Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Song of Tyrants

Googie at ATRS, a hat owner, has posted her latest lyrics post.  This one is about tyrants and is called, They All Fall Down.
Walls, liars and desperate men
Held back from joy, the people there
Though my heart grows heavy I realize
These men have served no purpose in life
They all fall down

I hope a musician will pick up Googie's work someday.

U/T: Googie

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Anonymous said...

For those of your who try to continue the leftist tradition of perpetrating one it biggest LIES – that the Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiter-Partei wasn’t a National Socialist German Workers' Party your really do have to work hard to remain ignorant of the facts.

This being the granddaddy of the ‘Not a Socialist’ scam – started by Socialists like Stalin and others back in the day to confuse the issue.

The issue for you is that there are many of the same characteristics of the various versions of socialist organization that even the densest Democrat cannot ignore them.

Let’s begin with their name – many a Lib won’t even use the actual name of that Socialist German Workers' Party and instead use the term Nazi to avoid the problem. But it is a big problem often dismissed with some lame evasion of the truth or some allusion to unrelated terms as “proof” they aren’t who they say they are.

But there are many other characteristics of Socialist organizations that are very problematic for this Lib Lie as one moves past simplistic sloganeering.

Socialist organizations tend to have one party, run by the cult of personality of one leader: Lenin, Mao, Hitler.. Obama.

Socialist organizations tend to work hard in suppressing dissent.

Socialist organizations tend to have secret police organizations to keep the people in line.

Socialist organizations tend to come into power by fooling the people into supporting them with promises making everything equal.

Socialist organizations tend to control industry through various means ranging from outright ownership to tight control through regulation.

Socialist organizations tend to have a very tightly controlled press, lest the people catch on to the failure of all of it’s promises.

So for whatever lame excuse they offer for the very names used by these Socialist organizations, there is a whole laundry list of the same characteristics between them that cannot be waved away with an all too often repeated talking point that fails to address the real facts on the matter.