Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ukraine Proves Us Wrong

I've mentioned several times here that if you see a violent protest, communists and communist inspirations are behind the scenes.  This is true with our Occupy protests, AIG protests, IMF protests,  G-8 protests, etc.  The single motive - despite what they say - is to hurt capitalism.

So a correction is in order after the three months of protests in Ukraine.  I mis-spoke.  Our rule does not fully apply to all protests.  The Ukrainian protests are about freedom and their future.

And proud we are of those in the Kiev streets reacting to the first steps down the wrong path.  Even if you want to ignore the DARK history between the two countries, Russia poses a threat to the Ukraine of the future.  Not tyranny so much as an anchor against future growth and liberty.  Russia has serious human rights issues that will only go away when Putin and his clan are removed from all government offices.  And Russia has a history of using oil contracts and pipelines to persuade neighboring dependent countries to share the Russian position du jour.  The Ukranian leader chose dependency and soft tyranny, and the people noticed. 

I only wish the US had engaged citizens like that.  Don't tell me the Ukrainians are a version of the US Tea Party.  Do you notice the age difference?  Do you notice the passion?  Do you notice the numbers that show up every day?

Fletch Lives quote, 1:45 mark: 
It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. I am not a big man.

Today's news: The leaders of the Ukrainian protests have rejected the proposed compromise from the President.  They have stuck to their demands and pushed away from the table.  Bravo!

More at WZ.

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