Monday, February 15, 2016

GOP Rankings Report #14 - Feb 15

My 14th GOP Rankings Report:

Here is the criteria I use for this report.

Changes in this report:

Did you know about Cruz's "Five for Freedom" plan?  Me neither.  Why haven't the Cruz supporters, some of who have been attacking anyone supporting Trump, mentioned this excellent Cruz promise? 

His page isn't dated, so I do not know when he posted his promise to eliminate the following five government agencies:

IRS - Dept. of Education - Dept. of Energy - Dept. of Commerce - HUD

I have adjusted this report's criteria so Cruz gets a score of 3 for the Privatize Education category.  It originally only addressed vouchers, but if we close the Dept. of Education, we are clearly going in the right direction on education.  Cruz and Trump are the only candidates with scores in this category.

Cruz already had a score of 3 in the Tax category.

While closing Commerce, Energy and HUD too are GREAT, they are not reflected in my criteria.

Candidate Websites:

There are no substantive changes to the candidates' Issues pages at their websites.  (Kasich does not have an Issues page.)  So no change to my website review.

Changes I did see were Kasich's self-congratulations for his 2nd place win in NH,

and Cruz's National Prayer Team signup page.


We are in the most volatile part of the GOP primaries, and one thing is clear for 2016:
The Republican nomination will go to the candidate who out-conservatives the others.
We WILL get a better nominee than McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012.

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sth_txs said...

Eliminate a government agency? Another Republican joke. Kind of like the vapor ware of some software companies. Big promises but no action.

Besides, what will those 'conservatives' do when they found that the Constitution also has no articles for the favorite middle class welfare program known as student loans?