Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bad for Al Qaeda

Tonight's Drudge headline (yes, we still take a peek at Drudge...)
We're just a stone's throw from Kentucky.  We socialize with many in that state.  This is how we expect this to play out:

1) Local, county and state police agencies will announce that they are not going to hunt down the Al Qaeda terrorists within Kentucky.

2) Bodies will appear on rural county roads.  No witnesses will be sought, thus no witnesses will be found.

3) Al Qaeda will suffer another defeat in the War on Terror.

Kentucky may look like the right place to setup operations if all you're doing is looking at a map. 

But if people bent on the destruction of the United States need to find a place where people will turn a blind eye to their activities, they should go where others who hate America live:  Berkeley CA or Washington DC.

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