Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Understatement of the Day

Funny, the public health crowd loves telling others what to do, but doesn’t seem so big on following instructions itself. This does not inspire confidence, and will make it much harder to get ordinary Americans to comply with public health measures in the future.
He links to this USA Today article:  Ebola nurse in Maine rejects home quarantine rules

Related, Gateway Pundit reports the "panic" Ms. Kaci Hickox's visit to Maine is having on the local town.
Local news reports say Hickox is the talk of the small town by ‘scared’ locals. Fort Kent residents are canceling medical procedures out of fear of Hickox returning to Fort Kent after being released from quarantine in New Jersey. Students at the college of her nursing student boyfriend Ted Wilbur, the University of Maine at Fort Kent, were said to be ‘panicked’ that the boyfriend would return to campus after spending time with Hickox–with some students talking a boycott.
It appears the "hero" Democrat Party activist and CDC nurse, along with her lawyer who recently visited the White House, don't share our dear leader's charisma with the public nor his [diminishing] ability to deflect criticism. 

Maybe we can help:

The medical professionals who go to Africa to help with the Ebola outbreak, and self-quarantine in Africa before returning, are heroes of the first degree. 

The ones that run back to the states, like Dr. Spencer and Nurse Hickox, should be sent back and not allowed back in until they prove they've fulfilled their obligation to humanity of a 21-day quarantine.  Then they should be charged with treason.

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