Saturday, October 28, 2006

Our First Week

What a fun first week!

We achieved 93% up-time in week one. Our site was offline for a 12-hour period. Numerous calls to our hosting service included one help desk person telling us is not hosted with their company, and many others scratching their heads to the point of festering, oozing head wounds. Had they been wearing ushankas, none of this would have happened. We wish them all a speedy recovery.' hosting issues are Bush's fault. It is his cowboy tax cuts that put the US economy on such a fast-growth trajectory. With 4.6% un-employment, there are people working today that shouldn't be working...

Survey #1 shows that of the family and friends that made up the site's visitors in week one, two are either smartasses or closet commies. We'll smoke 'em out McCarthy style, don't worry.

Last... Maybe because it is election season, or maybe this is the norm, but of all the political headlines the site captures, nearly all are biased! This is a surprise even for Karl, a true believer of Communist infiltration in America's newsrooms. Karl posts about 3% of captured headlines and discards the rest. Another 3% could be considered journalistic mistakes that convey a pro-democracy spin, and about another 5% could be characterized as objective. In short - visitors are voting and commenting on the most biased of them all.

Thanks to everybody who have helped us launch this fun project! And, keep your eyes out for the site's first guest blogger.

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