Friday, October 27, 2006

Karl's Weekend Reading

Topic: Election 06
David Limbaugh's: "Without conservative help, Democrats shouldnt bet the farm"
Cait Murphy's: "Why the Republicans need to lose the midterms"
William F. Buckley's: "Pelosi Ahead"
Michael Medved's: "Eight reasons conservatives must vote on November 7th"
Michelle Malkin's: "Blabbermouth media, blabbermouth Dems"
Ann Coulter's: "Dems' favorite Halloween costume: Patriot"
Dean Barnett's "The Smell of Victory"

Topic: Iraq
Victor Davis Hanson's: "The Wonders of Hindsight"

Topic: Middle East
WSJ Global View/Bret Stephens': "Three Ways to War in Gaza"

Topic: Taxes
Larry Kudlow's: "Pay-Go and Polls: What a Predicament"

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