Monday, October 30, 2006

Blog Fun

This much fun should be illegal!

What: Poster Girl, by Beccy Cole
From: The Jawa Report

The Aussies weren't even attacked, yet they fight in division strength and produce this!

What: Why Vote Republican
From: Marvin's Word

Funny. Will it change any minds?

Run to the Flash, You Crazy Islamo Fascists!
Found at Debbie Schlussel's Blog

Team America - What a Sense of Humor!

MSM Numbers Are In!

Hugh Hewitt has a tally of the latest circulation numbers from the main print operations. Just a matter of time - the and MSM total readership will converge.

Another Great Weekend for a Cigar

Saturday, October 28, 2006

One More Article - A MUST READ!

The Democratic Party's agenda is finally in print. Extra special thanks to the Wall Street Journal's editorial board.

The Non-Contract With America: What Democrats aren't saying about their agenda, so we will.

WSJ: America has been waiting years for this agenda. Please consider re-printing in a weekday edition.

Two Classics

Both found at

Our First Week

What a fun first week!

We achieved 93% up-time in week one. Our site was offline for a 12-hour period. Numerous calls to our hosting service included one help desk person telling us is not hosted with their company, and many others scratching their heads to the point of festering, oozing head wounds. Had they been wearing ushankas, none of this would have happened. We wish them all a speedy recovery.' hosting issues are Bush's fault. It is his cowboy tax cuts that put the US economy on such a fast-growth trajectory. With 4.6% un-employment, there are people working today that shouldn't be working...

Survey #1 shows that of the family and friends that made up the site's visitors in week one, two are either smartasses or closet commies. We'll smoke 'em out McCarthy style, don't worry.

Last... Maybe because it is election season, or maybe this is the norm, but of all the political headlines the site captures, nearly all are biased! This is a surprise even for Karl, a true believer of Communist infiltration in America's newsrooms. Karl posts about 3% of captured headlines and discards the rest. Another 3% could be considered journalistic mistakes that convey a pro-democracy spin, and about another 5% could be characterized as objective. In short - visitors are voting and commenting on the most biased of them all.

Thanks to everybody who have helped us launch this fun project! And, keep your eyes out for the site's first guest blogger.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Overheard at the Office

MAL: I hope we can remain friendly after the election.

MWC: Of course. I'm going to be happy on Nov 8th regardless.

MAL: Even if the Democrats take over?

MWC: Yep. Americans need to be reminded what the Democrats stand for. Then we sweep in 08.

MAL: You grew up in a Democratic era. They were in charge for most of your life. There is a long line of great Democrats - [walking away] FDR, Truman...even Clinton.

MWC: Clinton was a Republican. Do me a favor - show me a Democrat today that can drop a nuke.

Karl's Weekend Reading

Topic: Election 06
David Limbaugh's: "Without conservative help, Democrats shouldnt bet the farm"
Cait Murphy's: "Why the Republicans need to lose the midterms"
William F. Buckley's: "Pelosi Ahead"
Michael Medved's: "Eight reasons conservatives must vote on November 7th"
Michelle Malkin's: "Blabbermouth media, blabbermouth Dems"
Ann Coulter's: "Dems' favorite Halloween costume: Patriot"
Dean Barnett's "The Smell of Victory"

Topic: Iraq
Victor Davis Hanson's: "The Wonders of Hindsight"

Topic: Middle East
WSJ Global View/Bret Stephens': "Three Ways to War in Gaza"

Topic: Taxes
Larry Kudlow's: "Pay-Go and Polls: What a Predicament"

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Overheard at the Office

MWL: So I hear we're changing course.

MWC: No more cowboy diplomacy?

MAL: [walking in] You're missing the news conference.

MAL: [sitting down] It's more of the same.

MWC: Wait a minute. He just said we're changing course. Which is it?

MWL: Well, there's a timetable now.

MAL: Just rheteric.

MWL: Such a moron.

MWC: What should he be saying?

MWL: That 'I made a mistake.' That 'I'm stepping down.'

MWC: So Cheney steps in. What would you want him to do?

MWL: Be a lame duck for two years.

MWC: Seriously.

MWL: He'd probably stay [in Iraq].

MWC: No, what would you want him to do?

MWL: Withdraw.

MWC: And let it collapse?

MWL: It already is collapsed.

Headline Proposals for MSM

Poll: Most Dems Enjoyed CNN Sniper Video

NYT Denies Another Pre-Election Release of Strategic US Secrets

Reuters: "One Man's Liberal is Another Man's Communist"

AP Poll: US Citizens Prefer Conservative Blogs as Their News Source

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Overheard at the Office

MWC: Do you think the North Koreans really tested a nuke?

MWL: I don't think so.

GWC: I've been out of the news for two weeks.

MWL: So you don't know who the next UN General Secretary is?

GWC: Nope.

MWL: It is a South Korean. And, the Olympics are coming up in Beijing...

MWC: Ahh. A little triangulation on North Korea?

MWL: Yes.

MWC: So GWC, if you haven't seen the news in two weeks, there is one thing you didn't miss.

GWC: Ya?

MWC: The Democrats didn't announce their agenda yet.

GWC: They never will.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Karl's Weekend Reading

Topic: Our Educators
Larry Elder's "High School Student and his Bush-Bashing English Teacher"

Topic: MSM Goal of American Defeat
James Taranto's "Best of the Web" Thursday edition

Topic: Election 06
Mike Adam's "Preparing for Pelosi"

Topic: Islam
Victor Davis Hanson's "Traitors to the Elightenment"

Topic: North Korea
Charles Krauthammer's "Rice's Declaration"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Overheard at the Office

MWC: Was North Korea threatening the US? What would happen if they declared? Would Kim stand at the shore and shake his fist at us?

WWL: It would be like 1953 all over again.

MWC: Really? We'd send troops against a million-man army?

MWL: Think they'd bomb South Korea? Japan?

MWC: To draw us into a war? That's all they can do. But to what end? They'd be destroyed.

Headline Proposals for the MSM

Experts: New York Times Circulation Down, Decline to Continue

Film Actors Guild Disappointed by NK Nuke Test

Dems: Foley Scandal Eliminates Need for Agenda

Poll: Putin's Popularity Rises After Anna Politkovskaya's Death


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