Friday, November 29, 2013

It Is Black Friday

Black Friday: the day each year Obama voters across the nation come together to celebrate Capitalism and spend tax-payer's money.

UPDATED 11.30.13:

We saw this shirt at a mall in SouthWest Ohio on Black Friday, and thought of a way to help the store get some sales.

And a FB Comrade shared this with us:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tweet of the T-Day

Allen Covert counters the regime's drive to have commissars praise ObamaCare at family Thanksgiving dinners this year. 

As if families in 2013 have the patience to tolerate that lib family member at this year's dinner.  We suspect some folks have been uninvited...

Shared by a FB Comrade:

Happy Thanksgiving Comrades!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No Sympathy, Part II

Announcing a new label for the Ushanka blog: No Sympathy.  We could call it "I Told You So," but that would be rude.

We will use this label with each post that chronicles the disappointment of Liberals Progressives Communists who voted for Obama but are upset about an Obama policy.  ObamaCare is the dissapointment du jour, as the mandates have impacted the most loyal of Obama supporters.  By creating this new label we are predicting that we'll hear more about policy disappointments.

These Democrats had assumed, incorrectly, that Obama's policies would only hurt those they envy.

These Democrats ignored, or mocked, those on the right who warned of 1) insurance cancellations, 2) higher prices, 3) less choice, 4) reduced coverage, 5) higher taxes, and 6) Death Panels.

Today, all are true.  Our options: 1) feel sorry for these Democrats, or 2) have No Sympathy.  If you guessed the latter, then chances are you read our first No Sympathy post from a couple weeks ago.

In other words, consider us tolerant of your higher premiums and lowered standard of life.

As the millions in the Soviet Union who dug canals, worked the Kolyma mines or starved in man-made famines once said, "Ah, live die and learn."

Today's "No Sympathy" post is dedicated to Bruce Barcott.  Bruce is a two-time Obama voter.

Bruce writes about "My ObamaCare Cancellation" at the Observer.  In his words, he is "seething at a president I helped elect:"
You may be aware that the three-tiered state exchange policies are labeled Gold, Silver, and Bronze, reflecting their price and level of coverage. If our policy still existed it would fall into the column of Wood.

But Wood we had—and Wood we liked.

No more. Okay, into the state exchange we go. I voted for it. Fair enough.
Fair enough, exactly.  Embrace the suck, liberal.

Zero sympathy here.  Bruce, we only read your article for the delight it gave us.  Your premiums went from $578 to $1123.  That is just the start.  Wait until you try to navigate the system with your sick child on one side, and the new ObamaCare doctor union nurse-practitioner on the other who is coming up on her mandatory break.  Count on us to be here to chronicle that story!

From our comrades at IOTW:

A Ushanka Race Post

Being white, we aren't qualified to join the dialogue on race relations.  Nor are our opinions on how to remedy any existing racial problems, like 2-parent families and teaching core values, in demand.

But an elected official, especially one of color, is qualified.  Watch as Mayor Gordon Jenkins of Monticello, NY mis-speaks during his DUI arrest:

Anyone want to take a stab at guessing Mayor Jenkins' political party?

Obviously Gordon's behavior shouldn't be seen as representative of all men, blacks, drunks or the obese.  It would be common for Liberals Progressives Communists to try to separate people into groups for their political gain, but you won't see any of that nonsense here.

We wouldn't normally post something like this, but the Mayor's use of terms like "Uncle Tom" and "Cracker" suggest he may be representing only a portion of the Monticello NY population, or that he has something to add to the national discussion on race.

So, like when we ask Arizona voters why they keep re-electing McCain, or South Carolina voters why they keep re-electing Graham, we have to ask the Monticello NY voters:  Why do you elect someone like Gordon Jenkins?

U/T: Moonbattery for posting this video, and the Monticello Police Department for sharing.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quote of the Day

By yours truly in an email exchange with the founder of Leninade, who resides in the former free state, California:
As for our dear leader's visit to CA, it says a lot about how far this country has slid to see that guy fund-raising a month after the colossal failure of ObamaCare and days after making friends with the Iranians.  Imagine how much he could raise if his policies worked.

Monday, November 25, 2013

From Czechoslovakia With Love

Comrade Amaliya, who redistributed four guest posts to Ushanka after her recent trip to Europe, sent us some postcards!

Four postcards from the Museum of Communism in the Czech Republic!  Or at least four made it through the TSA sticky-finger search and seizure....

We suspect the USPS would deliver these cards without postage.  Just on principle!

The one on the left is our favorite:
Sometimes there was no toliet paper in the shops. 
Luckily there was not much food either.
What, no card that said "If you like your loaf of bread, you can keep it?"

Amaliya's Guest Posts:

The Czech Republic - Emerging from Decades of Soviet Domination

Communist Indoctrination of School Children - Czechoslovakia and America Compared

A Military Memorabilia Shop in the Small Village of Krumlov, Czech Republic

The Agriculture Industry Appears Healthy in Czech Republic

Thanks Amaliya!
The Czech Republic- Emerging from Decades of Soviet Domination - See more at:
The Czech Republic- Emerging from Decades of Soviet Domination - See more at:

Friday, November 22, 2013

Answer: Communism Killed Kennedy

Read Programmed to Kill for the most likely of answers to the Kennedy assassination.

Here is the commie Oswald, wearing his Ushanka while talking with a KGB informant (source):

Oswald defected to the Soviet Union with Top Secret information.  He had been a US Marine and air traffic controller with access to the information about classified flights.  He likely gave the Soviets the altitude of the U2 flights which led to their downing of Francis Gary Powers.

He embraced communism as early as the age of 15.  In the USSR, he was likely enrolled in Khrushchev's assassination program.  The program was shut down, but Oswald went rogue.  He made multiple attempts to reconnect with the Soviets, but they wanted nothing to do with the filthy liberal.

They sent Cuban agent Jack Ruby in afterwards to erase the connection to the Soviet Union, which likely reduced the chance of a justifiable and massive US attack on the Soviets.

As for all the media hype over the anniversary, we suspect the narrative will switch from the Kennedy assassination to the many - real or imagined or likely both - threats against our dear leader.  He needs a boost in the polls and there just might be a little sympathy or white-guilt left in the American public to milk through the 2014 elections.

We're not biting on the conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination.  But we FULLY suspect the Liberals Progressives Communists (aka Journolisters) in the MSM to conspire on a plan to artificially boost Obama's ratings.  It is what they do.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Granted, this is only one side of the story, but it is telling that a government agency's methods to gauge the health of privately owned farm animals is to kill them.

Story via RealFarmicy:

The good news:
1) This procedure is used only for animals, for now, and
2) It is only happening in Canada.

U/T: FB Comrade K

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Toast

Comrades in Arms Bars,

Aaron Clarey (left) and Davis Aurini shared a toast to "Glorious Hat" in Canada last year.  Here is the updated version of their photo.

Comrade Davis has just released a NEW and IMPROVED Stares at the World, his blog.  Be sure to buy his book and watch his YouTube videos too!

And Aaron Clarey, aka Captain Capitalism, is finishing his latest book, Bachelor Pad Economics, due out next month.  We've had a sneak peek.  All we can say is:   It is a coffee-table book.  For young men.  With a whole lot of tough love. 

Our sincere thanks to both who have plugged our furry and mockingly clever Commie Obama hat

Our Youth - A Glimmer of Hope

Found at imgur - the Democrats put on a bake sale at a high school.  Maybe all is not lost.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bad for Al Qaeda

Tonight's Drudge headline (yes, we still take a peek at Drudge...)
We're just a stone's throw from Kentucky.  We socialize with many in that state.  This is how we expect this to play out:

1) Local, county and state police agencies will announce that they are not going to hunt down the Al Qaeda terrorists within Kentucky.

2) Bodies will appear on rural county roads.  No witnesses will be sought, thus no witnesses will be found.

3) Al Qaeda will suffer another defeat in the War on Terror.

Kentucky may look like the right place to setup operations if all you're doing is looking at a map. 

But if people bent on the destruction of the United States need to find a place where people will turn a blind eye to their activities, they should go where others who hate America live:  Berkeley CA or Washington DC.

We Sponsor Greatness

Ushanka's subsidiary,, is the sponsor of this week's Clarey Podcast.

Listen to the Captain of Capitalism imitate The Church Lady and Casey Kasem as he explains his recent stand against stopping to help Minnesota's texting liberals who have driven into a ditch in -40 degree weather.  And more!

And be sure to support their sponsor! We sell the lifesaving warmth that all Minnesota's stay-home progressive mom's need on those lonely roads.

Seen in Conneticut

We aren't the only ones using the hammer and sickle in text.

Is it ok to call Obama a Communist now?

Seen at LI.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Don't bet on it.

Ya he lied, just like Bill Clinton.

Ya, his lies led to over 5 million Americans losing their health insurance.  Ya, many Dem Senators are worried about 2014 and could be persuaded to vote for removal.

But he's black, and his replacement is... not very bright.

But hat owner and comrade NiceDeb links to a couple posts on the subject from smarter guys than Karl:  One from hat owner and former congressman Allen West and one from Walid Shoebat.

We agree the worst is yet to come with the ObamaCare disaster.  As of yet, zero Americans have been physically harmed by the law.  It will be a different story this time next year.

It is ironic, no?  The Liberals Progressives Communists have convinced Americans over several election cycles that health insurance is the most important thing.  To be denied coverage or lose coverage is the absolute worst thing to happen to someone.  Yet, their law has resulted in... denied coverage, and the loss of coverage, for millions.

We predict here that he will not be impeached.  But let the record show, we've been wrong in our predictions about 50% of the time!!


Some say "Statists," some "Socialists," others "Communists."  We say "Communist Inspired" - as in they have all the same anti-liberty impulses, amoral instincts, and problem-solving solutions as the Communists, but without the competence or legal structure to pull it off.

Kerodin at III Percenters explores the problems with labels, including "Communist," and has suggested there are three elements to America's problems. 
So I lump all of the Bad People into 3 broad categories: Reds, Those who would be Masters, & Parasites.  The three often overlap, but not always.  The three will devour each other, but they constantly seek fresh meat.  America is entitled to be free of all three categories, and we do not need to apologize, we do not need to "...make room for those who are different..." or tolerate for a single moment the infringements upon Rightful Liberty that define such people.  We are under no obligation to suffer such idiots.

And don't forget Christmas is coming.

You can cheer up a loved one who lost their health insurance with the gift of a Commie Obama hat.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Quote of the Day

Hat owner and Professor Mike S. Adams, via FB:
Politicians support ObamaCare for the same reason they support abortion. 
They figure they'll survive because they'll never be subjected to it.

Karl's Weekend Reading

There is nothing fun in these selections.

First, I Am Now a Dissident (and You Should Be, Too) by Joe Herring at the American Thinker.  Advice:
 1) Never underestimate the power of mockery. [See Commie Obama Hat]

It is irrational and, as such, irrefutable.  It allows for the bludgeon of humor to strike your opponent without drawing blood.  Mockery does all its damage on the inside, unnerving your opponent and derailing his arguments.

2) Learn from Solzhenitsyn's methods.

Focus on the result of a policy or initiative, and force those responsible to explain and defend it.  Solzhenitsyn didn't simply decry Communism.  He illustrated the brutality, and forced Communists to explain why it must be that way.


Remember always: the tyrant's greatest weakness is his belief that he has no weaknesses.  Exploit that.

Next, The American Iron Curtain by Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish.  Defining the new evil empire:

The American iron curtain is still made out of paper, but in time it will be made out of cement and iron. Tyrannies begin with paper, but end with metal. The state begins by imposing bureaucracy on a free people and ends by imposing tyranny on them. When they will not obey the paper, it resorts to steel, iron and lead.


We do not fight men with nuclear missiles or red armies of freezing conscripts waiting to march through Europe. Instead we fight against an evil empire that has arisen in our cities and its red army of front groups that insinuate their ideas into every institution they take control of.

Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War? by Brandon Smith at  Tying multiple events together to arrive to a seemingly obvious conclusion - a civil war is possilble.  Events mentioned in the article include: Quantitative Easing, military scenarios based on a collapsed economy, Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi, Snowden/NSA, the recent EBT shutdown, and ObamaCare.

The idea that our government has indeed run economic collapse scenarios, found the United States in mortal danger, and done absolutely nothing to fix the problem is bad enough.


Who Would Win?

Who would prevail in a second American civil war? Tactically speaking, conservatives have the upper hand and are far better prepared. Food rioters wouldn’t last beyond three to six weeks as starvation takes its toll, and mindless mobs would not last long against seasoned riflemen. The military, though suffering purges by the White House, still contains numerous conservatives within its ranks.

Next up, Mark Steyn at National Review, A Phalanx of Lies.  Of Obama's many failures, ObamaCare will be felt by all.

...Obamacare is different: Whether or not the president is unaware of it, the more than 2 million Americans (at the time of writing) kicked off their current health-care plans are most certainly aware of it.

Last, hat owner Ann Barnhardt reposts The One About How WE ARE THE GOLD.  In her opinion, one of her most depressing blog posts.  The result of the Marxist dumbing-down of America:

This iteration of both the United States and the US Dollar are over. There is no way to walk back the damage that the Obama regime has done. They have accomplished their mission, no matter what happens from this day forward.


Taxes will be raised and the currency will be further debased via electronic “printing”, causing price inflation – a one-two punch to the citizen. This is EXACTLY what is happening to us today.


Our government is saturated with corruption, looting and outright treason and criminality, and yet most people simply cannot be bothered to care, much less to act, and are thus passively complicit. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Agriculture Industry Appears Healthy in Czech Republic

Our last Guest Post from Comrade Amaliya - a hat owner who recently traveled to Europe. 
I'm no expert on such matters, but judging by the piles of cow manure heaped in gianormous piles all over the landscape, I'd say the Czech Republic is doing just fine feeding the folks these days. We rolled around over many miles criss-crossing formerly Soviet-occupied Bohemia this past week and observed hundreds of acres of beautiful and productive farmland.  

During the Stalin era, farmers were regarded as 'enemies of the state,' and farms were nationalized.  No one could own more than 50 hectares of land, so the wealthy farmers' lives were destroyed, while the poor peasants were excited by the new program.  (It was the only FAIR and RIGHT thing to do. Sound familiar?) Cooperatives (see "exchanges") were established, and Communists blackmailed those that did not join.   

It's disturbingly familiar when you realize some of the SAME social experiments are going on right now, right here in America.  All Democrats would need to do is look at the historical records from Soviet Block and other socialistic countries to realize that collectivism FAILS miserably.  The visual in my head is the one of the guy with his own head jammed up his posterior, but I'll supply this one instead:-)  -Amaliya 

U/T: Amaliya.  Thank you for all the great guest posts, Comrade Amaliya.

I Order You To Keep Your Plan


Our compliments to Matt L., MoonBattery comrade for the image above.  One of the best!

The dear leader spoketh today, and explained he mis-spoketh.  This tweet posted by Legal Insurrection:

Partially correct. 

We doubt many of the policies already cancelled will be re-instated.  The insurance companies know that today's dear leader speech was to direct the public's anger at the insurance companies rather than the Liberal Progressive Communist whose name is forever associated with... OBAMAcare. 

Even Berkeley-educated hippies sees through this BS.

It is time for the real producers in this country, the insurance companies, say "no."  Say "no" to re-instating the cancelled policies.  Say "no" to being useful idiots.

Take a look at Doug Ross' post about the million policies cancelled in California.  He echoes our sentiment from yesterday:
I try never to take pleasure in the misery of others, but in this case I'll make an exception.
Best to learn to take pleasure now.  Not a single person has been killed by ObamaCare at this stage.  Imagine the things we'll be discussing here this time next year.

NSA Updates

90 Miles from Tyranny inspired this post with this video:

More images pulled from FB and blogs:

Quote of the Day

The late Bud Cloud:
I don’t care what you do with my power tools; you better promise you’ll bury me with these.
Read it and weep - as we did.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Military Memorabilia Shop in the Small Village of Krumlov, Czech Republic

Another Guest Post from Comrade Amaliya - a hat owner who recently traveled to Europe. 

“Tourist Needs!”  LOL! 

Frankly, it’s high time someone finally cares about keeping us tourists supplied with high-powered weaponry and ammo!  They also had (U.S.) Rebel flags, gas masks, pictures of Stalin, Viet Cong helmets, Russian military hats, ushankas and all sorts of miscellaneous Soviet pins and clothing…. something for everybody! Your one-stop shop! Too bad the proprietor didn't speak a lick of English.

When asked about firearm laws for private citizens in the Czech Republic, we may as well been asking for directions to the nearest absinthe bar.  -Amaliya

Even Orwell Didn't Go This Far

Click over to Second City Cop to find out the story behind this big-brother device!

No Sympathy

Our dear leader promised an update today on his 5-year universal health care plan.  Here is a screenshot from FoxNews:

Get used to the words "Far short of Goal" in your news while Democrats are calling the shots!

We're going to take a page out of Captain Capitalism's book, Enjoy the Decline.

If you haven't read it, you need to BUY IT NOW.  If you like his book, you can keep it!

You will read horrible, mean-spirited things in this book.  How the author, Aaron Clarey, actually looks FORWARD to seeing people suffer when the EBT cards run dry, inflation spikes, and the greatest nation in the history of the world defaults on its debt.  The people who he is speaking of are those same people who voted for free stuff and trillions in debt-spending.  He is determined to have a grand time of it, and by the end of the book, you will too.

So Mrs. Karl (who also read Enjoy the Decline) and I were talking the other day in the kitchen.  How horrible it is for people to be kicked off of their health plans and unable to find a replacement ObamaCare plan.  Especially for those who have life-enabling prescriptions or other health conditions that can turn ugly in a hurry.  There has to be a desperation there, now 1.5 months after the launch.  Some are even holding out [FALSE] hope that Obama will order the private companies to re-instate their policies until the dear leader can fix his web site. 

But guess how the conversation went. And I'll bet you a Commie Obama hat that we're not the only ones thinking like this....

A lot of those suffering people are liberals.  Or as we say here at  Liberals Progressives Communists.  

Specifically, Obama voters.  Consumers of free stuff.  The lecturers of "fair" and "tolerance."  Those Walmart shoppers you've seen pictures of.  Those who live in the shadows.  The self-proclaimed "open minded" and "enlightened" crowd.  The 47% who don't pay into the system, but are paid by the system.  The flash robbers.  Our betters.  Those who sleep in.  We even know some of them.  Some of them are even family and friends.

That's it.  The conversation ended.  The unspoken conclusion, which would be harsh, rude, out of character and insensitive for us to say out loud:  "Fuck 'em."

We took our bowls of ice cream back to the family room and continued our movie.

Status Report: ObamaCare.Gov UDPATED and BUMPED

[originally posted 10.29 at 5pm]

Sit back and enjoy another Ushanka EPIC post!

It's been 28 days since opened for business.  The number of Americans who have signed up and paid for their free healthcare can be counted on one's hands, and they reflect about 0.0001% of those who have tried to buy their free healthcare.  A disaster of biblical Democrat proportions, to say the least.

Ted Cruz was the ONLY senator to stand up and try to delay ObamaCare.   Liberals like John McCain and Harry Reid balked at the suggestion.  A week later, they too suggested a delay was in order due to the failed website.

Obama, trying to redistribute the courage of George W. Bush when he pursued the "surge" in the Iraq war, announced that he'll lead a "surge" in the ObamaCare website fixes.  We've hesitated to say why this is the exact wrong thing to do as we don't want our dear leader to enjoy any success from our comments.  But, he and his ilk are products of the public school system and have stopped reading by this point.

A little trivia about your host, Karl.  He has an extensive background, both Fortune 500 and in startups, in the management of complex software design, development and maintenance.  A technology project manager, Karl will tell you that a "surge" is stupid.  Here is why:

Unlike construction or other infrastructure projects, technology projects accelerate when the technology team(s) is reduced in size.  If a construction project is running late, an option is to add more drywall labor, roofers, or whatever labor-intensive task is presenting a long duration to the project timeline.  In software development, especially in business-process automation (vs "dot com") projects like a national health insurance exchange, it is the opposite.  Layers of decision-makers and swarms of developers only compound duration forecasts as they add layers of communication and responsibilities to a project.  The failures of the ObamaCare website are in direct relation to the failures of a "surge" mentality within the project team.  And the project team is only reflecting the inefficiencies consistent with a government operation.  The only solution to fixing the ObamaCare website is the only option our dear leader and his like-minded minions will never do: streamline the team and their responsibilities, flatten the team to just one or two levels of management, and empower the lower leaders of the team to make decisions in real-time.  In other words, treat the project as a private-sector company would.

Supposedly Obama used the same people to build the ObamaCare system as built his Organizing for America donation website.  This is like telling a teenager who assembled a plastic model of a F-22 fighter plane to build the actual aircraft.

One is "dot com", the other is business process automation.  One is 'flat' and is built for speed, like Ushanka.  The other has depth requiring professional engineering, multiple integration points with multiple external partners, business rules that address different scenarios for single, married, children, poor, etc.  To hide a redistribution effort within a noble, "free" healthcare service requires significant effort and complexity.  You don't hire the same people whose previous experience is putting glowing photos of the dear leader onto a web page next to a "Donate" button.

To convey our opinion of these website experts correctly, let us make a prediction:  When push comes to shove and the screaming reaches a crescendo, expect an announcement that the team has moved from FrontPage for Windows 95 to the more advanced FrontPage for Windows 98.

A more serious prediction: the site will not work, ever, in 2013.

 With a hearty Ushanka Tip to FB Comrade A, we share his brilliance:
March 21st 2010 to October 1 2013 is 3 years, 6 months, 10 days.

December 7, 1941 to May 8, 1945 is 3 years, 5 months, 1 day.

What this means is that in the time we were attacked at Pearl Harbor to the day Germany surrendered is not enough time for this federal government to build a working webpage.

Mobilization of millions, building tens of thousands of tanks, planes, jeeps, subs, cruisers, destroyers, torpedoes, millions upon millions of guns, bombs, ammo, etc. Turning the tide in North Africa, Invading Italy, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Race to Berlin - all while we were also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific!!

And they can't build a webpage.

The rumors this past week are that several administration friends are employed by the contractor, CGI Federal Inc., that has received over $600,000,000 for its site development.  This makes CGI the Solyndra of 2013.  Commissar Valerie Jarrett (daughter) is one, the First Lady (classmate Toni Townes-Whitley) is another.  Requests to their respective offices were met with promises to deny future life-saving treatment for Karl and his family.

The turn to the private sector to fix the site is not an unusual move for Liberals Progressives Communists.  Sometimes things just need to get done.

We are reminded from our studies (see book list - left) of Naftely Frenkel (b&w photo below), Stalin's go-to guy for his White Sea - Baltic Canal.  Frenkel was a smuggler, a business man, a merchant.  He was thrown into the first Gulag, at the Solovetsky Islands, in 1923.  But his business instincts quickly led to his rise within the Gulag to the eventual manager of the canal project.  His first suggestion to his Gulag guards: food rations should be determined by the rate of each prisoner's production.  Millions died from this rule alone.  Read the stories from Kolyma.

We understand a paycheck is better than no paycheck.  And we further understand a government paycheck is better than a private sector paycheck these days - bigger, safer, and it requires little or no effort.  But while the dear leader has claimed a "transformational change" to the US, he has yet to rewrite the definitions of, and importance of, "character" and "integrity."  To those Frenkels in the US government, we say "resign now."  A day will come where those still on the payroll to destroy this country will not be forgiven.  But, by all means, if there are employees who are purposely sabotaging the development, stay on board, and GodSpeed, comrades!

Some are suggesting Obama was lying all along.  Further, many are suggesting the problems are orchestrated.  Remember, Liberals Progressives Communists lie, and they are never shamed by failure.  We think it is time for Americans to stop giving this guy the benefit of the doubt.  Admit it: the doubt has proven to apply each and every time.  Video via NiceDeb:

Some more images from FB Comrades and from our Blogger Comrades:

UPDATED 10.30 8:30am:

Linked by NiceDeb - Thanks!  (Did you know NiceDeb is a hat owner?)

NiceDeb links to an Ace post - a point that is NOT being made anywhere else:
Obama has it within his power to call up the HHS reg-writers and instruct them to honor the promise [you can keep your plan] he made time and again for two years. And he doesn't want people to know this, because he is determined to break that promise.
And congratulations to hat owner Diann for getting her ObamaCare image posted at American Thinker.  Remember to take the pain pill, comrades!

UPDATED 10.31.13 7:30am:

From WZ:  This is uncomfortable to watch.  It is MSM outlet and Obama supporting CBS reporting of the lies told to congress by their ideological soulmates about the readiness of the website.

On a positive note - some would argue that we've hit the bottom when the enemies of freedom start turning on each other.  We'll see.

And more evidence: Glenn Beck (hat owner) explains a leaked memo from Sept 27 - three days before launch.

UPDATED and BUMPED 11.13, 1pm:

Our prediction that the website will not be fixed in 2013 appears to be spot on.  Washington Post and IOTW.

Fast forward to the 6:50 mark to get a feeling of how the conversation is going between the 2000 ObamaCare website supervisors and the 12 government software engineers:

Our solution to this epic fumble, explained in the original post above, is proven by three - THREE!! - developers in three - THREE!! - days who created a functioning 'lite' version of the $600,000,000+ ObamaCare website.  Fox News

Image of the Day

Found at IOTW:

Today, Czechs Can Laugh (a little), but They'll Never Forget

Another Guest Post from Comrade Amaliya - a hat owner who recently traveled to Europe. 

A 40-year Communist occupation and particularly the 1968 Russian invasion to squelch resistance cut deeply into the soul of all Czechs.  Those who were in school during that period were ONLY taught Russian as a second language.

Today, hearing it spoken in the streets brings back old tensions and resentment.

My own observation while in Prague was that there were many Russians in the streets, but as entrepreneurs, not soldiers.  (They have bigger biceps and wear a lot of black....really.)  The word is that they run the casinos, spas, and many of the jewelry businesses in the Czech Republic.  (Ironically, the Museum of Communism shares a building with a casino!)

Many would say the only good things about Russia are the matpewka nesting dolls and vodka.

Apologists for the Russians would say that during WW2, they sacrificed millions of troops to save Eastern Europe from Nazism. The old saying, "out of the frying into the fire" comes to mind.    -Amaliya

Charts of the Day

Extra scary.  ZH: 7 More Years of Low Rates... And Then War?

Notice any similarities between these pre-WWII conditions and today?

Click charts for larger version.

Note to self: Refinance in 2019.

We wonder if there were other comparison charts measuring other factors that were tossed as they didn't fit ZH's premise that we are on the verge of fiscal/Wall Street collapse and possibly war.

If you like your economy, you can keep it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yep - Karl is a Liberal

We've had great success with this line at many family gatherings.

We Can't Buy a Vowel When We Are $17T in Debt

Compliments FB Comrade and hat owner, Doc: