Sunday, December 08, 2013

They Can't Hide Inflation Forever

One of the key lies being told to us is that inflation is tame and will continue to be so.

Likely every returning Ushanka reader has already detected inflation in their daily lives.  The grocery store, for us, has been a weekly reminder of just how bad things have become since a majority in this country voted for Hope and Change.  And don't get us started on ammo prices!

We read, but subsequently lost the link, that inflation has jumped 39% since our dear leader entered office.  We recall hat owner, Ann Barnhardt, recently mention our purchasing power is dropping (inflation is rising) at over 6% a year. 

The government isn't the only one hiding inflation.  They - the Bureau of Labor and Statistics - said on Nov. 20th that inflation is rising at 1.0%.  Specifically, 0.1% per month!  Are you buying that? 

For extra credit: can you name the last statement from this government that proven as fact?

Companies have reasons to hide their price increases too.  One gimmick they use to hide rising prices is to shrink the size or volume of the product to cover the higher cost.

Here are two photos we took today.

First, we were thinking of our dear leader when we realized it was time to open a new package of TP.  Same brand and same packaging bought at the same store, so we expected to get the same product.  Not a lot of Hope there, but about 1/2 inch less of Change.

And here is a photo at our local grocery store of the new (will they call it 'Fun Size?') 7.5oz soda cans.   We suspect there will be a media campaign soon to guilt us for buying those evil 12oz sodas.

After five years of gross mismanagement and 6+% inflation, you can expect the pain factor to kick in soon.  And this is something that cannot be 'rolled back.'  It'll get worse before it gets better.  Reagan needed three years to undo Carter.  And Carter was a piker compared to our dear leader.

It isn't a secret anymore that health insurance is doubling for most Americans now, with premiums expected to jump to $20k per family in 2016.  And if it hasn't happened already, families (those who earn their spending money) will have to cut certain grocery items to make ends meet. 

Everybody has advice on how to protect yourself and your savings from inflation, and in this topic we are mere consumers of the daily news.  We're just observing the decline with our eyes wide open and have no advice for you.

There are, however, two YouTube personalities who we've found to be more credible than most on the subject.  While biased against the Fed's money printing and the regime's money spending, they are also consistent and events have proven most of their predictions to be true.  Peter Schiff is one.  If you're flexible enough to handle a goofy character, we'd also suggest RawDog.  (Watch a few of his episodes before coming to a verdict - he grows on ya)

Also, if you haven't, go read our article on this subject from a year ago.  We were on to something.

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