Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Old Media Tribute #47


On February 10th NBC suspended top anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay.

I collected over 60 meme images mocking Brian Williams’ lying and, by extension, the loss of credibility within the old media.

I will post one of these images every three days until his suspension is over. . .  and trust is restored.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Headline of the Day

The shock of the recent SCOTUS disgrace is behind us.  It is all laughs from this point forward.

Today's RightScoop:
PANDEMONIUM at Chicago Gay Pride Parade!! ‘Black Lives Matter’ disruption, 2 people SHOT, car hits people?!!

Some suggested headlines for similar stories coming to a parade near you:
Some at Parade think they are More Equal than Others

Two Parades, One President

Parade Competition: Who is More Proud?

BREAKING: Parade Loses Focus with Multiple Victim Groups

Two Forces Collide: Black Pride Parade and Gay Pride Parade

Straight White Christians Spared at Parade Tragedy

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Warning Order

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer posted this on FB in response to yesterday's multiple terrorist attacks.  Excellent message.  Excellent photo.
Within the past 24 hours there have been three terrorist style attacks across the world. There has been an incident at a US company owned gas factory in Lyon, France Leaving one dead and two injured. Another incident in Tunisia with 28 people lost in an assault on a west tourist, mostly British. And finally, a blast at a Shiite mosque in Kuwait.

All ISIS/ISIL attacks and all overshadowed by the dog and pony show being put on here domestically by some politicians and mass media. The news that feeds the “inquiring mind want to know” is inconsequential compared to that which is truly relevant but lost on the back page. I urge you to go beyond what is spoon fed to you and see what is truly going on out there.

Yesterday's news was all about the SCOTUS gay marriage decision legislation from the bench.  Disgusting as it was, and depressing for what it means for America's soul, the terror attacks in France and elsewhere should have been the major news of the day.  Mr. Meyer has his priorities straight: tobacco, comfort, professional education, and keeping the tools of war in hand.

Are you doing the same?

U/T: FB Comrade Jamie. 

Our tribute post for Mr. Meyer.

Old Media Tribute #46

On February 10th NBC suspended top anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay.

I collected over 60 meme images mocking Brian Williams’ lying and, by extension, the loss of credibility within the old media.

I will post one of these images every three days until his suspension is over. . .  and trust is restored.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Image of the Day

Today's news:

Today's Image of the Day, from Comrade Diogenes:

Read the full post, Why Kagan and Ginsburg Should Have Recused Themselves from Gay Marriage Decision.

Confederate Flag Memes

Did ya hear?

Some drug felon and all-around life-loser (D) shot up a church.  Innocent black victims were killed. 

The liberals progressives communists rush to judgement.  It was the gun's fault.

But that wouldn't stick.  Again.

So, not to let a crisis go to waste, they blamed a flag.

Because one of the many selfies the loser posted was of him with a flag.  The Confederate Flag.

He posted a photo of himself burning an America flag, but that wouldn't help their agenda.

It would link him with them.

So it was ignored.

Governor Nikki Haley, a Ushanka favorite, bowed to public opinion the threat of racial violence and ordered the Confederate flag removed from the SC state capitol.

Walmart, Sears, Amazon and eBay jumped on the PC bandwagon.  They may sell Che shirts and Mao's Little Red Book, but it'll be a cold day in hell when they sell a symbol of American heritage.

And while the dear leader failed at linking the murders to the inanimate firearms in this nation, he found traction with linking the murders to the inanimate Confederate Flag. 

But only among like-minded liberals progressives communists.

And let's not ignore the 800 pound elephant in the blog post.  Our dear leader and his commissars are actively pushing the paradigm that the worst terrorists are those who identify with Caucasians.

One such commissar, North Charleston police chief Eddie Driggers, did his duty by firing one of his officers who wears Confederate Flag boxers

Leadership in Obama's America.

Not everyone is playing ball.

Dixie Outfitters is still selling some great Confederate Flag t-shirts.

And Alabama Flag and Banner is still selling Confederate Flags.

Dissenters gotta dissent.

Maybe I'll make a Confederate Flag placard for the next version of the Commie Obama hat.

Rachael Dolezal - The End

Comrade Joe Dan gets the honors of driving a stake through the heart of the latest lib embarrassment, Rachel Dolezal, in his latest episode of Intellectual Froglegs.

The best 20 minutes on the Internet:

Black Betty & the Psychedelic Pope - Intellectual Froglegs 06.22.15 from Intellectual Froglegs on Vimeo.

No Hitler video needed this time!

U/T: Joe Dan

Tab Clearing from within a Funk

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Been in a funk lately.  You too?

Rush said it best earlier this week, responding to ObamaTrade:
There's so much of this stuff that you want, so much of it that you wonder how much emotion people have left in their reservoir to even be angry about it. Because since Obama took office, every day or seeming every week has seen a new outrage, and people have... I mean, the Tea Party came in to existence because of the out-of-control debt and spending and Obamacare. But that's just one thing. They're all kinds of others. The debacle that is the Arab Spring. Obama's mess in foreign policy. Every week there has been something new to get outraged over, and I think now into year seven, I wonder how much emotion people have left to be outraged over and how much resignation has just sunk in.
Powerline expands with their response to the Confederate Flag kerfluffle:
The floodgates are open, and craziness is pouring out. The Democrats’ Confederate flag victory has them lusting for more.
That craziness and lust has led to a petition to remove the former slave-holding states from the Republic.  Yet, one of ours - Becky - left this comment:
I'm ready to leave!! For over a 150 years, the Northern states have had a history of racism, bigotry and oppression against Southerners of all races because of our religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and our adherence to the Constitution. Our values are completely incompatible with the Northern Cultural Marxists and Socialists and it would be much better for our prosperity to be out of the Union entirely!
FB Comrade K nailed it when commenting on this story of a cathedral that will be removing its confederate-themed stained glass.
This is getting out of hand. One lunatic has caused a lunatic domino effect.
And this guy is absolutely right to be angry.  But his comment about "starting the slippery slope" is naive.  Comrade, the slope started WAY back there.

All these comments above were before today's news:

I for one will be snapping out of this funk, post-haste. 

I hope you will join me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Old Media Tribute #45

On February 10th NBC suspended top anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay.

I collected over 60 meme images mocking Brian Williams’ lying and, by extension, the loss of credibility within the old media.

I will post one of these images every three days until his suspension is over. . .  and trust is restored.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Old Media Tribute #44

On February 10th NBC suspended top anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay.

I collected over 60 meme images mocking Brian Williams’ lying and, by extension, the loss of credibility within the old media.

I will post one of these images every three days until his suspension is over. . .  and trust is restored.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Quote of the Day

Mohammed cartoon contest winner, Bosch Fawstin, offered this perspective on FB regarding the left's reaction to the Charleston SC church shooting that left 9 dead:
Endless Muslims commit murders every single day and we're constantly told that Islam and Muslims mean peace. Now one individual scumbag "white man" murders black people and we're told that "White America Must Answer". Enough.

Rachel Meme Dump

This is the second combo pic/news post on the subject of Rachel Dolezal.  Be sure to check out post #1: The Black Option.

You may think I'm just piling-on with these posts, getting pleasure pointing out the failings of another person.  You're right of course.  And when it comes to "fail," Rachel Dolezal delivers!  But, there is more.  Ushanka is a repository of liberal progressive communist inspirations here in the US, and it is my duty to record all their stupidity for future reference.

But while part one was all about Rachel's lies, and her benefiting from the reverse racism of Obama's America, I'll be starting this post with her first known truth:  She and her ex husband made a sex tape.

Don't care.   But I did notice the Democrat started lying again when she said she performed in the tape against her will.

But wait, there's more!

Gateway Pundit reports:
Phony black activist Rachel Dolezal blackballed other progressive activists from speaking about racism on campus because they were white.
I can see her doing that.

Here she is with the Baltimore Mayor who gave the green light to racist thugs to burn her city.

Comrade Diann, or Patriot Retort, shared this comment on FB the other day:
For Liberals, "blackness" is an ideology. It is why they can accuse Clarence Thomas of not being black while embracing this white woman with the right ideological make-up as being authentically black.

Black Rachel was on Spokane's Police Oversight Commission.  No doubt to keep an eye on all those racist cops.

WZ reports that white Rachel was unanimously voted off the Commission. 

I'm done with Rachel.  I'm on to the next commie pinko bed-wetter.

I want to give a hearty Ushanka Tip to my comrades in the conservative realm for their enlightening, hilarious and brilliant memes and images.  I'm so glad we are on the same side.

Or it may not...

Today's Washington Post:
The gruesome massacre of nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., may amount to the worst racially motivated terror attack of our generation and a deeply violent reminder that racism and white supremacy continue to course through America’s veins.
Or it may not....

No doubt, it is the worst race-based crime in the past week or so.

This is pretty simple.  I'm not defending the freak on psychopathic drugs who stole bought a gun to shoot his perceived enemies here.  I'm calling out liberal Karen Attiah, the WP writer, who, like all liberals all the time politicize tragedies in order to further their failed political ideology.  Their agenda includes gun control, white guilt, suppression of speech, and more.  It is a tough calling, and profitable.  It is also less painful than the alternative to admit that liberalism is nothing more than a trash heap of bankrupt ideas based on envy and resentment.

"Terrorism" is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Islam these days, but the word seems to be popping up lately whenever a white person commits a crime.  Keep and eye out for this.  I suspect it is all part of a plan.

The freak didn't kill 9 people to terrorize a community, he did it to kill 9 people.  Nobody is terrorized today by the SC church shooting.  Why?
1) These freaks on psychopathic drugs who gain illegal access to guns are a 1-2 time a year phenomenon, and even liberals like Karen Attiah know it.
2) Because any "terror" in Charleston ended the moment victim #9 was shot.  It was over.  If the Washington Post wants to know about terror, they should send their staff for a weekend in Chicago.  Any weekend.  Perhaps this weekend?
I predict the only "terror" will be shared by fellow shooting enthusiasts as we, once again, watch prices climb and supplies decline as Karen's dear leader tries and fails again to blame an inanimate object for the world's problems disarm his class enemies.  Aside from the 9 dead, their families, the members of the church, the Christians within that Charleston community and Washington Post reader(s), we are the only other victims.

Here are some locations of racially motivated attacks Karen may have missed in her research.  (No links - just click the Crisis as a Means label below to view our other 339 posts on these and related topics.)
Last week:
Fairfield, Ohio
McKinney, Texas

In the last year:
Baltimore, Maryland
Oakland, California
New York City
Ferguson, Missouri
Some article suggestions for Karen:
Write an article that has the tally of police officers murdered and wounded, businesses burned, hair-extensions stolen, and the hours of endless media coverage.  Include the total number of days since the first Ferguson race riot to the Charleston shooting.  Is it not newsworthy that with all the evil white people terrorists in America, it took over a year for the absolute weakest of them to snap?

Call this a creative writing exercise: Write different versions of your article but with a twist.  Twist #1: The gun was linked to Fast and Furious.  Twist #2: The murders happened in a synagog.  Twist #3: the murders happened in a mosque.  Twist #4: The murderer was black and targeted white people in a church.  Twist #5: the murderer obtained his gun legally and did not have a history of mental illness.  Twist #6: the Charleston shooter announces he identifies as black and was in the process of turning his life around.
An article with this title has been sorely missed:  Has the media been complicit in hiding an epidemic of black male violence in America?
Maybe an article titled: How Safe are Gun-Free Zones?   I'd suggest you contact John Lott for objective data on this subject.
How about an article on the impact of psychopathic drugs on society?  Karen, you could be the first to link these drugs to random mass shootings.  I suspect you could build a career on the depth of this subject alone.
It is ok if these articles never see the home page at The Washington Post.  America's bloggers - aka The New Media - will cover these topics in detail.

CORRECTED 6.19.15 3pm:

The news now states that the shooter bought the gun himself.  It was not a gift, nor was it stolen as previously reported.  I made the corrections above.

The significance of this new development is that the shooter had been arrested for drugs recently - a felony.  Current gun laws restrict selling guns to people who have had a felony arrest with a pending court case.  No so for the Charleston church shooter.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Diann Goes There

As she should.  Comrade Diann posted this photo with her post, A Church Decapitated. 

The Marxist takeover of the Catholic Church is in progress. 

Why should us non-Catholics care? 

Read the text for the answer and click over to Diann's post for more.

Swimming with Youths

Two stories about youths and pools.  Both from last week.

You'll recall the McKinney incident outside Dallas where a police officer was suspended, and who later resigned.  Here is resident Tracy Carver Allbritton with her story - CBS:

And here in Cincinnati, in the North suburb of Fairfield, a day after the McKinney event, a youth was asked to leave a community pool because he was not dressed for swimming.  He refused.  Surveillance cameras apparently show the youth and friends attacking the responding police officers.  This video shows the escalation and struggle the followed.  The national news has picked up this story too - USA Today.  U/T: GP.

Some will say the Internet and the increase in Obamaphones is the reason we're seeing these things.  They have always been there and now there are more cameras to catch these events.

Others would tell you that the damage to the black family has hit critical levels and that disrespecting law enforcement and even attacking police officers is the new norm.

All I know is this is closer to home than I want.

I find the actions of these black youths disgusting.  They have no ability to make decisions, and seem to suffer no consequences for their actions.  Until we're told otherwise, I'll make the assumption that every criminal caught on video grew up without an involved father and an indifferent mother, and attended public school.  This is how stereotypes are formed, btw. 

Further, I am not ruling out that they were taught this behavior.  These events could be seen as coming from a crisis-as-a-means strategy at the national (read Al Sharpton/Obama) level.  If chaos is achieved with withdrawn police officers and a terrified public, you could tip the balance much like the Bolsheviks did between February and November 1917.  The Revolution's 100-year anniversary is only 861 days from today.

UPDATED 6.19.15 9am:

WZ has an update on the Ohio swimming incident. Two will be charged.

Obama's Flag


Old Media Tribute #43

On February 10th NBC suspended top anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay.

I collected over 60 meme images mocking Brian Williams’ lying and, by extension, the loss of credibility within the old media.

I will post one of these images every three days until his suspension is over. . .  and trust is restored.

UPDATED 6.17.15 3pm:

Brian Williams is down, but not out.

NBC and Williams have come to a tentative agreement that will keep Williams at the network after his six-month suspension ends in August, people with knowledge of the agreement said. 
Apparently, when the Democrat Party media are faced with a choice between holding their low standards steady, or taking it down another notch, the latter prevails.

UPDATED 6.17.15 4pm:

Check out Diann's post on this news.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Afternoon Cigar

My first Rocky Patel Edge (blue label) in a month.  Target heart rate achieved!

I'm reading comrade Matt Forney's Confessions of an Online Hustler.  A quick, yet substantial, how-to book for beginner bloggers.  I'll write a review when I'm done, but needless to say, this is an informative book.

Matt's site.

UPDATED 6.19.15:

Matt was kind enough to praise the wonders of his Commie Obama Hat in his latest podcast.   itunes link.

Book Review: Breakfast with the Dirt Cult

Breakfast with the Dirt Cult, by Samuel Finlay. 313 pages.

I bought this book after reading these first three lines in this WSRA book review post:
Holy shit.
I pray God that the (extremely well-written) internal emotional wrenching was all fiction.
And I know that it was not.
Even the chance of the book being as good as the review claimed was worth the risk of the kindle price.

“Extremely well-written” is exactly right.  I was stunned this was a first time writer.

This book overlapped several areas for me.

I went through a phase over 20 years ago of reading every Vietnam War paperback I could get my hands on.  While many were great and all were interesting, none covered a full range of emotions and issues as Breakfast with the Dirt Cult.  None.

Another overlap: I too enlisted (E1, Army Reserves) and made that transition to corporal, and later sergeant.  He had this experience pegged.

The main character in the book, Tom Walton, enlisted in the Army infantry.  You get to see him in the grunt role where no responsibility is combined with being at the bottom of that hill where shit only rolls down. Then you get to watch him rise to the first levels of non-commissioned officer.  The weight of the assigned responsibilities combine with the unexpected inner drive to do well for your men.  

Another overlap: I discovered the Manosphere a couple years ago.  This book hits on many of the relationship challenges for men, which is the topic of the Manosphere sites like Return of Kings.  The Manosphere has little to do with my life, but I’m appalled at what has happened to America’s women and I admire the men of the Manosphere helping others with this counter-intuitive environment.  You’ll experience these frustrations through Walton in raw detail.  

My wife asked me if this the book is fiction or non-fiction.  Good question.  I think the answer is “yes.”  It appears to be an autobiography written in third person.  The only distraction this caused me was my own constant interruption: “I wish I could write like this.”  If there was any fiction here - anything made up - I didn’t catch it.  There are parts I wished were not true.

Unlike the Vietnam books I’ve read, combat is only a small part of this book.  You’ll watch Walton on pass, chasing girls, preparing for deployment, and going to war.  You’ll learn the infantryman’s modern tasking (in Afghanistan) and you’ll come to agree with Walton’s opinions on this - some critical of the strategy, some not.  You’ll see Walton post-deployment, re-uniting with family and friends, and watch him develop powerful feelings and opinions that only a returning soldier could form.

This book is for men.  The author does not filter the conversations and topics for a wider audience.  This is the infantry and these are American men in their prime.  You might notice the book is written in three parts with the first part raw in the areas of dating, sex and warrior camaraderie.  The second part is more about the unit’s experiences, it’s interactions, and the maturing of Walton.  The third part starts in the last 20 or so pages and is more reflective.  Parts one and two were top quality.  I did not enjoy the third part as much, partly because I did not agree (or want to agree) with the bitterness of some conclusions, and partly because it felt like a rush job to finish the book.  

My top takeaway: Breakfast with the Dirt Cult is yet another reminder that America’s best are always found in the military.  In some ways it is the same old Army I knew in the 80’s.  In some ways, it is all new.

I highly recommend this book to men in the military and veterans, and I suggest all men give this book a try.  There is far more in it than just a military story.

I’ve added this book to the Library section at the left of the blog.  Here is a Google Document with some choice quotes from the book.

You can buy the book here.

U/T: Samuel Finlay and WRSA

Democrats are Communists? What?!

Comrade and Commie Obama hat owner Diann, over at Patriot Retort, posted two interesting photoshops this week. 

Can you see a theme forming?

Sunday.  This one was actually made by another hat owner, Disloyal Subject.

Diann's work, posted Monday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Hammer and Sickle

You just can't get away from it in Obama's America.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Flip-Flop: Waiting Periods

Long ago, in a liberal state far far away, I had to wait 10 days before I could pick up a new gun.  The waiting period, or 'cooling off period,' was to reduce the rampant, out of control new-gun shootings that were happening all over the place. 

I was so incensed each time I bought a gun that it never occurred to me I had a safe full of guns that were perfectly fine for an epic spree.  Ahhh, life is full of missed opportunities.

I'd pass Mikhail, a co-worker at the time, in the hall at work and would tell him "I'm on day 4, still pretty agitated," or "I'm on day 9 and am finally cooling off."  This humor was funny then, and it'll be funny again when we all meet in the re-education camp.

Anyhoo...  I saw the photo above at a favorite blog, and the liberal within screamed "cooling off period."  (The gun nut within said "I need to have one of those.) 

Sorry comrades, but I'm guessing some of you will agree, these need to be held aside until the buyer has calmed the f**k down.

Can you guess what these are?

I'll give you a hint: They were made in America.

Old Media Tribute #42

On February 10th NBC suspended top anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay.

I collected over 60 meme images mocking Brian Williams’ lying and, by extension, the loss of credibility within the old media.

I will post one of these images every three days until his suspension is over. . .  and trust is restored.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Black Option

The title of this post comes from an earlier Ushanka post called The Gay Option.

Spokane NAACP chapter president, Rachel Doiezal, was outed as a white girl from Montana on Thursday.  (Original story, with video at GP)

Ushanka commends Rachel for going black.

It is courageous and bold, and it is her right to take advantage of all this country offers, including racial discrimination (aka affirmative action) and the left's habit of turning a blind eye toward fraud, filing false charges and other crimes when their own are accused.

Here are some images our right-wing comrades have produced in the two days since Rachel's story broke.

What is fun about this story is that this controversy's origins are 100% liberalism.  

Liberalism infected Rachel with white guilt . . .

. . . which exacerbated her inner racism.  

She chose a life based on race.  Her entire self worth was based on 'the color of her skin rather than the content of her character.'

It was her racism that motivated her to file false hate-crime charges - since dropped by the Spokane police.

 Comrade Matt Forney comments on her white privilege at ROK:
The truth of “white privilege” is that it not only doesn’t exist, but the reality is the opposite: American society is afflicted with “black privilege,” “minority privilege,” and “female privilege.” As an ordinary white girl, Rachel Dolezal would have never gone anywhere in life. By reinventing herself as black, she not only secured a job teaching at a major university, but she became the president of the local chapter of a powerful political organization.

One theory:  Rachel wasn't too bright and wanted people to talk slower to her.  As a real black person* once said, (paraphrasing):
You know the white person you're speaking with is a liberal when they talk slower to you than they were to their white friends.

Apparently, the NAACP has embraced their white leader, showing great loyalty uncharacteristic of any political organization on the left.

And Rachel has doubled-down.  She is now bi-sexual too.

By this time next week, if she knows what's good for her, she'll be muslim.

Rachel, and liberals everywhere: Thank you for the laughs!

*  Mr. Jason Riley, a Manhattan Institute senior fellow and Wall Street Journal contributor, is the author of “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed” (Encounter Books, 2014).

UPDATED 6.15.15:

I hope you understand.  These three were just too good to not post.

Rachel resigned from her NAACP post today, setting race relations back years.  Just when blacks and whites started working together...

A FB Comrade and hat owner shared this today:
My Mom had a saying, "they deserve each other" I think this applies here. You don't think they KNEW she was white all along? Seriously??? She played a part. She used them the way they used her. I heard her divisive speeches...at a time where we needed a sense of calm--she could have used her position to unite, instead she used it to divide. And they used her to divide. They WANTED her to divide. Yes sir ee, she filled a need in that organization, someone who was willing to hate out loud and to lead others into that direction.
With FB friends like this, who needs real friends?

UPDATED again 6.15.15:

One more pic and lots of news!

She copied J.M.W. Turner's 1840 painting, The Slave Ship, and presented as her own work.

She sued Howard University for anti-white racism.  Back in 2002 when she was still a cracker.

And, apparently she has lost her other job at Eastern Washington University, where she taught victim studies and falsified her bio on their website.

Can this train wreck continue?