Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quote of the Day

The other Karl (Deninger):

You often hear various people on the left and right tell you that if you vote for this candidate or that, if you support the Tea Party, the Republicans, the Democrats or whatever that some terrible thing will befall you -- and if you instead vote their way that it will all be ok.

Well, how's it working out for you?

I remind you that the Republicans could have prevented the government from re-opening until Obamacare and the health scam generally was stopped and reversed.  They could have also forced an immediate balanced federal budget.

I remind you that the Democrats promised you that you'd be able to keep your health plan if you wanted, but if you didn't it would be cheaper under Obamacare than before.

We now know the claims from both sides were lies.

Yep.  Republicans suck less.  They won't be getting a dime from this Karl anytime soon, at least not until they show us what they stand for - unanimously and with results, not words.  

And in case a Republican stumbles across this, here is what he needs to do:

Stand against Communism.

Stop it in its tracks.  Vote NO on everything except 'a gun in every home.'

We'll know you're serious when the NSA/DNC outs your extra-marital activities, drug use, profanity-laced phone calls and sleeping habits.  Then you'll have our praise.


Related image just found on FB, by Comrade E:

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