Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Smart Marketing UPDATED and BUMPED

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Daniel Defense, a maker of rifles that Liberals Progressives Communists call "Assault Rifles" was denied an advertising slot for the Super Bowl.  This story has since gone somewhat viral, 42k views, and has given Daniel Defense some nice advertising for $8 million less than they budgeted.

This has been a story for a week or more, but we paid little attention to it.  But today we saw the video and we're glad we did.

We searched the top lib blog sites for this story, but they are mostly silent.  Do they have a pro-gun faction within their looney ranks?

So why was this commercial banned?  It isn't like NFL players are traditionally anti-gun....  They don't show a gun in the commercial, so commie bed-wetters are safe.  So why?

Here is what we found from the three most liberal news agencies that carried this story:

According to Sports Illustrated:
FOX that it could not air because “Firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited” by NFL rules. Subsequently, the gun manufacturer behind the DDM4 assault rifle line tried to argue that since various camping stores are allowed to advertise, they should be permitted to proceed because they have a brick-and-mortar store that does not exclusively sell weapons.

They even said that they would replace the assault weapon logo at the end of the commercial with an American flag, to no avail.
The company makes some good points, not that they are necessary.  The commercial did not show "Firearms, ammunition or other weapons" yet this was why it was banned.

Adam Weinstein at Gawker does not disappoint:
If you want to take down hajjis at distances greater than 50 yards, or you want to lay down suppressive fire for your squadmates' flanking maneuvers, or you want to massacre kindergartners, or you want to start the race war, or you want to shoot the shit out of peaceable moviegoers while blocking the exits, then yeah, at $1999.99, the nasty black assault rifle is your piece. Cock and lock! You're a real man now. Quick, go watch some football!
And nothing lib at the Washington Times.

Our $0.02:  

It is far too controversial in today's America - Obama's America - to show a heterosexual married man, who served his country and who takes pride in his home and success, come home to a heterosexual wife and their child only to explain that his family and home of theirs is worth defending at all costs.

What television audience would connect with that message??

His race may factor into the controversy as well, but again, we're not qualified to discuss race and will leave that to the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons to discuss.

UPDATED and BUMPED 12.10.13:

Musician and fellow gun nut, fxhummel, keeps the controversy alive. 

Even better than a Hitler video.

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