Thursday, January 02, 2014

Three Stories About Standards

Story 1: My wife and I decided in late 2007 to leave flee California.  We lived in an area that was losing jobs, we hated the high tax rates, we hated having our resolutions reversed by courts, we owned a small home and wanted more space, and we desired to live where neighbors were friends.  That state's 10-day "cooling off period" for gun-buyers was an insult too.

It took us a year, but we moved to Ohio in November 2008.

I wish we could say we knew the future and just how bad California would get, but all we could do in 2007 was recognize things weren't right.  We left friends behind who get up early and pay into a system so others don't have to.

Story 2:  Colorado went full-lib after the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut last year.  The elected 'betters' passed all kinds of silly gun-control measures on the little people and went so far that two members of the legislature were recalled

Today Colorado gun magazine manufacturer, Magpul, announced they are leaving fleeing Colorado for Texas and Wyoming.  Bravo, Magpul, Bravo.

Story 3:  The Sandy Hook tragedy also inspired gun-grabbers in that state.  Citizens Subjects were ordered to register their no-no items this past week.  They chose to comply rather than leave flee.

Here they are lining up, as if for a shower.

The Moral of this Post:

When you see something wrong 
and don't do anything, 

you've just set a new standard.

UPDATED 1.3.13 10am:

Quoting Dave at MoonBattery about the photo above:
First they register the guns. Then they confiscate the guns. Then they do anything they damn well please.

This will happen in every state where the Democrat Party prevails. The camps won’t open until it has happened nationally.

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