Sunday, February 07, 2016

Trump - Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain definition:
noun, Law.
1. the power of the state to take private property for public use with payment of compensation to the owner.
Kudos to Trump last night to explain to everyone what Eminent Domain is.  Which is different than what Bush and other RINOs think it is.

There is a difference between private and public eminent domain, and Trump's example of the Keystone Pipeline exposed the massive gray area between the two.  I agree with the criticisms of Trump that he leans too far on the private eminent domain side of the equation, but look at who he is.  He is the ONLY person on that stage who has CREATED value.  Everybody benefits from wealth creation - even the EBT crowd.  There wouldn't be Obamaphones if there weren't people like Trump who create wealth out of thin air.

For the Trump haters - when was the last time the federal government used Eminent Domain, and in hindsight, was it used properly?  Comments are open.  I'll even give you a couple of hints. . .

I found several copies of the video above on YouTube, and those posted by MSM outlets cut out the Trump explanation of Eminent Domain at the beginning.  I wonder why.

Watch again.  Bush is on the right...

I think Trump handled this question ambush perfectly.  Great on defense, great on clarity, great on taking Bush, the moderator and the entire audience to task.  When you're right, you're right.

I feel so proud of myself for announcing my support for Trump last week.  Mr. Trump, you're my candidate in this primary until you're dead, or until I find someone better.

Full disclosure - I did not like the Kelo decision which allowed eminent domain for private (for profit) use.  The Kelo situation that led to the court case was abusive, and the decision made it possible for future abuse nationwide.  I've been against private eminent domain ever since - well . . . until Trump's Keystone Pipeline question.

Now?  I think it comes down to trust.  Do you trust your local, state and federal governments with that power?  At the federal level, I trust any GOP candidate more than Hillary or Bernie.

UPDATED 2.8.16 4:30pm:

Meet the former Navy SEAL, Jesse Hardy, whose land Gov. Jeb Bush tried to take with Eminent Domain in 2005.


U/T: Ann Coulter via Twitter.

UPDATED 2.9.16 1:30pm:

Conservative Treehouse has more!
During his tenure as Florida Governor Bush initiated the largest eminent domain private property confiscation in the history of the Sunshine State.

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sth_txs said...

I watched the Donald this morning on a couple of Sunday morning programs. Lately, that is the only reason I bother watching them.

He did defend himself well on the eminent domain issue. I don't necessarily like it either and I don't think it should be used for someone take other's property to build another Wal Mart. I understand his points about waterboarding and such, but one must remember, would you want your child growing up to do that?

His best discussion was about health insurance and insurance in general. Why are we forced to only buy by insurance companies in each state? Why can't an employer or self employed person purchase a plan by other companies in other states if local places would accept it? A good point.

Now if he could recognize ethanol supports as stupidity and the warfare state as a problem as well.