Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Today, Czechs Can Laugh (a little), but They'll Never Forget

Another Guest Post from Comrade Amaliya - a hat owner who recently traveled to Europe. 

A 40-year Communist occupation and particularly the 1968 Russian invasion to squelch resistance cut deeply into the soul of all Czechs.  Those who were in school during that period were ONLY taught Russian as a second language.

Today, hearing it spoken in the streets brings back old tensions and resentment.

My own observation while in Prague was that there were many Russians in the streets, but as entrepreneurs, not soldiers.  (They have bigger biceps and wear a lot of black....really.)  The word is that they run the casinos, spas, and many of the jewelry businesses in the Czech Republic.  (Ironically, the Museum of Communism shares a building with a casino!)

Many would say the only good things about Russia are the matpewka nesting dolls and vodka.

Apologists for the Russians would say that during WW2, they sacrificed millions of troops to save Eastern Europe from Nazism. The old saying, "out of the frying into the fire" comes to mind.    -Amaliya

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