Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No Sympathy, Part II

Announcing a new label for the Ushanka blog: No Sympathy.  We could call it "I Told You So," but that would be rude.

We will use this label with each post that chronicles the disappointment of Liberals Progressives Communists who voted for Obama but are upset about an Obama policy.  ObamaCare is the dissapointment du jour, as the mandates have impacted the most loyal of Obama supporters.  By creating this new label we are predicting that we'll hear more about policy disappointments.

These Democrats had assumed, incorrectly, that Obama's policies would only hurt those they envy.

These Democrats ignored, or mocked, those on the right who warned of 1) insurance cancellations, 2) higher prices, 3) less choice, 4) reduced coverage, 5) higher taxes, and 6) Death Panels.

Today, all are true.  Our options: 1) feel sorry for these Democrats, or 2) have No Sympathy.  If you guessed the latter, then chances are you read our first No Sympathy post from a couple weeks ago.

In other words, consider us tolerant of your higher premiums and lowered standard of life.

As the millions in the Soviet Union who dug canals, worked the Kolyma mines or starved in man-made famines once said, "Ah, live die and learn."

Today's "No Sympathy" post is dedicated to Bruce Barcott.  Bruce is a two-time Obama voter.

Bruce writes about "My ObamaCare Cancellation" at the Observer.  In his words, he is "seething at a president I helped elect:"
You may be aware that the three-tiered state exchange policies are labeled Gold, Silver, and Bronze, reflecting their price and level of coverage. If our policy still existed it would fall into the column of Wood.

But Wood we had—and Wood we liked.

No more. Okay, into the state exchange we go. I voted for it. Fair enough.
Fair enough, exactly.  Embrace the suck, liberal.

Zero sympathy here.  Bruce, we only read your article for the delight it gave us.  Your premiums went from $578 to $1123.  That is just the start.  Wait until you try to navigate the system with your sick child on one side, and the new ObamaCare doctor union nurse-practitioner on the other who is coming up on her mandatory break.  Count on us to be here to chronicle that story!

From our comrades at IOTW:

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