Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Somebody is Wrong

Two screenshots from a few minutes ago with headlines from the Virginia Gov Race:

One side is correct, and the other side is using their reach and visibility for advertising revenue.

The latter should be run out of this country tomorrow am.

UPDATED 11.6.13:

Congrats to the Liberals Progressives Communists in NYC and VA.  Free Stuff is still on the menu!

Smart campaigning by people determined to win.  We hope some of that rubs off in the GOP someday, but we're not holding our breath.

We are especially excited to watch NYC go the way of Detroit.  We were too busy with career and family during the Detroit decline, but now that we're unemployed in Obama's America, we'll have all the time to watch the nation's largest city decline into poverty.  

Extra credit to the Marxists who actually donated funds to the Libertarian candidate and pulled votes away from the Republican.  Libertarians, like Liberals, are useful idiots and it appears their usefulness helped win the day in VA.

As for the original post, the Liberal Progressive Communist media were correct, and it was Drudge that was playing for advertising revenue. 

We are tired of being played.  We cancelled cable back in 2010, and further withdrew from modest new sources.  As of today, we withdraw further.

Following the lead of Ushanka's Zhukov, Drudge is no longer in our bookmarks nor is their app on our iPhone.



We've added the Bing app and bookmark and will try them for news.  We recall a May post at Legal Insurrection that compared the news at Google vs Bing and found that Google News was seriously lacking. 

We made another change in our habits a month or two ago that we've been meaning to write about.  We are a 24/7 subscriber to Rush Limbaugh's radio show.  Have been for over 7 years.  We've maybe listened to 2-3 shows in the past month.  Rush has been one of our primary news sources, and an inspiration for Ushanka.  But we've lately felt played with him too.  Maybe if we liked hearing about mail-order tea or new books instead of critical thought or conservative passion we'd be more into his show.  The critical thought is long gone there, and it feels like we're just listening to someone biding his time.  He's earned it.  The problem is few are stepping up to lead.

For our news we'll frequent Bing News, a small group of like-minded patriots at FB, and the incredible bloggers listed at the left.  Will it be enough?

UPDATED 11.6 5pm:

 Related, IOTW posted a familiar symbol that sums up the Mayor race in NYC:

UPDATED 11.13:

Updating to share some info:

1) Bing's mobile app does not have news.  So we've been using the Google App on our phone for news.

2) We've stripped the Drudge link from our browsers toolbars and our phone.  However, it is still the startup screen for our browser and we've failed to bring ourselves to replace it.  This is a tough site to drop!

3)  We tried to adopt BadBlue, a site promoted by our comrade, Doug Ross, and marketed as an alternative to Drudge.  The site is too cluttered and it is difficult to do a quick scan of the news there. It is so bad that we'd rather not know the news than try to find it there.  Maybe it is a layout that grows on you? 

4) Our next plan is to re-visit some of the commercial/established conservative blogs as reliable news sources.  Maybe there is one or two that do a good job.  Our last venture into this area was a disappointment.  Either a conservative blog is loyal to conservatism, loyal to advertisers, or clumsily trying to cater to both.  (How many ads do you see here at Ushanka?)  We'll update again if we find any good sites.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried mark lavin? I'm searching also. Feel like a mouse in a maze at times.

Karl said...

Yes, I went through a Mark Levin phase. I have absolute respect for him, as I do Rush. However, Mark wore on me pretty fast and I dropped his podcasted show after about a month. For Rush, it took 7 years.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

The fruits of capitalism.