Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Store Was Free of Parasites

No riots either.

Reminds me of old times.  When people spent their own money.

My money was spent on Mint Chocolate Chip...

Book Review: Bachelor Pad Economics

Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Advice Bible for Men” by Aaron Clarey.  512 pages. 

I was honored to have helped author and comrade Aaron Clarey with his editing over the past two months of his latest book, out yesterday: "Bachelor Pad Economics."  My mission was to identify typos, and I was told to NOT actually read the book for its content.  I failed miserably, as I enjoyed the book immensely.  If you find any typos, blame me.

Clarey opens the book with this promise to the reader:
None of this will be easy and it will take a superior amount of self-discipline and control, but in doing so you will enjoy a superior life and become a superior person.  You will not be talking about the latest Kim Kardashian episode around the water cooler with people you hate at a job you loathe.  You will not be working as a barista for $7 per hour, constantly self-rationalizing your stupid decision to blow $125,000 on a Masters in Creative Writing degree with all the other emo kids.  You won’t be living check to check as you make payments on a house you don’t need, a wife you don’t like, and children you can’t afford.  You will be living your dream, whatever it is, enjoying your one, finite, and precious life on this planet. 
“Bachelor Pad Economics” is a Manosphere version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  This book tells young men how to get the best out of America’s new socialist economy, how to filter the few quality women from the many, and how to handle other challenges.  This book is full of straight-from-the-heart tough love.  We give it our full recommendation.

A message, from Chapter 12, that you won’t see in Rich Dad, Poor Dad:
Corrupted by societal viruses like feminism, socialism, and a whore-worshiping media, women have become overweight, unattractive, narcissistic, unfeminine wrecks that no self-respecting man would ever commit to.  Even if they do manage to maintain their physique, they are usually so mentally damaged it renders commitment impossible.
512 pages, and not once does the author sugar-coat the truth!

This book is full of advice.  Good advice.  Man advice.  You’ll hear advice that comes from his life’s lessons, such as employment and living a minimalist lifestyle.  And you’ll hear advice he hasn’t lived, but seems to know quite a lot about, such as: marriage, children, and considering a career in the military.  Overall, you’ll come to respect this author as you discover that his motivation is to genuinely help his readers. 

This book serves its primary market as both a list of advice that a young man (16+) should read from cover to cover, and as a great reference book for men of all ages at moments they are facing a key financial decisions.  Clarey recently said on his blog:
…if I had this book when I was younger I would EASILY have $500,000 more money than I do now.
Some of the tips in this book are the same we older guys heard when growing up.  But times have changed and some of the proven rules are obsolete.  Clarey introduces some paradigm-shifting concepts that can save a young man a tremendous amount of grief and money, including:

Women - Feminism, poor parenting and other influences have reduced the supply of marriage-quality women to an all-time low,
Men's Role - Government is replacing men, leaving them lost and unable to fulfill their genetic need to produce, succeed, and be the head of a family,
Career - Success requires job-hopping and mobility, not loyalty, and
Possessions - Stuff, including that car you want, is “evil.”

A secondary market for this book would be fathers who use Clarey’s advice to supplement their own advice to their sons.  I turned my son onto the author’s videos and blog over a year ago for exactly this reason. 
As for target markets, that’s it.  While I hope to see some reviews by commie feminists in the coming days - especially about Chapter 12 - my advice to my male comrades is to take each criticism you hear from the left as another reason to read this book.


Chapter 12 – Wife and Kids – was my favorite chapter.  You’ll read a great case for staying single, but also how to identify that future wife.  Regardless of your choice, the author provides the wisdom to reduce the potential for mistakes. You’ll read about the very depressing state of today’s woman supply.  And you’ll learn how to evaluate a lady’s core political beliefs vs. what she has been taught to say.
…if they are a genuine liberal, leftist, or feminist, they are antithetical to being wives because, consciously or not, they vote to replace men with the state.  Like nuns to the church, they are first and foremost wedded to the state and not you.  Therefore, any self-respecting man will simply refuse to marry, let alone, support somebody who actively votes against him, his success, and his liberty. 

Chapter 1    "Leaderless, Guideless, and Adrift"
Chapter 2    "Philosophy" (about economics, investing, life goals etc.)
Chapter 3    "The Basics"
Chapter 4    "Education"
Chapter 5    "Career"
Chapter 6    "Entrepreneurship"
Chapter 7    "Girls"
Chapter 8    "Housing and Lodging"
Chapter 9    "Cars and Transportation"
Chapter 10  "Maintenance and Repair"
Chapter 11  "Investing and Retirement Planning"
Chapter 12  "Wife and Kids"
Chapter 13  "Legal"
Chapter 14  "Economics"
Chapter 15  "End of Life Planning"


Are you new to Aaron Clarey?  If so, check out his blog, Captain Capitalism.  Then head over to his YouTube channel.  And finally, read his books.

You’ll find that he is consistent in his message, practices what he preaches, and is passionate about economics and helping his fellow man.  Don't believe me?  Just ask Davis Aurini.


Full Disclosure: 
1) I am not in this book’s target market.  I am in my late forties, am still married to my first wife of almost 25 years, and have a son in college.
2) Aaron Clarey is a comrade and a Commie Obama Hat evangelist. 
3) The quotes are from the draft I reviewed and may have been altered in the final copy.
4) I have two copies in the mail.  One for Zhukov (20) and one for Mikhail's son (19). 

U/T: Zhukov for proofreading this review.

Propaganda Collage

ZH has shared a collage of "Spot the Dictator" pictures showing our dear leader in poses similar to other dear leaders.

Here is a sample:

Men of the people, my ass.

They tell us how smart they are and then, with zero originality, produce Leonid Brezhnev-like propaganda.

Why not show their dead instead?


Kim Jung Un:


New Year Resolutions

Found at Torey's Take FB Page.


MoonBattery just posted this one:

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chicago: The Next Detroit

You are one of the three loyal Ushanka visitors.  I have no doubt you can tell me which solution Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his fellow Liberal Progressive Communist cronies will select for Chicago's pension problems.

The Chicago teachers’ pension fund is roughly 54 per cent funded, far below the 80 per cent threshold considered healthy. But it is better off than the city’s municipal workers, police, labour and firefighters’ pension funds, which Fitch, the credit rating agency, estimates are collectively 33 per cent funded.

Mr Emanuel has warned that failing to reform Chicago’s pensions by next year could force cuts in services – including the police department, at a time when the city has had the highest number of murders in the US. The alternative, he says, would be a 150 per cent rise in property taxes.
Which will it be?
A) Pension "reform," or
B) Increase property taxes 150%?

The downside of being a liberal (aka parasite) is that while it is your secret mission to destroy your host, your secret is always uncovered at the exact moment you find yourself in the spotlight.  

We suspect there is a third option that isn't being discussed in public:

C) Federal taxpayer bailout.

Some questions.  Talk among yourselves...

Why is "80% funded" considered healthy?   Maybe in a pension fund's first year.  Or decade.  But the Chicago city pensions have been around for a while.  No?  Shouldn't these pensions have hit that self-perpetuating momentum to exceed 100% by now?  If not, why not?  And why is it George Bush's fault?

Remember the near-trillion dollar "Stimulus?"  Do you remember that most of the "Stimulus" money went to shore up public pensions?  Just how bad off were those pensions then, when those same pensions are now in distress just 5 years later despite the hundreds of billions of inflow?

And, to acknowledge the elephant in the room here, there are some economic theories out there that suggest bad times are ahead for the stock and bond markets.  If anything, those pension funds have likely shifted their investments into more risky vehicles that, in theory, will pay higher returns and help the pension managers make up the shortfalls.  What happens to these pensions if the stock market drops 30% in a week?  Will they have to raise property taxes 200%?

The photo above is from the 1939 Communist Party Meeting in Chicago.  It was standing room only then, and still is today.

A Look Back

English Russia.

This classroom photo from 1980's Soviet Russia sparked some thoughts.

1) Wouldn't it be great to get these people together and hear their thoughts on communism?  Maybe they could give some advice to the 39% who still support our dear leader.

2)  I too was in a classroom in the mid-80's, and I too was being taught the glorious benefits of Marxism.  But I was in an Illinois public high school at the time.

3) I'm learning from my readings (see book list at left) that by this time in Soviet Russia, everyone knew they were living in a prison and that their economic model was inferior to the West's.  They, like us today, hear the many excuses why this government 'investment' has failed, that government initiative is taking longer than expected, and that "we've turned the corner" or "we're past the brink."  They look attentive, but like us in that Illinois high school, they were only counting the days until the next "summer of recovery."

Friday, December 27, 2013

Top Links

Apologies for the few posts.  No excuse - we're not doing anything else.

We did do a quick scan of our favorite blogs.  Here are some good posts:

NiceDeb posted this Krauthammer video about Obama's Healthcare trillion-dollars-a-year in Redistribution taxes.  Key quote starts at 2:05 - The Hidden Tax:
People tossed off their private insurance.  And then it will be people tossed off their employer insurance, who now have to buy plans with all of these bells and whistles that people don't want.

It does that to artificially inflate the premium, and thus use that extra money that people are paying, the hike in their premium, and use it to subsidize other people.

Middle of the Right reminds us of a key financial lesson: avoid debit cards.  If you haven't heard this before, click over to Mr. B's blog to learn this very important lesson.  Great advice about debit and credit cards, and about keeping some cash on hand.

Doug Ross has posted the Graph of the Day.  Just another view of how much spending and debt Democrats and weak Republicans have gotten us into.  Call us pessimistic, but we doubt this graph will be viewed by anyone who isn't already in the know. 

We often redistribute images from 90 Miles from Tyranny here.  So often that today this quote popped into our head.

Here are two from 90 Miles:

This one gave us an idea for the next Occupy rally...

U/T: to hat owners NiceDeb and Mr. B, and future hat owners Doug Ross and 90 Miles!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

We're Taking it Back

Instead of discussing ObamaCare during Christmas this year as the regime suggested, the conversation was instead about how conservatives have lost flannel and hot chocolate to the Liberals Progressives Communists.

These were strong conservative items.  Both are made, and enjoyed, by capitalists.  Had the Soviet Union survived, we're sure they would brag today about their state flannel and their state hot chocolate.  The flannel would feel (and smell) like old cardboard, and the hot chocolate would be neither hot nor chocolate.  That's assuming you were willing to stand in line for these items.

This little fairy has set us back!

Ushanka's Zhukov received the gift of a flannel shirt today, which led to a series of blistering cracks about how he may or may not hold a cup of hot chocolate.  So we asked him to pose for this photo:

Notice how a man holds a cup.

And wears a flannel shirt.

Yes, we are taking these back from the libs.  From our cold dead hands!

The mug is from the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo WY - a recommended stop by Captain Capitalism if you are in the area.

UPDATED 12.26 6pm:

Comrade Differ is taking it back!

For the record, Zhukov's rifle is a Marlin .17 HMR.  As a commenter correctly pointed out, that is a POS scope.  The scope was 'good enough' back when Karl gave Zhukov the rifle.  He was 10 at the time, and the Liberals Progressives Democrats Communists were in the minority.  The rifle was out on Christmas Day because Zhukov received a new, very nice, replacement scope.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

That Tattoo!

Hat owner and comrade Diann posted this magazine cover today.  There is that hammer and sickle again!

So is he Teen Vogue's Man of the Year?

MSNBC Mashup

Found at Legal Insurrection:

Lean Forward.

Merry Christmas

Wishing all the Ushanka comrades a Merry Christmas.  

To those who unwrap furry hats in the morning, remember, it is better to have your hat now, rather than stand in line for it later!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Democrat Failure of the Day UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 12.18 5pm]

We.  Can't.  Stop.  Laughing.

MoonBattery just posted this image in response to an ObamaCare/Democrat Party ad campaign featuring "flannel guy."

We are proud to say that we have NEVER held a cup of coffee like that.  Never had pajamas like that.  And never made a face like that. 

You can see more pile-on images at Twitchy.  It is worth the time!

Remember "glitch girl," the last Democrat Party Failure of the Day that was worthy of a blog post?

Before her it was that Georgetown Law student.

We're reminded of the last years of the Clinton Administration when the policies, spin campaigns and personal qualities of the president were so tired and obviously phony that even Liberals Progressives Communists were ready for the guy to leave office. Embrace the Suck, libs.  Just three more years of mockery to go!

There are, however, two positives from the flannel guy ad campaign:

1)  It distracts us, for another day, from the absolute destructive nature of Obama's presidency, and

2) It reminds us of our own success in defeating the liberal agenda to feminize all men.


More excellent images found at IOTW, Western Rifle, and The Federalist.


Shared by a FB Comrade:

UPDATED and BUMPED 12.23.13:

Christmas came early this year.  The cup o' hot cocoa that keeps on giving!  Here are some more, including our contribution.

This one comes from IOTW:

And this is Flannel Boy's LinkedIn profile - since deleted according to AmericanPowerBlog.

What do you think of our submission?  Maybe this will start a boycott of ObamaCare....

UPDATED 1.5.14 10:30am:

Flannel Boy lives. Now in cartoons!  Click to see the full cartoon at Doug's site.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Not In Ohio

Via WZ, a recent Jesse Jackson tweet:

If you're a minority entrepreneur, with or without a viable business plan, come to Ohio.  They are lining up for you.


Handshake Caption Correction

Initial reports suggested that Castro was the dictator.  90 Miles from Tyranny has corrected the record.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quote of the Day

Two Weasel Zippers links today:

First, the quote.  Bravo.  If you're going to get fired for saying tsomething, say something solid and true.

Second, the latest from those discussed.  We won't post this filth here at Ushanka.  Not even to mock them.

We cancelled our cable back in 2010, so we're way ahead of the A&E boycott!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Question of the Day

Found at 90 Miles from Tyranny:

Story at Politico, including an update that Podesta gave an insincere apology and did not address the question above.

Mission Accomplished

The reason for a few days of no posts is due to a spontaneous trip to Chicago.  We figured with the sub-freezing weather that our chances of being shot were a bit lower than normal.  As usual, we were right.

Karl and his better half drove up from Ohio to watch some football games, restore the Blood - Italian Beef levels, and to do some last minute holiday Christmas shopping. 

 With a Bears win and a Detroit loss, it was 'Mission Accomplished' all the way.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

They Want You Dead

What a paranoid sounding title, eh?  It reminds us of the warning we and other right-wingers were voicing in 2010 prior to Democrats (only) pushing through ObamaCare.  If you are conservative, you were screaming "Death Panels!" and if you are a liberal progressive communist you were screaming "Paranoid!." 

Then Sarah Palin and her fellow close-minded Republicans were proven right: ObamaCare includes panels of people (liberals) who will decide who gets life-saving treatment and who doesn't.  At twice the cost.

Well, let us venture another fact:

The Liberals Progressives Communists want us dead.  

They have already made the mental leap and are at the very start of a crescendo.  As history shows us, this can go slow or fast depending on how threatened they feel their hold on power is, or if a situation allows them to push an evil agenda forward without restraint.

Some recent events:

Oprah says death is necessary to end racism.  She didn't call for anyone's death, directly.  Only that old white people with prejudice against blacks will need to die for us to finally end racism.  Wasn't the election of the first black American to the office of President supposed to do that?

Look into her eyes and listen at the 3:14 mark:

More at:  MoonBattery and IOTW.

Then you've got US Army LTC Bateman publishing an article at Esquire explaining how A) he knows the Constitution better than the Supreme Court, B) that all guns need to be confiscated, and C) those who won't turn in their guns should face the consequences.

Like Oprah, he doesn't say people should die, but he does say:
My entire adult life has been dedicated to the deliberate management of violence. There are no two ways around that fact. My job, at the end of the day, is about killing. I orchestrate violence.
Oh, and he owns a business that is currently contracted with the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Even a liberal can connect those dots.

You picking up a theme yet, comrades?

More at: MoonBattery and The Sacred Cow.

We'll give one more example only because this could be an endless exercise.  See our previous posts that date back to 2006 for more evidence, if necessary.

How about the mass shooters of late?  Despite first reports of Tea Party affiliation, they all seem to be wacked-out libs.

The Arapahoe High School shooter from this week was, as Sad Hill News reports, "A Bullying Left Wing 'Keynesian' Extremist."  That is long for "Liberal."  Judging by the actions of mass shooters, death is something they seem to embrace when they do their deed.

More at: A Time For Choosing and Gateway Pundit.

If this post were to go viral we could count on the idiots at DailyKos and the other hippie hangouts to come in here and argue against one of our points, or just call us racist.

The point of this post, and this blog, however, is that Liberals are Progressives are Communists. And where ever Communism exists, so does evil, and so follows death.  

Communist thought is the overall primary force from where things like Oprah, abortion, slavery, LTC Bateman, redistribution, race-baiting, mass-shooters and other embarrassments of our society originate.

If/When their hold on power is threatened, or when a massive event occurs that allows them to push their real agenda forward without restraint, remember that you heard it here first:

Still don't believe us?  Just ask Uncle Jang Song Thaek, who, like the millions before him, waited too late to make his stand.

Thanks for the link!  Doug Ross, AngryMike,

UPDATED 12.16 5pm:

Per a comment from Anon below, the original picture of LTC Bateman is in question.  This was seen at another blog post responding to his article, so we felt comfortable using it.  We've replaced it with another photo we've seen of the gun-grabber.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Suck

Democrat Communist Nancy Pelosi told here fellow Democrats Communists to "Embrace the Suck" and accept the budget deal that says "nyet" to extended unemployment benefits for the long-term lazy unemployed.  (NY Post)

You're not going to buy more votes when you can't come through with the dough, Nancy.

Hat owner and comrade, Amaliya, responded with this gem at All The Right Snark:

Our fingers are crossed that we'll hear her tell her comrades "Embrace the Suck" in November, and her former constituents again in December.

U/T: Amaliya

Thursday, December 12, 2013

13 Days to Christmas

Be sure to get the lady in your life the right gift!

Christmas Gift Idea

From Comrade Captain Capitalism!

Hat Store

Quote of the Day

Just because we post a quote doesn't mean we've subscribed to the ideas and ideals within that quote.

Correction:  Yes it does.

From FredOnEverything, in his recent article, Iron Law:
Since just keeping people from working wasn´t enough, we started inventing jobs of less and less usefulness. Think nail salons, grief therapists, dog groomers, and the federal bureaucracy. It is God´s holy truth that half of the feddle gummint could be fired tomorrow, and the only effect would be to unclog things.

But who would transfer weapons to Mexico, watch as I type this, ignore an Ambassador's calls for help, or keep an eye on those Tea Party people?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Todays Big News

Three significant newsworthy events from today - the first two cancelled out by the third:

1) The Marxist Pope was named Time Man of the Year,

2) Apparently Time Magazine is still in business, and

3) Ushanka's Zhukov started reading the finest book ever written, Atlas Shrugged.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Who here is surprised our dear leader was caught shaking hands with (and bowing to?) his like-minded tyrant from Cuba today at Mandela's commie love-in funeral?

Disgusting, but nothing new.

U/T: Moonbattery 


Ted at ThePeoplesCube saw the photo above and shares a story:
The President is shaking hands with Raul Castro. Here is why it is not a good thing.

I had a Spanish teacher in high school who was born and raised in Cuba and was there when Castro took over. Castro confiscated his house, burned all his books in his pool while he and his family were forced to watch, confiscated all the money in his bank account and then gave him a choice...
 Go read about that choice, and ask yourself if it can happen here.

UPDATED 12.11:

At the risk of being redundant, Commie Obama hat owner and Comrade, Diann, offers the same picture from a different angle:

Smart Marketing UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 12.3.13 6pm]

Daniel Defense, a maker of rifles that Liberals Progressives Communists call "Assault Rifles" was denied an advertising slot for the Super Bowl.  This story has since gone somewhat viral, 42k views, and has given Daniel Defense some nice advertising for $8 million less than they budgeted.

This has been a story for a week or more, but we paid little attention to it.  But today we saw the video and we're glad we did.

We searched the top lib blog sites for this story, but they are mostly silent.  Do they have a pro-gun faction within their looney ranks?

So why was this commercial banned?  It isn't like NFL players are traditionally anti-gun....  They don't show a gun in the commercial, so commie bed-wetters are safe.  So why?

Here is what we found from the three most liberal news agencies that carried this story:

According to Sports Illustrated:
FOX that it could not air because “Firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited” by NFL rules. Subsequently, the gun manufacturer behind the DDM4 assault rifle line tried to argue that since various camping stores are allowed to advertise, they should be permitted to proceed because they have a brick-and-mortar store that does not exclusively sell weapons.

They even said that they would replace the assault weapon logo at the end of the commercial with an American flag, to no avail.
The company makes some good points, not that they are necessary.  The commercial did not show "Firearms, ammunition or other weapons" yet this was why it was banned.

Adam Weinstein at Gawker does not disappoint:
If you want to take down hajjis at distances greater than 50 yards, or you want to lay down suppressive fire for your squadmates' flanking maneuvers, or you want to massacre kindergartners, or you want to start the race war, or you want to shoot the shit out of peaceable moviegoers while blocking the exits, then yeah, at $1999.99, the nasty black assault rifle is your piece. Cock and lock! You're a real man now. Quick, go watch some football!
And nothing lib at the Washington Times.

Our $0.02:  

It is far too controversial in today's America - Obama's America - to show a heterosexual married man, who served his country and who takes pride in his home and success, come home to a heterosexual wife and their child only to explain that his family and home of theirs is worth defending at all costs.

What television audience would connect with that message??

His race may factor into the controversy as well, but again, we're not qualified to discuss race and will leave that to the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons to discuss.

UPDATED and BUMPED 12.10.13:

Musician and fellow gun nut, fxhummel, keeps the controversy alive. 

Even better than a Hitler video.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Auschwitz Report

Posted yesterday at a gun forum we seldom visit.  One of many quality photos:

I went to Auschwitz and Berkinau today.

I don't even know how to make sense of what I saw. One and one half million.

They were murdered by men. Men born of women; who were raised by mothers and fathers who loved them. Men who had wives and little girls of their own. They killed one and one half million- People they didn't hate. People they didn't even know... Because they were told to. Then they went home. They ate dinner with their families. They tucked their children into bed and told them, "Daddy loves you". Then they woke up the next day and did it again.

I stood in a room that had a ton or human hair- shorn from the heads of women about to die. Shorn from their heads to make fabric.

My head is so f**ked right now. It doesn't even make sense.

 And the Nazi evil was elected.

As we've said here before: the Nazis and the Soviets both engaged in Moral Nihilism: the rejection of traditional family and religious values.  Death camps (or perhaps death panels?) cannot exist if family and religious values are intact.

Another common trait - their socialism.  The Soviets hated by class alone.  They were the true 99%'ers.  The Nazis hated by class and race.  They played the Knock Out game with the Jews.

Not too different, the commies and the nazis.

Another forum commenter:
...if you start shooting the bad guys early enough to make a difference, you'll be labeled a radical crazy person.

If you wait until it's acceptable, you'll be 80# underweight, unarmed and being loaded in a boxcar.