Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Afternoon Cigar

I just read a couple excellent blog posts through a cloud of tasty Rocky Patel Edge second-hand smoke.

First was Ol Remus' latest, Maker's Movement.  Read this one for the latest news in the world of gun control and liberty. 
In the recent past the people were treated as suspects, or parolees at worse. Now the paranoid lunatics in DC are treating the people as a dangerous enemy. There may come a time when the people take them at their word.
Second was Raconteur's Ebola post, Surfing USAREAD THIS to understand why water, food and petrol should be priorities over first aid supplies, masks, gloves and bleach.  His advice/tough love is FAR more credible than Obama's, the CDC's, or any other government agency's.  And if you still socialize with any Liberals Progressives Communists who believe the government will always be there to save them, show them the section on Sierra Leone.

Raconteur's blog has been a daily stop for me since the Ebola crisis began in the US.  (Since our dear leader allowed infected medical workers to come to the States for treatment, allowed continued air travel with infected countries, and kept our Southern border open to all.)  I've added him to the Ushanka blogroll and hope you'll spend some time over there.

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