Monday, February 29, 2016

Blogroll Changes UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 2.13.16]


I recently found The Marshall Report.  Probably through a fellow Trump supporter.  A great blog with topics and views similar to Ushanka.  I am visiting daily.

I have also been visiting The Conservative Treehouse blog for a while now.  Their pro-Trump posts are like-minded, and their content solid.  I added this blog to the Commercial section, however.  Too many ads and automatic ad reloads.


RightWingNews - from the "Comrades" section to the "Other Good Blogs" section.  John Hawkins is a Cruz supporter, which is great as Cruz would be very good for this country.  But Mr. Hawkins has become both unhinged in his support, and a leader of the 'bash Trump on social media' mob.  He has sacrificed his new-media credibility with crap like this.

From yesterday:

From today:

Moved for the same reason, Comrade Diann's Patriot Retort.  Diann is a Cruz supporter, and she too has not been tolerant of the opinions of fellow Republicans.  She recently took the actions of a few loony Trump supporters and applied their views to the full movement and the candidate himself:

In a lot of ways, extremist Sharia adherents and these extremist Trump supporters have a lot in common. They both like to issue fatwas against anyone who dare blaspheme against their Prophet. They have their favorite websites where they go to read about the latest blasphemy against their demi-god and then they rush to Twitter and attack whoever it is who dared to defy him.
I've asked her to post her reasons for Cruz, rather than attack Trump or his supporters.  Isn't that what we should be doing?  It is what I did.

If she posted a Cruz-specific list, I haven't seen it. 


YouTube channel MainePrepper.

The channel has been deleted.

UPDATED 2.24.16:

Apparently John Hawkins unfriended me on Facebook.  He doesn't tolerate views other than his own.   It doesn't make sense to have a link to him here anymore, so I've removed it.

UPDATED and BUMPED 2.29.16:

Same for Diann at PatriotRetort, who has gone Full Glenn Beck.   Her post today about Trump supporters wanting a tyrant:
Many who support Trump admit that their vote for Trump is a big “fuck you” to Washington. They don’t give a damn if Trump is able to “Make America Great Again.” It doesn’t matter what he says or does. They simply see him as the best chance to stick it to everyone they hate. Their desire to “blow up the Establishment” is so virulent, they really don’t care if the collateral damage caused by the explosion also obliterates our Constitution, Individual Liberty, Free Speech, Private Property or anything else for that matter.
Have you noticed too that the Bitter Cruzingers reference nameless critics and their horrible reasons for supporting Trump?  Nor do they link to those who put their reasons in writing - like me.

UPDATED 3.7.16:

MoonBattery is gone.   Claiming Trump supporters want a dictator is disingenuous, and sets a lower standard for objectivity than Ushanka readers deserve. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump. Perspective.

This is a tribute post dedicated to America's grandmothers.

If you wasted time on social media as I did today, you'd now know from the Bitter Cruzingers that Trump has a long history with the KKK, he cheats on his taxes, and he is the second coming of Mussolini.

What you may have missed is an exchange between some grandmothers:

BTW, Trump had a crowd of 30,000 in Alabama today.  3,000 more were unable to get into the event.

I'm trying to stay emotionally unattached in my support for Trump.  How about you?

The Next Market Shock

Jim Rickards called the China market collapse two years before it happened.  Here he is predicting the next market shock - this time in Saudi Arabia - in a January 18 broadcast .  It is his explanation of why that you should listen for.  He gives us a very candid summary of what is happening in the Middle East.

I have read both of his books and have pre-ordered his third book.  I have found Jim to be the most reasoned of financial minds out there and will continue to follow him.

Jim's Blog.

Jim's Amazon page.

UPDATED 8:30pm:

I posted this during the first half of the video.  I later discovered the second half of the video is Jim selling his newsletter with investment advice for those who agree with his currency war predictions.  Probably good stuff, but I did not intend to post an ad here. 

Great info in the first half.  Don't waste your time with the second half unless you have $2k/yr to pay for a newsletter.  And if you do, feel free to share with your comrade Karl!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Ted Cruz Already Apologized For That. Oh wait...

Seen during my S2 review at DailyKos:

Trump Derangement Syndrome level at DailyKos:  DEFCON 4.   

Check back the day after Trump's first debate with Hillary.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Feel the Earn

A hearty Ushanka Tip to our comrades over at The People's Cube for this one. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bitter Cruzingers - Part I

[See Part II - here.]

Behold, the Bitter Cruzinger:
The unhinged Cruz supporter who spends 100% of their political discourse on the denunciations of Trump and his supporters - either overtly or covertly.  The Bitter Cruzinger does not offer and explain Cruz policy positions or campaign promises in an effort to persuade, but instead expects Trump supporters to succumb to endless sniping and empty criticisms, expecting them to switch to Cruz to end the shaming and peer pressure.  Some Bitter Cruzingers have pledged to not vote in November.
As far as I know, not one Trump supporter has succumbed to this pressure or these insults.

This is my third post on this topic.  Post 1, and Post 2.

Here is my post explaining my support for Trump.

My Motivation:

This is the first primary where my choice was winning.  In all previous primaries I supported the GOP nominee in the general election.

I assumed my fellow Republicans shared this same principle.  Many do not.  There is a fracture now among conservatives that fascinates me.  Hence this post.

Not My Motivation:

I have no emotion in my support for Trump.  He is the best option from my unique perspective.

I don't judge my friends who support others.  I support them, knowing we are all on the same team in November.

The only emotion I've felt during the primaries is towards the Bitter Cruzingers - those few Cruz supporters who, for six weeks now, have spent their social media time calling Trump supporters "stupid," implying such, comparing Trump to Hitler and us to brown shirts, and more.  They are like liberals with their rage and immaturity.

The Great Unfriending:

John Hawkins unfriended me.  He didn't say why, but I suspect he was tiring of me calling-out his bullshit.  Like this:

I have unfriended three so far.  I told all three that I was tired of the Trump bashing and asked them to start saying positive things about Cruz.  They continued their Trump bashing.

This Could Have Been A Close Primary:

Had the Bitter Cruzingers spent their time promoting the policy positions and campaign promises of Ted Cruz, rather than unhinge themselves from reality and the political discourse, this would be a closer race.  It'd be a 2-way race. 

Cruz allowed, and likely encouraged, this behavior of his followers.  He is to blame for a failed candidacy, as are the Bitter Cruzingers listed below.

Cruz had every chance (too many debates, IMO) to take the high road.  To explain his policies.  He did not.  He let Trump push his buttons and, instead, Cruz lost valuable minutes to distractions. 

Trump wins. Cruz loses.

Cruz showed up to campaign against other politicians.  He didn't have a chance against a guy who competes to win every day of his life.  If anything, this election is a message to all successful private-sector types who want to do something good for their country.

We need more ploblem-solvers like Trump.  They are out there.

The List:

How will these people walk-back their attacks?

How will they regain their credibility within conservative circles?

For some, I think their only option is to delete their posts during the 2016 primaries and hope the Internet forgets.

Rush Limbaugh
(link updated 2.25.16)
More Rush 2.29.16 
More Rush 5.3.16 (Day of Indiana Primary)

Glenn Beck
More Glenn (added 3.19.16)

More Erickson (added 4.2.16)

Bosch Fawstin

Diann (Patriot Retort)

another from Diann - added 2.29.16

Doug Ross (DirectorBlue)
Another from Doug (added 3.6.16)

John Hawkins (RightWingNews)

Dave Blout (MoonBattery)
More (added 5.4.16)
More (added 6.22.16)

Michael Reagan

(Added 2.28.16)

Thomas Sowell
(Added 3.2.16)

"Everyone understands that the best chance for stopping Trump
is for that fractured majority vote to consolidate behind
one candidate opposed to him. But who will step aside
for the good of the country?"

The Federalist
(added 3.3.16)

Mitt Romney
(added 3.4.16)

John Hinderaker
(added 3.6.16)

"I am not suggesting that Trump would try to seize dictatorial power if he were elected."

Bill Whittle
(added 3.11.16)

Andrew Klaven
(added 3.11.16)
(And 4.12.16)

Katie Pavlich
(added 3.14.16)

Bob Owens
(added 3.17.16)

Steve McCann
(added 3.22.16)

Dana Loesch
(added 3.23.16)
More Dana (added 5.11.16)

Radio host Dana Loesch, of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, personally attacked Donald Trump supporter and CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany, calling her “flat-chested.” McEnany began the process of having a preventative mastectomy due to being BRCA1 positive.
“Anyone who defends a candidate that has mocked a reporter’s disability, POWs, and blasted women as ‘bimbos’ with ‘blood coming out of their wherever’ surely has no problem with my addressing surrogates in a similar fashion,” added Loesch.

Matt Walsh
(added 3.27.16)

Victory Girls Blog
(added 3.27.16)

"Donald Trump has spent this election lying about everything.
He lies about his religion, claiming to be Christian one minute and the
next saying he doesn’t answer to God for anything. He lies about his
money, his success (or lack thereof), his political positions, hiring
illegal immigrants — everything. He lies, lies, lies, and
his followers eat it up like candy."

Robert Zubrin
(Added 4.12.16)

...because Trump has publicly stated that his methods of operation include
buying or renting the services of politicians for cash.

Members of Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum Board:
Eunie Smith, Anne Cori, Cathie Adams, Rosina Kovar, Shirley Curry, and Carolyn McLarty.
(Added 4.19.16)

John Podhoretz (Commentary Magazine)
(Added 4.19.16)

 William Jacobsen (Legal Insurrection)
(Added 4.28.16 - after Cruz is mathematically eliminated in 5 NE primary victories for Trump)

I hope Cruz manages to keep Trump from a first ballot victory, and then pulls out a second or third or fourth or whatever ballot win. Not for himself, and certainly not for the Republican Party.

It’s about country. And our individual liberty, to which both Mr. Donald J. Trump and Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton represent existential threats, each in their own special personal ways.

 Steve Berman (The Resurgent)
(Added 4.28.16)

Ben Howe (RedState)
(Added 5.3.16)

Charles Krauthammer
(Added 5.4.16)

Bret Stephens
(Added 5.4.16)
"sensible immigration policy"
"GOP’s descent into populism"
"all but guarantees another Clinton presidency"

Flopping Aces
(Added 5.6.16)
 So now we have it… A GOP nominee selected by Democrats, the media – and that includes the faux conservative media – and angry GOP voters not bright enough to recognize that while bluster and bombast might make for great reality TV, they rarely make for successful real world leaders, at least other than dictators.

Going Forward:

I am now calling-out everyone on FB or at my favorite blogs.  Those who are insulting, making unfounded claims or telling outright lies now get a response from me.  It is time these people get a grip on reality and start acting like adults.

I anticipate more unfriending.  Or as I refer to it: the cleansings.

Better to know who your real friends are - those who support your views and your decisions.

A hearty Ushanka Tip to the author of this:

Read Also:

Intellectual Froglegs:  EPIDEMIC ALERT: “TDS” aka Trump Derangement Syndrome

The opposite of a Bitter Cruzinger:  Earl of Taint - We Support Ted Cruz

UPDATED 3.12.16 10pm:

Comrade Diogenes is a Cruz supporter.  But she keeps things in perspective and hasn't gone off the deep end.  See her post today on the Chicago Trump rally that was cancelled as an example of objectivity and maturity.
And what I'm finding just as disgusting is the countering of healthy debate on legitimate right leaning websites like "Ace of Spades" and "The Right Scoop", while debasing themselves in such vehement hate of Donald Trump. The once powerful "HotAir" website is likewise just a clump of cinders because of blind hatred. 

UPDATED 3.14.16 11am:

I have posted Bitter Cruzinger - Part II.

Meme of the Day

By yours truly:


Quote of the Day

Dennis Miller, reacting to Obama's order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp:
If these Gitmo guys get back here to the states before November are they allowed to vote?

Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 will be an epic election year

Comrade Matt Bracken shared this on FB:

I wish I could show her Glorious Hat.  Although, do you think she'd get it?

I am definitely lighting a cigar today.  I'll probably go shooting too.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Afternoon Cigar

Rocky Patel Sun Grown in 70-degree sunlight while wearing my Intellectual Froglegs hat in pre-celebration of tonight's primary results in South Carolina.

In hindsight, the cigar was appropriate.  Jeb! dropped out.  Awesome.

I am reading The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad, by Harrison E. Salisbury. 

This book is exceeding all expectations.  I had expected to read only about the death and suffering within the city during the German assault.  I'm 200 pages into it and haven't read a word on that topic.  Instead, this is a very thorough account of the many events leading up to Operation Barbarossa at the tactical, strategic, diplomatic and political levels.  I've read before about the groupthink with Stalin and his cronies - not believing Germany was going to attack - but never at this level of detail.  Same for the German advances and the Soviet attempts to counterattack.  An incredible book.

U/T: to my old Army buddy for recommending this book.

Entertainment Suggestions

I recently watched the following movie and TV series.  Both were great.

Movie: Jane Got a Gun.
Status: Just out of theaters.  Not available yet on DVD or streaming.

Who doesn't like a strong American woman, wife and mother?

I haven't seen a pro-mother movie this good since Kill Bill.

The title says it all.  It is a movie about Jane.  She has a problem: some bad guys want to hunt down and kill her wounded husband, her and her daughter.  She only considers one solution: her gun.

The simple life.  The rugged life.  A great post-Civil War era Western about perseverance and survival.  A nice look back at what made America great.

Despite being rated R, I'd specifically recommend this for early-teen girls and their parents.

TV: Occupied
Status: Only on Netflix.  One season, 10 episodes @ 45mins each.

Undoubtedly using the recent Russian invasion of Crimea and Ukraine as a template, this series presents the scenario of a bloodless Russian invasion of a post-NATO Norway.

This is Norway's Red Dawn.

You will see the slow-motion invasion at the diplomatic, military, intelligence and street levels.  You will see some take things seriously, while others are either in denial or in acceptance.  You will see the passivity we've all come to expect from Europeans more interested in climate change than national security.  And, without fail, you'll see the ruthlessness that is core to Russian expansionism.

Recommended for every European as a warning, and for American as a reminder.

I have added this recommendation to the Ushanka Cinema list at the left.

UPDATED 2.25.16:

The TV series, Deutschland 83 (one season) was listed in IMDB as a favorite of those who watched Occupied.  The wife and I bought the season on Amazon.  We loved it.

A great cold war series about a young East German spy in West Germany in 83. They do a great job of integrating the events of the day: Grenada, Pershing II, AIDS, etc. They do a great job at presenting the commie paranoia re: Reagan. A good spy story with some risky spy behavior that seemed slightly unrealistic at times. Bonus - they throw in a ton of early 80's music.

Two negatives: there is some gay stuff in the later episodes.  Nothing heavy and not agenda driven - just gay.  Also, the series is 100% subtitled and it moves a bit fast.

Intellectual Froglegs for the Win

Joe Dan, a Trump supporter, has had it with the juvenile attacks from the Cruz supporters.  (As have I here, and here.)  He unloads in his latest video, going longer than usual.  He calls out Cruz, Rush, Megyn, Levin, Beck, Goldman Sachs, FoxNews, and more.  And, as always, he is as fair as fair can be. 

Well, he's a bit unfair to Jeb! . . .

20:10, in criticisms of Rubio and Cruz:
America is tired of politicians that will not answer a straight-forward question.  And when somebody won't answer a straight-forward question, they're hiding something. And they're playing games.

And that is why Trump is winning.

Here's a fact:  Not a single voter for Ted Cruz today in South Carolina has seen this video. 

If you disagree, comments are open.

Intellectual Froglegs

Friday, February 19, 2016


Memes of the Day:

My thoughts:

1) Scalia died of natural causes,
2) The decision for no autopsy is criminal,
3) We were lucky to have him for as long as we did,
4) Obama has every right to nominate a replacement, and the Senate has every right to agree or disagree, and
5) I have no faith in Senate Republicans to say "no."

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Internet Picks

There is some low-hanging fruit today on the web!  Here are three worth redistributing to the Ushanka Comrades:

FB Comrade David shares:

Comrade Sanders
#berntherich (V)
Posted by Breaking Windows for a Better Tomorrow. on Monday, February 15, 2016

From other FB Comrades:

UPDATED 2.16.16 2pm:

Make it four!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tweet of the Day

Found at Imgur:

GOP Rankings Report #14 - Feb 15

My 14th GOP Rankings Report:

Here is the criteria I use for this report.

Changes in this report:

Did you know about Cruz's "Five for Freedom" plan?  Me neither.  Why haven't the Cruz supporters, some of who have been attacking anyone supporting Trump, mentioned this excellent Cruz promise? 

His page isn't dated, so I do not know when he posted his promise to eliminate the following five government agencies:

IRS - Dept. of Education - Dept. of Energy - Dept. of Commerce - HUD

I have adjusted this report's criteria so Cruz gets a score of 3 for the Privatize Education category.  It originally only addressed vouchers, but if we close the Dept. of Education, we are clearly going in the right direction on education.  Cruz and Trump are the only candidates with scores in this category.

Cruz already had a score of 3 in the Tax category.

While closing Commerce, Energy and HUD too are GREAT, they are not reflected in my criteria.

Candidate Websites:

There are no substantive changes to the candidates' Issues pages at their websites.  (Kasich does not have an Issues page.)  So no change to my website review.

Changes I did see were Kasich's self-congratulations for his 2nd place win in NH,

and Cruz's National Prayer Team signup page.


We are in the most volatile part of the GOP primaries, and one thing is clear for 2016:
The Republican nomination will go to the candidate who out-conservatives the others.
We WILL get a better nominee than McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Nice Button, Comrade

Bernie and Hillary go together like Hammer and Sickle.

A FB Comrade shares:

See our Hammer & Sickle collection!  Just click the label below.

Cincinnati is a Top 10 City

It takes years of dedicated liberalism to make this top ten rating!

There are 76 cities in this category of 250,000+.

Chicago's murder rate is only 15.09.

Cleveland is in the top ten for violent crime in this same category, and Dayton is a top ten murder city in the medium city (100k-149k) category.

The Detroit phenomenon - destroying a city with liberalism - is moving South through Ohio.

My recent Cincinnati posts.

Sept - My Home Town
Aug - My Latest Article: Cincinnati's Race Problem
Aug - Deep Thoughts
Jun  - Swimming with Youths
Jun - Preemptive White Guilt


Jun - The Decline, as Seen in Cincinnati
Feb - EBT: Is it Enough?
Jan - Cincinnati's Hammer and Sickle


Oct - Friday Afternoon Cigar
Sept - Ohio: Better than California

UPDATED 5.24.17:

This was shared by a FB Comrade.  It apparently calculates the murder rate over five years.  Cincinnati is in 7th place.