Friday, March 01, 2013

Top Commie Links Du Jour

All originally linked at Doug Ross, but with our additions.

Commies.  They are criminals.

Communism is a criminal conspiracy.  It is all about the theft from one in the name of the other.  Some call that "redistribution," but look at the Communist regimes of the past century and show us a nation where a lower class was elevated.

You can't steal as a government without everyone in government complicit.  Therefore, every government bureaucrat in a Communist government is a criminal.  The criminals in the Soviet gulags were sentenced to 3 months or 6 months - for murder.  The political prisoners there, often those fingered by neighbors or 'friends' who were sent away with 10 year, and later 25 year, sentences.  The criminals were the trustees at the camps and the enforcers.  The roamed in gangs and stole a thick coat or a bowl of soup - enough to cause the death of the victim in many cases.

So is it any surprise that our criminal in chief chooses to release criminals from jail as part of his sequester paux-temper tantrum?  Including an illegal alien who killed a Nun in 2010 while he was driving under the influence?  Link: Judicial Watch.

North Korea.

Check out this one-minute propaganda from North Korea while we do our best to translate below:

People of Korea.  Our generous chubby leader, Kim Jung Un, has ordered us to come out in the freezing weather to plant trees.  The revolution is here, comrades, and we will plant trees for the glorious future when all of Korea can be re-united with hope and change.  Forward Comrades to the shovels!  We will plant these trees for the greater good, so that all Koreans may chew bark when the evil imperialists disrupt our food supplies with too much rain, or not enough rain.
From the Blog Black and Right, today's related Pic of the Day.

Click here for more pictures of the North Korean day.

Review: Agenda.

Trevor's 2010 video, Agenda: Grinding America Down has been on our recommendation list at the left since it was released.  This is a thorough review of what is happening to America by the communists in charge.

Click here to read yesterday's review by the blog, Red State.

Our pic of the day.

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