Thursday, January 09, 2014

Christie Summed Up in 2 Minutes

Bob tells you everything you need to know about that petulant NJ governor in two minutes.  Frankly, that's more time than that RINO is worth.

Did you know there are still Hurricane Sandy victims who need help 15 months after the storm? 

Christie is the media's golden GOP boy for 2016.  He'll emerge in a few months, with the media's help, as a "survivor" who "overcame" opposition to him by "opportunists."

If a state senator in Illinois can vote three times for infanticide and still get elected president, Christie's traffic jam won't be an issue by 2016.

Meanwhile, the lady who died due to Christie's intentional traffic jam... is still dead.  Best blog post title yet: Christie Lied.  An Old Lady Died.

UPDATED 10 minutes later...

A FB Comrade just shared this.

UPDATED 1.12.14:

If you have two more minutes, check out Ann Barnhardt's post on the subject.

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