Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Canaries Are Dead

Back in 2008 when we'd warn of these things to come, Liberals Progressives Communists would call us "right-wing wackos."

Bill Whittle offers a short summary of what has happened since.

We suppose we're being inconsiderate right-wing wackos for pointing this out.

Speaking of 2008.  Didn't the Liberals Progressives Communists also say "dissent is patriotic?"

Ushanka Mandatory Diversity Training

Brought to you by hat-wearing Captain Capitalism.


For everyone who had to sit through a full day of Diversity Training, this is a refreshing new take.

Note to all Human Resources gals:  We DARE you to play this in this year's Diversity Training.  You know you would if you were intellectually honest, and if you did not have an agenda.

For those interested in learning more about race relations, from a honest (conservative) viewpoint, we'd recommend:

1) Thomas Sowell's books
2) Shelby Steele's White Guilt
3) Clarence Thomas' My Grandfather's Son

U/T: to the Captain for pushing back.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Added

 We just finished None Dare Call it Treason, by John A. Stormer.

This is a must-read for serious students of Communism.

It is a 1964 book that demonstrates full knowledge of the Communist threat and infiltration tactics back then.  You may consider this book a predecessor to the anti-communist blogs like Ushanka and others listed in our blogroll.

The book is full of quotes from communist leaders and anti-communists.  The author, too, gives us some great material.  Here is his quote from pages 15-16:
...communism has never been a working class movement.  Its strength is in the intellectual and thought centers of the world.

Communism is a disease of the intellect.  It promises universal brotherhood, peace and prosperity to lure humanitarians and idealists into participating in a conspiracy which gains power through deceit and deception and stays in power with brute force.

It is a conspiracy in which hate-driven men participate.

Links to the book at Amazon, and to our book notes, are now in our Library along the left side of the site.

Quote of the Day

Glenn Beck:

Everything that happened in Cyprus was a major Progressive victory.

Monday, March 25, 2013

One of our Last Posts

Coming to a civil unrest near you!

Feel safer now?

U/T: Knuckledraggin

Quote of the Day

Moe Lane (via Glenn) suggests the Democrats know how bad ObamaCare really is:
The problem with Obamacare is not that it is being badly presented; the problem is that there is a limit to how well you can present a law that is this bad.  It’s like trying to put a positive spin on having your leg bitten off by a shark: sure, yes, in the long run you’re going to see a 50% saving on socks, but that’s not exactly comforting news while you’re watching the water around you go pink…

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Cyprus Bungled Redistribution

Bungled, yet successful.

Please excuse all the Cyprus-related posts lately.  We think the 'tax on savings' theft is a paradigm shift with huge consequences for freedom and liberty.

While it is rumored that deposits over 100k Euros in Cyprus banks will be taxed at 25%, one must remember that means the bank customers are being allowed to keep 75% of their money.  Would losing 25% of your savings bother you?

More rumors: Laiki bank customers will be allowed to withdraw as much as 100 Euros once the government allows the banks to open.  Actual withdraw limits and bank openings are unknown.  Would being restricted in how much of your money you could access bother you?

Nobody is jumping out of windows yet, and nobody is connecting yesterday's suicide of Boris Berezovsky to the Cyprus redistribution.

Did you know the retail stores have less than three days of inventory?  They too are blocked from their bank accounts.

We suggested Congress pass a law, or Constitutional Amendment, forbidding a Cyprus-like tax on savings.  Glenn at Instapundit has been suggesting the same.  And now there is a White House petition demanding a statement from Obama to this end.  Something like his promise to not fund abortions in Obamacare, perhaps?  The petition is approaching 100k signatures, or in other words a "minority" that will have to convince the majority that taking money from savings is bad.

Daniel Greenfield writes at the Sultan Knish blog:
What we are actually seeing are the beginnings of bailout cannibalism as the Eurocrats manipulate entire nations into fighting each other while scrambling to gain some political advantage out of the mess. The real purpose of the deposit grab was to wreck Cyprus' banking sector and continue the centralization of international finance. At the same time it was meant to give German voters, who have been funding much of the mess, the feeling that other people were getting screwed as well.
While the Cyprus redistribution event (banks closed and funds frozen while bureaucrats decided how much the owners could keep) was extended from Thursday until this Tuesday, we've seen very little in the press.  A conspiracy to keep the chatter to a minimum to avoid panic and bank runs in other European countries?  Or perhaps everyone buy us is taking this pill:

Blog, New Rhodesia Dispatch, offers a visual tool to help you identify your risk to asset seizure.  The Asset Seizure Risk Cube.

John DeWitt at New Rhodesia Dispatch, shares our fear:
If the Cyprus episode promised to be isolated, we wouldn’t worry about it. But it’s not going to be isolated. It is a reconnaissance in force by the global socialist allies of the Regime for the next phase in the collectivist agenda: moving beyond mere income taxation (against which going Galt is a defense) to outright asset confiscation.
ZeroHedge, March 17th: is surprising we learn today that the Russian Navy will dispatch a permanent fleet of five or six combat ships to the Mediterranean Sea, with frigates and cruisers making up the core of the fleet.

How far into the Mediterranean one wonders?


How soon until we read that Russia is willing to invest even more unguaranteed loans into the Cypriot financial system.... in exchange for one tiny little naval and/or military base?
There is still talk that this deposit tax will be a "one-off."  With panic showing in Cyprus and elsewhere, the question isn't "will there be a bank run," but "how big of a bank run."  Unlike the bank runs of days long past, these bank runs will be wire transfers.  So expect the Interwebs to be a bit slow on Thursday.

And let's be clear about the meaning of "one-off."  It is another term for "first.

And don't look for riots - at least not related to banks.  Food perhaps.  Communists are behind nearly all riots, and there are few, if any, communists among the 100k Euro account holders.  No, the communists will stay home at Mom's house, overcome with glee at the theft of the bourgeoisie.

UPDATED 3.25 Noon:

Today's Drudge headline:

It is official: Cyprus accounts with balances over 100k will lose 40% of their balances, not 25%.

Blogger Frances Coppola, at Coppola Comment, EXPLAINS EVERYTHING, including the capital controls in Cyprus.   By far the best source of information on the Cyprus banking disaster.

We did notice the term "one-off" is nowhere to be seen in today's news.

Raoul Ruparel explains at ZeroHedge that the 40% was not a bank levy (tax) as was discussed earlier this week.  Instead the 40% losses are part of a bank restructuring.  He explains the deal, offers predictions, and identifies some positives aspects.

Found at WesternRifleShooters:

We'll be popping some popcorn in anticipation of the coming "assisted suicides" of the folks who came up with this "deal."

UPDATED 3.25 7pm:


What do you mean the Cyprus banks forgot to close their branches in London and Russia last week?

You mean the non-Cyprus account holders could access their funds at a foreign branch, thus leaving the "haircut" for only the Cyprus account holders?

In other words, by now any big Russian funds in Cyprus are long gone, and the only damage accrues to the locals: for one reason because their money over the critical EUR100K threshold has been "vaporized", and for another because the marginal driving force and loan demand creator in Cyprus, the Russians, are gone and are never coming back again.

Destroy confidence in your banking system.

Redefine a bank account as a liberal's last ditch option for covering the losses from liberal policies.

Confiscate Chase away billion dollar deposits.

Chase away the spending in your hotels, restaurants and resorts from those high-dollar depositors.

Drive your economy into the toilet.

Well done Cyprus!  Well done European liberals! Watch as we make the same mistakes here in the US!

The only solution for Cyprus, and for the rest of us, is to have a "one-off" purge of all liberals from government.

And for fun's sake, let's give them a "haircut" unseen since the Sioux.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Cigar

We smoked a Rocky Patel Edge while we read from the 1964 book, None Dare Call it Treason, by John A. Stormer.

 This book could be the predecessor to  Author Stormer does a great job at uncovering the communist conspiracies of the era.  Much like us, he sees Liberals Progressives Communists around every corner.  (It sucks to know so much)

Our biggest take-away so far is learning how sympathetic, forgiving, even encouraging Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy were to the Red threat.  We've been fans of both and have seen them as anti-communists up to this point.  We won't let one book change our opinions of these otherwise great men, but we will make it our goal to dig deeper for the truth.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Is Awkward

How will Janet Napolitano and her Homeland Security staff respond when they start "monitoring" Ushanka posts and pictures of Commie Obama hats?

Will they enjoy reading our email? 

As for name calling, we will keep hearing them call us "Right Wing Extremists" while they continue to deny they have communist inspirations.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big News Today

Not enough time to comment on today's news, but BIG news nonetheless.

1) The news you'll hear:  The Cyprus money-grab has been cancelled postponed.  The news you won't hear: Not because it was a bad idea, but because the timing wasn't right.  Story:  Legal Insurrection

2) No Assault Weapons Ban.  Despite the senior senator's commie's efforts, Feinstein didn't have the Sandy Hook bodycount votes to pass the ban, nor the universal background check legislation.  Story: Breitbart

3)  Magpul to leave Colorado.  As promised, Magpul is leaving the New California, Colorado, because of tyranny.  The gun magazine limit of 15 will be signed tomorrow by the CO governor, and the maker of higher-capacity magazines will have production up and running in a new state within 30 days.  Story: Resistor in the Rockies

All of these stories are good news and deserve their own gloating posts.

But alas, "so many social engagements, so little time."

UPDATED 4:30pm:

The three news items above are all GOOD for us, and bad for them.  Beware - we've seen a pattern with our dear leader and his loser cronies: they are spiteful, and when they take a single loss they will use their power elsewhere to both hurt and intimidate us.  Watch for executive orders in the coming days.

UPDATED 4:45pm:

Is it too late to submit today's WSJ for consideration in the coming third part of Atlas Shrugged?

Anybody who says they predicted a front page like this is probably some kook who said there would be death panels in ObamaCare, and that the Stimulus was not intended to delay the collapse of union pension funds.

How Much Is Too Much?

ZeroHedge posts this graph to explain a theory about the timing of the Cyprus money-grab.  European money (red line) has been leaving Cyprus since 2010.  Better to steal be prudent now before the Russian money (green line) leaves too.

Russian depositors will lose an estimated $3b in this "one-off". 

We wonder how much has to be stolen used for the bail-out before someone gets hurt.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Quote of the Day

Possibly the quote of the year.

Charles Hugh-Smith at ZeroHedge:

Democracy in Europe is a travesty of a mockery of a sham, an absurd play which is acted out as a form of blood-sport circus to distract the masses from their powerlessness and debt-serfdom.
The ideological fiction of capitalism is dead in Europe.
Cyprus is a test to see how blatant the expropriation of private assets can become without triggering overthrow and revolution. If the furor dies down soon enough, then the same technique of expropriation will be imposed elsewhere. If the reaction is sustained and threatening to the Aristocracy, other less blatant expropriations will be tested in other neocolonies.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Redistribution End Game - Updated, Corrected and Bumped

[orig post 3.16 4:44pm]

It is an old joke now.  
Q: What is the difference between the United States and Greece?

A: About six years.
For those who think a total collapse in the US isn't possible - for those who don't think they will see well-dressed men jumping into dumpsters for food here in the states - you may want to sit through Ann Barnhardt's 8-part video series, The Economy is Going to Implode.  

Comrade Mr. B posts news from Cyprus at his site today. reports:
People with less than €100,000 in their bank accounts will have to pay a one-off tax of 6.75 per cent while those with more will pay 9.9 per cent under a measure that will raise €5.8 billion in additional revenue.
A 10% grab of wealth.

A 10% grab of personal savings that we always hear the Liberals Progressives Communists tell us they are trying to improve. 

Anyone want to bet this is really "one-off" in Greece [corrected] Cyprus?  Are there fools out there that will think it will be a "one-off" here?

Apparently, the right-wing paranoia was right.  

Those right-wingers like Alan Keyes were right to warn that Liberals Progressives Communists view ALL money as theirs, and that any money in your pocket or in your bank account is what they've allowed you to keep.

So, for those critical thinkers out there, a question:  When the US collapse comes, how will our leaders suggest we pay for it?

The first to predict these things are always labeled as the kooks.  Well, we know Ann and we know Mr. B.  Both own our Commie Obama hats.  Is that a coincidence?  Do they just dislike our current leader and disagree with his ideology, and want to mock him with a furry political novelty?   

Or do they have a solid understanding of history and economics?  

We know the answer, and we stand proudly with Ann, Mr. B, and the others who use the means to warn while it is still available.

Interestingly, both Ann and Mr. B have suggested protecting your assets with precious metals.  Specifically: gold, silver, brass and lead.  


We said Greece in the post above.  The redistribution is actually happening in Cyprus.  Ya, we went to public school.  We stand corrected.

ZeroHedge has posted on this story: For Everyone Shocked By What Just Happened... And Why This Is Just The Beginning
Today, lots of people woke up in shock and horror to what happened in Cyprus: a forced capital reallocation mandated by political elites under the guise of an "equity investment" in insolvent banks, which is really code for a "coercive, mandatory wealth tax."

Not "all" people were shocked, just "lots."   

We'd suggest that some must have been paying attention.

MailOnline has the longest headline:  Osborne vows to protect Britain's armed forces in Cyprus as cash machines are EMPTIED and 60,000 British savers face losing millions in 10% bank account tax
Up to 60,000 British savers are to lose thousands of pounds each as expats in Cyprus have their savings decimated in part of a painful bid to bail out the bankrupt island.

The Chancellor said the financial situation in Cyprus was ‘an example of what happens if you don't show the world that you can pay your way’...
Oh, they are 'paying their way,' just after the fact.

Ann Barnhardt has posted on this story.  
Yes, it is every bit as bad as it sounds, and worse. Word is that the initial plan was for a 40% (!!!!) levy confiscation of Cypriot bank accounts. They settled for a MERE 6.75% and 9.9% dual-layered compromise.
I agree with various commentators that this is almost certainly a test-run by Brussels to see what the reaction of the Cypriots is. If no one is hanging from light poles by sunset on Tuesday, they will likely move on to Greece and the other Southern European economies, satisfied that the people have been sufficiently conditioned to roll over. Tiny Cyprus, an ISLAND mind you, makes the perfect test lab.
Random thoughts (and fun with strikethrough):

1) What is the possibility of Congress passing a law, or a Constitutional Amendment, stating savings are not to be touched? 

2) Are corporate savings in danger?  Corporations have been in 'savings mode' since the recession started and are now flush with cash.  They have complained that the business and political climates are less predictable, and have such reduced their risks to exposure.  Are there folks in DC who view corporate savings as a solution to our dear leader's deficit spending efforts to save America?

3) What is the consensus in the US?  Is 10% OK, or will we accept the confiscation of 20% of post-taxed savings for the greater good?  It is not like you were using that money anyway.  Will we put it to a vote to the US electorate?  How many votes will there be for the confiscation of wealth from those with over $100k in savings?  Can some of the confiscated money be used to buy more free stuff help those most in need?  What percentage is necessary for Americans to resort to petty name calling, such as calling Obama a "Communist?"

4) Will retirement accounts be included?  They already have a 10% penalty for early withdraw.  So if Comrade Uncle Sam takes 5% of retirement accounts, will that be considered less painful than if some greedy right-winger decides to withdraw his retirement account to protect his assets hurt his fellow Americans?

5) What protections will the government take to protect the citizens themselves from any civil unrest (besides the 2700 new armored personnel carriers and billion+ rounds of ammunition at DHS)?  Could the recent push for gun control have anything to do with any future confiscation of wealth?

Like Ann, we doubt there will be push back in Cyprus or the European countries that follow.  

But if there is, we hope it is filmed in HD.

UPDATED and BUMPED 3.17 1:30pm:

Prof. Jacobson's post and poll.

Doug Ross posts Mark Levin's predictions of what we might see in the US.

Western Rifle Shooter's Association has a post with more links. 

The contrary view: RawDog says this Cyprus news is good for the US Dollar!


 We've learned two things in the past few hours:

1) The confiscation is on hold.  Apparently they are 'revising' the details.
2) A lot of the Cyprus deposits are Russian, and Cyprus has a reputation for money laundering.

So, let's put 2 and 2 together.

The decision-makers have realized it would not be wise to proceed.  Perhaps losing one's hair and the rapid weight-loss can be avoided.  Maybe there are alternatives.

Remember Alexander Litvinenko?  Or Vikto Yushchenko?  Or Anna Politkovskaya?  We do, and apparently some folks in Brussels do to.

Here is another way of looking at this:

UPDATED 3.18 9:30am:

FB Comrade Huck posted this update:

UPDATED 3.18 4:45pm:

Captain Capitalism offers a Cyprus-induced rant.  The Cyprus info comes in around the 8:30 mark, and you'll want to see the Captain's closing remarks.  (Language Warning.  But at this point isn't foul language warranted??)

Hat Control - Enact Today!

What came first?  The AK-47 or the Ushanka hat?

Regardless, we need to get a handle on the number of ushanka hats as they seem to inspire violence.

It appears that North Korea is the latest to model the hat with commie rifles.

How come every ushanka-wearer has to have a rifle?

With Red Star

Another Hammer and Sickle sighting.  This time with bright red star.

One criticism - there was no doubt in the original farmer/wife image that the farmer (and wife) had calluses on their hands.  These two don't, nor will they ever.

U/T: 90Ninety Miles from Tyranny

Preppers' Songs

Two songs found at Trailer Park Paradise.  Here is the first:

Click over to hear the second song.
Blogger, Sabra, makes a great observation:
I just found it interesting that we had two such similar songs this past year. 
At its best, country music is the song of the common man, and I think both of these pretty closely track the mood on the street as it were. 
Nor is it necessarily a partisan thing; pretty much everyone I know on Facebook is getting more into self-reliance
Something to think about. 

White Flag

It has been some time since our last White Flag posting.  We found this one today on FB:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Gun Solution

Not just a solution, but the first well-thought out solution that would actually stop these horrible public shootings:

U/T: Peter, and the FB Comrade who shared this.

Glorious Hats at CPAC

The Glorious hat at CPAC 2013:

This isn't the first time.  CLICK HERE to see the hat at CPAC 2008.

U/T: Zhukov

UPDATED 3:30pm:


Quote of the Day

From a commenter on at ZeroHedge:
Once you are at peace with Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death you will have no masters and no fear.
 Article: An Orwellian America.  

An in-depth analysis of the transition into Statism.  Good graphics.  Here is one.  

Which direction is America moving?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Operation Abolition

A US-funded 42 minute film showing "Communism in Action" in San Francisco in 1960.  We found this video in John A. Stormer's 1964 book, None Dare it Treason .

Related, our Quote of the Day, from Jeremy Meister.  His article today at American Thinker: Karl Marx and the American Dream.
This is why you'll never run into a follower of Marx.  Communism/Socialism are completely followerless movements.  If you ever talk to a Communist or a Marxist, you'll get the same story -- when the revolution comes, my friends and I will be in charge.  You'll never hear a Marxist smile and say, "When the revolution comes I'm going to polish the leader's boots".

CPAC - Friday

Zhukov sends us these photos from CPAC:

The Donald

Paul Ryan




Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rand Paul


Do we have a Bill of Rights?  Do we have a Constitution?  Will we defend it?

Our next president?


He'll be our pick IF he stays on course, and out-conservatives the other candidates.


Zhukov sends a photo from the crowd:

Notes from the rest of his speech:

Cutting corporate tax in half.  Wrong - it should be zero.  The Government already gets its tax revenues when the corporations sell their products.  Corporate tax is double taxation.  He should know this.

Flat income tax of 17%.  We'll take it, but it doesn't address the economic activity of consumption.  A consumption (sales) tax addresses activity, gives the taxpayer the option to pay tax, and collects tax from everybody - illegals, tourists, an underground economy, etc.  He should know this.

And he had to mention non-violent drug crimes and jail sentences. We understand the logic, but if you have 10 minutes to present to CPAC, there are more important things.  And, for the audience like yours truly, you've just reminded us that Libertarians don't share the same values of right, wrong, and consequences.

If we had to make a decision based on his 10 minute speech, we'd vote for someone else.  This guy claims the Libertarian label yet half-asses part of his policies.  He then allows himself the distraction of decriminalizing, thus promoting, gateway drug use.

So far, we're glad we didn't spend the gas money to be at CPAC.

Staying on Point

Texas Senator Cruz, 3:30 mark:
...the senior senator of California.  I think nobody doubts her sincerity or her passion.  And yet at the same time I would note that she chose not to answer the question that I asked.  Which is: In her judgement would it be consistent with the Constitution for Congress to specify which books are permitted and which books are not?

Personally, we think any proposed infringement of any right within the bill of rights should require thousands of televised debate hours similar in passion to the six minutes above, then a "cooling off period" of, say, 50 years. 


That senior senator from California sure doesn't like being grilled with awkward questions that expose her Liberal Progressive Communist agenda of disarming law-abiding citizens.

Not all tyrants have had it so good.

UPDATED 3.15 10am:

This is turning into an Epic post.

The senior commie from California plays the victim card to the mean man from Texas, and the blogs go wild.  Here is what we've found so far:

Doug Ross posts the transcript and comments:
When a legislator is forced to use emotion and insults -- rather than the law -- it is a tacit admission that her argument is a sham.

Tell me, Ms. Feinstein: which "military-style assault weapons" used at the time of America's founding were banned by the Framers?
Doug also posts this Looking Spoon image:

Posted by our FB Comrades:

And hat owner, Ann Coulter, was on Fox last night discussing how offended she was of a woman playing the victim card!

Gun-Blogger Bob Owens offers the senior senator from California this advice:
It’s past time the aged, tired, and mentally infirm California Democrat considered retiring.

The Slippery Slope of Web Surfing

Some stuff we found on our travels this morning.

First, this important public safety video.  How to protect yourself from Obama's drones:

U/T: Knuckledraggin

More good news!  We will finally be equal in 2018:

U/T: 90Ninety Miles

Third, our quote of the day from a California blogger:
Dianne Feinstein and crew are about to make MILLIONS of us felons with the stroke of a pen. I’d expect a couple thousand of us are stupid enough to capitulate to this new law… THE VAST MAJORITY of us will NOT.
We, the brand new “felons” of America by act of pen rather than act of self will not turn in our guns. We the “Felons by Pen” rather than our own actions will be the best “felons” ever. Just wait to see what kind of business opportunities open up the minute the king signs this law.

If you the elected officials can make me a felon by the stroke of your pen, I’ll do my best to be the best felon I can be. Freedom from tyranny is not breaking the law, tyranny by law is breaking the oath of office. Treason is a word that has lost its bite. Treason is what is happening from Washington DC. NO LESS.
U/T: American and Proud

Fourth.  Something the Liberal Progressive Communist faculty members at our nation's colleges can use to spark the classroom debate about concealed carry.

Ha!  There will be NO classroom debate of concealed carry, anywhere! 

Get real, and "Keep Running!"

And last.  Have any idea what this chart is showing? 

It is going up - so things are getting better, right?

Don't click the chart it if you prefer blissful ignorance.

U/T: Captain Capitalism


Started today.  And started poorly.  We're watching live at TheRightScoop's site.

Here is a panel that was talking about immigration.  The guy on the left was saying we (Republicans) must do something on immigration now, or we'll lose in 2014.  The other panelists didn't object.  We turned it off.


CONSERVATIVE Political Action Conference. 

Not Conservative POLITICAL Action Conference. 


F**k the 2014 election.  This is the time to be conservative. 

Lay out the CONSERVATIVE principles, then let the John Boehners and Chris Christies make what they can of it.  Until we have better politicians, we're stuck with the policies they agree to. 

But never, ever, dilute our values because we know our leaders are weak.

There will be some good speakers there this week, but the organizers did a poor job with this panel and the guy who spoke before them. 

A very disappointing start.

A Good Leader

It is easiest to identify a good leader when you've been burdened with a bad leader.  For about 4.5 years.  And 3.5, or more, to go.

Our strongest desire in life is to follow 'better people than us'.  A term we heard Rush use once - 'better people than us' are those that show us we can do better, remind us that we must try to be better, and are those who are our natural leaders (in both formal and informal roles).  They practice what they preach.  They are driven by doing what is right.

Off the top of our head we think of Reagan, Thatcher, Bush Sr and Jr, Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict XVI.  Could it be they all had anti-communist inspirations, and acted on their anti-communist inspirations???  These were 'good' leaders.

If grand leadership interests you, we'd recommend this book:  The President, the Pope and the Prime Minister.

We doubt we are the only non-catholic to be so excited about the new Pope, Pope Francis.  Here is one reason - a screenshot from Breitbart:

The Internet will be slow through today as we continue to ping NiceDeb's and Ann Barnhardt's sites for more info.

UPDATED 3.15 10am:

Rats.  Ann has posted.  Not too happy with the new pope.

Here are her comments that jumped out at us.
...he is an iron-fisted totalitarian against traditionalists
...he is huge, huge, huge on "social justice", which is merely code for Marxism.
Not only did they not elect a Ratzingerian, they elected the anti-Ratzinger.