Saturday, February 20, 2016

Intellectual Froglegs for the Win

Joe Dan, a Trump supporter, has had it with the juvenile attacks from the Cruz supporters.  (As have I here, and here.)  He unloads in his latest video, going longer than usual.  He calls out Cruz, Rush, Megyn, Levin, Beck, Goldman Sachs, FoxNews, and more.  And, as always, he is as fair as fair can be. 

Well, he's a bit unfair to Jeb! . . .

20:10, in criticisms of Rubio and Cruz:
America is tired of politicians that will not answer a straight-forward question.  And when somebody won't answer a straight-forward question, they're hiding something. And they're playing games.

And that is why Trump is winning.

Here's a fact:  Not a single voter for Ted Cruz today in South Carolina has seen this video. 

If you disagree, comments are open.

Intellectual Froglegs

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