Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Order You To Keep Your Plan


Our compliments to Matt L., MoonBattery comrade for the image above.  One of the best!

The dear leader spoketh today, and explained he mis-spoketh.  This tweet posted by Legal Insurrection:

Partially correct. 

We doubt many of the policies already cancelled will be re-instated.  The insurance companies know that today's dear leader speech was to direct the public's anger at the insurance companies rather than the Liberal Progressive Communist whose name is forever associated with... OBAMAcare. 

Even Berkeley-educated hippies sees through this BS.

It is time for the real producers in this country, the insurance companies, say "no."  Say "no" to re-instating the cancelled policies.  Say "no" to being useful idiots.

Take a look at Doug Ross' post about the million policies cancelled in California.  He echoes our sentiment from yesterday:
I try never to take pleasure in the misery of others, but in this case I'll make an exception.
Best to learn to take pleasure now.  Not a single person has been killed by ObamaCare at this stage.  Imagine the things we'll be discussing here this time next year.

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