Friday, October 31, 2014

The Captain Plugs the Glorious Hat

Captain Capitalism orders his lieutenants to start their Christmas shopping early.  And the Commie Obama hat, aka "Glorious Hat" is at the top of his list. 

Ideal for the comrade who has everything.  Including cold ears!

If you have Amazon shopping to do, please consider going to his blog and clicking on the Amazon link on the right side.

Thanks Captain!

BTW: the hat is nylon.

Ebola Petition

Gateway Pundit pointed us to this petition: Petition to Have Kaci Hickox do the Required Quarantine Time or Lose Her Medical License.

I am disappointed at the small number who have signed, but encouraged by the number of doctors and nurses who've signed and by the quality of the comments.  Here are just a few:

As a Nurse I am disgusted that this selfish Liberal Nurse would put other Americans at risk instead of doing a simple 21 day quarantine.If she exposes someone and they get sick criminal charges should be bought to bare on this EVIL women!

Ms. Hickox needs to remember that her expertise is in nursing, not medicine, not infectious disease. If I need a catheter placed or an I.V. line started I would want someone in her profession. If I need a medical work up, diagnosis and treatment, I'd want someone trained in medicine. She needs to stick to what she knows. However after this recent behavior, I don't feel she possesses the mental capacity and character to practice her profession anymore.

What a brat... "It's all about ME" and to hell with everyone else.. This woman has already shown that she should be stripped of her nurse's license.. There's more to being a nurse than a head full of knowledge..

She is a selfish narcissist

Her rights were violated?! What about my rights to feel secure walking around? What court do I go to fight for my rights? Yes, she isn't contagious right now, but I think her temper tantrum and "I'll sue" attitude is just as scary as ebola!

She should lose her nursing license. Who in the USA that has read this story and seen her face would ever want her to be their nurse...She would always put her self- interests above the patients. For her to say she is Ebola free just shows the ignorance of her medical knowledge...As a former nurse, I will never forget her name nor that smiling face...She took an oath for the safe care of others. Kaci has brought shame to nurses everywhere!

Kaci Hickox you are wrong. You don't know if the virus is in your body until the 3 weeks has passed. Infectiousness is not binary, it is analog. You are embarrassing yourself and all medical professionals with your grandstanding and apparent ignorance. Even worse, you are putting your own interests ahead of those you claim to serve.

You are not a special snowflake Hickox, you were in contact with ebola patients do the MANDATORY 21 days.

Her "right" to ride a bicycle does NOT trump the thousands upon thousands of peoples rights to FEEL safe!! Staying home is the right thing to do for your fellow Americans - whether its medically founded or not. What makes her think she has a right to take away our feeling of safety and security? That is not only selfish, but down right unAmerican!!

What a disgrace to the nursing profession and disrespect to the American people.

I am a nurse and believe that in making her own rules, she has betrayed the nurses oath to do no harm as she has intentionally caused mental and psychological stress to many persons in the public domain. Keep in mind, this is NOT about her getting others sick, it is about her following the rules set, and for breaking her nurses oath.

The most selfish person in America right now! Would it kill you to spend a few damn days at home?! You are the very reason there needs to be mandatory quarantines!!!! Too many smug self righteous people that think they are above everyone else.

Why do we EVEN have laws if renegades such as Hickox defy them? It speaks VOLUMES that someone like Hickox decides that laws are for everyone else but her and then Grandstands on her bicycle. Spoiled, Self Indulgent Brat.

As a nurse I am appalled at her arrogance and disregard for seriousness of this Ebola outbreak. She is not showing concern for anyone but herself.

I am a nurse and to see another nurse show such blatant disregard for the law and U.S. citizens is just sad to see. It is "all about me" with her.

As nurses we have an obligation to be role models and leaders to ensure the safety of our patients and the public. Ms Hickox embodies neither.

Pre-Election Noise

Judging from what I'm reading at the top political news sites - liberal and conservative - the Democrats will suffer a defeat so big next week that it'll match their biggest defeat ever.  Over 149 years ago!

They lost slavery back then.  And it took another 100 years to restore slavery with Great Society accomplishments such as welfare, bad pubic schools, single-parent households, unions, class warfare, abortion and racial animosity.  Blacks specifically, and liberals in general, are now the slaves of a vacuous political party that can't do anything right. 

Well, this is all noise of course.  It is very possible that this country is so far gone that Republicans will only find themselves excited the week before each election, only to be disappointed that following Wednesday and the following two years.  So no champagne corks are flying at the Commie Obama hat factory just yet.

Of the promising signals in the news, one item deserves to be recorded here for eternity (or until Ushanka is taken offline for the greater good).  Apparently Democrats in NY have sent letters to their donors with the threat that the voter rolls will be checked after the election to confirm who did, and who did not, vote.  As Eatgureldog suggests, this appears to be an act of "Desperation."

This is what the letter said:
We will be reviewing the New York County official voting records after the upcoming election to determine whether you joined your neighbors who voted in 2014. If you do note vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not.
...and this is how the letter read:

Ve vill be reviewing z New York County official voting records after z upcoming election to determine vether your papers are in order.  Ve vill be talking to your neighbors who voted in 2014. If you do note vote this year, we vill give you the chance to vote at z Eastern front.

A little trivia for you: 

That table that Grant and Lee sat at was given to General Custer as a gift from General Grant.  While we've all learned about Maj Chamberlain's bayonet charge at little Round Top, Grant credited Custer for the win at Gettysburg.  Apparently, Custer and his cavalry were ordered to one part of the battlefield, but on their way there Custer saw an emerging weakness in the Confederate's line and charged at a different spot.  

One of Custer's finest hours in the Civil War occurred just east of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. In conjunction with Pickett's Charge to the west, Robert E. Lee had dispatched Stuart's cavalry on a mission into the rear of the Union Army. Custer encountered the Union cavalry division of Brigadier General David McMurtrie Gregg directly in the path of Stuart's horsemen. He convinced Gregg to allow him to stay and fight, while his own division was stationed to the south out of the action. At East Cavalry Field, hours of charges and hand-to-hand combat ensued. Custer led a mounted charge of the 1st Michigan Cavalry, breaking the back of the Confederate assault. Custer's brigade lost 257 men at Gettysburg, the highest loss of any Union cavalry brigade. "I challenge the annals of warfare to produce a more brilliant or successful charge of cavalry", Custer wrote in his report.

Ebola 4-Pack. Post #16

A series of image posts with four Ebola images each.  These are images found at the blogs at the left in our Blogroll, images shared with us over FB, or screenshots.  New posts will be published at noon everyday until I run out of images.

The date range for these images: Oct 26 - 28.

When it is Time to Panic

We've got a ways to go....

Wiki: Total infected/dead as of Oct. 29:

At least Ebola hasn't made it to any developed countries yet....

Happy Halloween 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Liberal Logic

Kaci took her 15 minutes of fame for a bike ride today.  Story at WSJ.
I’m not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated when it’s not science-based.
How adorable. 

I'm anxious to see her parent(s).

Election Pep Talk

[orig post 10.28.14 6pm]

Another must-see from comrade Joe Dan over at Intellectual Froglegs.

A great 6-minute fireside chat with plenty of Hammer and Sickle, and a friendly message to those Libertarians out there. 

UPDATED 5 minutes later...

A FB Comrade shared this, and I am compelled to do likewise.

UPDATED 10.29.14 7:30pm:

Steve Doocy at FoxNews:

UPDATED and BUMPED 10.30.14 9pm:

FB Comrade David, a hard-core Republican, pointed me to this American Thinker article written by Doub Thorburn.  Doug is a lifelong Libertarian who has seen enough spoiled elections to know the Libertarian Party is failing the country.  He make the case for voting for the "less evil" in his article, Why it's time for Libertarians to Vote for Republicans.  He is donating to many of the campaigns across the States, so this isn't just words.
Voting for Libertarian Party candidates today serves only to divide the vote between those who would slow (Republicans) or reverse (libertarians) the trend towards increasing statism. Splitting the vote allows those who would accelerate that trend to win by default. We need to support -- dare I say it? -- the lesser of the evils. While most votes require me to hold my nose, I get lucky now and then and truly support a candidate. I would love the opportunity to vote for a Rand Paul, a Ted Cruz, a Marco Rubio -- and suspect I will soon have such an opportunity. But we need to ensure Republicans -- even those we would never vote for in a sane world – win the Senate so that we can hold the line in the interim. We can’t afford to give another seat on the Supreme Court to a pseudo-liberal. The reign of Harry Reid, one of the most despicable statists ever to hold elected office, must end.

And, to be fair, here is a blog post from Comrade K over at III Percent Patriots.  He is making the case for just the opposite: Why voting is not a viable means of course correction...   If you leave a comment, be polite.  He's just one of those like-minded comrades who values dissent more.

Bottom line: we need to pull votes from the Democrats.  Not all of them like Ebola, inflation, unemployment and bad healthcare.

Guest Post: Zhukov on the Middle East Conflict

Comrade Zhukov, a student at The Ohio State University, shares his experience from today.  A pro-Palestinian group had an exhibit on the campus quad. 


Free Palestine; From the Ohio State South Oval
Oct. 30, 2014

The Israeli-Palestinian debate and conflict never gets old because well, it never seems to end. On my way to class today I spotted a rather inconspicuous landmark on the South Oval. This landmark is a mock wall of the wall that separates the Gaza Strip from Israel. I thought to myself that hearing the opinions on the matter from a group of university students would be interesting and what side of the story they wanted to show.

When I first walked up nobody was around, which is odd for a scenario of this scale on university grounds but eventually I was able to find somebody I could ask some questions and get some answers from. I first asked what this was in my best attempt at naivety and he then began to describe the analogy that this wall makes. I asked some basic questions and I couldn’t really get any good answers out of him other than the basic plight of the Palestinian peoples. He tells me that Palestine is cut off from the rest of the world and are being squeezed by the Israeli military and the Israeli ‘occupation’. I was never really able to understand from them what exactly Israel was occupying; Gaza or the region in general. He skirts my next question about the rocket attacks and walks away.

I stand alone at the wall deep in my thoughts of conflict, oppression and justice when I find myself with someone who comes across to me as the leader of the group. This person is super engaging and is really laying out their mission well. The mission is completely biased and naive. He never wanted to talk about applying numbers to lives because thats terrible yet he always brought attention to the fact that there are disproportionate losses among the Israelis and the Palestinians. He tells me then that 2000 Palestinians and 500 children were murdered by the Israelis but he won’t even answer my question about the rocket attacks or the tunnel attacks from Gaza. Most of what he says are talking points. After spending three years highly involved in politics I know what a talking point sounds like and no thank you, I don’t want to see the pictures of children gored by Israeli bombs. I know what a bomb does and I know exactly why Israel is bombing Gaza in the first place and why that child was injured or killed by one. Hamas. Hamas the cowards who use their people as human shields to fight a war of propaganda and mass media against Israel. He tells me in this conversation that Israel holds the power to stop the conflict and that Hamas is a group of radicals fighting against the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians. He calls it genocide. He says the bombings of women and children is systematic.

I’m listening respectfully. We are discussing this like respectful adults and I seriously commend him for that. That is until Nazad, a Jewish Israeli, joins the conversation. This guy is a stud. He goes after the guy in a now full blown debate on the rocket strikes and the Israeli retaliatory response and Palestine Man is only left with incredulity and his talking points as his defense. Nazad and I are on the same wavelength and he picks everyone of their genocide, apartheid, oppression arguments apart. At this point the liberal begins to show and the pro-palestine camp start making snide comments, disrespecting his argument, interrupting him while demanding he not interrupt them when they speak and just being dicks overall. One of the pro-Palestine group members brings up an Israeli soldier that was kidnapped and Nazad says he was traded for 1000 Palestinian terrorists back to Israel and this new guy says, “ Screw him”, about the Israeli soldier.

Eventually they all gradually have enough and begin to disperse from our conversation group with Nazad and Palestine Man still going at it. Palestine Man finally ran out of talking points and proceeded to leave but still trying to get the last word in. It was beautiful and the highlight to it all was when one of the Palestinian group members said to Nazad that she had friends in Palestine. He replied, “You mean Israel?”.


The Summer of 2016 is Going to Suck

 I'm thinking of starting a 24-hour back-hoe rental service.  It could be a lucrative business...

Below - copied from an anon comment at Raconteur Report, where he has posted the math behind Logarithmic Growth

Mar, 2014 - Infected: 104 Dead: 62
Apr, 2014 - Infected: 194 Dead: 116
May, 2014 - Infected: 360 Dead: 216
Jun, 2014 - Infected: 670 Dead: 402
Jul, 2014 - Infected: 1,247 Dead: 748
Aug, 2014 - Infected: 2,319 Dead: 1,391
Sep, 2014 - Infected: 4,313 Dead: 2,588
Oct, 2014 - Infected: 8,022 Dead: 4,813
Nov, 2014 - Infected: 14,921 Dead: 8,953  < - - - WE ARE HERE
Dec, 2014 - Infected: 27,753 Dead: 16,652
Jan, 2015 - Infected: 51,621 Dead: 30,973
Feb, 2015 - Infected: 96,016 Dead: 57,610
Mar, 2015 - Infected: 178,590 Dead: 107,154
Apr, 2015 - Infected: 332,177 Dead: 199,306
May, 2015 - Infected: 617,849 Dead: 370,709
Jun, 2015 - Infected: 1,149,199 Dead: 689,519
Jul, 2015 - Infected: 2,137,510 Dead: 1,282,506
Aug, 2015 - Infected: 3,975,768 Dead: 2,385,461
Sep, 2015 - Infected: 7,394,928 Dead: 4,436,957
Oct, 2015 - Infected: 13,754,567 Dead: 8,252,740
Nov, 2015 - Infected: 25,583,494 Dead: 15,350,096
Dec, 2015 - Infected: 47,585,299 Dead: 28,551,179
Jan, 2016 - Infected: 88,508,656 Dead: 53,105,193
Feb, 2016 - Infected: 164,626,099 Dead: 98,775,660
Mar, 2016 - Infected: 306,204,545 Dead: 183,722,727
Apr, 2016 - Infected: 569,540,453 Dead: 341,724,272
May, 2016 - Infected: 1,059,345,243 Dead: 635,607,146
Jun, 2016 - Infected: 1,970,382,153 Dead: 1,182,229,292
Jul, 2016 - Infected: 3,664,910,804 Dead: 2,198,946,482
Aug, 2016 - Infected: 6,816,734,096 Dead: 4,090,040,457

On a positive note, this same math existed during previous Ebola outbreaks. 

This outbreak will end before the summer of 2016.  Even the CDC couldn't keep it going that long...

Ebola 4-Pack. Post #15

A series of image posts with four Ebola images each.  These are images found at the blogs at the left in our Blogroll, images shared with us over FB, or screenshots.  New posts will be published at noon everyday until I run out of images.

The date range for these images: Oct 24.

Silver: Gold Ratio is 73:1

Commodities are getting hammered today. Silver is down 3%.

If investing in precious metals is an interest of yours, be sure to watch my videos on the Silver to Gold ratio. 

The ratio is 73:1 today - far outside its 2014 range in the mid-60's and 10+ year average of 58:1. 

Based on my research, it appears to be a good buying opportunity for silver, and a trading opportunity to go from gold to silver.  Of course, do your own research first!

Related at ZH: Greenspan suggests buying gold.

My Precious Metals Videos:

Don't Care

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has penned a Bloomberg editorial to say what nearly everyone already knew, that he is gay.

Don't care.

It has nothing to do with his job, which would be the only valid reason someone should care.

So why am I writing a post on it?

Because a core Ushanka theme is the recognition of Moral Nihilism, and I am obligated to speak up when examples of this pop up.  Cook's editorial is such an example.

What is Moral Nihilism?  The rejection of traditional family and religious values.  It was the common thread between the Soviet Communists and the German National Socialists, and was necessary for them to keep control of their populations.  It is also a core element today in the Democrat Party.  The more they can dilute religious and family values, the more control they can take.

Cook didn't say "I'm gay" and leave it at that.  He could have, but he chose to go political.  And this is why I'm posting.
While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.

Being gay has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be in the minority and provided a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with every day. It’s made me more empathetic, which has led to a richer life. It’s been tough and uncomfortable at times, but it has given me the confidence to be myself, to follow my own path, and to rise above adversity and bigotry. It’s also given me the skin of a rhinoceros, which comes in handy when you’re the CEO of Apple.

The world has changed so much since I was a kid. America is moving toward marriage equality, and the public figures who have bravely come out have helped change perceptions and made our culture more tolerant. 
My reactions to the items in bold above:

1) Was "God" used here to deflect criticism from Christians?  It is a common ploy among gays and is meant to dilute religious values.

2) I have written on the benefits of white men claiming minority rights by announcing they are gay.  Cook reinforces this here, and by doing so encourages others to see themselves as victims.  Not all gay men are billionaires heading up the largest corporation on the planet, and some are vulnerable to blaming something else for their setbacks and failures.  Seeking victim status runs counter to traditional family values.

3) I'm suspicious when liberals talk about their empathy.  I've come to understand empathy has its limits, and I would expect Cook's empathy to dissipate when confronted by a conservative who actively counters the gay political movement.  By expressing political issues in a 'coming out' piece, Cook sends the very clear signal that he lacks tolerance and understanding for my opinions, and that his empathy is selective.

4) How sad is it that the only adversity that Cook considers worthy of sharing has to do with what he does in the privacy of his own home.  The man has been part of a great company, which has seen numerous challenges over the years, and the adversity worth sharing is that he is attracted to men?

To the young men reading this: PLEASE don't let this happen to you.  Get out there and find real adversity.  Join the military.  Take on more jobs than you can handle.  Don't be an old man telling others you're a better man because you overcame the adversity associated with a particular sexual desire. 

5) "Marriage Equality."  This isn't a civil rights topic, nor even a real term.  It is a liberal phrase intended to move the Moral Nihilism needle a little more to the left.  "Marriage Equality" runs counter to traditional family and religious values.  Cook lives in California which had civil unions for years.  Civil unions allowed for all the rights of marriage, but without the word "marriage."  It is a gay thing, a liberal thing, an anti-family values thing, to say "Marriage Equality."

Sorry to rain on your parade there Cook.  But I know a political manifesto disguised as a human story when I see it.  On the bright side, for your sake, I'm probably the only one to call you out on this.  And I'll admit, the momentum is on your side.

That is the adversity I must overcome.

The video clip is from the Kids in the Hall movie, Brain Candy.  A hilarious movie.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Found: Funny Bone

When I was still laughing 3 minutes later, I knew I had to go back and snag this one for immediate redistribution.

U/T: The People's Cube

Investing in Subprime America

Captain Capitalism posts an open letter to China thanking them for giving us money to spend on our "investments."  A good post - go read it!

Do they really think we'll pay it back?  Do they really think we could even if we wanted to?

Have they been paying attention to who we vote for?

News Flash China:  America doesn't pay its debts anymore.  Generations of public schooling, single parenting and entitlement culture have left this country a shell of its former self.  Sure, we have winners here.  They are the ones filling the fewer jobs and paying the welfare benefits of the others. 

The US will only default on its debt if we choose to.  In reality, we will continue to dilute the money supply in order to create inflation.  That inflation will allow us to make payments on our debt with diluted dollars.  Sure, Americans with savings accounts have lost about 6% each year since "Hope and Change," but they don't know that.  China and other holders of our debt should plan to get 100% of the principle back but at a value of ~70% of the original loan. 

If you want full payment, you'll need to take Guam.  Or Hawaii. 

Just PLEASE, don't stop buying our debt!

Retirement Notice

Sad news. Our comrade, Ol' Remus, is retiring. 

Those Tuesdays out by the woodpile will be distant memories rather than upcoming celebrations of sarcastic enlightenment.

Remus, thank you for your contribution to conservative thought, and I hope that you'll feel compelled to write a few words every once in a while just to keep us all honest.  I speak for all three Ushanka readers when I say we wish you well in your next endeavor.

I wonder if he took the full Blogger Pension Payout, or decided on monthly payments....


Ebola 4-Pack. Post #14

A series of image posts with four Ebola images each.  These are images found at the blogs at the left in our Blogroll, images shared with us over FB, or screenshots.  New posts will be published at noon everyday until I run out of images.

The date range for these images: Oct 24.

Understatement of the Day

Funny, the public health crowd loves telling others what to do, but doesn’t seem so big on following instructions itself. This does not inspire confidence, and will make it much harder to get ordinary Americans to comply with public health measures in the future.
He links to this USA Today article:  Ebola nurse in Maine rejects home quarantine rules

Related, Gateway Pundit reports the "panic" Ms. Kaci Hickox's visit to Maine is having on the local town.
Local news reports say Hickox is the talk of the small town by ‘scared’ locals. Fort Kent residents are canceling medical procedures out of fear of Hickox returning to Fort Kent after being released from quarantine in New Jersey. Students at the college of her nursing student boyfriend Ted Wilbur, the University of Maine at Fort Kent, were said to be ‘panicked’ that the boyfriend would return to campus after spending time with Hickox–with some students talking a boycott.
It appears the "hero" Democrat Party activist and CDC nurse, along with her lawyer who recently visited the White House, don't share our dear leader's charisma with the public nor his [diminishing] ability to deflect criticism. 

Maybe we can help:

The medical professionals who go to Africa to help with the Ebola outbreak, and self-quarantine in Africa before returning, are heroes of the first degree. 

The ones that run back to the states, like Dr. Spencer and Nurse Hickox, should be sent back and not allowed back in until they prove they've fulfilled their obligation to humanity of a 21-day quarantine.  Then they should be charged with treason.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chart of the Day

From Vinny's Rants.  The current Ebola outbreak by country.

The yellow line - Liberia - is near vertical now.  A bad sign.   Vinny has another post, "Safe Zones," showing the cities in the US with the largest Liberian populations.  Likely areas for fleeing family members no doubt.

If you're reading this, you've already taken the combined threat of Ebola and open borders seriously.  It is time to inform friends and family, and ask the questions:
1) How many local cases are necessary for you and your family to stay home?
2) How many local cases are necessary for you to call your congressman and insist on closed borders and impeachment?
3) Do you have the supplies necessary to stay home for 1 month?  For 3 months?

UPDATED 10.29.14 12:30pm:

Less than a day after Vinny posted the graph above, USA Today posts this article:  Ebola cases in Liberia appear to fall
The epidemic is far from over, however. The number of cases has jumped to 13,703 -- an increase of about 3,000 reported cases in just a few days -- with about 5,000 deaths, mostly in the hard-hit nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Aylward said. The jump is most likely because of a backlog of earlier cases that hadn't been reported.
Same data, different analysis. 

It comes down to who you believe:  Some guy named "Vinny," or USA Today.

Ebola 4-Pack. Post #13

A series of image posts with four Ebola images each.  These are images found at the blogs at the left in our Blogroll, images shared with us over FB, or screenshots.  New posts will be published at noon everyday until I run out of images.

The date range for these images: Oct 24.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola 4-Pack. Post #12

A series of image posts with four Ebola images each.  These are images found at the blogs at the left in our Blogroll, images shared with us over FB, or screenshots.  New posts will be published at noon everyday until I run out of images.

The date range for these images: Oct 18 - Oct 23.

Screenshot from Google News: October 22 at 6:53pm.  
(The first Ebola patient, who came from West Africa, was discovered on September 26th.)