Sunday, October 12, 2014

Road Trip Report #7

Catherine the Great and I recently took a road trip.  This will be the last photo from the trip.

We stopped at the LBJ Library in Austin, located on the University of Texas Austin campus.

The exhibits were mostly centered on his Great Society legislation - a colossal failure.  See Detroit, St. Louis and other Democrat-controlled cities.

His other failure was Vietnam, a war meant to stop the communist expansion across the globe.  It was a just war, and it was our most recent shooting war with communism.  The Vietnam war had over 70% approval into 1968 before the Liberals Progressives Communists within succeeded in changing public opinion with a war-weary populace.  Part of this public opinion shift was due to LBJ's failure to treat the conflict like a war. 

Here is the table LBJ, McNamara and the generals used to 'manage' the war effort.  Never once did LBJ ask over this table, "What will it take to defeat the North?"  Instead, LBJ fought the war the North wanted him to fight rather than design a strategy that delivered victory in the quickest way possible.  Thousands of America's finest died from the failed leadership that this table represents.

We won every battle in the Vietnam War, including defeating the Tet Offensive.  The Democrat, LBJ,  lost the war.  His decision to not run for re-election in 1968 is proof enough he understood this.

Casualties as of 8 July 2014:

58,300 KIA or non-combat deaths (including the missing & deaths in captivity)
153,303 WIA
1,641 MIA (originally 2,646)
724-837 POW (661-721 freed/escaped, 63-116 died in captivity)

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