Monday, March 11, 2013

NK Motives


That's it.

They are used to free stuff, and they want more.

They want the balance on their EBT card increased.

Saber-rattling has worked in the past for North Korea as crying has worked for babies.

Possible reasons why the Obama regime has not yet cowered:

1) Incompetence.  Exhibit A: Secretary Kerry.  Exhibit B: Benghazi.  Exhibits C-ZZ: "Democracy" in the Middle East (Syria, Egypt, Libya, etal).

2) Indecision.  We can imagine half the State Dept arguing for 5 tankers of food to be delivered next week.  Unfortunately, the other half is likely demanding all US food supplies (in the red states of course) be diverted to NK immediately.

3) A Commie knows a Commie.  A Chicago community organizer knows how to pull resources from productive efforts to unproductive efforts with tired tactics like white guilt, threats of civil unrest, or "for the children."  We doubt Kim Jung Un is impressing Obama.

4) Competence.  Maybe the Obama regime is continuing the Bush and Bolton policies re: North Korea.

Whatever the reason(s), we hope this continues.

The North has been close to collapse for over a decade and it will take ZERO effort to make that happen. Who better than a Democrat president to do nothing?

We just need a policy of neglect, and the preparations for a brief military engagement and a massive humanitarian effort, so the North Korean society can evolve from Sand Art.

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