Monday, December 09, 2013

Auschwitz Report

Posted yesterday at a gun forum we seldom visit.  One of many quality photos:

I went to Auschwitz and Berkinau today.

I don't even know how to make sense of what I saw. One and one half million.

They were murdered by men. Men born of women; who were raised by mothers and fathers who loved them. Men who had wives and little girls of their own. They killed one and one half million- People they didn't hate. People they didn't even know... Because they were told to. Then they went home. They ate dinner with their families. They tucked their children into bed and told them, "Daddy loves you". Then they woke up the next day and did it again.

I stood in a room that had a ton or human hair- shorn from the heads of women about to die. Shorn from their heads to make fabric.

My head is so f**ked right now. It doesn't even make sense.

 And the Nazi evil was elected.

As we've said here before: the Nazis and the Soviets both engaged in Moral Nihilism: the rejection of traditional family and religious values.  Death camps (or perhaps death panels?) cannot exist if family and religious values are intact.

Another common trait - their socialism.  The Soviets hated by class alone.  They were the true 99%'ers.  The Nazis hated by class and race.  They played the Knock Out game with the Jews.

Not too different, the commies and the nazis.

Another forum commenter:
...if you start shooting the bad guys early enough to make a difference, you'll be labeled a radical crazy person.

If you wait until it's acceptable, you'll be 80# underweight, unarmed and being loaded in a boxcar.

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