Saturday, February 13, 2016

Scalia Dead at 79

A great man.  It was always fun to hear his thoughts. 

Very sad news today.  For the Scalia family.  For America.

I stayed objective during most of the primary season and it was, in hindsight, good for my health.  I plan to do the same with the coming months of fighting over Scalia's seat on the court.  I'd suggest to my comrades that they join me in this plan.

I can't change the outcome, whatever it will be.  And if the worse case happens, the eventual destruction of the first and second amendments and the country with them, it won't come for a while.  Until then, I will continue to backup my Ushanka posts and keep my powder dry.

Of my favorite blogs, I think Legal Insurrection will be my go-to source as this plays out.  Here is their post on today's announcement.


David said...

We might not be able to change the outcome, but I still intend to contact Mitch McConnell's office to make sure that he understands what I expect that outcome to be, and that I expect him to grow a spine this one time. He'll probably go down like a drunk prom date, but I'm going to spell it out for him anyway.

Karl said...

Good call, Comrade David.

I will be contacting some senators too.

My wife thinks McConnell will treat this differently than he has other fights to fight. I disagree - he hasn't stood for anything for so long I doubt he remembers how. But, fingers are crossed here.

Thanks for your comment. You are right - there is more we can do.