour.  The Ukranian leader chose dependency and soft tyranny, and the people noticed. 

I only wish the US had engaged citizens like that.  Don't tell me the Ukrainians are a version of the US Tea Party.  Do you notice the age difference?  Do you notice the passion?  Do you notice the numbers that show up every day?

Fletch Lives quote, 1:45 mark: 
It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. I am not a big man.

Today's news: The leaders of the Ukrainian protests have rejected the proposed compromise from the President.  They have stuck to their demands and pushed away from the table.  Bravo!

More at WZ.

Top Zombie Books

Ahh, the Zombie book.  Where imagination, horror and twisted humor reign.  Built on the blank slate of the 1968 Romero movie, Night of the Living Dead, the Zombie genre has gone comedy (Fido, Zombieland), horror (I Am Legend), and action (World War Z).  The latter, World War Z, came from the book of the same name - a book we found rather dull.  (Really?  The UN is going to save the world??)

It is in the Zombie books where you will find the brilliant writers.

I've read dozens of zombie books.  Most are ok.  Some I tossed in the trash within the first 50 pages.  But some are at the same story-telling excellence of Stephen King or Tom Clancy.   So let me share these few that are superior.  These will not disappoint.  You will not be able to put these books down.

Mountain Man, by Keith C. Blackmore

The first of three.  We just finished the third today and it was the author's storytelling skills that motivated us to take an hour to write this post. 

It is a story of the everyman.  You'll watch the characters make mistakes and stumble in the new world.  Some parts are tense, some gory, and some hilarious.  You'll experience the dialogue between a survivor and his bottle of booze! 

One aspect that earned my respect: nothing was repeated.  Every killing, chase and scene was unique and original.

The story is great, but the author takes it to a new level in humor, suspense and character development.  The Mountain Man series (3) are by far the best Zombie books ever.

Quotes from book 1:

The second undead crashed into him and bit into his visor.  The putrid smell of the decomposing flesh swamped Gus and almost made him swoon.  His shotgun pinned against his chest, he angled it under the zombie's working jaw and exploded the top of the dead fucker's head, flowering the ceiling in a nasty soup of decayed gore and brain matter.  Particles freckled Gus's visor, and the touch of it sent a Shit through his mind.

The reek of the dead hung throughout the house like a popped blood blister.  It would have made their eyes water if they had the moisture to spare.
Book 3:
They turned around and stopped in their tracks.  A crowd of undead came around the corner of the building, slinking and smiling as if they had just heard a truly amazing joke.  They swayed on their feet, gesturing with limbs that, in some cases, were not whole.  

He struggled to see, and gradually a black line of warriors standing before a crowd of Moe came into view.  The zombies approached the end of the slope and, heedless of the five-foot embankment, fell and landed flat on their faces.  The line of men moved forward, and the reaving began.  Axes and mauls rose and fell in time with war cries and the wail of the dead.

Zombie, Ohio by Scott Kenemore

The author has published two in this series with a third expected in May.  The author is a true zombie aficionado, having published zombie 'non-fiction' books such as The Art of Zombie Warfare.  You'll learn things about zombies that no movie can convey.  Plus... you'll know what it is like to be a zombie.  The challenges, cravings, and benefits.

UPDATED 4.29.14:  His third book, Zombie, Indiana, is now in print.  It is his third in his Midwest series, but is a stand-alone story so you can read this first if you want.  Chapter 1 was our favorite, and it said nothing of zombies!

Day by Day Armageddon by J. L. Bourne

The author is an active duty officer in the US Navy.  His theme in the three-book series is in the form of a diary.  It starts when the world is normal, and you get to experience the "transition" in real time.  An excellent zombie story, but with some twists that will blow your mind.

UPDATED August 2016:  There are now four books in this series.  I noticed the story losing some of its excitement and originality in the third book.  I just bought the fourth book and stopped reading a short way into it.  I'd suggest that you get books #1 and #2, then move onto something else.

Black Tide Rising by John Ringo

Get ready for a high-speed family of four in this four-book series.  You'll experience day #1 when nothing seems wrong.  Then you'll flee to the Atlantic with this family when the world collapses under a [man made?] virus that turns humans into flesh-eating, yet living, zombies.

The author does an excellent job at predicting the challenges of organizing survivors, seeking supplies and re-establishing human civilization.

The Girl with All the Gifts, by M. R. Carey  (added Aug. 2016)

The zombie apocalypse appears to have run its course.  The zombies are slowing down, or have stopped all together.  There are still threats: raiders, soldiers, scientists and more.  This is a survival story about a beautiful young girl and her school teacher.  It is a story of optimism and determination.  

Some of the finest writing ever.  Very creative.  What an adorable girl!  You will love this story.

(Added Aug. 2018) The author has added a book to this series: The Boy on the Bridge. Same fantastic creativity and writing. 

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge, by Larry Correia and John Ringo (added Aug. 2018)

This is the first in a three-book series.  The story is set in the 80's and is about an ex-Marine, Chad, with a gift for combat. Through an act of God, he discovers the supernatural are real - all things evil and a few things not. (Think GhostBusters and Men In Black, but more raw.) Zombies, vampires, werewolves and plenty of monsters you've never heard of.  The battle scenes are many, brutal and unique. 


An additional recommendation: buy these books in paperback.  I've shared my copies with family, friends and co-workers with 100% success.

U/T: the better half for reviewing and adding to this post.  She has read all of these books too.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ukraine Photos

Found at Imgur:

It is surprising that only five died yesterday.

Cincinnati's Hammer and Sickle

We ventured over to the West side of Cincinnati today to grab some video of the billboard that has been there for months.  It says "Workplace Freedom Act" and sports two very large hammer and sickles.

The "Workplace Freedom Act" billboard is along side the 75 Freeway facing Southbound traffic.  This billboard exists alongside other Ohio freeways in Columbus (the state capitol) and Cleveland.

Ohio legislation - Workplace Freedom Act - will convert Ohio into a right to work state.  It is similar legislation that put Wisconsin on the map and triggered the Scott Walker repeal attempt.  The main threat to unions is that they can force people to join their union or pay union dues.

There are two things that are odd about this billboard:

1) America has come a long way to where the symbol of communism, an ideology responsible for 100 million deaths in the last century, can exist on billboards in relatively large cities and no controversy exists.  Some will say this is a good thing, others will take the opposite position.

2) And who is behind this billboard?  Are the right to work advocates using the hammer and sickle to show their opponents' true intentions?  That would be quite accurate!  Oddly, it is the unions behind these billboards.  Don't ask us why. 


Media Trackers: Union Front We Are Ohio Smears Workplace Freedom as Racist
RedState: Union Billboard: "Workplace Freedom Act Poisons Workers" Billboards Reignite Debate Over 'Right to Work' Proposal
M. M. Tusay (pro-union): The Worst Ad Campaign I've Ever Seen
RedState: Workplace Freedom Bills Introduced in Ohio House
Ohioans For Workplace Freedom (Pro Legislation)
Protect Ohio Middle Class (Pro Union)

This is all so confusing.  I think I'm going to go take a power nap and rest my brain...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Modern Day Manifesto

Regular readers know I've been actively responding to leftists who say Obama is not a communist or socialist or statist or facist, or whatever label du jour.  So imagine my surprise when the left comes out with a book that promotes Socialism.  Playing both sides, I guess.

Michael Moore, Bill Ayers, and others are rallying around an updated version of Marx's Communist Manifesto.

This one is called Imagine Living in a Socialist USA, by unknown author Francis Goldin.

This review rocks:

The left has no soul, no core, no standards.  Today they are pro-socialism and as we approach the next election we'll hear how they are pro-capitalism. 

I'll stick to the Ushanka slogan I developed almost eight years ago:  Tracking Communist Activities Globally, and Communist Inspirations Nationally.


Meme of the Day

So true.

U/T: Jason

Rorshach Test of the Day

Put your one-word response in the comment section.

U/T: FB Comrade J, and Adobe.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tab Clearing

You're really living in a bubble if one of these items below doesn't anger you.  Each of these stories deserve their own Ushanka post and rant, but as the wise John Goodman once said: "So many social engagements.  So little time."

First: Ukraine.

It is getting rough over there.  CNN is reporting four dead.  These are the first deaths in the recent civil unrest, and I'd normally be quick to say a terrible new phase has started. But then I saw the videos.  Both sides are escalating.

More video:  Liveleak.

Is it ironic to note that the people fighting against the agreement with Russia are using a weapon (Molotov Cocktails) named after Stalin's most loyal aide?  Regardless, that is a serious escalation and one that would warrant a more serious response.  If I may suggest, if your cause requires fire bombs, your cause has transitioned from "civil unrest" to "revolution."

(Would it be called "Double Ironic" to note that the Molotov Cocktail was named by the most fiercest of anti-Soviets, the Finns?)

Anyhoo....  the story is the same as it was when we posted on it over a month ago.  The Ukrainian leader was elected on the promise of a more Western integration focus, but then chose a pact with Russia over the one offered by the Europeans.

Imagine an elected leader going against the best wishes of the people who voted for him.  I know!  Crazy!

I'll keep an eye out for a more clarifying view on the unrest.  With what I know now, both sides could be blamed.  Two things to leave you with here:  1) Look at the crowds.  This is no Occupy-type wanna-be protest, and 2) keep in mind there may be some off-shoot anarchist group who are doing the fire-bomb escalations.

More insight at GuerrillAmerica:
I’ve been loosely following developments in Ukraine, and have watched protests slowly evolve into riots and then real fighting between protesters and security forces.  There’s a very real possibility that Ukraine is in a civil war.  Parts of Kyiv (the capital; Ukrainian spelling, not Russian) look like something out of Mad Max.  In short, the battle is over with which side Ukraine will align herself: the European Union or Russia.
UPDATED 1.23.14 4pm:  Ann Barnhardt's post on Ukraine. 

UPDATED 1.23.14 8:30pm: Doug posts 15 photos from the civil unrest.

Next, Mark Witaschek.

Who is he?  He's a DC resident who was arrested for having a sabot round in his DC house.  Not a gun.  Not an "arsenal."  Not even a working cartridge of ammo.  A Sabot bullet (left) that is used in a muzzleloader.

The same prosecutor, Irvin Nathan (middle) who didn't pursue David Gregory when he waved a 30-round magazine on national television is prosecuting Mark (right).   Washington Times, October 23, 2013:
Mark Witaschek, a successful financial adviser with no criminal record, is facing two years in prison for possession of unregistered ammunition after D.C. police raided his house looking for guns. Mr. Witaschek has never had a firearm in the city, but he is being prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The trial starts on Nov. 4.

The police banged on the front door of Mr. Witaschek’s Georgetown home at 8:20 p.m. on July 7, 2012, to execute a search warrant for “firearms and ammunition … gun cleaning equipment, holsters, bullet holders and ammunition receipts.”
More info:  For What It's Worth (blog), Washington Times, Jan 20, III Percenter (blog).

Next, that explosion in Minneapolis.  Remember?

Another story that has escaped a thorough analysis here at Ushanka.  Too many social engagements....

So you remember the vacant building next to the Mosque that experienced an explosion on New Year's day?  Three bodies were found, but not identified until much later.  There was no investigation because the building was destroyed a couple days later.  (Please read that last sentence again.)

Comrade Mr B posted about this today, and we have some hard-working bloggers digging into the story.  He links to Free North Carolina blog, and to the best analysis to-date at the Gates of Vienna blog.

Gates of Vienna lists the crimes that occurred after the explosion.  The coverup, the changing stories, the destruction of evidence, etc.  Fascinating.  We'd add that the MSM should be guilty of something for not keeping this story alive. 

And last.  Wyoming.

Rated the freest state year after year, the people of Wyoming should assume they are always in the cross hairs of those who dislike freedom. 

Apparently, a bureaucrat in the bowels of the EPA has decided the Wind River Indians deserve more land.  Debate?  Nah.  Just confiscate one million acres from the state of Wyoming and give that land to the Wind River reservation.  Who cares if non-Indians live on that land?  EPA PDF.

I got nothing else to say.  It appears it was that simple.  That blatant.

But hey, it couldn't happen here...

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The Wendy Davis Rolling Snowball

We can't keep up!

This pro-abortion Democrat (I repeat myself) is running for governor of Texas.

She epitomizes the Democrat Party in her incompetence, vacuousness, selfishness, petiness and on and on and on.  She is the face of the Democrat Party.

Here are links because we don't have the energy to keep up with her spectacular implosion.  We'll return to add more links...

The core article, written by a liberal at Dallas News: As Wendy Davis touts life story in race for governor, key facts blurred.

Legal Insurrection's review of the Dallas News article:  Uh oh, Wendy Davis' life story not what it seems.
Will it matter? A misleading personal narrative didn’t hurt Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and doesn’t hurt her among progressives because they don’t care any more than they cared about Bill Clinton abusing his power over a young female intern to elicit sexual favors.

But Texas isn’t Massachusetts, and the Texas electorate doesn’t sleep with copies of The Nation and Mother Jones under their pillows.
 Breitbart - The Conversation: Wendy Davis Feminism: Stand By Your Man Until the Bills are Paid.
Wendy Davis is continuing in the footsteps of "great" feminist leaders who climbed up the political ladder on the backs of the men who supported them financially.
I Own The World: About that Wendy Davis - 'Does she even LISTEN to herself?'.

They link to Twitchy: #WendyDavisStruggles.

PJ Media reports Wendy is now going pro-gun to get her momentum back: Reeling Wendy Davis Grasps for Guns, Tells AP that Her Origins Story is now Off-Limits.


WSJ's James Taranto:
The details of the Davises' marriage and divorce would be a purely private matter were they not so sharply at variance with the up-from-the-bootstraps tale she has been spinning. "My story of struggle and sacrifice is not unique," she tweeted defiantly yesterday. "it is the story of millions of Texas women."

That's an example of feminism's false promise. As it turns out, for Wendy Davis marriage really was the answer to poverty. But even in Texas, there aren't millions of Jeff Davises to go around.